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  1. Fillion was waaay better for the role
  2. You've got this it takes time patience, and lots of deaths but its worth it
  3. who added the top tongue to spongebob Its funny because it almost looks like photoshop
  4. you ever just spam blizzard, go wisdom and spam blizzard more to beat him
  5. its like his second phase phase one has the one with jack
  6. he will trigger the gun one once he is on his last bar of health
  7. the cast wouldve died multiple times at this point or have been arrested
  8. Xana was one of those childhood villains that didnt mess around if it wasnt for the time reversal ability the computer can use
  9. Or super charge a power line so that it can blow up a nuclear powerplant
  10. yeah Im rewatching the series right now
  11. to creating a plague of rats its entire goal in the show is to kill humanity and causes disasters on a daily basis ranging from causing a nuclear power plant to explode to creating a plague of rats to taking control of a space laser attached to a sattilite and being able to fire it at will
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