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What is your favorite Square Enix game of 2022?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Square Enix game of 2022?

    • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
    • Live A Live
    • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins
    • Triangle Strategy
    • Another game? Tell us below!

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My favorite game published by Square Enix this year was Star Ocean: The Divine Force. I'm a huge fan of the Star Ocean series, and my very first RPG was Star Ocean: The Second Story on the PS1. After Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness came out around 2015, I thought we would never see another new Star Ocean game again. Most people really disliked Integrity and Faithlessness, and while I found many aspects of it enjoyable, I personally felt that Integrity and Faithlessness was just okay overall. We did get the mobile game, Star Ocean: Anamnesis a few years later, as well as remasters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Star Ocean: First Departure throughout those few years as well, so that was a reassuring sign for me. And when Star Ocean: The Divine Force was first announced, I was part of the niche fanbase who was actually excited to see a new Star Ocean.

I was cautiously optimistic about it leading up to the release, but when it finally released in late October, and when I finally finished the game a couple weeks ago (at least from one of the characters' viewpoint; I still need to do the other route), I was safely able to say that I was very satisfied with it. It certainly wasn't perfect, and the Star Ocean series as a whole isn't always everyone's cup of tea, but I personally felt very impressed by Star Ocean: The Divine Force. My favorite in the series is still Star Ocean 2, but I am still very satisfied with this new sixth mainline entry in the Star Ocean series.

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