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Can we have more background on Young Xehanort and Eraqus for DLC?

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You know, if I wrote Kingdom Hearts III, I would have more scenes focusing on not only the villains but more flashbacks of young Xehanort transitioned from scenes focusing on the older Xehanort himself. Since Xehanort deserved more screentime than what he got in the game, I think it would make the game more satisfying if we got cutscenes that tell us more about the lives of Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus outside of their chess games...perhaps even throwing some shades of homosexuality in there...*wink wink*

What do you say?

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I think that was purposefully done in order to set up the next saga. There's  still things about Xehanort that have yet to be revealed: how he got his keyblade, how he left destiny islands, and the fact that his eyes changed colors from gray to amber. Same with Eraqus. We know hes a descendant of one of the dandelions, but which one.

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