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  1. Also, did you know that KH1 first introduced revenge values?
  2. All right. I want to get quickly to the apparent prodigal son of this series. Only have to finish this game first.
  3. Yeah. Just wanted to make my way through to get to play KH3 Critical mode. @Liftea Tommorow allegedly.
  4. And I could skip replaying DDD. I already did on the 3ds.
  5. All right. I already decided to play everything on max difficulty no matter the KH game.
  6. At least I have 1 and 358/2 days done.
  7. Now I really want to get through my marathon to try out the new Critical mode. Alas, I must play through Re:COM
  8. Re Com is okay, but I think that turn based rpg would be more fun to me.
  9. Re:COM isn't so bad so far. The combat system is just really different, and the square rooms will get boring later on.
  10. Sora with that slick first card catch. Anime Reflexes at work.
  11. Wanted to play KH3, but hadn't played anything but DDD, so bought the story so far. So KH1 358/2 days because of some apparent cards you can get in Re Com And everything else in the order it gives me.
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