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  1. "For some reason, I get the feeling that I know this girl. It’s just a feeling." wait, why would Roxas have already forgotten knowing Namine? Not only did they know each other from KH2, they were both at the beach party that Sora disappeared at. Also I figured Namine would be part of the Twilight Town crew since Maybe this is before she joined up with Roxas and friends?
  2. "His statement regarding "Terra" and "them" can only mean Ventus and Aqua." Alternatively, "them" could mean Terranort and Lingering Will, as seen in the next shot. Lingering Will is Terra's willpower (and possibly part of his mind? I think I remember Terranort saying as much during their Birth by Sleep confrontation) and Terranort is Terra's body, with his heart imprisoned inside. No matter which one wins, Terra loses.
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