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  1. I am so close, just gotta get through the rest of stormblood and then I am there
  2. yeah its pretty tedious it was their way of padding out the game to give you reasons to explore, buuuuuuuuuuuuut not really necesary
  3. like the fetch quests are only good when the narrative around why you're doing it is worth it
  4. yeah thats true the fetch quests are dumb
  5. thats true it is pretty long the post game is a little lengthy
  6. but how do you do that without removing the lore
  7. makes sense when they say less tedious, I wonder what they will change
  8. oh really? is that when new game plus drops as well for a realm reborn?
  9. I am a bit miffed, they give these badges for putting in votes, but they dont do anything is it supposed to show the voter how useless achievements can be sometimes?
  10. I think they couldve given up "Esports host"
  11. okay so there are 29 categories and 6 of them are dedicated to just esports
  12. big problem with that is budget and I doubt most studios will make the money back for getting big time actors for roles unless its keanu reeves
  13. welp I voted for the game awards this year, gotta say, little bit let down with some of the decisions made for the categories like, there is ONE category for perfomances, ONE! Meaning there arent even seperate category for male and female actors. Thats a little bs honestly there should be at least 2
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