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I made a hypothetical Challenger Pack for Sora if he ever got into Smash Ultimate

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Sora's possibilities for Smash Ultimate are...up in the air at the moment, so I decided to do a hypothetical Challenger Pack for the Keyblade wielder. My only limitations was to not use any Disney characters other than Donald and Goofy.



Intro: Sora appears from a save point and gets into his fighting stance

Stance/Idle 1: Sora holds his Keyblade near his right hip and looks around

Idle 2: Sora rests his Keyblade on his right shoulder for a second

Idle 3: Sora bares his teeth in the direction he's facing


Notable Palette Swaps:


  1. KH3 outfit (default)
  2. KH2 outfit (alternate costume)
  3. Riku (KH3 black)
  4. Roxas (KH2 white/red)
  5. Kairi (KH3 pink)
  6. Limit Form
  7. Donald Duck (KH3 blue)
  8. Goofy (KH2 green)


Walk: His walk from the games when in combat


Jog: His run from the games when in combat

Dash: Sora rests the Keyblade on his shoulders while running

Damage: His damage animation from the games

Jump: High Jump and Doubleflight

Crouch: Crouches down on one knee with his Keyblade pointing forwards


Normal Attacks


Jab: Speed Slash; Sora slashes twice (2% each hit, small knockback), and then does a quick circular slash (3%, OK knockback)

Forward+A: Slapshot; Sora performs a sideways uppercut with his Keyblade (5%, OK knockback)

Down+A: Sliding Dash; Sora performs a slide across the ground, slightly farther than Cloud’s but takes a bit more windup (7%, OK knockback)

Up+A: Upper Slash; Sora swings his Keyblade upwards (6%, OK knockback)


Aerial Attacks


Air+A: Magnet Burst; Sora briefly surrounds himself with an array of magnetic orbs that attract nearby opponents (3%). Pressing A again, if necessary, sends these orbs flying out (9%, OK knockback)

Air Forward+A: Aerial Finish; Sora performs a strong slash with a millisecond of windup (11%, OK knockback)

Air Back + A: Aerial Sweep; Sora slashes behind himself three times (8%, small knockback)

Air Up+A: Hurricane Blast; Sora performs three vertical moonsaults (9%, OK knockback)

Air Down+A: Diving Strike; Sora pauses for a bit before diving down and striking the ground with his Keyblade (11% with a meteor effect, OK knockback); he can slightly move to the left or right just before he dives

Dash Attack: Prism Windmill; Sora spins Keyblade in front of him, protected by a shield of light (8%, OK knockback)

Edge Attack: Last Charge; Sora lifts himself up and slams down to create a pillar of light (11%, OK knockback)

Get-up Attack: Vicinity Break; Sora sweeps the floor with his Keyblade in a 360 spin (9%, OK knockback)

Smash Attacks

Forward+A: Strike Raid; Sora throws his Keyblade forward as it spins (21%, medium knockback). This attack can be slightly angled in the direction the control stick is titled, and goes a bit further when the stick is flicked.

Up+A: Ripple Drive; Sora swings upwards and summons a barrier of light with rectangular patterns (21%, medium knockback)

Down+A: Explosion; three orbs of light surround Sora as he thrusts his Keyblade down to the ground (22%, medium knockback)


Grab Game


Grab: Sora casts Magnet and binds the opponent

Pummel: Sora headbutts the opponent with that thick skull of his (2%)

Forwards+Throw: Quick Blitz; Sora hops up and swings in a downward arc (9%, OK knockback)

Down+Throw: Fail-Safe; Sora spins once before tossing the opponent on the ground (8%, small knockback)

Back+Throw: Merge; Sora spins around backwards before hurling the opponent in that direction (11%, OK knockback)

Up+Throw: Lunge n' Launch; Sora hops and slashes upwards to launch the opponent (10%, OK knockback)


Special Moves


B : Magic Selection; Sora can select a magic spell from his list, similar to the Hero. Once a spell is selected, it will stay on that spell until another is selected, which can be done on the fly. You can cancel the selection by pressing the Shield button.

  • Firaga: Sora summons two rings of fire that encircle him (13%, OK knockback)
  • Blizzaga: Sora shoots three snowflakes that have a chance of freezing the opponent (10%, small knockback); using this in the air has Sora shoot them diagonally downward
  • Thundaga: Sora summons electricity from his Keyblade and forms a dome around himself (12%, OK knockback)
  • Aeroga: Sora surrounds himself in a windy barrier that halves damage taken and reflects projectiles; the spell lasts for 18 seconds
  • Curaga: Sora heals up to 150% taken damage, and can also heal allies by ⅓ regardless of how far away they are. This spell can only be used once per stock.

