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Sora96's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a third-person shooter developed by IO Interactive, the creators of Hitman, originally published by Eidos Interactive and now published by Square Enix for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC.


As an early PS3/360 title it's not taking advantage of the hardware and graphically it's nothing impressive but that doesn't mean it's that bad. For 2007 it looks pretty good.


Music/sound effects are all good, I have no issues.


Gameplay wise it's pretty good, a chapter structure and a first for IO Interactive at the time, a story driven game. The story has its fair twists and turns and even has two endings and the story is enjoyable. Some moments are also quite fun. However there's also bugs, poor aiming and to be honest the game is hard.


There is multiplayer, but of course no one plays it in 2015.


There's achievements in the Xbox 360 version but none in the PlayStation 3 or PC versions. It would have been nice if they added trophies when they re-released the game digitally for PlayStation 3. 


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a quality game but has its fair share of problems. It is available both physically and digitally for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. It is also now available on PlayStation Now.



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Cool, I didn't even know it had two endings, that's always pretty rad.


One thing that bears mentioning about the story- pretty much the entire thing is in media res. There are little to no exposition dumps of any kind, and the writing and the actors do an admirable job of making it all seem natural. The only time backstory or things like that are explicitly stated are when characters in the story actually need it to be explained to them, and it makes the narrative flow really well. It's really admirable.


(Also yes it's kinda balls hard even on Easy, but there's plenty of checkpoints at least.)

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