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  1. If I remember right, at this moment I thought it was just showing that he was strong (I think going along with what he was saying while making this gesture)....but it could be a clever Stealth Insult on top of it, if this is the case?
  2. Why do I have a feeling that even with this information, that Ven is both a scapegoat and a red herring in terms of how if connects to Strelitzia? (Like, still connected, but not the main/true culprit)
  3. Um, to be fair, way before KH3, the World Order was already violated and the worlds were in chaos to begin with (I mean, why would we be fighting the Heartless or Unversed otherwise if there wasn't any trouble to begin with, not to mention in KH1 Maleficent ended up grouping most Disney Villains together in order to sew chaos and she's still world hopping to take control of all it and not caring who she interacts and manipulates with or what she says). It might be a bigger issue than the plot of the film for other Disney Properties, but wasn't those wanting to take control of everything using the darkness to manipulate the events of the former to eventually cause the latter to happen the point of the impact? (Of course, if it all turns out to be just a simulation, wouldn't the world order be pointless anyways once everything is reset?)
  4. Well, at the very least, if someone manages to translate it, it'll at least give us a glimpse of what the life/community of Scala Ad Caelum was like, with the posters there and all. I just look forward to seeing how people decode/decipher this language, maybe even make a usable font out of it too?
  5. While everyone is fascinated by Verum Rex, I'm fascinated by the posters and examples of the language used in Scala Ad Caelum (which apparently appears to be the language for the series). Has anyone tried to decipher and translate it yet? It reminds me so much of the Witch Runes from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I would love to know what everything on those assets there means! (Also, is that supposed to be Berlioz in the poster with the cat? Because it looks a lot like Berlioz)
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