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Kingdom Hearts: A Galaxy Far, Far Away! (RP ALWAYS OPEN!)

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"Gawrsh, are ya sure about this, Master Yen Sid?" Goofy asked.

"I have discovered something that needs investigating...and though we hate to interrupt Sora and Riku and Kairi's downtime..this galaxy far away requires our attention..."

"D-did you say GALAXY?!" Donald and Goofy blurted.

=Destiny Islands=

Kairi giggled as she led the two boys, currently dressed in their school uniforms, back to their homes. "It's good that we've started to get back into the rhythm of normal life, huh?" Kairi asked with a smile.

"Yeah....I guess." Sora sighed.

Riku patted his spikey haired friend on the back: "I know I know, ya miss the guys and all the adventures and all that." 

"Do ya think we'll ever get to--"  Sora was interrupted by the fact that he was tackled by Donald and Goofy who came flying out of a nearby portal, as well as Mickey hugging Riku.

Kairi blinked, "Uhh....I guess they decided to visit...."

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Sora was bowled over and hit the ground. He groaned. "Donald, Goofy! C'mon now!" He complained, but laughed it off. Managing to get up, Riku had succeeded in only being pushed back...nearly running over a black-haired girl behind him. Xion yelped and jumped back to avoid it, causing Riku to look apologetic. "Sorry." he said...then another portal opened, and a golden haired girl fell and flattened Xion, leaving Kairi the only one not to have someone fall on her.


"....ow..." Xion groaned to herself. "...what hit me."

<Flying magical lesbian.>


<It's true.>


Sora and Riku looked at her. "...what the...?"


And so, the next great adventure started...with everyone but Kairi getting flattened.

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Soon they were all seated on the beach with each other. 

"So what...you're sayin' there's an entire GALAXY of worlds out there?" Sora asked excitedly.

"Galaxy, planets, species and races...." Donald quacked.

"Wow..." Riku said breathlessly.

"Oh! Almost forgot! Master Yen Sid gathered all sorts of information about this new galaxy in this thingie!" Goofy held up a glowing ball of light, that floated up between the group and flashed...suddenly they were treated to a sort of visual history lesson.

A young boy, who was enslaved with his mother on a desert planet called Tatooine was believed to be the prophesied 'chosen one' who would bring balance to something called the Force...an energy field that was powered by all living things. The boy was trained by a man named Obi-Wan Kenobi to be what was known as a Jedi Knight, warriors of the Light Side of this mystical Force.

The young apprentice was brash and sometimes reckless..but was an outstanding pilot and ended up rescuing his own master throughout years of galactic conflict known as The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars were shown as a devastating galaxy-wide war where the Jedi commanded armies of Clones, soldiers bred from the DNA of a bounty hunter to combat the Separatists' droid armies.

Anakin was given a padawan named Ahsoka Tano, who grew into a great warrior who dual wielded lightsabers. Eventually Ahsoka chose to leave the Jedi order after being framed for a crime she didn't commit...and the Council not backing her up.

Skywalker's view of the Council had been irreparably damaged, but he was angry at Ahsoka for just leaving the Jedi Order. He had fallen in love with a princess: Padme Amidala, she grew pregnant with twins and Anakin was haunted by dreams of her dying in childbirth...which worried him due to his dreams having been prophetic before.

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities that some...consider to be unnatural." Palpatine said.

"Have you ever heard the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise? He was a Sith Lord so powerful..he could stop people he loved..from dying. However, his apprentice ended up killing him in his sleep...Ironically....he could save everyone from death..but himself." Palpatine smiled.

"Is it possible to learn this power?" Anakin questioned. "Not...from a Jedi." Palpatine said cryptically.

Obi-Wan faced off against the cyborg General Grievous, who had four arms and wielded stolen lightsabers from murdered Jedi.

"General Kenobi! I have waited for the chance to collect your lightsaber!" Grievous mocked. Obi-Wan took his opening stance of the Form III - Soresu lightsaber form. Obi-Wan defeated General Grievous after an extensive battle.

