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The war of the gods has begun. The warriors of Chaos have clashed with the warriors of Cosmos at the swamp town of Melmond, igniting their conflict. History has turned one way on this battle.
Now history turns again.
A warrior is captured and turned. One army faces a friend. The other takes in a foe.
The cycle turns on itself.
The war of the gods has changed.


1 ) I'll allow all Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Square characters, OC characters and select guest characters (message me and okay it with me first BEFORE YOU POST. If you want a guest character, MAKE SURE IT FITS EITHER THE FINAL FANTASY OR KINGDOM HEARTS THEME i.e. Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Ye olde fantasy, let's get some interesting crossovers going down.)

2 ) Normal KH13 RP rules

3 ) No god modding. Any character can die.
4 ) There will be combat. You will not be able to avoid having your character getting into a fight.
5 ) No killing other RPers characters without permission
6 ) No controlling other peoples characters without permission
7 ) Swearing is fine, but in moderation
8 ) The limit on characters is five. Two Cosmos, two Chaos, and one Neutral.
9 ) Neutral characters either don't follow their god/goddess (In this, you'll have to put "Cosmos/Neutral" or "Chaos/Neutral" in your entry form) or exist outside of the world but have entered it anyway (time travel, Gummi Ship, etc.).
10 ) I'd prefer it if all had one hero and one villain to oppose each other, but if we can't get equal numbers, I won't force it.
11 ) I'd like to try to keep this RP as a turn-based one (you post, then wait for everyone else to follow it up before you post again). However, I will waive this if it's a one-on-one deal (two characters shooting the breeze or two characters fighting without anyone else interfering)
12 ) Label your posts with character names and where the character is just so we don't have to worry about any sort of confusion.
13 ) Limit Breaks are acceptable in battles, but you cannot use it twice in one battle and can only use the Limit Break again after three pages.
14 ) We'll be starting this RP reboot on October 26/27th.
15 ) To show me that you have read the rules, type a superhero's alternate identity below your entry form.

Name: (This is a given)
Original Appearance: (Where did they first appear (If OC, then put your story's name followed by "OC"))
Side: (Cosmos, Chaos, or Neutral)
Weapon: (What do they fight with?)
Appearance: (If you have a picture, that'd be great)
Bio: (Give us an idea of who your character is)
Special Abilities: (Anything your character can do that we should know about?)
Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)

Limit Break: (A powerful attack/technique unique to your character used as a finisher or a desperation move!)

Here are my first characters:

Name: Johnny Mercer
Original Appearance: Dividing Lines (OC)
Side: Originally Cosmos (hint hint)
Weapon: Excalibur, an ancient greatsword with the ability to transform into other weapons and potentially vehicles. Excalibur, like its legendary counterpart, is made of an unbreakable metal, insuring it never loses its power.

Appearance: Johnny is a twenty-three year-old with a height of 6'2". Brown hair, blue-green eyes. He wears a black t-shirt and black jeans. He also wears two gloves with cables built into the wrists for grappling and black combat boots with built-in technology allowing him to access the Flow, enabling him to become more agile and move incredibly fast.


Bio: Once a member of the Knights of the Order opposing the tyrannical Union of Territories, Johnny was cast into the world below, where he met Jennifer Noyak, the love of his life. Together, the two fought the Union as they searched for his father, who assisted him in destroying the Union once and for all. Then, being captured by a time traveler, Johnny entered a strange corner of the world where he fought against the machinations of the time traveler. He now finds himself drifting across time and space.
Special Abilities: Johnny can tap into other people's memories to copy techniques or to force them to remember something, potentially causing extreme mental anguish. Using the Flow, Johnny can move at an accelerated rate.
Notes:  Johnny is also accompanied by a fairy named Taybor, who is able to cast various Magicks.

Limit Break: Total Synch! Johnny uses the strength of his father and the abilities of his friends Luke, Arlene and Jenn to assault his enemy with an onslaught of attacks.

Name: Garland
Original Appearance: Final Fantasy
Side: Chaos
Weapon: Garland wields a greatsword. In addition, he can summon an ax and a lance as additional weapons.


Bio: Formerly the greatest knight in Cornelia, now a servant of Chaos. Garland is destined to one day become Chaos in his own world, but now acts as this Chaos' guide.
Special Abilities: Garland can channel the abilities of the Four Elemental Lords, as well as limited access to Chaos' power.
Notes: In his world, Garland was sent back in time to become the Chaos of his world. As such, he has access to some powers that Dissidia!Chaos does not.

