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Just a couple easy questions about E3

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I recently moved to the L.A. area September of last year so I'm HIGHLY excited that I will be able to go to as many E3's as I want!!! The thing is, I've never been to one so does anyone know how it works? Main questions:


1. Can you buy your tickets online?

2. Is this new Square Enix conference being held at E3 itself viewed on the screen there or is it at some other building? I must take advantage of this since it's literally less than 20 mins away from me! :D

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Sadly, E3 is a trade only event, meaning if you don't have ties to the industry(eg media, or working in the gaming industry) you generally can't attend. I believe you even have to apply showing proper credentials that you are indeed professionally involved in the industry in order to attend. Otherwise it's not open to the general public.


Bummer really...because how cool would it be to actually attend the event? But I'm sure they keep it closed to the general public for understandable reasons.


1.I'm not sure about buying tickets online, I assume it would be difficult, if possible at all. 

2. I'm also assuming the Square Enix conference will be held at E3. I mean they've done conferences on the show floor in the past, so I wouldn't put it past them to do it again.

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E3 is primarily a press event, you need to be able to provide proof that you're professionally involved in the games industry to get a pass

and passes cost 800-1000 dollars

just watch the stream

everyone I know who's been to E3 says it sucks to actually be there

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