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  1. https://tenor.com/view/i-have-a-mighty-need-zim-invader-alien-gif-10441344 https://tenor.com/view/i-have-a-mighty-need-zim-invader-alien-gif-10441344
  2. Sora is only as floaty as you choose to play him i mean hes floaty with purpose dude can fly hes an off stage master roy is also kind wack against sora Soras my new main for life sonic was the one before him
  3. this is like...the best time to be playing if it was just soras kh1 baby face he'd look too off in kh2 soras outfit especially from what i can tell they took kh2 soras eyes wait why? this is like...the best time to be playing min min is a bit of a pain in the butt for dededes min min is not very good anyway so not many people play as her Kazuya is too hard for people to actually play correctly so i rarely have seen many people play him yes but not very good once you realize how the person plays her sonic kicks her ass oh absolutley Smash online isnt really where the pros play anyway
  4. honestly i think face wise hes actually more like an amalgamation sora hes like a combination of kh1, 2, and 3 soras faces obviously in the cg hes kh1
  5. I made this custom stage in smash to further celebrate Sora being in smash
  6. Man that ardyn one is so damn cool
  7. https://tenor.com/view/eeyore-poohs-grand-adventure-winnie-the-pooh-easy-come-easy-go-negative-gif-16567797
  8. "my son poked his eye out with the goofy the dog card"
  9. or get criticism for child safety
  10. yeah, i bet they didnt want to make a unique card printer for the shape
  11. the top card was gen 1 cards
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