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  1. [uARCXSM] was my player name. Thank You.
  2. I appreciate all of you who helped me out. And all the cool theories we had. I wanted to thank you all. I do wish we see answers soon, hopefully Nomura does it soon. Kh3 was the end, a new vision is waiting for me. And thats Verum Rex... once they announce it ill be back. I hope. But for now. It's a goodbye.
  3. Thanks and now this is my goodbye to you guys.
  4. The hardest part is saying goodbye to my team...
  5. @Double OKP looks to me they are the same, again it might just be placeholders. Funny thing it mirrors kh3 worlds with marl in Corona and Elrena in Andrell or whatever frozen world is called, the high mountains
  6. I hope we get answers soon. And i hope the ending is cinematic in the future. So we can see all of them I DID IT ON MY FAV ONE Funny thing i picked it as the main keyblade for my player and funny thing is in the scene when we pretend fit so well
  7. LUXU is within Brian Heart now correct? It is very confusing where the scene takes place. Also do we assume its the same spot of the keyblade war? Luxu/Brain traveled in the future before xehanort birth, however it doesn't confirmed that they will see each other in that time. Skuld is Project X, just not have shown for some other reasons. Marl and larxene seem to be sent to the world of snow white, but it could be just a placeholder for the worlds they are. [uNKNOWN in the current timeline] This is were things become more QUESTIONS than answers. Is the person approaching Ventus a older Xehanort or someone new. No keyblades found in that spot. Again it might just be a placeholder but it feels like the keyblade graveyard... Which brings to my last point. SCALA is DAYBREAK Thefore the keyblade war took place in Daybreak right? So that means scala is the keyblade graveyard
  8. My heart I can't Okay so can someone wrap things up for me before i share my final goodbyes. SCALA, is the home of xehanort, however knowing us the player heart has become a new heart, xehanort. The old man is no other than Emph right? Since it would make sense to have that strong bond of his old friend who sacrifice himself/herself to save them in the end. [im talkin about player]
  9. https://tenor.com/view/teletubbies-dipsy-teletubby-running-running-late-gif-16009851
  10. What about it? Im not uploading till the update My group said they wait @Inçendyne
  11. You at me I don't want to look thru because im still avoiding spoilers
  12. @Inçendyne what happened TODAY IS THE DAY???? @Vexoria for some reason your Character looks like he belongs with TWENTY in Nomura artstyle respectively
  13. Not really if your working Guess till e3 then... I've been avoiding spoilers
  15. It's okay ima be off anyway. I'm just checking back on this sever to see if we get the update soon
  16. ima pretend I didnt read that...
  17. Bot some of us haven't seen or beat it yet ?
  18. And definitely will continue the timeline
  19. His timeline videos... ? now hes a KH Youtuber
  20. Just his fan base They believe everything he says
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