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  1. They already did. It ran for 4 seasons on Netflix and now they are on another one
  2. I feel bad for the NA release of KH2. It's always overshadowed by its older brother
  3. It's now midnight in Japan. Kingdom Hearts is now legal to drink alcohol and gamble
  4. or if you are in Japan, in a couple of hours
  5. Guys, I think I know where Ansem hid Subject X. He hid them.....in the past
  6. Nomura woke up an hour late. KH4 delayed until 2040
  7. The one time the French got the best over the British
  8. https://tenor.com/view/yugioh-bandit-keith-animenagerie-gif-27090032
  9. Maybe a combo of the two since if anything, both will show some aging
  10. You can't Transfer has been cut off from the app since Union x was shut down
  11. Well yes, but noticed the symbol on said roof
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