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  1. hears Sonic Unleashed music WHO DARES SUMMON ME?
  2. https://tenor.com/view/kingdom-hearts-axel-two-axel-two-kh-gif-13046226
  3. Is.....IS THAT THE MF'ing TARDIS?
  4. Deadpool: The Video Game: The Movie
  5. There is a Kingdom Hearts easter egg in Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart
  6. On this day in Kingdom Hearts History! June 10th, 2013: Tetsuya Nomura showed the first teaser trailer for KH3 and the fanbase was never the same again
  7. Also, I just noticed from the summer vacation cutscene the guy in the moogle hat was swimming in the water like a penguin Guess what he turned into?
  8. Remember these guys? This is them now. Feeling old yet?
  9. "I fight for my friends.....by throwing my friends at the problem"
  10. We will go together.......and take over Terra's body as one
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