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  1. Then they slowly zoom in on one of the two faces
  2. 3 movies in, and Spiderman has not had a movie that fully takes place in nyc
  3. good work 100% birth by sleep is quite the undertaking took me like 108 hours
  4. assasins creed star wars game
  5. like they could make them ff songs too really change it up but you know, they have basically said nothing and its been 2 months
  6. imagine kh melody of memory actually getting dlc songs man......that sure would be something.
  7. Anyone will return as a ghost for the right price
  8. Which one is the marvel one Is it light of the jedi
  9. Eh I don’t really think Alyson is bad, it’s just that Hayden fit Kairi better Also I more so blame the voice director for Kairis more higher pitched voice in KH3
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