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Text My Kingdom Hearts Story: Rising Darkness

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The first story of the series is here for any new readers: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/83888-my-kingdom-hearts-story-two-universes-collide/

The sequel begins here after the events of Two Universes Collide.



      It's been a while since I defeated my number one enemy. I have fought in a dark war beforehand though. I fought in the Keyblade War and lived to tell the tale. Not many can do that. My close encounters with darkness and my dark fate have been hard and challenging to overcome and I almost fell to darkness, but I already became my ancestor as he took up residence within me and so he helped me bring me back to the light. With bringing me back to light, I fought a dark warrior with a heart covered in darkness, a Xehanort who became the fourteenth darkness, and a giant that was bigger and stronger than Godzilla. However, these were mere tastes of darkness overall. My true challenge against darkness came against my number one enemy. He was darkness and did what darkness did. After defeating him by escaping death and using the power of Kingdom Hearts, my light was strong and grew stronger. My friends also overcame powerful darkness too and their lights grew stronger. However, I forgot a very important thing. There is a saying "the stronger one's light, the stronger their darkness". I would eventually realize that I had to fight my own darkness, while clashing with a rival who is trying to replace myself and my friends. While I fight my darkness and beat back the rival, I would discover something extraordinary. I would discover a hidden treasure on Earth as old as the Keyblade War and in a place I would least expect; tucked away where no one on Earth would ever find in a place hidden to the world.

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*Remains blinking as I finish reading the summary.*


Alright, this has me jacked up!  Transcendent what's his name enjoyed your other story, and I took a peek at it myself, and I gotta say, you wrote yourself a cool story! Can't wait to see what you'll have cooked up for this one!  I'll just sit here and eat chimichangas in the meantime! :3


*Eats chimichangas and sits on a beach chair, like if I was waiting in front of the cinema from early in the morning to be the first in line for a movie premiere!*

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Chapter 1: Testimony

      Yen Sid was rather shocked at hearing the four boys in the office say they were looking for him and to say they were the Supreme Elite. There were only four of them and they were the four original that were reborn. He was suspicious too because he had no clue who these four are. They were complete strangers to him and he has come to know many keyblade wielders, but these four are unknown to him.

      "You claim you all are the Supreme Elite?" he asked them. The brown haired boy nodded.

      "Yup, we are," he replied. "You know the tale of the Supreme Elite's successors right? Well you see, they had six students and those students had successors. However, each four of them had their own separate successors and they passed down their power. It eventually made it's way to us through hidden means and now, we have taken up that mantle that's over 3000 years old from the original Supreme Elite." He said all of this with a smile and nodded at the end. Yen Sid narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly and smiled.

      "Ah, but you have missed something," he said. "You are quite aware of what the original Supreme Elite did after their fall to fate, yes?" The brown haired boy lost his smile immediately. "You see, the Supreme Elite's hearts found their way to their successors and in their hearts, told them to put their hearts to sleep and hidden away. They would be awakened when four who look exactly like them came near and then they the Elite would enter them and be born again and live. The four you have seen in the Keyblade War are the true Supreme Elite. The original Elite live again and have stood in my midst upon the spot you all stand upon now." The brown haired boy looked frustrated and turned his face down and away immediately after Yen Sid's testimony. This expression of his, is this denial he is expressing? Yen Sid waited for a response. The black haired boy, who is the tallest of them, then spoke to the brown haired boy.

      "Look Axeron-" he said, but then Axeron cut him off abruptly.

      "No Soraxan!" he yelled. Yen Sid's eyes went wide immediately. He did not expect such denial this powerful. He knew it was denial, but this Axeron here seems to believe it's truth. Why is he in denial though? That he did not know.

      We'll show you..." Axeron said to Yen Sid. "We'll show you we are the true Supreme Elite. These look-alikes will not put us aside and trample us over. We'll show you who the true Elite are!" Then he points to his black, blond, and red haired friends respectively. "Soraxan, Derron, Braxon, and I will all show you that we are the true Elite! Come on guys!" He motioned to them to follow him and a light corridor appeared in the office. They went through it and disappeared along with the corridor. Yen Sid felt concerned now after this meeting with them. Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian now have rivals who claim they are the true carriers of the crown passed. He was concerned on what these rivals might do to the seven lights. However, he assured himself that they all can handle these four rivals. However, this wasn't what bugged him. He sensed a darkness with the Supreme Elite's essences. He sensed it started to take action. He needed to warn the Supreme Elite and soon.


