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Random thought; what if Sakurai made an SSB64 remake instead of Ultimate?

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Just as the title says, what if Sakurai made an SSB64 remake instead SBB Ultimate? Here’s a list of characters and stages I have as a concept (bolded ones are characters that were planned and/or rumored to appear.)


(*=unlockable; §=not accessible in normal gameplay)





-Donkey Kong





-King Dedede*






-Captain Falcon*


-Master Hand§


Newcomers (all*):



-Simon Belmont

-King K. Rool

-Ayumi Tachibana


-Mach Rider

-Piranha Plant (DLC)

-Cecil Harvey (DLC)

-Skull Kid (DLC)

-Takamaru (DLC)

-Dark Matter from Kirby’s Dreamland 2 (DLC)

-Banjo-Kazooie (DLC)



-Peach’s Castle

-Mushroom Kingdom*

-Bowser’s Castle

-Congo Jungle


-Hyrule Castle

-Death Mountain*

-Planet Zebes

-Yoshi’s Island

-Dream Land

-Sector Z

-Saffron City

-Ushimitsu High School

-Temple of Mila*

-Dracula’s Castle*


-Final Destination§

-The Moon from FFIV (DLC)

-Clock Town (DLC)

-Murasame Castle (DLC)

-Rainbow Islands (DLC)

-Spiral Mountain (DLC)



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