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  1. But also Couldn't forget this masterpiece
  2. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    With a couple of exceptions, sonic ost is always a full 10/10 Chronicles is the one exception
  3. Yugin

    Gaming Chat

    Daz can't stop me, I love this
  4. There is Modica chocolate that i mentioned before, and also pudding is more common here than in some other countries from what I heard
  5. Oh yeah I remember that when I studied Spanish in high school
  6. Now that I'm free from exams, i can be productive again thankfully
  7. I looked it up on google to see where they sell it but I didn't find anything, besides the recipes
  8. Yeah I don't live in an English speaking country so that makes sense, though i will look for it in a store that sells imported food I was able to get grape fanta from romania after all
  9. Looking at this I think I did, but maybe it's called something else in Italy Well wiki tells me its a UK speciality, that explains a little Meanwhile in south of italy you see chocolate made with red peppers lmao
  10. I'll keep it for when there's a mod that lets you play as Mickey
  11. Yeah back then getting him to voice him wasn't as easy as he was everywhere Tv animation budget isn't as high as film animation so it checks out
  12. Even Kate from alpha and omega joined the show lol
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