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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Excuse me, but an E rank for young Xeahnort, that's wrong. He Norted our waifu, that alone makes him at least B tier.
  2. Especially since it makes no sense for him to turn evil
  3. There is so many ideas to pull from when it comes to the ff side of this series it honestly makes no sense they have taken almost nothing from the ff aspect of this "crossover" series, outside of surface level things.
  4. You know what KH has never let us do? Fight a ghost train. We got to fight a ghost ship, but never a ghost train, I suggests we get the ghost train from FF6 to be a super boss in KH3 in sanfrasokyo on the train tracks that run through the city.
  5. I think they could've, think about it. Leon and the others could've helped the King and Riku with things, they could've called up Sora on the Gummiphone to give him a heads up on Radiant garden finishing construction, if there was a coliseum maybe we could've gotten a call from them asking if they wanted to go a few rounds in the ring. Heck Merlin doesn't even mention leon and the others despite the fact they work in his house.
  6. that he was a researcher They really would've fit into KH3 fine if they added them, and its just so stupid that they didn't
  7. somewhat KH1 they had a huge influence on Sora since they were the first people to find him and help him on his journey, they also serve as a group for Sora to get advice from. KH2 they are reconstructing their world after it was restored by Sora, they needs Soras help in a war against the heartless that maleficent has, and are willing to help Sora on his journey to find Riku and the King.
  8. Its like saying "We didnt feel the need to buy the chocolate ice cream cone, but we have 8 other vanilla ice cream cones for you." like the 8 ice cream cones are gonna taste good, but you wanted chocolate so it just isnt the same
  9. But seriously I don't know what could possibly be at it
  10. A cross play announcment with Xbox and Ninendo, Lol
  11. IKR? its probably the best event reward ever
  12. meanwhile FF14 is getting the FF15 regalia as a mount in a event next month
  13. I know this because my roomate plays WoW
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