Limit Break: SOUL OF CHAOS!

Garland brings forth his might of Chaos to smite down his foes!
(I know I changed things from Dissidia!Garland, but I want to have my own beast to play around with.)
Name: Terra
Original Appearance: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Side: Chaos/Neutral
Weapon: Terra uses his Ends of the Earth Keyblade.


Bio: A Keyblade apprentice, Terra failed his Mark of Mastery exam after giving into the darkness in his heart. Terra was then sent to various worlds to fight the Unversed threat and find Master Xehanort. However, after finding Xehanort, Terra found himself even more steeped in darkness than before. After losing his body to Xehanort, Terra finds himself in the war of the gods, fighting for Chaos as he has great darkness inside him.
Special Abilities:Terra can transform his Keyblade into various other weapons, as well as a glider. Terra also has access to a suit of armor, giving him advanced protection, especially against darkness.


Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)

Limit Break: RAGE AWAKENED! 

(Everything up until 0:16) Edited by Rey Starkiller

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Name: Aqua

Original Appearance: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Side: Cosmos

Weapon: Keyblade (Rainfell)

Appearance: Aqua.(Kingdom.Hearts).full.1199408.jpg

Bio: Aqua, alongside Terra, was one of Eraqus's pupils. Like Terra, Aqua also had a dream of becoming a Keyblade master.

One day, a suspicious man named Master Xehanort arrived and gave Eraqus a new apprentice to work with, a boy named Ventus. Terra called out to Aqua and told her that a new apprentice had just arrived. Aqua and Terra tried to converse with Ven and asked him about why he wanted to train to become a Keyblade master. The questions troubled Ven to the point that he couldn't take the pressure. He fainted and shocked Aqua and Terra. Eraqus told Aqua and Terra that the reason Ven fainted was because he had lost his memories. Aqua decided to look after Ven, in case he woke up. Many days passed and, despite Ven being unable to awaken, Aqua did not abandon him. One day, Aqua saw Ven open his eyes and regain consciousness. Overjoyed, she quickly informed a worried Terra and Master Eraqus.

Since that day, Aqua developed a very close relationship with Ventus, acting much like his older sister and becoming very protective of him. Over the years, Aqua, Terra, and Ven forged a strong bond with each other. One night, Ven, Terra, and Aqua watch a meteor shower together and she gives them each a good luck charm, and saves one for herself.

The next day, she takes the Mark of Mastery exam along with Terra, and becomes a Keyblade Master, although Terra fails due to his inability to control his darkness. After Terra and Ventus left, Aqua was the last apprentice to be sent by Eraqus to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure. Before she left, Eraqus wanted to ask Aqua to keep an eye on Terra, to make sure he is alright, and stays safe from the darkness in his heart. If Terra's heart would become too close to the darkness, Eraqus needed Aqua to bring Terra back immediately.

Special Abilities: Shot Locks, Magic, D-Link.

Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)[/size]
Limit Break: Unbreakable Connection! her Keyblade glows a blue aura around and she's more than before.


Name: Nami Rin Sakaki
Original Appearance: School of Assassins (OC)
Side: Cosmos
Weapon: Nami had a pen that can transform into a archery bow and can summoned icy arrows. ice_bow__ashe__by_drkhorn-d7j35gt.png in addition, she can summoned a icy hammer.
Appearance: Anime-anime-32439721-3000-1800.jpg
Bio: a 13 years old girl who is a new student of the Academy called School of Assassins. She was adopted by a rich old woman Named Yoko Sakaki. Nami lost her parents when she was 3 years old by a man named Kirito Xoan Long. Nami never had friends before The Academy until she met Xing and Her best friend/ adopted sister and the other students. Not only Nami is part human, but sapiens.
Special Abilities: since Nami is part sapiens, she has Magic. She has Water, Ice, Light, Telekinesis and Healing powers. She also got vampire powers (speed and superhuman strength) which she received it from her godmother before she tragically passed away.
Personally: kind, smart, gentle, shy, calm, friendly, sweet, naive and can be a bit lonely.
Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)[/size]
Limit Break: Blizzard Blast! she summoned several ice beams