      Shane was at home just enjoying himself. He would eventually head off to college and begin a new life. It was just him at home for now. Shane had a feeling that he could not show who he was and so never wore his Supreme Elite clothing. He never told anyone except his family and they swore to secrecy. He and the rest of the Elites told only their families and all of them swore to secrecy. It has been months since the Keyblade War's end and the world has been rebuilt by the keyblade wielders of light. They did so for, as Shane knows through the tale, this world has been precious in their sight and needed to be protected, left alone, and kept away from the Kingdom Hearts Universe as much as possible. The thing is, Kingdom Hearts has been shining over the Cinderella Castle and so this world and this universe has become a part of the Kingdom Hearts universe. In fact, the two universes collided. It really changed the way Shane was as a person and changed his life. The same for his friends and family. They all accepted it though and decided to live their normal lives, but keep their other side hidden. They could not tell anyone who they also are and so they live like Hannah Montana with two identities, not telling anyone who they are. Shane was texting other people when the mail came by.

      "Oh good, the mail is here," he said and so he went out and went to his mailbox to get the mail. Nothing much for today; just some magazines, advertisements, and bills his parents needed to pay. He was about to go back into his house when he heard a vehicle come up behind him on the street. He turns and sees a black motorcade pull up in front of his driveway. It stops and a man with a tuxedo and black shades came out of the passenger seats. It was the Secret Service. He had short black hair and was at least five inches taller than Shane. He got out of the vehicle and walked toward Shane.

      "Excuse me son," he said to Shane "have you seen this person?" He pulled out his iPhone and showed an image of a person to Shane. Shane had goosebumps go up and down himself for he saw Ben on it in his Supreme Elite form. It looked like he caught it when he was outside in the Magic Kingdom fighting in the Keyblade War.

      "I have seen him before," Shane replied.

      "Well, if you ever come across him, please give this to him," the serviceman pulled out an envelope with the seal of the United States on it and gave it to Shane. Shane took it with uneasiness.

      "Thank you," he replied to the serviceman. The serviceman nodded and went back into the motorcade and the car drove off. Shane went to his house through the front door, put down the mail he got from the mailbox on the kitchen table, and opened the envelope with the U.S seal on it. A letter was in it and so he began to read it. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock.


      It was a beautiful day in the city. People were walking around minding their own business and walking to and fro toward their destinations. Suddenly,  the ground shakes and they hear booming like big foots steps. A shadow then is cast over them immediately and they look up.

      "It's Jackzilla! RUN!" one screams and everyone starts scrambling in fear. Jackzilla is about twice the height of the skyscrapers. He is big wearing his light navy blue sweatpants with no shirt on and barefoot. He has a bit of a stomach because of some fat, but that fat makes him bigger and stronger and more terrifying. The ground shakes with every booming step he takes. He looks down and sees the people in fear running around and away from him. He then pounds his chest and roars spreading fear throughout the city. He then begins with his feet to crush the smaller buildings, vehicles and everything under his feet. He uses his fists to smash the taller buildings and knock them over. He pounds his chest and roars again. He then walks up to a building that goes up to his belly button and looks at it while growling a little. He then grabs the middle part with both hands and pulls the top half off and raises it above his head. His big arms and huge strength allow him to do so. He then eats everything from within the building from the building itself, to the furniture, to people. He then throws the building down and stomps on it and walks on continuing his destruction.

      "Cool. Nice job Jack," I said. I was hanging out at Jack's house and as part of hanging out, we made a video with a mixture of effects of green screen, creating an actual city from buildings made of paper and some from styrofoam with drawings of windows, and computer graphics. Jack continued on acting like a giant and rampage the small city while roaring himself and well as pretending to pick up tiny people and eating them. The computer graphics made things easier to make it movie like. We finally finished the video and Jack stopped acting like a giant and acted normally. I pressed the button to stop recording the video and saved it.

      "Thanks Ben, this was fun," Jack said. My phone went off sounding a text message has been received. I go to it and go to my text messages and take a look at what is there. I see a message from Shane. When I open the conversation up, I read what he sent and my eyes widen and my jaw drops in shock.

      "What is it?" Jack asks as he puts on a shirt after acting like Jackzilla. I show him the screen with the message and keep my expression the same. He looks at it and the text message says got a letter from Congress from secret service. you were spotted in the keyblade war. want you to show up for senate committee hearing within five days. Jack was stunned at seeing the message.

      "They must have had a drone filming the whole war," Jack said. "What are you going to do?" I had to think for a second. Clearly, the whole world knows about myself and my friends as we were from the war. I had to do it.

      "I will go to Washington and testify on our behalf," I replied. Jack nodded and finished getting his normal clothes on. Light enveloped me and I transformed into my Elite self. I breathed in and out of my nose and kept my mouth shut. This would not be simple.