Mace Windu and several Jedi Masters came to Palpatine's chambers after learning that the Chancellor was in fact the Lord of the Sith who had been manipulating the Clone Wars behind the scenes.

"In the name of the Republic...you're under arrest Chancellor." Mace Windu said as the Jedi ignited their sabers.

"Are you threatening me...master Jedi?" Palpatine demanded. "The Republic and Senate will decide your fate...." 

"I AM The Republic!"  

Sidious ignited his red blade and killed all the Masters except Windu with a gleeful smile on his face.

Anakin ended up killing Windu and allowing Sidious to send the Jedi Master flying out the window with Force Lightning.

"Every single Jedi, including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi, are now enemies of the Republic...go forth Lord Vader! Do what must be done! Do not hesitate or show mercy!" As Anakin left to begin the slaughter, Palpatine sent out a holographic message to all the Clones to activate a special control chip in their brains:

"Execute Order 66!" Palpatine said.

The Clones began to kill their Jedi generals across the galaxy. 

Master Yoda, a small pointy eared Jedi Master, seemingly felt his friends dying as he collapsed with his teeth gritted in pain.

Obi-Wan and Yoda would later come to the Jedi Temple and look through the security footage to see Anakin kneeling before Palpatine. 

"Twisted by the Dark Side...young Skywalker has become..." Yoda said sadly.

Yoda went to destroy Palpatine, Obi-Wan to a lava planet to Anakin.

"At an end your rule is..." Yoda spoke after force pushing the Emperor into a wall. "And not short enough it was..."

In the end Yoda was defeated by the Emperor and forced to go into hiding, Anakin was severely injured and left to die in the lava. "You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the Sith not join them! You were supposed to bring balance to the Force..not leave it in Darkness!" 

Padme was then seen giving birth to twins, both of whom were taken to opposite corners of the galaxy. She sobbed weakly as Obi-Wan held her hand: "Obi-Wan...there's good in him....I-I know there's still good in him..." before passing.

The last image they saw in the visual-history-lesson of sorts was Vader strapped to an operating table...his body now covered in black armor with his voice coming out deep and scary, his heavy breathing within the mask sounding ominous.

"Lord Vader....can you hear me?" Palpatine asked by his side.

"Yes, master..." the scary helmet turned towards the Emperor: "Where is Padme.....is she safe? Is...she alright?" 

"It appears...in your anger, you...killed her." Palpatine lied.

"B-but..I couldn't have...she was alive...SHE WAS ALIVE, I FELT IT!" As Vader's rage destroyed the room, the Emperor was seen smiling wickedly before the vision ended.

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Sora and Riku looked pretty excited, listening and watching the entire thing. But near the end the two were pretty nervous. The entire time it went on, the fall of Anakin...it made them see a bit of Riku in them. And that was what Riku was afraid of. The darkness was tempting, it was a lustful entity. The Dark Side of this Force seemed just like the Darkness he now wielded with Light...and he wondered if maybe, just maybe, this Vader could come to see the same. The same road he now tread.


Sora, meanwhile, rewound it. "Those lightsabers sound cool! I want one!" he said happily. "And all those different people....it sounds awesome...but where does she come in?"

He was now pointing at Zion, who was currently hiding behind Xion. Xion frowned. "She came in on my head."


<It's like magentism. Always the cute one.>

"Shut up Sione!"

A very british laugh later, and Xion had to scoot away. Zion sat down quietly, then looked at the holograph. She bit her lip. "...I know you all don't know me, but...can I come along? The uh....that place sounds really amazing....and I got no where else to go. My godmom's off with my ship so........" She paused. "...Hi, I'm Zion."




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"Sure!" Kairi spoke up in response to Zion's question. Donald and Goofy nodded, "You're all goin'! See those Im-...uh..." Goofy seemingly forgot what the Empire was called, "Imperials!" Donald quacked.

