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Takeharu Ishimoto and TWEWY music x KH music

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With the recent release of NEOTWEWY, I've been thiking a lot about how Ishimoto's music sounds different across different franchises, and why that might be- I've recorded a new episode of my podcast where I go over how Ishimoto went about making some of his music for NEO and share some very sincere opinions of whether I feel he is a good composer or not. Hopefully this video will show that while I am critical of Ishimoto, there is nothing wrong with enjoying his music, and why I think it's important to pay attention to where certain elements from people's music can originate from!

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Since the time gap between these two episodes was so short, I thought I'd just post the followup for in over here haha



Following up on where we left off last episode, I attempt to simulate Ishimoto's creative process in order to further comprehend why certain issues sometimes arise in his works, and how to avoid them. Come catch up on the newest episode of the Sound Ideas podcast!
This episode's a bit on the longer side, so don't hesitate to skip ahead a bit if you find yourself uninterested on the nitty gritty of a specific section lol. I thought it was important to include a lot of how things were going wrong throughout the process and what was going through my head as I woked on it! I also recommend watching it in 1.5 speed if you're looking to save some time!

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