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  1. So...yeah...this is extremely embarrassing but I feel like this has to be done because believe it or not, I actually really do have a conscience. For those of you who knew me on my old account, or have been offended by me and my multiple personalities, I apologize. Sincerely. I'm utterly heartbroken because now I can't show my face around here anymore without shame. I used Raziel to unleash the true monster that's inside of me and I will carry this guilt with me for the years to come, especially because this website is the only one in existence that I would be interested in making friends on since this series is my passion. Trust me, I have shed actual real tears over this, because I really do wish I could have been that kind guy that I was basically faking to be. This will be my last post, in order to leave on a good note and to make sure that my evil presence is gone forever. I promise. I feel so bad for the mods that have to deal with me all the time. Especially you, Flaming Lea. I'm honestly not trying to be rude by not reading your PMs, I'm just ashamed of myself is all. Wow, I cried a lot while typing this. Guys, I truly am dead inside. Goodbye, KH13. T_T ~K.M.
  2. I recently moved to the L.A. area September of last year so I'm HIGHLY excited that I will be able to go to as many E3's as I want!!! The thing is, I've never been to one so does anyone know how it works? Main questions: 1. Can you buy your tickets online? 2. Is this new Square Enix conference being held at E3 itself viewed on the screen there or is it at some other building? I must take advantage of this since it's literally less than 20 mins away from me!
  3. There are no visual setbacks...In fact, there has been an interview with Nomura where he mentioned that the graphics that we have seen in the two trailers that we've gotten are FAR from the final product and will be MUUUCH better. The trailer that was only shown to a select few people at some event last year proves that statement because everyone who saw it said the graphics and lighting have been massively updated compared to the first two trailers. The PS3 or 360 won't be able to handle it since that's the case.
  4. Yes they WERE in the RoD at the end of KH2. Riku even says to Sora "If the world is made up of light and darkness...we'll be the darkness." And sora sits down on the beach and says "Yeah." Plus the the glowing rocks there are EXACTLY the same as the ones in the RoD. Those special rocks wouldn't be used in a different world. And on TOP of those points Aqua says that she has been wandering endlessly for years when she reaches the beach. You can't just "wander" out of the RoD. And it looks like the same beach because it /is/ the same beach...They were just there at a different time than Sora and Riku...Flaming Lea is not needed here.
  5. lol it's funny to see my thread bumped after this long. Yes, I'm the topic creator. And they do this every April 1st.
  6. And have Sora become a Keyblade Master and take him under his wing, epically training him. We still have yet to see a newly named Master train anyone...So I wonder if we'll ever see Riku train someone. It would suck if we didn't, because that's one of the Master's main aspects...Training new Keyblade weilders.If it never showed Riku train anyone over the course of this series, it would just be a title for the sake of the title and that would be pretty...lame.
  7. Hmm...I think I like this idea. I'm REALLY hoping that KH3 is the hardest game in the series since it's the final showdown and it needs that feeling of intensity. That would definitely make the game harder, so that's a plus. I want to have a sense of accomplishment for killing bosses, because since I'm SO SKILLED at KH games now, I can clear the entirety of KH1 on Proud with dying only 3 times total, and TWO of those were totally weird and like "how did I even die here...-_-"
  8. This wouldn't be good news at ALL, even if it /were/ true. It would just mean more people and resources separated from working on KH3...The group making that game COULD BE WORKING ON KH3 TO SPEED UP ITS' DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. WE'VE ALREADY BEEN WAITING 10 YEARS. So, thanks, but NO thanks. (My screams aren't directed towards you, just the people who actually want something like this. The development process of KH3 would be DRAMATICALLY slower if they didn't have the extra help they could have been using instead of stupidly wasting time on something like this.)
  9. Not to mention it would feel random as hell and ruin the feel that this saga gave/gives with it being pretty much pure Disney. It would make more sense to put it in the next saga, but even then I prefer the cutesy disney aspect of these games.
  10. It would be dumb if he was a lion again. Yeah it was awesome the first time, but let KH3 be UNIQUE and have a DIFFERENT animal for sora to be, such as a fox in a Fox and the Hound world, or a wolf in whatever Disney movie that revolves around wolves. There's bound to be one. That would be so much cooler...Canines are superior in coolness. Plus SCREW adding in Disney worlds that we've already freakin' been to and add something else we have NEVER been to. You literally didn't even list a single new one, when there are SO MANY amazing possibilites such as Hawaii in Lilo and Stitch (not that lame Deep Space garbage), Pocahontas, Brother Bear (bear cub Sora omg.), The Black Cauldron, ETC. I'll make an exception for Halloween Town because it could possibly look like real claymation with PS4 graphics and that would be outstanding. But NO MORE REPEATS.
  11. Yeah this frog isn't even a boss. It's just a dream eater, and one of the easiest to kill at that. It just takes forever to kill since it has 12 bars of HP. While it's very possible this suggested world might be in KH3, I don't think this is a hint at all. It doesn't resemble anything in that movie other than the fact that it's a frog prince. If it were, it'd be the /only/ dream eater to represent a Disney character. Another reason why I don't think it is...
  12. He's not going to look like Ventus if he comes back...Why would he? Wrong. Plus he's even voiced by Haley...(Sora). And it showed him as Sora in DDD. That would be lame, anyways. It wouldn't be Vanitas anymore. I'm pretty sure he's going to possess Sora somehow. In fact, it's almost a given, thinking about how amazing it would be. I'd actually be pissed if it didn't happen.
  13. Alike?! Dude you read my MIND LOL. I also have thought about the feeling of "it would be awesome to see them age, because we age and grow up with them." x D! Especially since I've been playing this series since 2004; even before CoM came out for the GBA. You should stream some of your KH3 playthrough live! I LOVE how the PS4 can do that so easily with literally the press of a single button.
  14. I could not agree with you more about them GROWING UP for the next saga. I like you; your opinions always match mine! Lol. I've seen some people on this site argue against such an amazing idea, saying they don't want to ever see Sora turn even 18. Just stay 16 for the rest of the series. That's a horrendous opinion, in my opinion. I want to see what they're up to when they're older too. They're not ageless! They AGE!
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