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  1. Most cards are 4 SP but a few are worth 5 If they are gold that is
  2. Eraqus is Square, so they are already a god with this world
  3. I betcha there's a lucky emblem nearby Also you can't start collecting until you get the new clothes
  4. But on the bright side, if we can keep just the younger version of Xehanort, then more time for Ben to troll the fanbase
  5. Word of advice: DON'T FORGET 100 ACRE WOODS You wouldn't believe how many people actually forget about checking there
  6. Who knew the Army Men were Keyblade Weilders
  7. The hard part will be to get to 100,000 BP after you level up
  8. Great job! You earned -500,000 BP, you lost a level
  9. Just wait until they add an enemy that takes away BP
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