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So, a crack theory occured to me the other day. It's very very crack-y and doesn't make a lot of sense, but I thought it was an interesting thought nonetheless.


We know from Birth by Sleep that the X-blade can be forged through a high intensity clash of two opposite poles of pure light and pure darkness. Note that when we saw Ventus-Vanitas fused in BBS, it was heavily implied (and I believe even outright stated by Xehanort), that they literally WERE the X-Blade. When Ventus defeats Vanitas and rips apart both of their hearts, the X-blade is destroyed. This hints towards the X-blade being a sentient entity, or at least having the potential to be one. a combination of two hearts of equal and opposite light and darkness.


With this in mind, what if we assume that the same could be said for the original X-blade? That the original X-blade from the Age of Fairytales was also a sentient entity, potentially formed from a high intensity clash of two hearts of pure light and pure darkness? And that the sentient entity succeeded in it's completion? If this is the case, then is there a faint possibility that this entity could be a certain sassy Master of Masters?


The master of masters acts bizarrely neutral in the face of something incredibly dreadful like the Keyblade war - could this be due to his heart being a perfect balance of pure light and darkness? And he has unexplained, supernatural powers of precognition involving the "blue eye" engraved into No Name's blade (and possibly the blue eyes found on the keychains and in the blade of other Keyblades + soul eater). Keyblades were originally created in the image of the original X-blade - what if the keyblades were created from the Master of Master in his own image?


The box the MoM gives Luxu at the end of back cover has a symbol with seven spikes on it's inner walls and 13 spikes upon it's outer walls, and has the words "XSuper" on it. There are many theories on what this could mean: The MoM's nobody is in there,the X-blade is in there, ya boy Ventus is sleeping in there, etc. etc., and I do think that the X-blade is indeed inside, but I also think that there could be a bit more meaning to the name on the box than meets the eye.


"'χ'... A most ancient letter. Some say 'kye,' but the meaning is the same. Death... A letter that spells endings. —Master Xehanort


It is heavily implied from the names of the 6 other foretellers, along with the word enscribed upon the box, that the MoM's name derives from the seventh deadly sin superbia (pride).


If X is taken for it's original meaning - death, or endings - then "XSuper" might mean "The death of pride". The Master of Masters has destroyed himself, shattering his heart into 20 pieces and then locking them away inside of the box. As for the rendition of him who speak with the foretellers.... a ghostly projection? I mean, it's happened before in Kingdom Hearts. Especially when a character harbours the heart of another inside them. After talking about avoiding the conflict for the entirety of the storyline of X up to the keyblade war, Master Ava enters into the conflict and, if the player is a member of another union, fights them. When the player asks her why she has changed tune about the war, she simply says "There are some secrets no-one should ever know". Maybe she found out something about the nature of the Master or the X-blade, or (crack theory overdrive), the splintered pieces of the X-blade that must return to their father the master of masters fullmetal alchemist style to all get inside the box or somethi I don't know I'm just gonna stop this insanity train here.


Also slightly related mini crack theory:

A key-shaped weapon forged by man during the age of fairy tales. Any other origins have yet to be revealed. - DDD glossary on Keyblades.


Of all the keyblades in existence, Master Xehanort's is the most ancient. - Young Xehanort. 


What if Master Xehanort's keyblade was not man-made? What if it existed before the hypothetical forging of the original X-Blade? If the original X-blade, potentially the Master of Masters, was created through some high impact light-darkness collision, what if this Keyblade was wielded by some ancient force of evil, who then clashed with another ancient force of light?




So yeah tl;dr, Vanitas + Ventus = X blade, therefore maybe original X blade = someone + someone = the Master of Masters. That's it that's the theory you can go home now.

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Wow, this is pretty insane, and if this theory proved to be true, it would be one hell of a plot twist! I like the meaning that you applied to XSuper being the Death Of Pride! If we take it that way, then that's what it would mean! I mean, it's not out of the realm of possibility if he's sealed himself away in the box! I mean, Xehanort has transferred his heart upon other vessels to keep living on through time, so why can't the Master Of Masters preserve himself in that box? I mean, when he whispered to Luxu about what was in the box, he seemed to be surprised! I don't know...it's all insanely mysterious!


I really love the idea of the Master Of Masters himself being the X-Blade, and having been forged by a clash of light and darkness prior to his existence!  Which then begs the question, could the first X-Blade have been forged before any other form of life existed at all?

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Nomura did say that the Master of Masters is not going to be in Kingdom Hearts III, however, no that this theory exists, I think that statement's a bluff.

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