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(SPOILERS) How much was Luxu manipulating things

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This is just a question that I had for a while. So at the end of 3, it turned out that Xigbar was Luxu the whole time and that he achieved some of his objectives, which somehow allowed him to bring back the foretellers. This caused me to question how much he has been manipulating events and people. While the events that happened somehow allowed him to achieve his goals, we never see him manipulating the seekers and he just joined them for his own agenda (maybe I forgot it). And I don't see him manipulating the guardians that much, except his part in making Terra use the darkness, which seemed to be more Xehanort's plan (maybe luxu did more, but I don't recall that). So I would like to ask, did he really manipulate anything himself, or did he just go along with xehanort's plan until it no longer benefitted him? He does work for a guy who can see the future, so I can see him being unconcerned about how the plan unfolds and just thinking that it will work out for him no matter what he does.

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I mean his role was to watch everything play out until after the second keyblade war. He went along with xehanort because he was the one interested in darkness and was needed to incite the keyblade war. Luxus role has always involved him to sort of being in the background while keeping an eye on events. There could be more to the story regarding things he did along the way that served his own purpose and manipulated certain events but we’ll have to see. 

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