Name: Xing Yao Long 
Original Appearance: School of Assassins (OC)
Side: Chaos/ Neutral
Weapon: martial arts. In addition, he can summoned a hammer. ms_war_hammer.png
Appearance: G8D2l.jpg
Bio: a 16 years old boy of the academy. He's half human, Half sapiens. Xing's father used his human mother, Sabrina to give birth. Xing was planned to use as a weapons in order to restore the Sapiens race and find the ancient relics called the Artefacts. Things however, didn't work out too well. His Mother couldn't take it anymore and took him away from his father and left him at the academy for his safety. Years passed as he grows stronger with his friends. His father isn't the only enemy he have to defeat, Xing and his friends met ancient sapiens named Shazasa who was sealed away in many years until he breaks free from his prison and tries to take over the world once again.
Special Abilities: as a sapiens, he has Magic. Xing had Fire, Electricity, Telekinesis, healing, superhuman strength and Dark powers which he got it from his father. His Mother however, is a witch. Making him a sorcerer. He also has light magic, thanks to his mother.
Personality: cool, friendly, short-tampered, funny, kind, heroic, mature, protective, and brave.
Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)[/size]
Limit Break: Twilight Beam! he summoned a mix of Light beam and Dark beam
Name: Xion

Original Appearance: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Side: Chaos/Neutral

Weapon: Keyblade (Kingdom Key)

Appearance: xion.jpg

Bio: http://www.khwiki.com/Xion

Special Abilities: As an indirect Replica of Sora, Xion's fighting style as a playable character is very similar to his. After absorbing many of Sora's memories using the Organization XIII Devices, Xion is able to replicate Sora's Limits from Kingdom Hearts. However, Xion's movement is quite similar to Limit Form's, jumping back and stepping forward between attacks and slashing through the enemy in the finisher. Like Roxas, she thrusts with one hand and her finisher resembles the Vortex ability. Before Xion obtains the Keyblade herself, she is limited to simply shooting basic spells from her palm.

Once she obtains her Keyblade, Xion proves adept at handling it, being able to fight with it using her right or left hand. Her boss battle depicts her using many powerful melee attacks she seemed to have inherited from Sora. She also uses light much more often during her boss fight, such as creating spiraling circles of Light that suck in the player, leaving them vulnerable to one of Xion's aforementioned physical attacks.

Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character[/size]
Limit Break: Event Horizon! During Event Horizon, Xion rapidly darts around the field with her Keyblade enveloped in light, slashing away at enemies with great strength. In her [/size]Final Limit, she summons four thin pillars of light to quickly move in straight paths to ends of the field, dealing heavy damage to any enemies in their path.[/size]

Sooo, what do you think?  :3 Edited by Yessie Maltese

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Anna bella

Origin school of assassins (Oc)

Side cosmos

Appearence http://s424.photobucket.com/user/JoySakura/media/Fallen%20Angel/dark_angel_by_Amuria.jpg.html

Weapon whipblade

Bio The daughter of Hades lord of the underworld.  Her father raised her to be his ace in the hole.  A weapon of destructive power.  After bringing a suicidal man back from the dead she decided for herself and joined forces with the mortals to stop her father.

Powers  can change into a full fledged demon can warp create copies of self and slow time to avoid attacks.

Limit break back to hell  using her whipblade to impale them it comes out the other end and hooks them like a grappling hook and she pulls them close and her arms change into demonic clawed arms and mauls the foe.



Original appearence Hercules

Side chaos 

Appearence http://wallpapersafari.com/disney-hades-wallpaper/

Weapon none

Bio.  Lord of the dead ever since Zeus placed him in charge of the underworld he has been looking for a way to kill his brother Zeus.  After failing to take over mount olympus release the titans and kill his nephew Hercules he decided on plan b.  Have a child and have another god to help him.  But this to failed when his daughter learned she was only conceived to be his weapon she turned on him.

Powers.  He can create and manipulate fire.

Limit break Is that all you got?  He turns invincible erecting fire pillars and summons one of the 5 titans


For the purpose of the rp they are killable like everyone else

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Name Axel

Side chaos neutral

Original appearence Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Appearence http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Axel?file=Axel_KHHD.png

Weapon Chakrams

Bio  From the world of radient garden.  He used to spend his days plotting schemes with his best friend Isa until one day a plan went wrong and he lost his heart to darkness becoming the nobody Axel and works with his friend Saix until the recruitment of Roxas and Xion and he begins to see how cold his old friend really is.

