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Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

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{Silas Ironhart: Destiny Islands; Palace Kitchen}

Silas looked up briefly to give Aurion a polite smile as he finished counting out the munny. This confirmed a suspicion he had had. A point of interest to pursue at a later time. He glanced at a desk clock and grimaced. Time was getting short.

"Odd." The Crown Prince commented, looking up at Aurion again. "I will have to have a word with the printers about that."

Slipping the munny in a small pouch, he handed the payment to the delivery boy.

"Here you are." He said in a generous tone. "Thank you for your service, Aurion."


(Detonation at your discretion.)

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- Aurion - Palace Kitchen -

Aurion took the pouch the Prince was offering and bowed slightly.
"Thank you, Your Highness," he said honestly, 'I will take my leave now. I hope the rest of the party goes well."
The delivery boy  left the chef’s office and slowly made his way to the courtyard, completely unaware of the events that were going to happen.

Aether - Around the palace -

Just a few more minutes before the show began, it was exciting, but still.
"Alright, just a little more time," she thought, "I hope Omicron is ready."
The Assassin stood still, watching as the guests danced and talked among each other, until she spotted the one from before, she smiled and raised her hand towards the boy which made the boy make the same gesture.
"He is quite handsome," Aether thought, "but, alas, it was a fleeting moment."
Aether's fingers slowly went down, making Aurion look at her curiously, that was until her last finger came down and a loud noise, and what it felt like a small earthquake happened, quickly followed by multiple loud sounds around the castle. If anyone tried to look at where the maid was before they wouldn't find anything, not anymore, the maid disappeared when the screams of the people began.

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{Francis Ironhart: Destiny Islands: Palace Beaches}

The Emperor started on another shrimp cocktail when the first explosion echoed through the palace grounds. Guards were already moving from their discrete postings and heading for their ruler before the smaller charges went off. Luminara Ironhart bounded up from her beach chair, her Keyblade out and eyes scanning for targets as nobles panicked around her. Francis was coughing and spluttering, the exploding causing a shrimp to go down his throat wrong.

Without saying a word, four royal guards closed in on Francis with weapons drawn. Four more took up assigned positions and projected a barrier bubble to cover their comrades and Emperor. As soon as the guards laid hands on the Emperor, the vanished in a glimmer of light.

Knowing that her grandfather was now protected in his safe room, Luminara pushed through the stampede of nobles running this way and that, nearly injuring a few as she would swing her Keyblade to clear a path.

"Captain!" She yelled out to the remaining Royal Guards. "Clear a path for me! I want to find the source of this!"

Obeying instantly, the four royal guardsmen formed up on the princess and escorted her towards the source of the explosions.


{Silas Ironhart: Destiny Islands; Palace Kitchen}

Silas tided up after himself in the chef's office and relocked the munny in the safe. He wondered if there was still time to mingle before the main festivities started. He was checking his chrono when the explosions went off. Tightening his jaw, he dashed out of the office to find the staff in an up roar. He pulled a communicator out of his pocket and keyed it on.

"Commander?" He spoke, his voice cold as ice. "Seal off the entire island. No one leaves."


{Francis Ironhart: Destiny Islands; Imperial Safe Room}

Once upon a time, the Imperial Safe Room was meant to be a command and control center for the Emperor in times of war. Over time, the spartan furnishings and advanced tech was replaced with luxury and opulence. The current Emperor sat upon a chair draped in the skin of a long extinct animal as one of his guards pounded on his back to help him clear his breath ways.

"What..." Francis began between hacking coughs and wheezes. "In the na-*cough cough* name of light *cough* is going on! *Wheeze*"

"Unsure, your eminence." One guard responded. "Palace guards are checking it out now."

"On my bloo-*cough cough COUGH* birthday? The insolence!" Francis tried to bellow, but still wasn't up to it.

"Check the commas traffic." The head guardsman ordered.

