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  1. Who is No heart, really? Is he a nobody, a heartless, or an empty armor like Lingering Will and Armor of the Master? Is he a keyblade wielder or does he have his own unique weapon like the Unknown..... or BOTH? In BBS FM he uses a keyblade, "Xehanort's", while in KH2 he uses this Buster Sword+Sephiroth's sword abomination and some buildings along with some of the Organization XIII's other weapons. Why? Or rather, HOW? Yet Xemnas uses laser swords and YX uses laser swords with grips (show off) and a different keyblade. If they are ALL the SAME PERSON, how do they have multiple weapons? And how does No heart form? In KH2 Xemnas apparently puts on the armor after Sora beats him, but Ventus, Terra, and Aqua only get the armor by using these ''switches", however he doesn't. And in BBS FM, is he not canon-considering he only comes in the mirage arena? Because it can't be AX, can it? But AX is in Radiant Garden at the time, and we can't say for sure he knows about the mirage arena (unless it is a training ground/tournament arena for keyblade wielders or something, because it has access to different worlds). But the most irritating question is WHY DOES XEHANORT/XEMNAS USE THIS THING ? He stated by himself in his own reports that when he took off his armor in the Lanes Between/World Map, and got influenced by the darkness, he LOVED it. And the only use for the armors we have seen so far is protection FROM the darkness, Xehanort's main source of power, and the whole reason that Heartless and Nobodies exist, and he has control over both. GO CRAZY WITH YOUR ANSWERS
  2. If you have a PC, you can download a GBA emulator AND the game itself from a website called emuparadise.me
  3. I personaly want Sora to be more like Riki Ryugasaki of B-Daman Crossfire. A pro, but still a bit childish and dense. Also having a new kid who's about the same age as Sora was in KH1, who aspires Sora and wants to be like him, but at the same time... an awesome Keyblade wielder, that would be epic.
  4. My older brother and sister had a ps1 when I was 2, and before I made 3, we got a PS2. And my first video game was Digimon on PS1 , don't remember wich one.
  5. Haven't any body wondered? If KH 3 is the last game in the Xeahanort saga... What's the next saga's gonna be like? Is Sora and the rest will still be there, or will the heroes change? Stuff like that. If you have a clue or a suggestion about it, share it.
  6. Anybody ever played Jetpack Joyride? it's awesome

  7. I joined last year when I was 11, now I am 12
  8. Doubt it, because they're gonna look for aqua, wich means that they'll go to the realm of darkness & maybe "The end of the world" from KH 1. Also, it's clear that the final fight will be at the Keyblade Graveyard.
  9. Ok, so I had this Idea recently & I think it would be awesome: How would anybody like having characters outside Disney & square Enix in the KH games? example:Dreamworks! I want anyone who reads this to give me at least one character & from where is he/she/it ok? Go
  10. I would say: "Dad, can I go to a doctor? I'm having a nervous breakdown of awesomeness"
  11. There's a chance I won't be getting it, but if I do it'll be next april. 'cause I made a deal with my teacher: if we finish the whole book by the end of the year, I'm gonna exchange his iphone 4s with a 6, but if we don't he's gonna get me 2.5 (too bad we don't have even KH1 in my country)
  12. Actually I was playing KH2 last saturday, It was my first time to beat the game in proud mode (just for the secret movie) since I first played it 7 years ago, & I died 4 times in the black & white coated Xemnas. As for BBS I wanted to play it yesterday & continue my first proud mode Aqua (also for the secret movie) And I am SUFFERING to play RE:coded (note that I've only Played in my whole life KH2 BBS & RE:chain of memories)
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