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  1. the "final" showdown i'm gonna say it right now Skoll shouldve been a riku fight better yet, the fight take place in its own void, and have it be a point where riku and soras storys crossover where they both get sucked in at the same time
  2. one more he pulls back his hood and gains 2000 pounds and hes revealed to be alternate universe pete Big Bad Pete
  3. oh i've got an even better one the master of masters is JACK "Chaos" GARLAND HIMSELF
  4. I present my favorite Data Greeting I did when I was playing KH3 re:mind (yes I used the out of bounds glitch
  5. sora will be revealed to be the emperor from FF2
  6. I really hope sora just becomes a good version of sephiroth in future games lol Sora: I will never be a memory
  7. gloveless sora is quite uncanny
  8. for each of their looks throughout the series
  9. sora riku and kairi have also had multiple versions of their funko pops by this point
  10. or hear me out, maybe they just want to save some energy
  11. its not exactly the best phone and it kinda runs badly with 3D apps
  12. What we deserve In kh4
  13. Not cool I mean it’s cool But I use an iPad Soooooo
  14. so this game uses gps tracking to play it?
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