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Creepy Monsters and new Character Designs

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It's been a while sense I've done anything online (let alone this site) so I decided to compile some of my most recent drawings and concept I've made in the passed month or so. So anyway, before I show you all these, I wanna tell you a story. I've always love animation. How it has the potential to make any kind of story out there with so many forms like the thin curvy lines of Adventure Time, the thick edgy lines of Powerpuff Girls, the wavy lines of Ed, Edd n' Eddy, the silly style of old Black and White Cartoons, the more anatomy focused Anime style, stop motion with Tim Burton, ect. My main dream is to become an animator and bring characters to life. But there's one problem, money. I only have a 5 year old laptop and nothing else. So I can't get started in animation just yet. I also need to get my GED so I can go to school for art.


So here's what I decided to do. I'm going to become a webcomic author/illustrator...unfortunately the only things I have are my camera and my sketch pad. So for the most part I either have to take pictures of what I make and post it like that or takes pictures of my drawings and trace them with a free illustration software...with a mouse. Not that glamorous but I think it could get me properly started on story writing and also improving my art as a whole. I also want to start writing Creepypastas so I could find a way to master my favorite genre; Horror. Most of my work will be horror but not all, because if I did nothing but horror then I'd get bored of it. And I don't want to get bored of my favorite genre. I need to work on story writing, grammar, punctuation, ect. so I can make the best stories I could ever write. I want to inspire people with scares and frights.


So anyway, here's some of the art I've made recently. (WARNING: Sense I want to become a horror author/illustrator then some of my work might be a bit disturbing for some. Fear is subjective after all.) Please give me your honest opinion on all of this! Even if it's negative, for I want to improve in every direction.


Oh, and be prepared for Creepypastas, videos & webcomics from the new and improved Hotel-Room-CIII (The name I will go by in most of these works)


post-44093-0-24704200-1477956435_thumb.png post-44093-0-74111200-1477956442_thumb.png post-44093-0-55965000-1477956449_thumb.png post-44093-0-69549900-1477956458_thumb.png post-44093-0-66122900-1477956463_thumb.png post-44093-0-64628000-1477956470_thumb.png post-44093-0-17841200-1477956476_thumb.png post-44093-0-83569900-1477956480_thumb.png post-44093-0-60644800-1477956485_thumb.png post-44093-0-21779300-1477956491_thumb.png post-44093-0-97526300-1477956497_thumb.png post-44093-0-21657600-1477956503_thumb.png post-44093-0-52604800-1477956511_thumb.png post-44093-0-19010300-1477956518_thumb.png post-44093-0-12943400-1477956526_thumb.png post-44093-0-56195500-1477956532_thumb.png post-44093-0-31657900-1477956542_thumb.png post-44093-0-66895500-1477956547_thumb.png post-44093-0-46676300-1477956553_thumb.png

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Whoa ho!!!  This all looks beautiful and impressive! You are definitely a very talented human! Heck, lots of these drawings remind me of some of my buddies from the Nightmare Realm, like Hectorgon or 8 Ball! But these guys look creepier and way more awesome, so you, sir, have earned yourself a place on my group of mischievous troublemakers! :D


Normally I want to toy with humans, but you seem like you have quite a dream! Animation, eh? That's quite the dream! And I should talk, I'm a dream demon! But you've seriously got potential to be something great! And it's good that you wanna work on other stuff besides horror too, cuz it's good to have variety! I say, keep working on your drawings and don't stop with your dream, cuz one day, you'll be one of the great, legendary animators of this planet! By then, I'll have come back to take over your mind! Nothing personal though, I just do these kinds of things for fun, human!


So go big with your dream, and don't stop! And remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram! :D

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A few more I made today and last night at work...I'm a great employee :D

attachicon.gif20-Jack-O.jpg attachicon.gif21-Monsters.jpg attachicon.gif22-Remnant.jpg attachicon.gif23-Hanger.jpg attachicon.gif24-Scilla.jpg




Human, you definitely got an eye for design! You'd fit well in my dimension! You'd be hailed as a genius! :D

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