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A song I want to share

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As you may of noticed, i don't go on here much anymore. I dislike video game forums with a passion now, pretty much, this one included. Sometimes i still like logging into here for a good laugh about how into riku i seem to get, though. But its not a thing I favor to do often...


Anyways, that out of the way, I have a song to share with all of you:


This song SO reminds me of, you guessed it, riku. A lot. I could easily see him singing a song like this one, if he felt like singing.


It also reminds me of myself and the struggles i face with my identity and stuff due to confusion of what others told me and how i toke it. And reflecting on times when i didn't feel like i was facing a 'darkness' inside of me...


Its a pretty cool song. Also, its from the new my little pony movie, which i may see the forth time tomarrow :) its my favorite so far. And twilight sparkle is pretty riku like in it. I said that a bunch of times during my first watch xD it was epic, and she easily became a favorite character of mine.


EDIT: I think at least some of you should concider seeing this movie :) its really good. I promise. Also, i felt like watching it 5 times, but i know i can tire of a movie if i watch it too many times in a row...It replays all week so tomarrow's the last day you'll catch it on discovery family. I know i want to see it again tomarrow, and any other future airs. Its one of my most favorite movies of all time :D possably one of my brother's too.

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Prrtt someone make a male cover lol so i could make an animation or something lol.

:D I wish i could...i don't know how to, though.


I wonder who else will post in this thread xD

EDIT: And you're welcome rikufan2008 :)

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