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  1. now with 50% more CGI mustache-less Superman
  2. They always film in Atlanta because films get tax cuts Setting is still NY
  3. Lebron and Bugs will be facing their greatest rivals: Kevin Durant and Mickey Mouse in Space Jam 2
  4. That's not 100% true. All EA lost was the exclusive deal to Star Wars games. They can still make games and content with Star Wars, it's just other comapnies can develop games using Star Wars games Plus at this point, EA is probably working on Squadrons and a possible Jedi Fallen Order sequel to keep working on Battlefront 2
  5. Sora's going to come back and roast Riku about his short hair look
  6. Avengers: Retirement Home Coming in 2035
  7. I know where Mickey's true power comes from. He summoned the power of Disney+
  8. They never fully said who found him or where, just he was brought into the Organization
  9. I think The World That Never Was might be a broken part of Quatrium. It might explain how Xemnas found Luxord
  10. Does that mean Kingdom Hearts is based on a book series?
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