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[12-6-2018] v3.1.0 Updates, Story Update, Jewel Box E & D Bonuses, Supernova - KH3 Kairi Deals, Event Quests

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Today, version 3.1.0 of the game brings:


■ System Additions 
- Product codes for the Starlight Keyblade that can be used in KINGDOM HEARTS III are now being distributed. 
* Product codes will be redeemable after the release of KINGDOM HEARTS III. 
- Added option to automatically equip Medals into Keyblade subslots. 
- Added option to unlock all spaces of a Board at once if you have a sufficient amount of Coins to unlock all spaces. 
- Added feature to remove a specific Medal from all Keyblades and subslots. 
  The feature can be found in each Medal's Medal Details screen. Medals will be unequipped from all Keyblades and subslots, including Spirit slots and PvP decks.

■ Changes/Adjustments 
- Buffs and debuffs can now be stacked up to +/-15. 
- Adjustments have been made to the "Optimize" option when equipping Medals.

Five new story quests set in the world of Enchanted Dominion have also been added.

Until December 16th at 23:59 PT, players who purchase Jewel Box D or Jewel Box E will receive the following bonuses:

Jewel Box D Jewel Box E
10x Power Gem 
10x Speed Gem 
10x Magic Gem 
  1x Moon Gem

10x Power Gem 
10x Speed Gem 
10x Magic Gem 
  1x Moon Gem

20x Power Gem 
20x Speed Gem 
20x Magic Gem 
  2x Moon Gem

Note that purchasing both Boxes will only give you the bonuses for Jewel Box E. Rewards will be distributed after December 18th PT.

During this same time period, the Supernova - KH3 Kairi Deals are open! These two draws consist of the VIP Draw, unlocked by purchasing the current VIP Jewel Package, and the standard draw.

Notes about the VIP Draw:


You can unlock the VIP Draw feature by purchasing the current Weekly Jewels Extravaganza. 
* You can only purchase the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza once a week, and the VIP Draw will be available until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (PT). 
If you purchase the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza on Sunday, the VIP Draw will only be available until 11:59 p.m. (PT) on that same Sunday. 

・The number of VIP Draws required until a Deal's guaranteed draw will be retained across multiple weeks. 
However, if you would like to use the VIP Draw between different weeks, you will need to purchase the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza for each week. 

・Standard draws do NOT count towards the number of VIP Draws required until a guaranteed draw.

Draw details:

Standard Draw VIP Draw
No guarantee for Supernova - KH3 Kairi. Supernova - KH3 Kairi guaranteed in 10 draws.
・One Trait Medal #61 per draw! 
・One 7★ Tier 7 Medal OR Supernova - KH III Kairi per draw! 
・The remaining 8 Medals will be of 5★ or higher rarity!
・3x Magic Mirror
・One Trait Medal #61 per draw! 
・One 7★ Tier 7 Medal OR Supernova - KH III Kairi per draw! 
・The remaining 8 Medals will be of 5★ or higher rarity! 
・5x Magic Mirror
Higher odds of drawing 
Supernova - KH3 Kairi compared to Standard!

The guaranteed 7* medal pulled will arrive with the following skills:

   ・Attack Boost VI Max 
   ・Defense Boost I Max   
   ・Defense Boost II Max   
   ・Defense Boost III Max   
   ・ATK B V Max & GA 1   
   ・ATK B V Max & Lux+ 
   ・Triple Threat II




Guilt Tier

Special Attack


SP Cost

Damage Multiplier

Supernova - KH III Kairi (7)




1 turn: ↑ U-STR 7, STR 15, PSM-STR 12, SP ATK B +150%, ↓ targets' U-DEF 7, DEF 15, PSM-DEF 12. Count +2. HP MAX. Gauge +10. Cures ailments.



× 22.01

Supernova: (All) 
2 attacks: 15 STR, U-, R- & PSM-STR, SP ATK B +200%, targets' -15 DEF, U-, R- & PSM-DEF. Count ±0. Triggers before slot 1 is activated when defending in PVP.

× 50.0











Lastly, two Events are also running: the Big Bad Challenge runs until December 16th at 23:59 PT, and the Special Attack Challenge runs until December 12th at 23:59 PT. Both events consist of 10 quests; the former offers rewards such as Fantasia Mickey B, Broom, and Mirror medals, along with Power, Speed, and Magic Gems, while the latter offers EXP medals and Mirrors.

Images from this update can be viewed below. Will you pull for Kairi?


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Honestly, this Kairi deal is just dirty. Pay for the chance to mercy an OP buffer? Yeah, that sounds totally acceptable. My recommendation is to just pull a couple of times on the banner (if you feel the need to), but otherwise just wait for the inevitable non-VIP mercy.

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13 hours ago, The Unversed said:

When we gonna get the Toon Xion & Kairi medal? I hope that medal isn't through VIP. I'm trying to get all the Toon medals haha XD

It is VIP, and I'm sorry that it's such a useless medal. Makes your toon collection feel just a little less worthwhile. "I got this one and it really helped me, even though it doesn't as much now. Oh, that one over there? It was never good to begin with..."

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haha XD Nah I don't care about it's usefulness. I just want them for the artwork really, same goes for the stained glass medals too. I'm only missing Stained Glass medals 3, 8 & 9. The medals I use for raids & tough events are way better than any toon medal I got haha XD . That does freakin suck that it's a VIP medal though, just like the Toon Roxas & Pals medal :P Damn it!   

Edited by The Unversed

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