Powers can open dark portals and pyrokinesis.

Limit break Explosion!  Throws flaming chakrams at foes.  Then blasts foes with giant explosions.

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Here are my two OCs:


Name: Elsa S. Jones (last name was actually Smith before she married)
Original Appearance: OC
Side: Neutral
Weapons: Gaster Blasters, bones, psychokinesis, her bare hands
Bio: Elsa S. Jones is a 22-year old rich girl, though she’s nicer than some. She has wavy reddish-brown hair that she sometimes puts in a braid, a light complexion with rosy cheeks, and beautiful green eyes. She went on to college and now owns an ice cream parlor called “Ice Cream Time”. Her parents are away often, so she doesn’t see them much. But she still loves them no matter what. And she knows they love her, too. She’s happily married to a wealthy doctor (whom she had met in college) named Kevin L. Jones and they have two children named David and Lisa. Also, unlike most people, she’s never greedy. That’s because she’s happy with what she’s got and what she doesn’t need. She also has arachnophobia, which means she’s afraid of spiders.
Special Abilities: She has a special kind of power that was given to her by someone unknown. The power gave her the ability to summon strange creatures called Gaster Blasters, summon bones from out of nowhere, psychoknesis, and teleportation as well, though it's limited to only a few times since she's a human. Two brothers named Sans and Papyrus helped her train the power she was given. She needed no help with teleportation since it's a limited number. After a few months, she was a natural.

Notes: Nothing

Limit Break: Megalomania! She uses this to make her powers plus her moves into combos to confuse the enemy as much as she can.



Name: Hannah Johnson
Original Appearance: OC
Side: Cosmos
Weapon: A sword that she can summon and can engulf in flames 

Bio: Hannah Johnson is an 18-year old girl. She has long red hair tied in a wavy-like ponytail, light brown eyes, freckles, and glasses. Hannah has no memory of her family. All she remembers is that she was born with fire powers, which she figured out how to use thanks to a teacher (name unknown). For some strange reason, she kept seeing a beautiful woman dressed in flames in her dreams. Sometimes she would be singing a lullaby, other times she would be saying the sweetest things to her. But the dreams were always blurry, as if she was blind. She tried her best to remember who the woman was, but with no luck. Then all of a sudden, Hannah was summoned from where she was (which was a certain woman's mansion) by the goddess Cosmos to help the young girl. Hannah is now siding with her. She is currently good friends with Elsa and her family and also has a deep crush on a guy, though only Elsa knows this since Hannah wouldn't tell anyone else.
Special Abilities: Fire powers
Notes: Nothing

Limit Break: Phoenix! She summons this powerful firebird to help her out with a difficult enemy. 


(Elsa's birthday happened in July, so now she's 22.)

Edited by KHUndertaleFan25

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Original Appearance:Corpse Party 182 Days (Fanfiction Story first few chapters of it can be read here http://w11.zetaboards.com/corpseparty/topic/11714048/2/#new Do note a lot has changed since then but still.)
Side:Neutral Leaning Cosmos 
Weapon:Weapon is summoned with something known as The Darkening or it can be used to advanced his fists and feet however to limit his weapon choice His Greatsword Destiny's Fall and Duel Pistols are all he can summon.
Appearance:(Character does look similar to Dante but this outfit was too good to not pass up on.)Wg9sy64.jpg
Bio:Shiro Hamasaki was once just an average day Highschool student who had a knack for involving himself in the paranormal. To the point where he did a charm that took him to a cursed school filled with the dead and said spirits wanting to kill you. Shiro succumbed to the darkening and was given a Devil's Deal metaphorically mind you but still take up a cloak and dark powers and be bound to the school or die and go insane in the process.

Shiro picked the first option and in this time found his escape with the aid of others and returned to the school to confront the spirit and core of the place known as The Nirvana however when this conflict began a large white flash engulfed him and he found himself in between the war against Cosmos and Chaos. And while he hasn't picked a side he has begun leaning to joining the Warriors of Cosmos.
Special Abilities:The Darkening is a unique effect on a person usually in most cases it drives the person insane but gives them supernatural strength and speed while these effects are on Shiro he did not succumb to Insanity allowing him to control the darkening. The Darkening in essence is darkness and involves Black magic Shiro is able to manipulate to summon Pentagrams that allow him to jump higher or use as a defense. He can even manipulate the darkening to summon weapons to him primarily his sword Destiny's Fall.
Magic:His abilities have opened him up to the ways of magic he knows Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Gravity magic along with his main magic Dark magic. However, due to his Darkening, all of his magic is laced with Darkness.
Fighting styles:

This character has spoilers for the fanfic itself, in fact, he is rather far in the future for the fanfic.
The character is heavily based off FF, Fire Emblem, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts etc this is evident enough and of course Nightmare from Soul Calibur to some extent.