As a guard moved to to follow the order, heading for an alcove of displays, there was a soft sound of metal scrapping on metal. The guards looked to the door first, then looked up at the vent in the ceiling. it hung open and as they watched, a small metallic marble dropped from it.

"Everyone ge-" the head guard screamed, but the surge of darkness over took him.

Emperor and guards found themselves blinded by clouds of darkness. The Head guard took up a defensive stance, trying to get his other senses to compensate for the lack of sight. He heard something else drop to the floor, then the silken sound of some sort of throwing weapon sailing through the air, he managed to deflect the one aimed at him, but his fellow guards weren't so fortunate. His mind racing, he consider this unseen assailant's next move. Figuring the next and final target was the Emperor himself, he moved as best he could and slashed up with his gunblade, stopping what felt like a pair of blades before they hit Francis. The Guard followed up with an enhanced punch where the assailant should be, but threw himself off balance as he connected with nothing. There was sudden, agonizing pain in his arm as he was stabbed multiple times along it, piercing through the armor. His vision starting to clear, the last thing he saw was Omicron lashing out with one of her dagger, which stabbed straight through his helmet and skull.

With the guards down, Omicron went back to the task of inhuming her target. The fat emperor was recovering from the effects of the Blackout bomb as she raised a dagger for another strike. Though fat, Francis managed a dive away from the assassin, his rotund shape aiding in a roll. He ended up on his back and felt out of breath. Terror clutching him, he used some half forgotten defensive training he had and called up his Keyblade copy, holding it in guard position. Omicron' daggers slammed into the weapon, driving it back. The dagger pierced the Emperor's chest, causing him to scream in agony, then black out.

Omicron let out a roar of frustration, then seized up. Why had she done that? Where had that come from? Her head started to pound, but she pushed through it and raised her dagger again. She had to finish the job. Before she reached the apex of her rearing, she was hit from behind by a bolt of lightning, sending her flying against the opposite wall. She slammed had and was out like a light before she hit the ground.

As the haze of the spell cleared, Silas stepped fully into the room from the large door. He carefully eyed the assassin before turning his attention to his father. The Emperor was alive, but barely.

"The emperor is down." He said into his communicator. "He's in critical condition. Get the medics in here!"

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- Aurion - Around the palace -

Aurion was slightly confused by the maid from before, she was waving at him, and he waved back in respect, but the woman looked like she was counting down, but to what. That's when the explosions began. They took Aurion by surprise, but now that the guests were trying to escape, pushing everyone in their path away to be the first to get out Aurion slowly made his way back, until his arm found itself getting grabbed by someone.
"You really shouldn't go back in there, Mister, " said the same maid from before, "bad things will happen to you if the guards find you going back inside instead of moving to a safer place."
The delivery boy slowly nodded while looking at the maid.
"Thanks you, I suppose you're right," he said while turning his head to look towards the palace, "but we really should help the guest to get outside, don't you think, Miss...?
"Aether," she replied, "At your service. And I do not think you should concern yourself with that, I am sure that the guards have protocols they must follow for such occasions.
"Aurion, a pleasure," he said cordially, "I hope you are right. I know most of them can be huge jerks but-"
The maid pulled Aurion away from the palace and followed the rest of the crowd towards the outside.
"Less talking, more walk," Aether said, "You don't want to get trapped inside, right?"
While Aether was pulling Aurion out she was thinking about the current situation with Omicron. She hoped that she could get some kind of sign that the other assassin had succeeded in her mission.

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- Talus - The Eye of the Void - The Ball, amidst the chaos -


Talus had been blending in as much as he could within the guests, taking a few drinks, some bites of the food available and just listening in in general, with no success. He was about ready to call this a bust, but in a flash, explosions echoed throughout the halls, as the guards and other bodyguards which blended within the guests as well, all began to run amok, evacuating the civilians and going to check with the higher ranking individuals within the palace itself. 