B + Forwards : Sonic Blade; Sora swiftly thrusts left and right up to six times with consecutive button presses (3%-4% each hit, small knockback) and finishes with a much more powerful thrust (7%, OK knockback); you can tilt the control stick to move either left or right, and the attack is faster on the ground

B + Up : Airstep; Sora travels in the pointed direction at the speed of light after releasing B (holding it slows him down for six seconds)

B + Down : Ars Arcanum; Sora charges up and unleashes a flurry of ten slashes (1.3% each hit, OK knockback), then finishes with three stronger slashes (5.2% each hit, OK knockback); the charge is canceled when the player lets go of B

Final Smash: Ragnarok; Sora jumps up and fires 24 shots of energy that home in on every opponent on the stage (2% each, small knockback)

Gimmick: Grand Magic; after pulling off successful combos, three arrows appear by Sora's HUD, one by one. Once a combo is successful with all three arrows, a command appears above Sora's icon, and pressing B will activate one of four Grand Magic spells, which are obtained by using one spell consistently. Only one Situation Command appears at a time, and that spell will appear for 20 seconds.

  • Firaza has Sora summon a giant fireball that can travel offscreen when it doesn't hit any opponents (33%, far knockback)
  • Blizzaza has Sora summon an actual blizzard that freezes every opponent on the stage for a bit (20%, small knockback)
  • Thundaza has Sora rain down a pillar of electricity in front of him (25%, medium knockback)
  • Aeroza has Sora summon a tornado that circles around him, sending opponents flying (20%, medium knockback)
  • Whenever you use a Grand Magic tier of a spell, that spell enters a 15-second cool down period




1: Sora wipes his nose and smiles

2: "My friends are my power!" Sora puts his hand to his chest and looks down

1+2: Sora performs performs the Funny Face Special



1: "That's the power of the Keyblade!" Sora's first victory animation from KH1, whenever he wins a tournament in Olympus Coliseum

2: “Nothing to it!” Sora's second victory animation from KH1, whenever he wins a tournament in Olympus Coliseum

3: “Oh yeah, take that!” Sora's third victory animation from KH1, whenever he wins a tournament in Olympus Coliseum; however, at the end of this version, Sora strikes a very familiar pose


Applause: Sora claps for the opponent


Icon: The heart and crown in KH series logo

Boxing Ring Title: Guardian of Light

Star K.O.: https://youtu.be/XgtJ3E5-I_A?t=558

Victory Music: A remix of Sora's theme

Kirby Hat: Sora's hair and necklace

Stage: Station of Awakening


Layout: Takes place in Sora’s Station of Awakening; the stage is completely flat, similar to Final Destination except you’re fighting on a giant cylinder. Seems simple, right?

Gimmicks and Hazards: Well, this stage comes with a twist; you’ll occasionally see projections of several KH-original worlds.

  • Destiny Islands; the bridge near the paopu fruit tree
    • Cameos by KH1 Riku and Kairi
  • Castle Oblivion; a seemingly empty room full of doors that take you to random parts of the stage
    • Cameo by Naminé
  • Twilight Town; the top of the train station’s clock tower
    • Cameos by Roxas, Axel and Xion
  • Land of Departure; A central platform in the middle, with two floating platforms on either side held together by a breakable chain
    • Cameos by Aqua, Terra and Ventus
  • Keyblade Graveyard; A stony stage with ravaged Keyblades that pop up from a random area of the screen (20%, medium knockback)
    • Cameos by Vanitas and Master Xehanort


Spirit Board

  1. Shadow (KINGDOM HEARTS) (Mr. Game & Watch x10 and Kirby x3, ★)
  2. Riku (Sora and Mario, ★★★)
  3. Kairi (Sora x3, ★★)
  4. Naminé (Rosalina & Luma, ★★)
  5. Lea (Roy, ★★)
  6. Marluxia (Corrin and Sheik, ★★★)
  7. Roxas (Sora, ★★★)
  8. Xion (Sora, ★★)
  9. Aqua (Sora, ★★★)
  10. Terra (Meta Knight, ★) -> Lingering Will (★★★★)
  11. Ventus (Sora, ★★)
  12. Young Xehanort (Ganondorf x13, ★★★) -> Master Xehanort (★★★★)
  13. Donald Duck & Goofy (Sora and Duck Hunt, ★★★★)


Classic Mode: World Tour


(fights characters from different 3rd party companies, almost like traveling to different video game worlds)

Round 1: Snake, Simon and Richter on Dracula's Castle (Vampire Killer)
Round 2: Sonic and Bayonetta on Green Hill Zone (Green Hill Zone)
Round 3: Mega Man, Ryu and Ken on Wily Castle Ω* (Mega Man 2 Medley)
Round 5: Cloud (150HP) on Coliseum Ω (Fight On!)
Round 6: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu (horde battle) on Mushroom Kingdom (Vim and Vigor)
Final Round: Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Station of Awakening Ω (The Encounter)

*This is a Stamina Battle where Sora fights one opponent at a time. Sora has 150HP while each of his opponents has 100HP

Mii Costumes

  • Riku (Swordfighter)
  • Kairi (Swordfighter)
  • Black Coat (Brawler)
  • Squall Leonhart (Sworfighter)
  • Neku Sakuraba (Brawler)

Just to reiterate; this is purely hypothetical. I don't expect Sora in Ultimate, this is just something I did for fun.

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