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  1. what would anyone be doing in a kh server if they didnt know what munny is... lmao.. night night kingdom heartss
  2. hmm... maybe it's best that my pc broke then. selfish comment, but does anyone else ever feel bothered and protective over the KH series when someone starts playing it on the wrong game, or only plays it on their brand new system because there are anime-looking characters on the cover? It's probably just me, cause I'm kinda shallow; but I've always felt bothered when people find out about KH late, and then brag about how much they love it more than the fans who've been playing it since they were kids... (and then those people don't appreciate the music, emotions, graphics, etc.) I don't like that all of a sudden, every KH game is being released on a platform that many people have. For years, i've had to wait until a new game would come out on my ps2, and then my ps3, ds, 3ds, etc. Lots of people have gone through their childhood/teenhood waiting for the next game to come out on the system they own; and now almost anyone can just have access to any KH game.. (once again, it might just be me, cause i can be very shallow..)
  3. Oh, oops... I didn't realize my comment would lead directly to the server,..... Is that not allowed? I think I did something wrong on that comment, because I don't often see peoples comments from kh13 pop up in this discussion general.....? (if so, i'm sorry, i didn't realize i messed something up, if i did do something wrong, can someone please at me?)
  4. Y'all, why tf isn't "justapancake" on this server >( i wish there was an answer ;-;
  5. bruh i could not stop laughing at this at all, for like, a whole ass day 馃槀 馃ぃ
  6. @leggomyeggo us poor lefties always bein shamed
  7. wHy ISn'T Go0D LUCk chARLIe in KH3?
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