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  1. Ah I see I still think the devs have been better with most other kh characters in recent years. Some obviously getting better treatment than others simply through the process of who the team is most comfortable handling
  2. Ahhh Sorry the kh dry season has left me parched Also I’m kinda tired
  3. Out of line as in too negative or too aggressive towards moon Because I want to say I agree whole heartedly with moon
  4. Is that all that toxic? I’m just saying I feel Kairis character has been in a muddled state for a while
  5. I liked the rhythm stuff But they didn’t even commit to the bit It’s KAIRIS mind and all we see is everyone but her
  6. I leave it I will never accept that “story” The game didn’t even get an official pre order Disney pin Which is almost insulting as the story itself
  7. That’s the Kairi being relevant copium talking I just wanted her to get a playable game
  8. Hear me out guys The initial trailer for Kh4 is a bait and switch Where Kairi is the main playable character
  9. Hear me out guys Oh wait actually Lemme go to Kh4
  10. That’s axels great great great great grandpa
  11. The girl Ansem is kinda humorous Oh man I forgot how much I liked my khux character Can’t wait to recreate her in Missing Link
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