Limit Break:Heavenly Horror
Shiro charges his darkening into one giant slash that pierces trough all defenses and sends the opponent flying upward and crashing down into the ground.


Said ability does cotinious damage to the slash being his darkening charged into a massive slash mixed with a impact blast that glows a bright red.

https://youtu.be/jE3uaRyqKx0?t=196 To 3:22





Edited by TheKeyofRose

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(Just to balance this out as I somehow completely forgot.)


Due to google Adsense, the picture I am using is a censored up version of the character (Because a chest with tattoo's is apparently bad... This sadly does not full on accurately resemble what the character will look like if you want a picture reference just google image search Gunji fan art.)

Original Appearance:Corpse Party 182 Days (OC Fanfic.)
Weapon:Beserker Darkened Claws.
Bio:Kuro was once Shiro's partner in the paranormal investigation alongside their best friend Aoi and a few other friends however Kuro knew the effects of the charm that led to the end of many of their friends he and Shiro inside the school known as Heavenly Host fought like bitter rivals once they considered each other brothers now they were sworn, enemies. In the end, Shiro defeated Kuro and left Heavenly Host. However, Kuro remained alive and as he kept falling into his insanity a white flash engulfed him and he ended up in a Battle between gods Cosmos and Chaos. Kuro leans towards joining Chaos, unlike Shiro who leans to join Cosmos. Kuro's has simply one goal spread despair and chaos and kill everyone he can. Soon Sworn rivals and enemies will clash again.
Kuro is cold and calculating despite how he looks and even fights he calculates every move to make sure the accuracy of very hit and more he is also a master at manipulation putting up a front and using people like pawns unlike Shiro who's reckless and cocky at times while also terrible at trying to put up another font.

Special Abilities:Kuro Like Shiro has mastered over the darkening allowing for supernatural speed and strength along with regeneration from wounds. He also has access to magic that is laced with the darkening. Unlike Shiro however, Kuro has a lot more mastery over it using it to summon projectile weapons that he can use or manipulate the darkening to be used against someone. From every point Kuro appears to be superior to Shiro, however, it's the two wills and fighting styles that differ.

Fighting Style: https://youtu.be/TUU6FdGsYyc?t=80 Up to 1:45

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r1rlTojeqw Up to 1:59

Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGzIcLfRMcY Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVex0Jrb28 Battle theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=368l37NDM8Y (Battle Theme Exclusive to Shiro.)

Limit Break:Bloody Dance
https://youtu.be/G_F7dL-uf-U?t=211 Up to about 3:38

Kuro goes on a rampage and starts with a overhead slash with his claws before furiously slashing at the opponent from all directions teleporting from side to the other before finishing it off with a uppercut strike and a slamming strike meant to leave Kuro's opponents in a bloody mess just as the name applies though the blood red aura that is inflicted on Kuro may also have influence on its name.



Edited by TheKeyofRose

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Name: Sabrina Daniel-Long

Original Appearance: School of Assassins (OC)

Side: Neutral

Weapon: Wand. In addition, she has a pistols and a dagger.

Appearance: Normal Clothes: mavpwqfujgbmsctqdervrtzwnqxdzz7b_hq_zpst


Witch Clothes: 1813050-bigthumbnail_zps18dfyurs.jpg

Bio: a 32 years old woman who is the mother of Xing, the daughter of Merlin and the adopted stepmother of Annabella. Sabrina was the wife of Kirito Xoan Long before she divorced him for mistreating Xing. Sabrina may seem a like a normal person, but she's a witch. During a battle of Shazasa and Kirito, she give birth to the little baby girl named Zaruka with Xing's uncle.

Special Abilities: as a witch, she has light magic. She can summoned some certain thing like (a bottle, food, etc.) She also has teleportation, and summoning a barrier for protection. 

Notes: (Anything that doesn't fit above that you think we should know about this character?)

