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  1. .............Is the dress black and blue or white and gold?
  2. This is not true, Clayton died. The step mother and sisters from BBS died, Mufasa from the pride lands died and Scarr as well. Further more, in KHII in the Disney Castle you see picture of Mickey's "Ancestors" meaning they aren't alive anymore. 3rd point is that in "Their reality" there is NO difference between FF characters and Disney characters. They aren't the book of phrophies can see into the future and draw power from it in the form of Cards and in this case medals.
  3. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> An update that does what? Do we know?
  4. First Fandom was indeed Harry potter.... Read all the books, Watched all the movies twice (except for the last 2 I only saw once) and played every Harry potter Video game up till 6 (Excluding the lego one) 2nd Fandom I guess would have to be the Percy Jackson series But both pale in comparison of my Kingdom hearts fandom.
  5. ~When You walk away, You don't hear me say~ ~ohhhhh oh baby~ ~Don't go~ ~Simple and clean is the way you are making me feel Tonight~
  6. I'm moving tomorrow, I'm excited.

  7. I would eat the Seeing-eye dog (Now everyone knows I'm american!) I would then have a chat with the Gorilla Would you rather live under the sea or in the trees?
  8. I need to go get the "~New~ 3DS" at some point soon, so I can buy Xenoblade Chronicles... except no one can get me a ride :(...

    1. Joker
    2. Shana09


      call the cab

      use the subway


  9. Damnit, that moment when I'm in a public place but I don't have my headphones....

    1. Joker


      just turn the volume up. dfv

    2. Joker


      just turn the volume up. dfv

    3. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      like I have the social courage to draw attention to myself.

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