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  1. https://tenor.com/view/brain-kh-khux-ml-missing-link-gif-25352455
  2. I’m playing missing link right now Gotta say it okay
  3. 0/10 Brooklyn does NOT have that many trees
  4. best part is knuckles actor voices aced he also voices grog from Legend of Vox Machina
  5. Hear me out, THIS GUY as a super boss https://tenor.com/view/ffxiv-zenos-ff14-final-fantasy-gif-13809258 https://tenor.com/view/ffxiv-zenos-ff14-final-fantasy-gif-13809258
  6. Bro Odin did like NOTHING in dark road Definitley was a let down
  7. Didn’t anybody wonder where he was?
  8. Considering the game had its closed beta and Nomura was confident at the time in its release, I doubt it.
  9. Yeah really Not to mention it’s a freaking cover of stand by me
  10. You know who else Robbie Daymond played?
  11. https://tenor.com/view/oden-one-piece-kozuki-oden-oden-song-anime-gif-24699253
  12. https://tenor.com/view/noctis-smile-final-fantasy-xv-noctis-lucis-caelum-ffxv-gif-9361890343342442808 THE GOAT
  13. Same We got the very last form in HD but none of the other made it https://tenor.com/view/xion-sora-boss-fight-kingdom-hearts-phase3-gif-26049418
  14. Okay I’d also like to mention Xion final form This armor in hd engine would be FIRE
  15. https://tenor.com/view/xion-sora-kingdom-hearts-halloween-town-teleportation-gif-26048992
  16. Okay in all seriousness if we got this armor as equippable gear in missing link I will pop off so hard
  17. Hmmmm depends. I personally think at this point nothing that’s happening was planned I’d say everything up to kh2
  18. I had one too It showed Sora riding a Chocobo alongside Jonesy from fortnite who then proceeded to pull out a Keyblade. It then flashed a banner for “Kingdom Hears X Fortnite”
  19. Big blue from F-Zero always reminds me of that levels theme
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