Talus was not a mong the evacuatees, he hid behind a pillar in the corner, just watching guard go by, in and out. Until one of them had gotten close, and helf a communicator in his hands. He seemed isolated, probably to report in that he evacuated the guests. He would not give any report however as Talus sneaked behind him and dragged him into the darkest corner he could find, knocking the poor sod unconciouss. Probably hard enough to give the guy a concussion. As Talus simply took his Communicator. 


"The emperor is down." The communicator hummed, which caught Talus's attention. "Get the medics in here!" Now Talus had a nice lead. A golden pass right to the emperor. All he needed to do was find the medics.


After taking advantage of the commotion, and a few times turning into void and sneaking around. He found the medics rushing through one of the halls. He followed them, in his void form to avoid detection. They would lead him right to the Emperor. This night would get a whole lot more lively.

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{Destiny Island; Palace}

As Talus overheard, the message that the Emperor was injured spread like wildfire through the panicking crowd, even out to where Aurion and Aether. Guards swarmed with surprising speed, closing off exits and making perimeters. If the delivery boy and assassin wanted to get out, they had no time to waste.

Medics swarmed from the palace infirmary, a few breaking off to assigned positions, but the main trauma team was heading with frantic speed to the safe room. They left a wake in their path, making it easier for Talus to follow. As he followed, he saw about six guards join the medics as they rushed to their ruler.


{Silas Ironhart: Destiny Islands; Safe Room}

Silas tried an experimental healing spell, but it seemed to worse his father's condition.

"Clever." Silas murmured as he used some of Francis's clothes to stop the bleeding.

He took a moment to glance over at Omnicron's crumpled form. She hadn't been lucky enough to die in the Prince's attack, which meant an unpleasant fate awaited her. Even a memory wiped mind could be made to remember, using extreme enough methods. While he was considering the assassin's fate, he walked over to her and retrieved her daggers. He studded them for a moment, then put them inside his coat. No need to leave such obvious evidence lying around.

Silas returned to his father and was trying to fend to his wounds when the trauma team finally made it along with a few guards who had tagged along.

"No magic!" Silas warned as he backed off to let the medics at his father. "The assassin has used a poison to subvert the spells."

There was some muttered swearing among the medics as some broke off, letting an older medic get closer with his more mundane medicines and instruments.

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the palace -

And after a moment of waiting for any signal about Omicron's success, that signal came in the form of a group of guards talking among each other.

"The Emperor is injured...? I wonder ," Aether muttered.

"Is something wrong?" Aurion asked Aether, "Did somethi-"

"Sush! Keep walking." Aether answered after she noticed that the guards where closing off exits, "Or things will get very, very bad for you."

Aurion wanted to ask the strange girl what she meant by that, but instead followed her until both were outside. Both moved through the crowd, most of the nobles were talking among each other, some scared, others angry or surprised, but the fact that the Emperor was injured was not lost to them. Aether stopped walking and Aurion did the same before turning around to look at the palace. Flames were all around the building but the place had crumbled in different places, this surprised the delivery boy.
"Who could have done this?" he said mostly to himself, "and who would dare to try to hurt the Emperor?"

"Not everyone likes the one on top, Mister," Aether said behind him, "Maybe someone wanted to spot for themselves? Nobles are like that, no? Always wanting more and more, their greed is insatiable. Or so I've heard."

In the many years that Aether had been part of the Silver Ravens she understood one of the main principles of the organization, or at least that's what she thought, with her memory being erased who knows how many times.. If you're on a team and they fall, get hurt, or captured, it is thanks to their own inability to do their given task. She knew that she didn't had a reason to worry about the strange girl from the cellar, but something about the Emperor getting hurt and no news from Omicron made her worry to some extent for the girl. Something inside her made her wonder if she should go back and sneak inside to find Omicron.

