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  1. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!!
  2. Bruh, I want this room, it looks badass!
  3. Recommend looking up Everglow on YouTube He's covered all the games
  4. Looks like all that happened was the Twitter name changed to missing link with a few new images, that's about it from what I checked
  5. "what about stolen car keys?" "can that count?"
  6. Is there anything this man doesn't do on purpose?
  7. My phone is old and most of the space taken up with stuff I need so 2 or 3 gb is something I can't swing (assuming my phone is up to date to even be able to handle it in the first place), unless I got lucky and had a wad of cash fall in to my lap so I could buy a better phone with more space.
  8. I don't want another mobile game that requires me trying to make space on my phone's limited memory to play. Now if they released it on switch than it's on the go portable play and console. Hwee hwee hwee! 🙃
  9. Lmao that is the most dank riku drawing I've ever seen 🤣
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