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  1. There is something bad happens to Angelus…

  2. Miharasan called me W and Eagle and Alone and Anxious thing.

  3. Snowe and this Kung fu guy fused together to become one named Stadler from Eiyuden.

    Lazlo was being cheated and belittled.


  4. image.thumb.jpeg.4589c5e25cd06be03a1929d45e629486.jpeg
    that unsupportive and non helping idiot who cheated Lazlo and banged possessed Shirase. The idiot scared Lazlo and he almost bite his friend Lazlo and he scratch Lazlo’s left arm it’s a deep scratch almost cut.

    My possessor is just didn’t like to give up. This was always have an Artblock problems.

  5. Idiot stared at Xigbar

  6. Leon B. fan stared at Axel.

  7. Some idiot stared at Xemnas and Marluxia 

  8. I saw Marluxia’s biological parents. The pact partners poisoned the mind of Momoko for abandoning new born infant Lauriam and forgetting about Strelitzia. 


  9. Rose: Oh my… my iPad was being punched bag again. :(

    they are trying to kill me for damaging my things. 😖😩

    1. Millennial 1992

      Millennial 1992

      Also my IPhone watch too.

  10. Why my other account was being banned? I can’t login.

  11. Coldheart: Subzero Grave

  12. My OCs are very angry.

    1. Millennial 1992

      Millennial 1992

      Because other games mocked them.

  13. Kagenso: Dracula! Hayato Gou… Kairi Mizugami! *screams with anger* 

  14. Sorry my nieces and nephews, I am not a chicken lover, I am a Pizza lover and a burger lover.


    ~ Rosella B. Macapinlac

  15. why that man a while ago a taking a ride for me? 

    My aunt never wanted me to buy anything i wanted, my damn aunt always making my life so damn.

    ~Rosella B. Macapinlac

  16. I have anxiety, because I failed to bought whatever I needed. Because my aunt refuse me to buy something I was interested then I was confused. 
    ~ Rosella B. Macapinlac

  17. No, I forgot to buy something I need, it’s Aoi Umenokoji and Kasumi Todoh made me confuse, now I didn’t buy what I wanted and I needed. I pact partners with them I thought they are not dangerous as the other one.

  18. Me: What? I got a smaller phone. How upsetting?

  19. Urban Emperors killed their impure adopted children. Like Reicador killed Xehanort’s mother for revenge for being forgotten about them.

  20. After Florencia and Electra Bolta became a mothers, married (but a fake marriage) and snobbed Yoko and Momoko. Yoko and Momoko killed Florencia and Electra behind my slicing their nape that cuts cerebellum or behind with deep scars

  21. Rosella B. Macapinlac: Wow, you are lucky you can draw. Don’t ever say you are a victim of block...  You can draw your entire life since your entire childhood. While me being blackmailed by my imaginary friend to tell me to stop to draw because Debbie said you are nothing to learn to draw because drawing is not a talent. >_> 


    I wanted to be a Pro in both piano and drawing without selling my soul. 


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