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  1. Me, a Midwesterner: Those are rookie numbers
  2. You would be surprised about how many fans got into this series with Re:Coded.
  3. https://tenor.com/view/hello-there-hi-there-greetings-gif-9442662 https://tenor.com/view/hello-there-general-kenobi-star-wars-grevious-gif-17774326
  4. It was, but was restored at the end of KH1
  5. The trailer has about 1.5 Mil views so far it's only been out for about 30 minutes
  6. I think the only good guy was Captain Hook
  7. He kidnapped children and was going to keep them hostage in another land
  8. Sora better get her money or she's going to go full Stewie on him
  9. Plot Twist: it wasn't a dream. You were
  10. If Disney teamed up with Nintendo instead of Square
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