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FINAL FANTASY: THE 4 HEROES OF LIGHT is a spin-off developed by Matrix Software and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS. Directed & written by Takashi Tokita, who had just come off directing & executive producing the full 3D remake of FINAL FANTASY IV with producer and fellow writer Tomoya Asano who went on to create the Bravely franchise. Additionally, music composed by Naoshi Mizuta who went on to work on FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 and LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII with character designs by Akihiko Yoshida who of course designed the main characters in FINAL FANTASY XII and FINAL FANTASY XIV.


Like many other Tokita helmed Matrix Software titles, this title's concept seems to be making a SNES-era game for modern hardware. And it achieves that quite well, however without the epic story.


The story is more like the NES-era, with a simple story that has it's moments such as turning into a cat but overall it's too simple for my taste. I don't want to play a 20-30 hour game with a simple story.


Gameplay is pretty good, it has returned to the traditional turn-based-combat but it has to, this is a new battle system which uses "Boost" commands rather than your typical magic points. This is an interesting idea, but far too often you'll find yourself needing to "Boost" to get the "points" needed to heal your character, problem is you'll probably die if you do. A better idea would have been to make you guard while boosting. You also have very limited room in your inventory.


Exploring dungeons is as per usual straight forward, nothing too complicated here.


Saving requires you to meet a man who pops up now and then with his dog or is it a fox? He'll ask you to save, and of course you will.


The Job System also returns, however it's nothing on the level of FINAL FANTASY X-2's Job System.


Art direction is pretty good, but nothing to get excited over.


Music is exactly what it should be, SNES-style.


FINAL FANTASY: THE 4 HEROES OF LIGHT is the team that remade FINAL FANTASY III and FINAL FANTASY IV trying to make their very own SNES-style game but with no epic story and some ideas that could be worked on. It's only worth recommending if you're fine with simple & long stories with at times challenging gameplay.



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