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  1. you could watch primal, it aint anime but its good
  2. no but did the kaer morhen thing
  3. yo witcher 3 is so good
  4. https://www.khwiki.com/Kingdom_Hearts_Road_to_Light did no one else realize square announced a new game guys, man
  5. i think so, though looking back i think the wiki article i was looking at was wrong
  6. did anybody else know the name of the fantasia world in kh 3D was actually established in kh1 jiminy's journal
  7. its amazing how unique fantasia is in terms of presentation
  8. its probably one of the longest OG disney films
  9. its over 2 hours long
  10. did you ever realize how long it is
  11. guys who else has watched the original fantasia in full?
  12. I love this face from the witcher 3, it has so much snoody energy to it
  13. Who else has watched the tiger king documentary yet?
  14. Isn’t there a image where the flag is a scythe instead?
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