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  1. Thank you. I've seen many individuals who kept treating their opinion as a gospel, and as a mod in another server i had to go after them after they got very toxic
  2. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    And also one of the first next gen exclusives I actually enjoyed playing on my pc Just reminds me of jet set radio future specifically, even the fact that it's only on Microsoft platforms
  3. That explains why it's so unoptimized
  4. Looking at forspoken, I think that's for the best
  5. I'm such a grey area lol
  6. Kh4 easily, but missing link also looks very interesting
  7. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    The mastermind of DMC is actually behind it!
  8. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    Oh yeah thats valid, i play it via xbox game pass
  9. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    Well i played an hour of it and honestly... One of my favorite games of all time
  10. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    Wanna hear a modern game thats actually based? Hifi rush
  11. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    Sonic just frontiering
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