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Hey, guys. 


So as we all know, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be bringing back a ton of original characters, both dark and light. I was thinking about what Lea and Kairi's role in the game will be and I had a thought.


Most JRPGs have a system wherein you pick out your party from a roster of 6 or more characters. Kingdom Hearts 3 will have up to 4 party members, but wouldn't it be cool if you could pick and choose which characters join you? What if Kairi, Lea, and Riku can join you on your world visits and you can decide which characters you take with you? I think that could be really cool and it would allow Kairi and Lea to be actively involved in the adventures.

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Maybe it will be similar to DDD in that we play more characters whos storys will crossover into another , with soras being the longest one of course

That would be cool. I would love it if we could play as more than two characters. Honestly I just want the original main characters to get more screen time together. Sora and Kairi really haven't spent much time together, and I think seeing Lea and Riku work together would be interesting.

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I'd actually count on two or more playable characters. I just can't see myself only playing with Sora throughout this behemoth of a game.

If they have three or more playable characters, I would bet on three of them being Sora, Riku and Kairi. For a fourth, I'm hoping for Lea. I would also love to see a potential Mass Effect-like party system where you choose a party from a decent sized roster of characters. There are enough heroes in the series now that this would work.

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