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  1. When he was originally announced, I was afraid that while I loved his inclusion his style of play would not match mine and I would have to fight against my normal play style just to be able to enjoy him. I was thoroughly happy to find out I was wrong because Sora is not only one of my mains in Smash now, he is my primary main. His play style matches mine perfectly, and is a lot of fun to work with.
  2. Ok, can anybody confirm if the rest of the world will be getting the Physical Edition of this soundtrack? Because as much as I do love this soundtrack and am more than willing to throw my money at it, I kind of want that physical edition for my collection.
  3. Hey HMK! Long-time fan of your work! I’ve got a couple questions. One, what was your introduction to the Kingdom Hearts series and what got you hooked on it? Two, if you could add or change anything in KH3, what would it be?
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