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  1. I’m assuming they were going to have a joke about Sora needing to use the bathroom in Tarzan world, Donald saying go anywhere because there’s no bathroom, then Sora walking the bushes only to be attacked by Sabor the Jaguar Or I just picture this with Ariel
  2. https://x.com/iceguinace/status/1763082735285891186?s=61&t=HRj49qwxVE6wFicoLf6p8Q
  3. Okay in all seriousness if tonix from Foamstars got a cameo in a KH game I’d be very happy She has ZIPPER earrings
  4. So guys Foamstars is good
  5. Hear me out on this. I have a few ways they could've easily improved the story in KH Melody of Memories without changing much. 1. Make Kairis remark on the events of each story Every recap should've been from Kairis perspective not just a simple retelling of events from each game
  6. I wish there was a thread for it
  7. It’s just the lighting Photo mode in kh3 is stil super underrated
  8. I’m surprised we haven’t had a girls day out or guys hang out story in kh yet Side story
  9. Sora would be a SpongeBob mac and cheese adult
  10. I love how melody of memory is all about kairi’s mind yet the credits include every other main character BESIDES her I think melody of memory is one of my least favorite kh titles because of the severe lack of KAIRI in kairi’s mind
  11. https://tenor.com/view/aw-sick-mordecai-regular-show-gross-eww-gif-17328057276578203996
  12. https://x.com/cody13king/status/1760126891913011266?s=61&t=HRj49qwxVE6wFicoLf6p8Q
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