"By the way, your Keyblades with manifest to look like lightsabers...at least the blade parts of them will." Mickey explained to a giddy Sora. Kairi placed a comforting hand on Riku's shoulder, "You alright?" 

Riku nodded slightly, "Yeah....I'll be ok." 

"Anyway, the Empire is in control of the Galaxy you're going to...they're oppressing everyone." Mickey said sadly, he showed them images in the orb-thing of local business owners and civilians being pushed around and treated like dirt by Imperial officers and stormtroopers.

"The people ya wanna look for are the crew of a spaceship called The Ghost. They're a small group but they're doing everything they can to help people against the Empire...but they're only 6 people." 

"Kanan Jarrus"

"Ezra Bridger"

"Sabine Wren"

"Garazeb Orrelios aka 'Zeb'"


"Hera Syndulla"

Each member of the Ghost crew was shown to them as they were named off. Goofy looked at his watch, "Uhh..didn't Master Yen-Sid say we needed to get 'em through that portal before it closed?" 

Donald quacked and immediately started shoving the teenagers through a nearby portal, "Try not to act suspicious!" Donald quacked as the portal closed behind them.


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Zion was pretty happy at being included, but as they were rushed, she frowned. "I can telep-" And then she was through the portal, where, on the other side, she'd end up flattening Xion once more.

"...I swear I don't plan this."

<I do.>



Xion crawled away and stood, dusting herself off. She rolled her eyes. "Jeez..." She muttered, before turning to the others."Kairi, Riku. Where should we go first?"
"Hey, why aren't you asking me?"

"You get lost."

".....shut up." Sora shot back, leaving Zion to giggle. "I get lost all the time. But it's not all bad...I mean, honestly...sometimes getting lost means you've found a new path to walk. Which isn't always a bad thing."

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Ezra and Kanan rushed around the corner and bumped into Sora and Riku. "Uhhh....hi?" Ezra said dumbly. "Did you guys escape your cells or something?" Kanan asked.

"Uhh....sure!" Kairi said.

"Ooookay...ya must be pretty good to be able to get past the guards....this is supposed to be a really heavily guarded prison fortress." Ezra said.

"Which it is." Kanan corrected, eyeing the newcomers suspiciously.

"Looks like we're rescuing more than just Jedi Master Luminara." Kanan said quietly. 

Kairi's eyes widened, "Uh..you're rescuing a Jedi Master here?" 

"Lets go." Kanan simply said as he and Ezra took the lead.

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Sora and Riku were pretty excited. A Jedi Master! How exciting! They rushed after Ezra and Kanan, leaving Zion to help Zion up.



Zion sighed and just looked around, leaving Zion to hurry after. Zion yelped and ran too, not wanting to be left behind. Not at all.


"So who is this Jedi Master?" Sora asked Kanan.

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"Luminara Unduli." Kanan answered, stopping suddenly at a corner and holding up his hand for the others to halt. He peered around the corner, there were two stormtroopers guarding the door to Luminara's cell.

Holding up his hand and waving it slightly as the others watched, Kanan spoke: "Shouldn't you be guarding the Jedi's cell? It's on the top floor." 

The two troopers helmets nodded dumbly and they repeated: "We should...be guarding the Jedi's cell...on the top floor." the stormtroopers walked off and entered an elevator, taking it to the top floor.

"How'd ya do that?" Kairi asked.

"The Force can influence people with weak minds..." Kanan answered.

"Will ya teach me how to do that?" Ezra asked, "Luminara could teach you...much better than I could." He said as he opened the cell door.

The group entered a cell where Luminara was seen wearing a prison uniform, "Is it really her?"

"Yeah but...somethings wrong.." Kanan said.

They watched as suddenly Luminara got up and walked past them, coming to a sort of coffin-like object in the wall...her body flickered...it was a hologram! The hologram faded into the 'coffin' and they saw the window of it show Luminara's frozen corpse.

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Riku punched Sora in the arm. "So it'd work on him."

