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  1. i never realized kairi has a little grafiti wing next to her in this art
  2. are they wash cloths? or hand towels?
  3. "wow xehanort, how are you alive. Xehanort: hearts and vessels Sora: neat"
  4. or worse, a ghost that talks through sora
  5. it worries me because giving us a backstory like this for xehanort might give nomura ideas bad ideas
  6. i actually prefer ux dark road is making me anxious nomura is gonna pull something where he brings xehanort back as a good guy
  7. something i cannot stand about kh dark road is the way they are literally
  8. Huh I never realized if you talk about something in kh news it becomes a comment on kh13
  9. "Heres an idea square, maybe make a game that is made for people who actually like kh? Square: durk rud"
  10. Wow Wow Its even worse then the predictions
  11. Either way it’s a twist no one is surprised by, and that’s the problem. A twist is designed to wow the audience and make them go “aw man, how did I not see that” Even his name the “arkham knight” has no bearing on who he actually is what so ever Every arkham game before arkham knight always ties the story in a meaningful way back to arkham, in this? Barely a mention And a few name drops here and there
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