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  1. it was such a bad idea to put them both together to even have the games made by the same team was an awful idea
  2. until they announce its cancellation in october lol
  3. yeeted into oblivion just like daybreak town i must say the boss rush in the final few missions was very cool
  4. also my kairi game even if it comes at a cost of her entire original arc let the story be damned for all I care, just let it end
  5. i want my happy ending and then im done
  6. MMMMKMMMM I love these games SO MUCH
  7. khux also couldve helped in answering them, like they are the same game after all we need someone who doesnt speak in rhymes on the writing team because even when they do explain something it sounds like a damn riddle
  8. remember ava didnt make it to their meeting in kh3
  9. why was ava acting so strange in the keyblade war? was that darkness we fought?
  10. is he why kingdom hearts appears in the keyblade war?
  11. dudes the only one who played the original games
  12. like how gula wanted to summon kingdom hearts
  13. oh they did, i just don't remember what they said id say half of khux plot points are dropped
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