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  1. plot twist he becomes evil in the first episode
  2. when someone would be mean to me at work, i know its not really me, its the fact im working in this position. a jobs a job at the end of the day. it doesnt make you feel too good tho at the very least this is online so you know, easier to ignore
  3. that person had a bad day I dont think these social media people take it personally tho
  4. this came up on my twitter feed when i was looking at the trending for the powerpuff tv show
  5. whose ready for more spider-man on ps4, cause i know i am
  6. oh nooooo https://tenor.com/view/jon-jafari-jontron-jontronshow-dontlike-gif-4856995 https://tenor.com/view/jon-jafari-jontron-jontronshow-dontlike-gif-4856995
  7. the most wonderful thing about tiggers is, hes the only one
  8. 65a8f30d-3bb6-4966-8965-1fe796f01eb6
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