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  1. Yup, late August like I thought. Woot, can't wait!
  2. I hope for early August but I think it'll be late August.
  3. Fendren

    Fan Art Chat

    Omg I love all their outfits! Looks so nice!
  4. Fendren

    Fan Art Chat

    Omg that's so cute!
  5. That's crazy! What wrestling venue was that I wonder
  6. Fendren

    Fan Art Chat

    Ooh, this looks cool! Especially like the keyblade design!
  7. Blizzard all the way
  8. If it's that long, I'm screen mirroring that shit to my tv, and have a bag of popcorn ready. 🍿
  9. Fendren

    Fan Art Chat

    Holy-hfnjfshbdjkfjhsvjfbkgvmydhvj!!!!!! That thing is f-ing gorgeous, like wtf!!!!!
  10. Fendren

    Fan Art Chat

    Maaaan, I am so jealous I wish I could see the milkyway like that. Beautiful pics seriously! Funnily enough I did draw the milkyway quite a long while back, lemme see if I can find it rq. Here
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