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  1. Just got this bundle of stuff in today 🙂
  2. Nope, they're pop out displays for standees and store displays
  3. honestly it was a stale joke back then tbh resaying the same jokes over and over again just gets old
  4. Scored this nice bundle of KH2 promo items 🙂
  5. I preordered em the day I got back from tokyo game show cause I missed my chance at the actual event
  6. Mine guard the 3DS 😂 Christ, I have to dust
  7. Honestly same as the dakimakura as well I have tons more actual posters, though. I'm gunna frame a ton of them and redo my walls this year I've had that wall setup for a while now since 1.5+2.5 came out on ps4
  8. Honestly it's becoming not enough space for me haha, I wanna go 6 but my gpu can't handle it, but I usually have Japanese/KH wallpapers now I believe I have KH stuff on all 4 sides of my room now bit of a mess tho the kenough pillow I got as a gag gift lol
  9. it's mainly all in my room but I have a lot of it in my closet too of other stuff I collect Hot Toys and other figures too KH is my main though
  10. Way more bud My whole room is probably 10k+
  11. Like I said, if it's your money who cares what they think about it
  12. yeah ive got all the plushes already lol If you have your own money I don't see the issue tho
  13. Naw, I think you'd be fine really haha always begins with one purchase
  14. It looked nice at the Square Enix Artnia cafe in Shinjuku while I was there Only ever place it looked good in photos Sorry if I ramble haha. I'm a passionate collector, lol My entire room is just KH stuff
  15. I NEVER use Square Enix Their entire storefront and their prices are not my style Plus with amiami you get the figure months early since it releases in the west for some reason MONTHS later used to always be a month early but since covid it's been like random periods, but always usually 2-4 months before the USA Amiami you get it cheaper, it arrives way earlier than the us, and their customer support is tremendous, there's 0 cons Also I vouch for em, since I've been using em since 2015 when the KH3 pak came out originally You'll enjoy the figure though, he's fantastic. Just...a bit weird with pictures. Idk what it is, but he doesn't ever seem to look nice in photos, only in person
  16. amiami is the biggest figure retailer in japan, they're more than reputable
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