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Might as well repost this here and my whole thoughts on Book of Shadows note this review is from 2015 right after Blood Drive had just came to the U.S.



Well... After taking an entire day out of my life I finally finished Book of Shadows (Including getting all the bad ends.)


Now compared to Blood Covered tbh this game really only acts as a more of a recapper while also revealing backstory and developing characters that died early on in BC... It also acts as a sorta clue you in and foreshadowing to events in Blood Drive but to be honest you wouldn't know this without playing blood drive... Now, this sounds bad in theory but tbh it's subjective there as each chapter twists on what happens in BC and most situations are entirely new while others are familiar each chapter does end up throwing you a curveball in certain areas for that reason but ultimately you learn that fate can't be changed in Heavenly Host. The only exception of this is Prologue chapter to the next game in the series named 'Blood Drive' said game having the same name.


I won't spoil anything from there but it focuses on Ayumi and Naomi and it is pretty good... But to be honest, if you didn't enjoy the previous 7 or 8 chapters you probably will feel like the build up to this one was wasted... I don't blame you there granted I enjoy this series too much and so I actually was entirely fine with all of these...


As far as gameplay goes well I hope you don't play Corpse Party for gameplay because it's entirely a story focused game and Book of Shadows is more of an interactive visual novel fun if you enjoy games like danganronpa or just visual novels entirely... Terrible if you don't I can say that the story for the game is good and keeps to the theme of the series... Writing wise I think the biggest flaw is a few odd sentences here and there but nothing common or uncommon. And if you hate reading well... Don't bother picking up the game. An interesting aspect is the 'Darkening' system which essentially means interaction with certain things can rise this can be extremely interesting if used correctly as you can get some unique interactions.



Soundtrack wise this game is excellent from the opening song which is probably the best the series has had from just the OST of the game its self-eerie and creepy tracks going for more gothic orchestral theme or eerie guitar theme compared to the last game which had more of horror techno mixed with ambient music that could bring chills up the spine... I'd honestly say the OST does really well in bringing you into the setting.


Graphics wise there's a lot of CG art compared to the last game and it plays it to its advantage the art is beautiful for what its depicting and the art style with the characters has not changed much at all every character looks like they were meant for this setting in some way or another and the background of the cgi is there and it fits a school an entirely different dimension that is looking to kill you and slowly turn you insane it's thematic and it fits.


Overall this is a sequel but it honestly is more of fill you in on certain things and also use this as a chance to build up the characters that we had in the first game whereas Blood Drive does feel like a true sequel this feels like a middle man that is necessary to play it's not the best in the series but it gets its job done considering it had only a 1 year development cycle and a 8 to 11 month translation (Lots'O text) 


Anyway, with that in mind, the final score for this game for me is a 8/10 it isn't perfect in fact it would have probably been two points lower was it not for certain key elements that showed up here and the blood drive chapter adds a whole point on its own... The biggest flaw is for sure the replayability is just not there you'll play through this once and probably won't feel the need to go back for all the bad endings as they can be a chore to get (They really are.)


I'll begin my Blood Drive playthrough and hopefully get back to you all with a review of that in a month or so


Stay classy folks 


- Taken from 2015 Google doc's review from an old forum it use to be on.








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