"Hey! I'm not weak-minded!"

"You fall for almost every trap."


The two bickered for a bit, until silenced by Xion with swift smacks to the back of their heads. "Quiet." She said. "We'll be left behind."

The two looked at each other and then followed Kanan...but as Luminara stood, Riku tensed. Something felt off....like there was a darkness..

"Everyone get back." Riku said. He turned, shoving Zion towards Xion as he summoned Way to the Dawn. The corpse...

"It's a trap." Riku said calmly, already heading for the door. 

"Ha! So I don't always fall for traps!"

Riku rolled his eyes as Xion summoned Two Become One.


"I fell for a trap......" Zion muttered. "He needed a haircut."

<Wrong trap.>


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A man wearing black armor with the Imperial insignia on the shoulder appeared in the doorway, his face was the color of ash and his eyes were yellow, he had red markings on his face. He was a Pau'an, the native race of the planet Utapau.

He ignited a red lightsaber blade and Kanan ignited his own blue one, "Yes, I'm afraid master Luminara died with the Republic." Kanan shoved Ezra behind him next to Zion and Kairi,. who pulled Ezra back away from the oncoming fight.

"I am the Grand Inquisitor...welcome." He said with a cheeky smile, revealing pointed teeth. Kanan attacked, but it was easily dodged and countered by the Inquisitor.

Xion, Riku and Sora's keyblades they noticed still had their traditional handles...but the blade part was now made of blue for Sora, green for Riku and yellow for Xion.

"Interesting! It seems you trained with Master Depa Billaba!" Inquisitor said to Kanan as their blades were locked. "How-...who are you!?" Kanan demanded before Sora went in for and attack, only to be kicked away into the wall as Riku attempted to do so from another side..and was force pushed into the opposite wall which had the corpse in it.

"The Temple's records are quite complete!" The Inquisitor continued to mock Kanan, "Close-quarter fighting! Billaba's emphasis was always on Form III: Soresu! Which you favor to a ridiculous degree!"

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Riku stepped in. Blade going up, Sora came around the side, also swinging. This Grand Inquisitor was clearly bad news, and they were not going to like this. Sora went for the blade's handle, not exactly wanting to kill someone, even if they seemed bad. Riku new that it wasn't going to be that easy, and instead went to pierce the man's chest...knowing Sora didn't have the heart to take  a life.


Xion backed up. it was too close quarters. They had to get out, out of this base. She glanced over as Zion...was calm.

"How can you be calm?"


Xion shook her head and looked to Kanan. "Any idea for how we get the hell out of here?"

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Ezra threw a small thermal detonator at the Inquisitor...it was easily dodged and hit the ground by the door. "You missed." The Inquisitor mocked, "Says you!" Ezra retorted as the door exploded and sent the Inquisitor flying across the room.

"C'mon!" Kanan grabbed Ezra's arm and pulled him towards the door out into the smoky hallway.

Sora and Riku would follow along with the girls,..however, Kairi would turn around and summon her keyblade..with it's white blade. She was knocked back by the force of the Inquisitor's blow...but she had managed to defend against it just in time, she hit the opposite wall and fell unconscious.

Igniting the second blade of his lightsaber, the Inquisitor calmly approached them, holding the double-blade lightsaber out in front of him as they began to rotate in a circle.

"Do any of yours do that?" Ezra asked those in the group with lightsabers.

A squad of stormtroopers came around the corner and blocked off the group's escape route.

The blades kept spinning, kicking up sparks from the floor. "Do you really think you can save the boy? The Jedi are dead! What hope do you have to train him? I know who you are! You were a mere padawan apprentice when Order 66 happened...." The Grand Inquisitor spoke.

"I'm not making a deal with you!" Kanan shot back fiercely.

"Very well then! Kill them all!" He ordered the troopers.

"Kairi!!" Sora shouted, rushing past the Inquisitor and grabbing Kairi, taking a blaster bolt to the back and deflecting others with his keyblade as he carried her out of harm's way. 

