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[7-16-18] VIP Quests, Coco Event, Union Cross Update, and Phantom Medal Deal

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*VIP Quests*


7/16 - 7/22 (PT)


~ Last chance to obtain VIP Illustrated Marluxia [EX] by completing one quest

~ Get 4 VIP Illustrated Invisible medals, one trait medal #21, and 1,400 jewels from this set of Special Quests

~ Last chance to obtain VIP KH 3 Sora [EX] by completing one quest

~ 7 Magic Broom medals

~ 7 Magic Mirror Medals

~ 2 power, 2 speed, and 2 magic gems


*Phantom Medal Deal*


7/16 - 7/27 (PT)


Get the powerful new Phantom copy medal!

~ You are guaranteed to receive one Phantom medal strengthened to 5 special attack dots within 5 draws

~ Each draw, recieve Trait medal #23

~ 3 Magic Mirror medals in each draw

~ One 6 ️ tier 4 medal in each draw


*Union Cross Update*


7/16 - 8/1 (PT)


~ Recieve the new Coco medal, Miguel & Héctor

~ Get the new heart spirit part

~ The new 7 ️ R Booster will also be available


During the following times, there will be an increased amount of rare enemies and harder enemies that harbor bonus coins:

• 4:00 - 4:29 AM (PT)

• 10:00 - 10:29 AM (PT)

• 2:00 - 2:29 PM (PT)

• 7:00 - 7:29 PM (PT)

• 11:00 - 11:29 PM (PT)


*Coco Event*


7/16 - 8/1 (PT)


Complete 10 quests to recieve 10 new Miguel medals!



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I'm a bit late, but I recommend pulling at least a few times for the Phantom. 6* copy medals are getting harder to come by via the banner system, let alone traiting them. We don't know if this will be an exclusive/limited time medal either. But be careful about how much you spend, as usual.

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