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  1. https://fxtwitter.com/torochannel_kh/status/1793510244209094919?s=61&t=HRj49qwxVE6wFicoLf6p8Q
  2. Well we never go in outside of custscenes, and the cutscenes in pre destroyed radiant garden usually make use of assets from kh2
  3. Tbh the order is the worst rule kh writers ever created It's an in universe equivalent of saying "disney won't let us use the characters outside their respective stories" The fact "the order" is brought up ALOT in kh3 means the team probably had disney breathing down their necks more than ever
  4. Also japanese: WE LOVE FRIED F*CKIN CHICKEN
  5. That somehow is less cursed since com, recoded and ddd exist
  6. And all was right with the world
  7. bruh hearing kh1 soras voice on kh3's sora model in kh2 engine is so cursed
  8. https://tenor.com/view/sora-kairi-estrogen-kingdom-hearts-lol-gif-3516965480917454180
  9. lets go better start your timers guys
  10. they put kairi on the box man why is she only playable for 2 songs i call that false advertising you dont give a character top billing on the box and NOT have them playable for a majority thats just game design 101
  11. melody of memory makes me mad tho 😦
  12. dude if KH4 has like an big finale moment where a ton of the disney characters show up id explode
  13. I hope missing link has some exclusive worlds and doesnt just do retellings of kh3 worlds or something like at least 1
  14. my perfect spinoff protagonist
  15. im so causiously optomistic right now I just want missing link so I can create my perfect KH protagonist
  16. https://tenor.com/view/jim-bakker-creamy-potato-soup-bucket-dear-god-its-good-taste-gif-17641613
  17. all in all its a big ol' crazy stew of rights
  18. love this series man its a franchise that can only exist in the insane zeitgeist of corporate synergies that are present atm
  19. thats the funny thing its a co ownership meaning the moment 1 of them wants to stop doing it the series is done without disney kingdom hearts literally cant exist this entire franchise is constantly teetering on a knifes edge
  20. heh bye ventus, lauriam, brain, emphemer, and skuld it could be those 5 or just riku alone and i'd still choose to keep riku lmao
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