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{Destiny Islands: Outside the Palace}

As Aurion and Aether made there way out with the crowd, the could hear someone with a commanding voice called for people to return to the palace under imperial order. Some complied, turning back to the palace. A few of those who did not comply were run down and dragged back by palace guards, but only a few low tier nobles and not many guards were venturing out. Things were looking clear for the duo until a soldier stepped out of a clump of palm trees. She was holding some sort of arrowgun carbine in one hand, leaning it against her shoulder, while the other hand held some sort of device. She was watching the device, then looked up at Aurion and Aether. She put the scanner away and took the carbine in both hands.

"Hold it!" The guard called out, not pointing the carbine at the duo in such a way that indicated it could be pointed at them at a moment's notice. "I have some questions."

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -

Aether was walking next to Aurion very closely, her arms wrapped around the young man's arm. She was thinking about Omicron until she heard the voice of someone asking the people to go back inside. Perhaps it was a sign that she had to return? That was until another voice made her focus once again, a voice that belonged to a female soldier, she quickly moved behind Aurion while peeking at the soldier from behind.

"D-Don't shoot." Aether said shyly, "I-Is there a problem, Miss?"

Aurion was slightly confused by the sudden change in the young woman's personality, it looked like she was a completely different person. He quickly focused on the woman in front of him and slowly raised his hands.

"Like my friend here said. Is there a problem, Soldier?" Aurion asked.

He had seen that device before, a few of the guards possessed such thing, but he wasn't sure as to what it could do. He had to be careful unless he, and Aether, wanted to get in more troubles with the royal guard.

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- Talus - The Eye of the Void - Tailing Medics -


'Interesting...' Talus thought as he tailed the medics in void mist form, as expected, the emperor would get an entire squadron of medics and guards to come to his aid. As he saw guards join up with them, much to his dismay, this would be harder than he thought, since guards were now in play. going right in and killing the emperor would be rather reckles...unless.


One of the guards ran through, next to him, unable to detect Talus's presence in mist form, as he passed through, Talus concentrated a small ammount of void particles around the man's back, faint, and pretty much invisible even up close. What was this? Well, a bit of preparation never hurt anybody. He continued to tail the guards and medics as they ran to the Emperor.

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{Destiny Island: Outside the Palace}

The soldier approached Aether and Aurion, but stopped before she was within striking distance of either the assassin or delivery boy.

"Just a few questions." The soldier asked, moving her head like she was trying to see behind the duo. "Did you see what happened here? Did you see anyone usual? Behaving oddly?"

Though the soldier was wearing a full face helmet, a trained eye could see her stance was tense. Perhaps more tense than normal even for this situation.


{Silas Ironhart: Destiny Islands; Safe Room}

Silas backed off as the medics went to work on Francis. He had done his part, now he had to let them do theirs. Another group of medics came in with guards. This new group of medics started checking on the guards for signs of life.

"Sergeant!" The Crown Prince called out, waving over the new guards. "Secure the assassin then take her to the cells."

"Yes sir!" the Palace Guard Sergeant snapped, ripping off a perfect salute.

A duo of guards moved in on the unconscious Omicron. Before they got to her, her body convulsed once as a power inside her reacting to the close proximity of another user of that power. A few tendrils of Void power emanated from her briefly, then vanished, leaving odd damage patterns under her and a few "scorch" marks on the wall beside her. Silas looked shocked despite himself. He prided himself on his knowledge of magic and elemental manipulation, but he had no idea what had just happened.

"Pull her away and bind her." he ordered, approaching the damage left behind by the spark of power.

The guards hesitated for a moment, but complied with their prince's orders. They dragged Omicron a little ways away from her former resting place, then shackled her hands and feet. As they did so, their Sergeant put in a call for a power dampening collar to be brought up from the armory. Silas ignored all of this as he studied the residue of power that had come from the assassin. Or, more precisely, the lack of it. What was this? 

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -


"Explosions, and that's it. Everything after that was just chaos." Aurion answered the soldier, "I do recall a noble who told me he didn't knew this was supposed to be a party for the Emperor, but I guess his invitation must have been misprinted. I already informed His Lordship, the Crown Prince, of such thing when I was getting paid for my service. How about you, Aether?"

