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  1. Yeah prompto makes a remark about a “magical key that can open any door, like in the video games”
  2. In FFXV Kingdom Hearts is a video game series as well
  3. Blu Ray physical disks versions will always beat digital for picture quality
  4. BIG BOI I always called him Pillip I'm curious if anyones looked at KH1 and seen what the npc's were named in traverse town
  5. tbh i can take it or leave it with formchanges if their a one of mechanic in kh3 its not the end of the world but Keyblade transformations shoud be incorporated at this point as either natural parts of drive forms if brought back or as abilities you equip into combo modifiers also i think sora should get keyblade transformation traversal powers imagine hes gliding and as he goes to land he can slide on his keyblade on the ground for a bit then relaunch himself by turning they keyblade into a rocket engine one thing nomura and his team said they wanted to capture in kh3 was a feeling of how fast sora can move and while he traversal skills are impressive in 3, hes ground to air movement is still pretty sluggist without the shotlock step thing by giving sora moves that can quickly get him on and off the ground quickly, it could really improve game feel
  6. it was a special team attack i think or a situation command
  7. i have to learn how to code, like, video games but id do it
  8. DUDE what if goofy had a limit break where him and sora did the eye 2 eye dance from a goofy movie
  9. Goof Troop, he summons his son and his friends and they mess sh*t up
  10. Quick Run was the closest sora got to a warp dodge
  11. Sora with a warp spell would go hard
  12. Time splicer is still by far the coolest time spell used in kh thus far
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