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  1. After waiting for so long, we finally see Rosario as Ahsoka.
  2. It's the closest we got from playing the Neverland levels from 358/2
  3. Culver's is always good Now I'm hungry for a Butterburger
  4. I don't remember Cinderella's Castle being in Asgard. Just Mickey really wanted it there
  5. Favorite suit for me is the 2099 suit
  6. I hope for the sequel we can choose between Peter and Miles freely
  7. It was the closest I got from being Batman again
  8. MM really let me go more stealth that SM did, especially with Miles' cloak ability
  9. Who needs the Avengers when you have the Spider Bros?
  10. It's that time of the week again
  11. What kind of drugs was Otis taking?
  12. New Spider-Man ruins Christmas for Local Radio Host
  13. Well well, look who has returned for AC Valhalla
  14. They have the same tattoo artist The same with Saix
  15. > This week a bunch of new games are being released at once. AC Valhalla, Yakuza 7, Spider-man Miles Morales and not to mention KH MoM @Otti#8624 As well as the nex gen consoles
  16. Re:Minder: The spoiler policy for MoM will begin at 10 AM EST on November 10th and will last until December 13th
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