Blaster fire came from behind the troopers blocking the exit path, it was Sabine and Zeb!

"Time to leave!" Kanan said, running past the fallen troopers and dodging blaster fire from behind them.

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Riku quickly moved closer to Sora. Helping him with Kairi, Xion suddenly was there, blocking and deflecting blaster bolts to cover them. Xion threw her hand out to unleash Firaga, blasting a pair of troopers down the hall. The Grand Inquisitor flinched, then barely blocked dual white lightsaber blades...those of a gold and blue eyed girl. She didn't say anything, just dueled him briefly before kicking off and sprinting after them. She passed Xion, who slid behind her and deflected a few blaster bolts back at the stormtroopers.


Riku then took Kairi. "Sora, heal! That looks bad." He turned and deflected a few bolts, Xion moving beside them. Together they kept the others covered, leaving Sora to cast Curaga on himself as Zion slammed her palm on a button, sealing ablast door.

"That'll give us a bit of time!"

Xion stabbed the wall panel. "Now we have more." The black-haired Kairi fascimile turned to Kanan. "You did know this was a trap, right Kanan?" She asked, frowning. Riku ignored them, laying Kairi down and shaking her. "Wake up Kairi, we have to move."

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"What!? No! Of course not! Why would I know that!?" Kanan blurted to Xion, "I was hoping there was another Jedi alive that could help me train Ezra!" 
Kairi woke up with a groan, seeing Riku looking worriedly at her, "Oh....sorry...for being so weak." She said sadly.

The Inquisitor's lightsaber blade was cutting through the blast doors, "We need to hurry up!" Zeb shouted, as the Ghost  hovered over the landing platform. Sabine nodded, hopping into the open ship after she placed explosives on the row of TIE fighters.

Zeb grabbed Riku and Kairi and hauled them aboard, "You two lovebirds can discuss your relationship on the ship!" He growled.

Sora helped Xion and Zion aboard as the Inquisitor burst through the blast door. 

Kanan and Ezra leaped aboard as Sabin detonated the explosives, causing the TIEs to blow up and flames and smoke to billow into the sky. The Grand Inquisitor stood there among the flames and glared up at them as they took off.


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Riku growled. 'She's not my girlfriend, she's Sora's!"


Xion smacked them both as she went past. 'Will you two shut up?" She exasperated. Looking over, she saw Zion had slumped against the side of the shuttle, and went over. That left Sora to look at Kanan. "Hey. I'm Sora. That's Riku, Kairi, and Xion. Uh, and I guess Zion's the new girl." He rubbed the back of his head. "So what's all going on? I know the basics of like, the Empire and Vader and all, but what's your part in all of this?"


Xion listened, then checked on Zion.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Tired." She closed her eyes. "Wake me when there's a bed..."


Xion facepalmed. She then turned to Riku. "This just gets better and better." She said.

Riku chuckled. "Yeah. It does."

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Kanan sighed and sat down, Hera called back: "Master Luminara?" 

"It was a trap....she's gone." Kanan sighed.

"I'm Kanan Jarrus."

"I'm Ezra Bridger!"



"Hera Syndulla." Hera said shortly as she was focused on piloting.

Chopper grumbled as he rolled past, "That's Chopper." Sabine said, taking off her helmet.

"Basically we're a crew stationed out of the planet Lothal who steal from the Empire and give it to the needy. That's where we found the kid." Kanan pointed to Ezra.

"That guy back there said you weren't fully trained...are you....gonna be able to-" Kairi began.

"I'll try my best." Kanan said. 

"You pretty much have no choice now.." Ezra said. 


The Grand Inquisitor knelt before a hologram projector which showed Darth Vader.

"Forgive me, my lord...the Jedi and the crew of rebels escaped...but I was able to find out some valuable information...about them." The Inquisitor said with his head bowed.

"Go on..." Vader's voice said.

"The jedi Kanan Jarrus...he was trained by Master Depa Billaba...but never passed the rank of Padawan. There is only one who matches this in the records: Caleb Dume." 