Aether, while staying behind Aurion, was looking directly at the soldier. Although her face showed a small amount of fear, this was a facade, she noticed the soldier looked tense, more than normal, like she was waiting to be attacked by her or Aurion. Sure, she could knock her out and be done with her, but what would be the case? That would only cause troubles for her, and Aurion, of course.

"Uh? N-no...I didn't. I was serving the honorable guests all night, as I was ordered to do," Aether answered in a quiet tone while gently pulling Aurion's shirt from behind, like she was trying to say something, " I was busy providing food and drinks all night. So, a moment to rest would have been a blessing, but that didn't happen."

Aurion once again looked at the soldier and crossed his arms. Whatever the strange girl behind him was trying to say by pulling his shirt had to do with the soldier in front of him.

"As you can see, Miss, both of us were busy enough to see anything besides the first explosions."

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{Destiny Island: Outside the Palace}

"Describe this noble." The guard ordered Aurion. "Was he behaving erratically?"

The helmet head moved slightly to looked at Aether.

"And what about you? You see this guy?"

Before either of the duo could answer, there was a commotion of a couple more guards running up to join them.

"What are you doing?" One of the new guards demanded. "Get them back to the palace for questioning!"

"Sorry, sir! Just trying to get a lead on the assassin before he or she disappeared!" The first guard said snapping to attention, but keeping careful grip to her arrow rifle.

"Who are you, soldier?" The senior NCO asked, suspicion in his voice. "What's your operating number?"

The first guard sighed.

"It's 113-butt-out." She answered matter of factly an instant before she dashed forward and clubbed the senior NCO with her arrow rifle. He went down without a fuss, but his partner had good reflexes. He had his arrow rifle up and firing, but the "guard" grabbed the muzzle and forced the weapon up as it spit bolts into the sky. She lashed out with a punch, which the other guard managed to block.

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -

Aurion was very confused right now. Everything was moving in slow motion, he felt that he was being pulled backwards while watching as Aether began to run forwards. The Assassin keept her eyes on the first soldier before she began to attack her "companions" and she noticed that something was not right, her feeling turned out to be true. As she ran she watched as one of the two soldiers went down while the other managed to block the female's punch.

"Wait!" Aurion said, "What are you doing?"

When Aether was close enough, she threw a dagger that was hidden among her skirt at the guard.

"Hey! Over here!" Aether said to the guard, "look behind you!"

The young Assassin then performed a front flip, she was going to try and kick the guard from behind so the female guard could take care of the rest.

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- Talus - The Void Eye - Assassination - 



A few moments after Omicron's sudden outburst of void energy in reaction to Talus's presence, this surprised him greatly, not only was the precious emperor right next to him, but also was a being of similar power to him. But he had to concentrate on task at hand, before Silas Ironhart could rest or wait for the Sargeant to come back with the collars Talus would reappears a few meters beside Silas, materializing from the void particles in the air, He held out his arm towards Silas, palm open as he let out a shockwave at him, aiming at throwing the man to the wall behind him.


Quickly afterwards Talus snapped his fingers as the previous guard he had marked's shoulder would

began to charge up with void energy, culimating in an explosion that sent him as well as those in his vicinity reeling onto the floors and walls.


He simply looked at the Emperor's unconciouss body for a few seconds, silent, but with a look of digust beneath the mask, as he looked at Silas afterwards.


Talus still had his mask on him as he looked towards Silas for a moment before glancing at the Emperor, still unconciouss. "Well then." Talus spoke as he returned to look at Silas, "Why do you look so surprised?" Talus asked him, almost tauntingly so. "Silas Ironhart?" Talus spoke as if he knew the man personaly. He then glanced towards Omicron and the rest of the guards near her. he'd have to be quick if he wanted to get himself and her out of here. Taking the moment of surprise to his advantage, Talus dashed and slammed into whatever guard was still standing, and placed his hand on Omicron's back, trying to see if he could get a reaction with her Power, if everything worked according to his plan, he would cast a teleportation spell powered by void magic, to get both of them out.

