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woooooah 8O


yola everybodeh ;P im axel (or sabrina....or whatever u wanna call me. i can be your pet iguana for all i care ;P) and i luv anime =D i love death note, ouran high school host club (TAMAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII =D =D =D =D <3 hes the only guy whos allowed to sparkle <3), a little snow fairy sugar, spiral: melody of logic, and a whole bunch of others that i cant think of right now!!! =D


i have a small obsession with a bunch of random things. like monkeys, abs (omigosh have u seen the guy who plays thor!? HE HAS LIKE A 78 PACK!!!!!  8D), the music to the hunchback of notre dame, and scene style. i love scene style. its the best thing since fried dough. no hatin ;P


so.....yeah if theres anything else ud like to know about me just ask, i wont bite =D well...not hard anyways...8D ADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!! *waves*

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