Vader's breathing was all that met the Inquisitor's ears.

"Dume has taken a student...a force sensitive youth, they were aided by a Lasat and a Mandalorian girl. As well as four others...wielding key-shaped lightsabers." 

"The Emperor will wish to be informed of this new development. We will circulate their descriptions and offer a price for their capture or deaths." 

"Bounty hunters, sir?" The Inquisitor asked.

"They will prove to be a valuable asset....for the right price." Vader said, before de-activating the call.



When they finally touched down on Lothal, it had been a couple days...during that time the crew of the Ghost and the newcomers had gotten to know each other.

Everyone was quite stiff from being cooped up in the ship for so long.


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"There are things you can do, and have to do." Zion said quietly. "The have tos are never easy." She disappeared really, feeling far more out of place than ever before. Especially with Sora and Riku finding time in the cargo hold to spar with each other, Zion had taken to learning the weapon systems. She was looking over the top turret, actually quite interested in the Ghost and it's abilities. She wondered if she'd get to try shooting them later.


Sora quickly parried, but Riku already was getting more aggressive. Sora jumped back to kick off the wall. They clashed a bit more, but Riku ultimately came out on top.

"Best two out of three?"

"Alright" Riku entered his combat stance as Sora charged.


Their training was cut short by Hers informing them of atmospheric entry. Ending their sparring, they all got ready to land.

Sora was the first ofd. "AWESOME!" He shouted. "Another world!" He looked around excitedly, leaving Riku, Xion, and Zion to inspect the area the Ghost had landed.

Pretty sparce.

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"Uh...guys? Is this us?" Kairi asked, pointing to two rows of wanted posters depicting Kairi, Sora, Riku, Xion and Zion and the crew of the Ghost. 

"Huh...I guess we're causing them more trouble than we thought?" Ezra said with a smirk.

"That just means we need to lay low for awhile..." Hera said.

"Well I'm going to get a stiff drink..." Zeb said, wandering towards a cantina.

"Me too! Wait up!" Sabine said.

"Aren't we the same age?" Ezra asked Sabine, as the girl took off her helmet.

Sabine rolled her eyes, "Mandalorians drink a lot sooner than regular little kids like yourself.." 

"Oh....hey wait a minute-!" Ezra protested at being called a 'little kid' before the Mandalorian graffiti artist chased after Zeb.

"Zion, Xion...if you like I can show you how to operate the guns! You seemed interested earlier." Hera said.

"So...where'd you both get those strange shaped lightsabers?" Kanan asked as he and Ezra walked with Kairi, Sora and Riku towards a restaurant...Ezra, Sora and Riku were starving from their long trip!

Meanwhile with Zeb and Sabine...


Zeb was already drunk, Sabine was just casually sipping some Mandalorian ale while she watched him pick fights with other patrons.


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Sora and Riku followed Kanan and Ezra.

"They're called Keyblades. They became like this when we got here." Riku explained. "We're from a place...a long way off." He said evasively. Sora had looked at the place Zeb and Sabine ran off to, then turned back to Kanan.

"Who was that guy with the red lightsaber back there, the Grand Inquisitor? What's he want with...Jedi?"


Xion and Zion nodded at Hera. "We'd like to." Xion said.

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Kanan frowned, "I've heard rumors...about assassins wielding red lightsabers...but not Sith....hunting down and slaughtering or capturing children who were force sensitive. Guess it was true.." he said with clenched fists.

"So....the creepy guy was after me?" Ezra asked. "It would appear so..." Kanan sighed.

Hera was showing the two girls how to swivel the turret's guns around and get a good shot. "Now when and if we're attacked, you won't just be up against imaginary ships. You getting a good hit on a TIE could be the difference between life and death....no pressure." Hera told them.


Dengar sat in a booth as Zeb kept tearing the place up and throwing the other brawlers who dared to challenge him. "Hey! Ugly!" Dengar shouted, causing Zeb to turn to him. 