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{Destiny Island; Outside the Palace}

Aether's diversion and kick gave the renegade guard the opening she needed. She slammed her knee into the other guard's groin, then smashed his head with both fists.

"Okay!" The renegade said, cracking her knuckles. "So much for subterfuge."

Moving to keep Aether and Aurion from being directly behind her, she briefly glanced at back at the palace.

"Let's cut to the chase. I think you two came across someone I'm looking for. I get you out of here, even off world, and you tell me everything you know about that nobleman. Deal?"

The renegade glanced back at the palace again.

"And you'd better pick fast!"


{Silas Ironhart: Disney Islands; Safe Room}

As Silas puzzled over the assassin, he thought he could feel something for a second. A flicker. What was-?

Before he could react, Talus unleashed an attack. The Crown Prince was sent flying across the room, hitting the opposite wall hard. As he struggled to get some breath back, the guards snapped to ready position with there weapons at the Void Eye. One was about to fire when he suddenly cried out in pain. Energy crackled off of him an instant before he exploded, incapacitating most of his comrades.

Summoning his Keyblade, Silas struggled to a kneeling position, using the blade to guard against in further attacks. His cold eyes narrowed at Talus. He inwardly cursed himself. He should have known.

"Vanhir." The prince hissed. "You are making a grave error."

A few guards tried to get back up, but were slammed by Talus's attack. Silas watched as the disgraced noble tended to the assassin. As they touched, a sympathetic spark of the strange energy emanated from the woman.

"Stop!" Silas yelled, getting to his feet and sending an energy slash towards the Void Eye.

In an instant, Talus and Omicron were gone, leaving the Prince's attack to sear the wall where they had been. Everything was still and quite in the safe room. The icy fury that radiated off the Prince kept the surviving guards and medics from moving, for fear of drawing his ire.

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -

"What?" Aurion said, still confused, "What are you-"
"Deal," Aether said, "Aurion tell the lady what she wants to hear."
Aurion finally got up and dusted himself, this was getting weired and weirder with each passing moment.
"W-Why? I do not have any interest in lea-"
"Yeah, yeah. Just tell her what she wants to know."
"W-Well, he introduced himself as Xilus, but I doubt that was his real name. Dark hair, pale skin. Not that usual from those who live in this world," Aurion said, "He seemed nice, for a noble, I mean. Nobles aren't usually that nice with us "peasants". He apparently didn't know this was a party for the emperor...and that's it. That's all I know.
"There you have it," Aether said to the renegade soldier, "Now, before we go, answer me these two questions. Who are you? and what is your true purpose? If we are going to work together for the time being, I would like to know who am I working with."

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{Destiny Island: Outside the Palace}

As Aurion reluctantly recounted his experience with the mysterious, the possibly renegade solider dragged the unconscious guards in some underbrush to keep them out of sight of the palace. She beckoned for Aurion and Aether to join her there.

“That fits the general description.” She commented after the delivery boy finished.

Taking a knee, the renegade touched a spot on her forearm, causing her form to distort and shimmer. The holographic disguise fully deactivated, revealing an unfamiliar armor beneath.

“I suppose that much wouldn’t hurt.” She responded to the assassin’s questions. “Name’s Kira. My true purpose is to track down a person of interest for my employer. Don’t ask bother asking the who or why of the situation, cause I ain’t tellin’.”

Glancing back towards the Palace to make sure no one was coming their way, Kira stood up.

“Now come on, we need to get further from the Palace before we can get pick up. Those big wigs probably have some sort of anti-portal tech already going.”

With that, she started jogging into the grove of palm trees, away from the palace.

