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Roleplay Calling All Brave Warriors!

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Here is where the story will start. Remember to go by the rules and lets have fun~ Remember to post questions in the sign-ups~



In a distant universe, a king is close to losing his kingdom. He has gone out and sent invitations throughout the multiverse in order to receive help. In order to select the greatest warriors, he is holding a tournament. Only the greatest will be able to join his army. Do you have what it takes?


That is what was on piece of paper. The paper was damp and wet after being in the rain. Water fell off a hood as Ahtxson stood in an ally way in a random world as he held it.'' Hm. This is interesting. Seems someone else knows about the other universes. If this is true, then I need to put this journey on hold.'' Ahtxson said to himself as he folded his piece of paper and placed it in his pocket. He walked out of the ally way and down the street as people were crowding the streets. Ahtxson obtained immortality after forging the Keyblade of the Gods years ago. In order for it not be used again, he separated the pieces. He left his original universe on his mission. He has not been back since. Not a day went by he didn't miss his daughter. He sighed as he stopped by a hotel and went inside. As he ordered a room, he went to the third floor and laid on the bed as soon as he went in. Ahtxson has been to many universes so far and taught people the keyblade, but only hoped for their success. Soon he dozed off as he went into a dream state.


'' You must help me please! There isn't much time left!'' a strange voice yelled as Ahtxson sat up sweating. He panted as he felt his forehead. He hasn't had a dream like that in years.'' Why did I dream that?'' Ahtxson asked as he got up and walk to the window.'' What is in store for me in the future? I wish you were here Zeta in order to guide me.'' Ahtxson whispered to himself as he closed his eyes.


( Just to let ya know, Ahtxson is in one of ya's universe. The first person to post will be the universe he is in. Feel free to interact with him. Lets have fun guys and enjoy this awesome Role-play~)

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