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  1. They’re cool but I hope the full game has more than just like cloaks There’s 2 cosmetics I don’t have that I’m not sure how to get And they’re both wings
  2. Just had my first full raid Shame it was only on a level 15 behemoth we beat it in like 30 seconds
  3. It’s kind of cool but the combat kind of feels like final fantasy 16 sponge enemies sometimes
  4. There’s a party system with codes But there’s also random matchmaking but it’s like the pokemon raids where the ppl looking for ur raid will be in the menu It doesn’t seem to be working rn because I always get into empty lobbies Oh the party system is proximity limited Didn’t know that
  5. I mean the gameplay loop is fun I guess But also with such little content it kinda takes away from how fun it could be That’s not saying the beta should have more content cuz I don’t think it should But hopefully there’s way more content in the actual game at release cuz I could see myself putting hours into it if it was actually fleshed out
  6. I wanna do a raid boss but everytime it matches me there’s no one else in the raid
  7. Don’t think they’ve announced anything but I’d imagine they will
  8. Bruh the Mickey piece is actually broken One shots an entire group of enemies And it’s only 26 mana
  9. The odds on draws are very weird tho It’s pretty much like always 3 duplicates in the 10 pack
  10. Ok I found an actual area boss It was level 45 and one shot me But I know what to look for now I guess the other cloud wasn’t for the area boss but it’s def confusing
  11. See I would think the area boss is somewhere around here But nothing here is showing it to me
  12. U unlock passive skills just by playing But they’re not really like notable
  13. Mine gets really laggy the more I move and spawn more heartless tbh
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