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- Talus Vanhir - Disgraced Noble - Abandoned Warehouse in the capital - 


After some time, after the leap of faith that it was trying an imediate teleportation without a specified area in mind, Talus did his best to guide the teleport, as he and Omicron materialized on the office of an abandoned warehouse, dusty and forgotten, with wooden tables and chairs still littering the office. As Talus carried Omicron's unconcious body under his right arm coming out of the teleport. He could feel a sharp pain on his side from overuse of the energy in so little time. He quickly placed Omicron in one of the chairs, as he stagged away, supporting himself on the nearby wall. The thing about over using void magic was that it had the chance of erasing you if you weren't careful. Took a few minutes but the pain went away.


Talus kept his back leaning against the wall, as he waited for the mysterious woman to wake up. Unsure of who she was or her true objective.

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -

"Keeping secrets? Trust me, I can understand that," Aether said while looking towards the palace.
In the end, no sign of Omicron came, and for some reason Aether was slightly worried by the girl, but in their line of work that would only be a hindrance. Aurion looked between the two girls and shook his head.
"I think this is the time we split," he said to Aether, "whatever you two are thinking of doing I-"
"Silly Aurion, at this point you are a suspect, if they catch you then they will do anyting to get the info they want," Aether said to Aurion, "if they don't find the suspect then they will need a scapegoat. And tell me, who are the first suspects in a party of rich snobs?
Aurion didn't replied to the Assassin, he knew that the nobles had a tendency to push their mistakes to the poor. He had to follow these two for the time being.
"Alright...I get it." Aurion said with a sigh.
"Good boy! Now, let's move out before anyone else comes this way." Aether replied.
And without another word the two of them followed this mysterious female into the grove of palm trees.

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{Omicron: Destiny Island; Abandoned Warehouse in capital}

It was a few minutes after Talus placed Omicron in the chair before she stirred. As she regained consciousness, she felt her whole body ache from the attack the Prince had used on her. Even before opening her eyes, she took stock of her situation. She was sitting in a chair, which immediately made her think she was captured and about to be interrogated. She did not seem to be physically restrained, but there might be bars or spells in place. Straining her ears, she thought she could only pick up on one person breathing.

Gleaning as much as she felt she could keeping her eyes closed, the Silver Raven Assassin immediately went from a limp body and head back in the chair to ram rob straight posture in the chair, her head up and eyes open. She blinked a few times to adjust to light levels. A warehouse? What kind of trick was this? Her eyes settled on Talus, who she proceeded to stare at unblinking. His garb didn’t seem like any uniform she was aware of.

“Where is this and who are you?” Omicron asked, her tone sounding more like the interrogator rather than the potential interrogatee.



{Kira: Destiny Island; Outside the Palace}

Kira glanced back at Aurion and Aether as the former talked of staying behind. Poor kid. What ever his life was before, it was pretty much tatters at this point. So was the maid’s, but her lack o consideration for that, combat prowess, and cool head marked her as something else entirely. Maybe involved in the mess back in the castle? Though if the target had been here, Kira had a hard time believing he wasn’t directly behind it.

As the Gunslinger lead the way through the grove, she tapped out a code on a communicator on her risk. If she was lucky, that egghead wouldn’t be off studying something and be actually ready for pick up.

“My ride should be coming in the clearing ahead.” Kira said quietly, coming to a stop. “Once it gets here, run like hell for the hatch.”

After a few heart beats and at least one muttered curse word from the Gunslinger, a rather cylindrical craft materialized out of thin air in the clearing. It turned a little, pointing it’s back end towards the trio and opened up a ramp.

“Go!” Kira yelled, then charged forward.

When she was almost to the ramp, she changed direction, ending up beside the ramp with both pistols drawn.

“Come on!” She urged as she scanned the trees and the skies for pursuit.

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- Aether and Aurion - Outside the Palace -

Aurion was surprised by the sudden appearance of the strange cylindrical craft. Only the voice of the renegade soldier brought him back to reality.
"Alright, alright," he muttered as he did what he was told, "What have I done to deserve this?"
The delivery boy ran towards the craft, closely followed by Aether behind him. She was focused on reaching the ship, but she could hear muffled voices behind her. It seemed that someone, probably more guards, were coming their way.
"You better hurry up," she said to Aurion, "Least you want to get caught."
Once inside, Aurion whent a little further inside the ship while Aether stood near the ramp, watching her surroundings just in case some unwanted guests showed up.

