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  1. I'll be back, gotta get some milk
  2. Yugin

    Fan Art Chat

    I finished the 7th chapter of Kingdom Hearts - Fallen Light! We're heading to the world of nightmare before christmas even if its july lmao Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/1351620411-kingdom-hearts-fallen-light-chapter-7-a-nightmare Archiveofourown: https://archiveofourown.org/works/45808522/chapters/123175621
  3. I really like his design and why hes there but i probably coulda put him in darkness knows until kh4 drops
  4. Note: "Darkness knows" is characters i haven't been able to make an opinion on just yet
  5. Benedikta beaten, seeing her break down after she loses her powers is so satisfying
  6. Meet the Robinsons? That would be a tough one to insert in a future kh title ngl
  7. Some i quite love, but others can feel like they just drag
  8. There aren't as many as kh2 but they're way bigger and longer
  9. Things like airstep are my favorite things to any action game, they make the pace SO. MUCH. FASTER
  10. Dw i won't, I'll just say a few aren't fans of the story I too think some things coulda done better but i can't really hate it either, plus it has my favorite gameplay of the series
  11. I've seen a few haters here and there
  12. Yugin

    Fan Art Chat

  13. Idgaf, I'm proud of my work just because I had donald actually heal in one of the chapters And not because I made an ambitious story that smh doesn't need a phd
  14. And also ff16, given that some people from kh did work on that
  15. Yeah, at least I spend my time waiting for kh4 in actually productive ways
  16. Taking ff16 and 7 remake as an example, I'd say barely reaching triple digits of GB is a fair bet
  17. Or chicken little Or strange world Or mars needs moms, Dimma-dammit
  18. Disney infinity 3.0 by far
  19. Ngl this game is giving me flashbacks to ff4 and i love it I despise annabelle just as much as i did with golbez
  20. Yugin

    Memes Chat

    Then music from the time on any radio, even at stores lol
  21. Yugin

    Memes Chat

    I wanna see you at a 70s music festival
  22. Yugin

    Memes Chat

    How'd you know about the music, goofy mouse?
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