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Link Between Realms

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Hey, guys! It's been a pretty long time since I posted anything at all in this subforum. I had this idea in my head for a long time, and I had the sudden urge to just write about it. The premise isn't that original, as it deals with fictional characters being brought to the real world although I want to make it play out differently than a lot of other stories/shows out there.


As for anyone who ever cared/read about Path of Darkness, I've canned it. I decided there were too many inconsistencies with the main plot of KH Union X/Back Cover for me to continue the story the way it was. I'm going to wait for that chapter to end before I ever continue that, or maybe even reboot it since I think a majority of the story was rushed (ironic considering I went on long hiatuses) and bad.


Without any further delay, I guess I'll just start it up.





Please...listen to my story. Well, I guess it's more like the intersection of multiple stories at once. At first, I had no idea how it came to be. Everything had just happened so quickly and unexpectedly. Yet, by the time it was over, it felt like things had never been different in the first place. The only thing I remember feeling at the beginning was...emptiness.


As the lights flashed on, everything fell silent. The stars were out, marking the presence of a new night to relax through. The hum of a PlayStation 4's cooler was all that was heard throughout the room. The blinds were down, so that the owner's privacy would never be invaded (just in case). The vent for his house's air conditioning was rusted up, preventing the cool air from traveling through the rooms. To alleviate this issue, the owner's mother bought him a portable air conditioner and connected the tubes to his window. Now, it sits in his room, operating at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


The owner sighed and fell flat on his bed, a king-sized mess with brown sheets crumpled up and scattered across the mattress, haphazardly put together. The pillows, oddly enough, remained in place where they should be (although they had no covers, leaving them exposed). The cardboard box for a gaming keyboard the room's owner ordered lies on the floor, next to his bed still half-open.


The owner was a boy, around seventeen years old, and not quite grown up. He had messy dark brown hair, as he never combed his hair (or never even knew how to). His brown eyes stared at the light above him, as he pondered his day and life in general. His clothes are nothing special; he's only wearing a blue t-shirt and white shorts. He's growing a belly, but he's still fairly skinny and light for his age.


"Man...another useless day at school." He rolled over on the bed and picked up the controller that sat next to him, firmly placed on the bed. "Guess I should be happy summer vacation's coming." Immediately, he navigated the PlayStation 4's menu and opened up Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX to play KH2FM. He had just gotten to the final boss, but had to put the PS4 in Rest Mode. Thankfully, the console saved his place in the fight.


He had gone through the fight multiple times already, so he knew what he was in for. He knew that the 2.5 version of the fight was broken, as the Reaction Commands at the start of the fight did not work sometimes. He vehemently wished that Square Enix would fix this. 





Finally. Not only had he finished the game, but he had also just finished a Platinum run of the game, something he felt proud of. The ending animation played out more or less the same.


Or so he thought.


A blinding light began to emanate from the distant horizon. It came closer and closer to Destiny Islands before the characters were eventually engulfed by it. "That's...not normal. Secret ending, I guess? Did they patch it in?" Knowing immediately what he should do, he jumped over to his computer chair and Googled it on the computer that he had built himself. No relevant results came up. Neither KH13 nor KHInsider seemed to have the info he was looking for.


"Kairi?! Riku?! Donald! Goofy! Your Majesty!" cried out a voice behind the boy.


"WHAT THE..." The boy turned around and saw none other than the spiky-haired hero from Kingdom Hearts: Sora.


"Caius! Keep it down up there! Also, be down in a couple of minutes, food's almost ready!" yelled the boy's mother from downstairs. Caius, not taking his eyes off Sora, replied in the most casual voice he could muster, "U-Um, yeah, that's fine, Mom!"


Sora ran up and grabbed the boy's shoulders. "Please! Tell me where Riku and Kairi are!" Caius, still shaken by the turn of events, shakily replied, "I...u-um...they're...ehhh...you're not a cosplayer, are you? H-How did you get in?"


By that point, I was swimming in my thoughts. I still couldn't possibly fathom that the real Sora was warped into my realm somehow. Who could blame me? I was scared; I thought that maybe this was just some costumed freak that broke into my home. At the same time, though...there was this tiny spark of curiosity in me.



"What are you talking about? Cosplayer? I just need to find my friends, please!" Sora said loudly, a bit calmer than before. Caius gripped Sora's arms and pushed them off his shoulders instinctively. "Look, okay...I don't know who you are, but you need to leave. I don't know where your friends are, and I don't know why you're here in the first place. If you come any closer, I'm calling the police." Sora gulped and took his most respectful pose, in order to not upset Caius further. "Sorry! U-Um, my name's Sora! I'm looking for my friends, Riku and Kairi! Oh, uh...also, Donald, Goofy, and a King Mickey!"


That's odd, I thought. Now that he mentions it, when the scene in KH2FM ended, the light engulfed all of the characters in the scene; including all of the characters this supposed Sora had mentioned.


"Okay...so, suppose your name is Sora...prove it to me. Summon your Keyblade," said Caius, still alarmed by Sora's sudden appearance. Sora jumped back in surprise. "Wha...how do you know about the Keyblade?!" Caius motioned for Sora to calm down, realizing the confusion of what he just said. "Calm down, I'm not a bad guy or anything. I just happen to know about it. I'll explain later, if you summon it." Sora, not entirely trusting Caius, reluctantly agreed. He held his hand out to his side and closed his eyes. In a flash of light, the Keyblade materialized in his hand.


Caius's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it.


At that point, I was entirely convinced. It may have just been that I wanted it to be true, but I saw no other possibility in my head other than "this is the real Sora."


"Caius! Dinner's ready? Caius?"


Caius balled his hands into fists. "Oh, man...hey, Sora, are you hungry?" Sora felt his stomach. "I did just beat down a really powerful guy...I guess I am." Caius grit his teeth, thinking about what to do. "Okay, Sora. Do me a favor. Hide in that closet for now until I come back upstairs with food. If it's me, I'll knock three times in a row on the door." Sora, having no choice but to trust Caius, nodded and entered the closet door.


Caius closed the door behind him and took a big sigh. "Welp...at least Sora's finally getting dinner."


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"At least Sora's finally getting dinner." Dude, you killed me with this line! xD


Hmm, this is an interesting premise! You, like KingdomHearts3, are venturing into crossing over real life with Kingdom Hearts! Very interesting! I look forward to seeing where this story goes! :D


Also, awww, Path Of Darkness is cancelled? Noooo!!!!!! D:


Keep up the good work, man!

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