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  1. https://tenor.com/view/supaidaman-spiderman-japan-machine-gun-gif-24562899
  2. ATSV earned $17.35 million domestically last night, the second highest in animation movie history, only behind Incredibles 2's $18.5 million
  3. I thought that at first, but then I saw the circles at the bottom, the same ones they just showed off. Plus the map was darker, compared to the first one
  4. Nope Maybe if we are lucky, Missing Link, but probably nothing on KH4
  5. I want more! Speaking of Spider-Man 2, at the beginning, Grenkie was playing it. I'm so jealous that Sony let him play it before us
  6. Kotaku: where you only need to know how to write and have basic knowledge of video games to be a journalist
  7. JJJ: Give me pictures of all 280 menaces!
  8. Yep, we go up the East River You can see Avengers Tower on the right right before we turn left at the RAFT Funny thing is in Spider-Man, Randell's Island is shown on the map, but isn't assessible Hopefully this means that Roosevelt Island will also be available and maybe even Elis and Liberty Islands
  9. So far for Spider-Man 2, the three areas confirmed are Manhatten, Queens, and Randell's Island
  10. I don't think many of us were expecting it
  11. Spider-Man has now gone to full black, embracing the one thing that I've warn you people about for years. He IS A MENANCE and will kill us all unless we rally and force him and his little buddy out of this wonderful city.
  12. https://tenor.com/view/spider-man-you-cant-escape-ill-chase-you-to-the-ends-of-the-earth-gif-16027185 I'm just imaging how JJJ will report about this
  13. Holy crap! Rick the Door Technician got a new suit
  14. We get to go see the Mario Brothers
  15. Wraith vs Symobote Peter
  16. And we get to go to Queens
  17. People will complain no matter what
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