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{Kira: Destiny Island; Palm Grove}

With both the assassin and sadly former delivery boy inside, Kira backed into the ship. With one hand, she pressed a button that closed the hatch. Instantly, the muffled sound of the engines grew a little louder and there was a momentary odd feeling as the artificial gravity took over for the world's own.

The inside of the small ship was a simple bay with benches on either wall with gear racks nearer the ceiling. The far end of the ship had a closed door. There was some neatly folded brackets and pillow at one end of the benches, possibly indicating that they were used as beds.

Letting out a short puff of air, Kira holstered her weapons and turned to Aether and Aurion.

"Well, that was nice and clean." She said, her hands still on her weapons. "Now, before we-"

The door at the far end of the ship opened, revealing a slim young man in shady clothes, spectacles, and a patchy beard. Beyond him, the cockpit could be seen where there appeared to be seating for four.

"Cloak's up, Kira." He reported, with a smile. "The locals wouldn't be able to find us with a genie."

The smile faltered as the expected immediate response of confirmation of a job well done didn't come. Kira stood statue still, apparently looking directly at her pilot.

"Where's your mask, genius?" The gunslinger said in a brittle cheeriness.

The young man began to look worried as his eyes darted to Aurion and Aether.

"Um, it itches?" He offered in a tone that knew it was a very poor excuse.

Kira face palmed her face plate.

"You know the fraking procedures." She said in a strained voice. "How can an egghead like you be so smart and so dumb at the same fraking time?"

The pilot rubbed the back of his head and gave a sheepish grin, but knew better than to actually say anything.

"Just get us deeper into space." Kira said, her hand dropping from her face. "Guests, you can refer to him as LeFou Jr. for our little trip."

"LeFou Jr" gave a sullen look, then went back to the controls. The Gunslinger reached up to her neck and hit a hidden button. Her helmet retracted and disappeared into the rest of her armor, revealing a red headed woman with some scaring and exposed implants on her face.

"Since we seem to be throwing caution to the wind, you might as well see the face that will be coming for you if you try to identify us to anybody. Clear?"

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- Aether and Aurion - Destiny Island -

Aurion was impresed, this was the first time he was on a ship, after all. In the past he had used other methods to travel. The sudden noise of the door opening made him quickly turn around, it almost made him summon his weapon. Aurion nodded in agreement to Kira's words.
"How interesting." Aether said while looking around, "I suppose this silly outfit has done its work."
Aether looked at her wristwatch and pressed a button at each side. Her current maid ensamble slowly dematerialized leaving her in a jumpsuit, before she once again pressed the two buttons and a new ensamble slowly formed around her body.
"How did you do that?" Aurion asked.
"Silly Auri, haven't you seen technology like this?" she asked, getting no response, "Such a sheltered life you had kid."
The former delivery boy stared at the young woman, his eyebrow slowly raising.
"I think I might be older than you," he replied, "How old are you?"
Aether gave her the most hurtful look she could muster, which was pretty convincible to actually made made Aurion feel slightly guilty.
"Don't you know that you should ask a lady those kind of questions, Aurion?" Aether answered before turning to look at Kira, "It would be hard to forget a face such as yours, but we will try our best. Besides, we are friends now, aren't we? We take care of one another."



(New clothes)




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{Kira: Private Shuttle; Leaving Destiny Island Orbit}

"Friends. Right." Kira said, eyeing Aether.

Despite her unconvinced tone, Kira sat down on one of the benches and leaned back in a relaxed pose, her eyes shut.

"You can go tell my partner in crime where you want to be let off." She said, pointing directly at Aurion, even with her eyes closed. "You-"

Index finger switched targets to Aether.

"can tell me why I'm detecting that you had contact with my target as well, since we're all friends here."

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