Limit Break: Tri Blast! she summoned a mix of Fire, Blizzard and Electricity.

Personality: Gentle, overprotective, kind, stubborn, worried, short-tempered, and loving.

Edited by Yessie Maltese

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Name: Zack Fair
Original Appearance: Final Fantasy VII
Side: Cosmos
Weapon: Due to his friend Cloud currently holding ownership of the Buster Sword, Zack wields the standard issue SOLDIER sword.


Appearance: Zack Fair appears as he does for the second half of Crisis Core, wearing the standard issue 1st-Class SOLDIER uniform. Zack also has a scar on his cheek and wears his hair slicked back with one bang hanging in front of his face, a tribute to his fallen mentor, Angeal.


Bio: Once a young recruit of SOLDIER, Zack Fair was promoted to 1st-Class quickly following the end of the war with Wutai and the insurgence of former SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos. Zack was confronted with many truths regarding his SOLDIER allies, yet he was unwavered in his dream to become a hero. Zack, now finding himself on the battlefield of the gods, now fights to protect his new allies.
Special Abilities: As a member of SOLDIER, Zack has increased strength and agility, as well as sword training. Zack is also skilled with magic, due to Materia, however he is limited to a few magic spells due to the Materia he had when he was summoned (Fire, Ice, Thunder and Cure). Zack also has access to a DMW (Digital Mind Wave) which allows him to use some attacks and techniques used by his friends, though this is limited to ones he knew during his tenure with SOLDIER.

Limit Break: Modulating Phase!

Fueled by the memories of his friends from home, Zack can unleash variants of their attacks or boost himself and allies.
Here's the ones he'll use:
Octaslash: an attack based on Sephiroth, Zack slashes and enemy multiple times with his sword.
Rush Assault: an attack based on Angeal, Zack attacks with his fists, charging up for a final explosion attack.
Meteor Shots: an attack based on Cloud, Zack summons meteors to crash around his enemies.
Lucky Stars: a support based on Cissnei, Zack can boost either himself or one of his allies.
Healing Wave: a support based on Aerith, Zack can heal himself and his allies.

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Name:Vergil Sparda
Original Appearance:Devil May Cry 1 (As Nelo Angelo) Technically his first appearance as Vergil is Devil May Cry 3

Yamato. A Dark demon forged the blade that sealed the demon world from the human world by the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. It was passed to Vergil as a keepsake.
Beowulf. A Devils arm from the demon Beowulf they are a pair of boots and gauntlets that utilize demonic power and Light.
Force Edge
The unawakened Sword of Sparda Vergil retrieved it at the end of Devil May Cry 3 and it improved upon his powers in a lot of ways. Once wielded by the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda the blade even in it's unawakened state is powerful and dangerous.



Bio:Vergil is the eldest son of the demon the  legendary dark knight Sparda and the human Eva. Making him a Half-Demon unlike his brother Dante, Vergil is more self-contained calm and collected he disregards his humanity as weak and seeks power so something like his mother's death never happens again. In an odd twist of fate during the final duel between him, Dante The portal between the demon and human worlds closed in on itself all went black. Vergil would awake in the Land of Discord and join Chaos as a Warrior of Chaos. Though his true goal is to once he has dealt with Cosmos and her warriors to take out the remaining warriors of chaos and Chaos himself and take the power for his own.
Special Abilities:Dark Slayer Style, Summoned Swords, Devil Trigger, Judgement Cut
Notes:He's pretty damn powerful.

Entrance quotes(Ye)
Battle theme

Limit Break:It's sorta hard to really pinpoint the best Limit break for Vergil so I've separated it into two variants both can be utilized but only one at one time.
https://youtu.be/HntT81eDYKw?t=268 4:28 to 4:37
Signified by Vergil instantly going into DT and him saying in his distorted demonic voice "You Trash." Vergil will disappear as he creates a barrage of judgment cuts around the enemy that due to a ton of damage if even hit by one. However the downside to using this as once he is finished he has a downtime that one can take advantage of if they somehow survived.

Signified as he enters DT and a dark aura surrounds him Vergil will usually say "My power shall be absolute." before the attack is released one judgement cut that slices trough time itself pausing it for a moment before the slash destroys and deals metric ton of damage, of course, this slash has a targeted area that's limited and he can still be dealt damage to when charging the attack.


Edited by TheKeyofRose

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