"Hahaha! Ya knew I was talkin' about you, eh?" Dengar mocked.

"Grrr...." Zeb growled.

"Hoo boy...this should be good." Sabine sighed, sipping her drink.

"Yeah, it should..." Came a voice as Sabine felt the cold barrel of an EE-3 carbine against the back of her head. 

"Boba...." She whispered, glancing back. 

"Word is you've made quite a name for yourself..." Sabine said.

"You heard right...."

"Then why team up with Dengar?" 

"You know the Hunter's Creed: No Bounty is Worth Dying For. It's better to take safety in numbers...especially when dealing with a Lasat and Jedi." Boba's voice said from behind his helmet.

Sabine raised her hands, and leaped to the side as Boba instinctively fired off a shot...directly where her head had been seconds ago.

Zeb reached for his Bo-Rifle and fired off a shot, but not before Dengar got a shot off that hit the Lasat in the thigh. "Argh!"

Dengar stood and kicked Zeb in the chin, sending him sprawling to the floor. "I love this job! Where else could I get the chance to beat up on a Lasat!?" 


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Sora and Riku glanced between each other. That sounded eerily familiar...

"Like the Organization!" Sora said. "Xemnas would go out and find Nobodies with power and make them part of his cause. It's just like the Inquisitors in a way!"
"Except they are not trying to build Kingdom Hearts but keep the subjugation of the entire galaxy." Riku said. "They're bad news, and from how skilled they are...I'm not sure we will win for awhile. We need to learn their patterns, fighting styles, the like. We need to learn more about this world, before we try and fight."


Meanwhile, Xion and Zion were getting the hang of the turrets pretty well. Zion had superb aim, But Xion was getting the hang f it for sure.

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"Whoa whoa whoa..what do you mean 'this world' and Nobodies? What Organization?!" Kanan questioned. Kairi looked at Sora and Riku, "This could take awhile...." 

Hera praised Zion and Xion as they seemed to get thet hang of the turrets. "There, I knew you could do it!"

Down the street, Zeb and Sabine were being drug off unconscious, to Dengar's ship the Punishing One and Boba's ship Slave I....completely unknown to the rest of the group.


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Sora and Riku sighed. "this will be awhile..." the two began explaining everything about Nobodies and the Organization. It was going to take a few good hours, having to explain everything from Xehanort, to Xion, Roxas...Castle Oblivion, and especially Naming and how memories can affect a person. It wasn't going to be easy, but Riku was confident he could at least I've them a basic grasp.


The two high-fived.

"Alright!" The grinned at each other, then Xion looked at Hera. "Can you teach me to fly the Phantom?"

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"So lemme get this straight....you guys are basically from a different dimension or somethin'?" Ezra asked skeptically. "None of that stuff you told us lines up with anything in the entire Galaxy that I know of...so either you're both crazy or you're telling the truth." Kanan said.

Agent Kallus meanwhile, was inspecting the Lasat who he had faced in combat, now shackled and restrained before him and being guarded by a squad of stormtroopers. "It appears we were wrong to doubt the abilities of you hunters." Kallus commented, "Here." Kallus handed over the credits to Dengar for his capture of Zeb.

"Pleasure doin' business with ya." Dengar said.

"I wonder however....are either of you up to the task of facing Jedi?" Kallus asked as he paid Boba. 

"How many we talking?" Boba asked.

=The Cantina=

Ezra and Kanan led the keybearers into the now trashed cantina. "What'd we miss?" Kairi asked, looking at the empty cantina with the blaster marks in the walls.

The bartender nodded to them, "You both just missed it, a Lasat and Mandalorian girl tried to take on two bounty hunters...Dengar and Boba Fett no less!"

"What!?" Kanan blurted. "Yeah, they lost...they got captured and drug off to the Imperials." 

=On the Ghost=

Hera chuckled nervously, "Maybe...later." 

Hera's com rang and she picked it up, "Hey...wait what!?"

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