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Square Enix publishes article recapping major Kingdom Hearts news from 2019, removes reference to a "new world" in a subsequent edit

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Square Enix have released a blog article which looks back on several instances of Kingdom Hearts news in 2019. This article recaps events such as the release of Kingdom Hearts III, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts compilations coming to Xbox One, and the public release of the Kingdom Hearts III demo.

While the article serves as a great look back at the time since Kingdom Hearts III's release, the section which covers Re Mind's announcement also included something far more interesting: a statement referencing a "new world" included with the DLC. This section of the article has since been edited to remove said statement.



Back in June, shortly before E3, we revealed a new DLC expansion for KINGDOM HEARTS III. Then, during the PlayStation State of Play broadcast this very month, we announced the PS4 release date!

In case you missed that, the Re Mind DLC launches for PlayStation 4 on January 23, 2020, and 25 February, 2020 on Xbox One!

The expansion adds a host of new content, including a new world, additional story content, some very cool new Keyblades, challenging boss battles, loads more options for photo mode, and a new menu that lets you tweak the difficulty in some exciting new ways.

Perhaps most excitingly for fans, it also brings back characters from the FINAL FANTASY series, including Aerith and Leon.

The Re Mind DLC is available to pre-order now. Alternatively, you can pre-order the KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind + Concert Video bundle, which also includes footage from the KINGDOM HEARTS – World of Tres – Orchestra concert in Osaka.


Thank you to Kingdom Hearts Insider for finding this information!

It is currently unclear whether this is referring to an existing world being given much more content, such as Scala ad Caelum or The Final World, or if it refers to an entirely new environment which will contain some of Re Mind's features. It is also possible that this might be a simple mistake. Regardless, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind releases on Thursday, January 23rd, so we will find out exactly what this entails soon!

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I'm very excited for this. I already got the items I need for the Oblivion keyblade and Oathkeeper keyblade, and I already got the Ultima Weapon. The new world sounds interesting? But I think it's just more content for either The Final World and Scala ad Caelum. It's cool to see Yuffie and the rest of the Final Fantasy characters again in Re:Mind. But to be honest I wasn't upset when they said the Final Fantasy characters were not in Kingdom Hearts 3 back in 2019. I love them and all but, in my opinion, I was okay without them in Kingdom Hearts 3. But I'm happy to see Yuffie, Squall/Leon, and Aerith again in Re:Mind and see what they've been up to.

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