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Shard the Gentleman

~Imminent~ Sign-ups and OOC/Discussion

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              Have you ever lived by a forest or a group of woods? Have you ever stayed awake late at night because you swear you've seen something stirring in the distance, or heard something unusual originating from it? The citizens of Ascendance have, and are a bit too familiar with those all-mysterious bumps in the night. Age-old legends of the city are well known to most of the people of Ascendance. A devil is said to take rest in these woods and forests, one who is known for taking people in. These people either return changed forever, or never return at all.

             Our story begins with a set of students at Ascendance High School- a semi-well funded education facility which is located on the eastmost side of the city. The school is important due to what happens at night- desks are moved and arranged in strangest patterns, or white board markers are found with their lids off, evidencing the use of strange nonsensical drawings. Are there students sneaking in to add towards the city's legacy, or is there something more?

             And why has a strange figure began appearing in distances undefinable? Could this be the Devil that everyone knows the town for? Are there some people the figure appears before more than others? If so, why these people?

             Do you want to help solve the mystery? Are you a student at the school? Are you an adult who never believed in the legend, or a long-time believer? You can help reveal the truth of this town and its devil. Will you go down in history, or simply go down?

             How many mysteries will you discover along the way?

             This RP is going to be very similar to mystery and supernatural shows and comics we watched and read as kids. It's also largely based around many urban legends from across the world. There may be some slight clue hunting that may slowly reveal some truths. However, don't come to me for answers, because I will not give them out directly unless I choose to do so.

             Another thing: Message me about your character if you want your character to be directly involved in a town mystery. I would love to work a characters backstory into the main plot!


  •      You must follow the KH13 rules.
  •      Keep it PG-13.
  •      Cursing is allowed, as long as it isn't overdone.
  •      No God-Modding, of course.
  •      Do not Kill, or seriously injure someone else's character, unless you have discussed it privately.
  •      Do not control other peoples Characters.
  •      If you have any major idea's that you feel you should talk to me about, feel free to do so!
  •      Love interests ARE Permitted, with other peoples characters, or your own. If with other peoples characters, discuss with them first. No explicit sex scenes please.
  •      Feel free to have more than one character, but please don't have more than two- there can be exceptions if discussed with me.

~Character Sheet~





Occupation (If Student, put Student):




This is a reboot of an older RP that has a different plot following many mysteries instead of just one.

My character:

Name: Vivian Holdings

Age: 17

Gender: F


Occupation: Student.

Personality: Vivian seems upbeat but anxious. She's also rather history smart, but doesn't like to bring it up at all. Instead, she'd rather talk about her love for Showtunes- and her longing to break out of her anxiety shell to sing and act on stage.

Bio: Although she seems happy, her past is the exact opposite. She doesn't tell anyone, although it is already well known: She lived with her father for most of her life- and it was torture for her. She would come to school with bruises and torn clothes, and forced to stay quiet about it, or faced the threat of death. However, her father went missing about a year ago, her sophomore year. It's said that one night, he walked out into the woods, and was never seen again. Outside of school, she keeps to herself- her mother moving to this town to care for her after the father went missing.

Her mother seems to do a great job caring for her- she no longer comes to school with torn clothes or bruises, but with a smile on her face, and a newfound passion for Theater Productions.

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