      "Today, we are here hearing the testimony of this young lad here," the senator said after we all said the Pledge of Allegiance and I took an oath under God to tell the truth by placing my left hand on a Bible, since I am Catholic, and raising my right hand pledging to tell the truth. There were eight senators, four from each political party, up on a bench and I am sitting at a bench below looking up at them. "So, what exactly happened in Walt Disney World a few months ago?"

      "A great war broke out," I replied "it was a war that was first fought thousands of years ago in a different universe."

      "Ah, when you say another universe," a different senator asked "what does that mean? There is only one universe you know."

      "There is only one universe yes," I replied "but what is out there is something completely different like it is another universe altogether."

      "Tell us then, what exactly is this?" a senator from the second seat left from the center asked.

      "It is the Kingdom Hearts universe," I said plainly. I then told everything about what Mr. Iger told me about the Kingdom Hearts universe and Supreme Elite, but did not bring his name up to keep him from being brought into the mix. The senators listened and did not say a thing. They did not show any expression, but they did appear to try really hard to hold back shock from their faces. Once I finished, it was quiet for a few seconds, which felts like hours. The farthest senator to the right then spoke up.

      "So really, this goes back thousands of years and we had no clue it happened," he said. "Why shouldn't we think this is just an over sized fight that brought people from around the country and world together and riot and decide to start a civil war because of political differences?"

      "I don't think such a war would spread darkness all over the world and cast darkness over it," I replied. "Plus, the big heart shaped moon over Cinderella Castle is Kingdom Hearts. They would have nothing to do with that." The senators nodded and there was some murmuring among the press people behind me.

      "Some of the senators who aren't a part of this committee," the senator seated three seats right from the center said "have said that since there are no other real traces of people like you the FBI and CIA can find, you and your friends should be held responsible for this warfare. Why shouldn't you be put in a special institution for this? Especially since footage shows you and your friends doing rather unseen and strange things." I was rather annoyed, but actually, I realized I could play it coolly here and so I smirked a little.

      "You won't put me in one," I replied. "Why? You need people like me to keep this world safe. Besides, I will be in one place ready if you need me." I got up and then started walking away out the door. The press went nuts with pictures and noise. A senator then called out to me one last time.

      "Wait! What is your name son?" he asked. I stopped and turned my head back a little and looked back. The press quieted down so they all can here me.

      "The name's Polemistis," I said. Then I looked forward and walked out the door. There was press outside all crowded around. Many news reporters were broadcasting the whole event. They were barricaded off with security too. Regular people were cheering and applauding for me because they all have seen the news and the footage and watched my testimony before the senate committee. There must have been thousands. I was rather stunned at the sight. I did not realize I was that famous as well as my friends. Now, we have a responsibility to carry out. We have to do so correctly because innocent people now count on us.

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Ooh, that is sweet!  Great job on this first chapter, I definitely loved it!  I can already tell your writing's become even better since your last story!  Definitely loved the introduction and all those doses of drama added in for good measure! Looks like even though a few months have passed, Ben and friends won't be off the hook just yet! And these four wannabes that appeared in Yen Sid's tower...huh, I'm very interested in seeing how they play out in all this!  


Overall, great intro, bud!  I'm sure Transcendent what's his name would say the same!  Speaking of Transcendent what's his name, here's the poster you commissioned him to draw for your story! :D

Posted Image


Can't wait to read more!  I'll definitely be looking forward to this!  *Eats a taco.* Great job! :D

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Chapter 2: A New Confrontation

      After the hearing in Washington with the Senate committee, I decided to go to Walt Disney World and get away from it all. Since my parents know perfectly well about my journey and other identity, they know that I have to keep it secret. I opened a light corridor from a place hidden to everyone in D.C and went to Walt Disney World. I came out in the Magic Kingdom and I changed to my normal clothing. I wanted to relax and just get away from society. I walked around Magic Kingdom with ease and a slight smile on my face. I enjoyed it all and everything around here. I merely took my time and just walked around and went on some attractions. My friends weren't here, but that was okay for I wanted to be alone. It was a great day. Finally, the sun was towards the west and just about ready to begin setting. I was walking on the sidewalk on Main Street and there were many people around.

      Suddenly, there were explosions on the street and there were people screaming and moving around in fear. I finally look and see four people dressed in black clothing with dark keyblades in hand. They were firing dark orbs all over the place and causing chaos.

      "Now, everyone's attention please!" one of them said and waved his keyblade and created a banging noise. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned toward the dark keyblade warrior. He had black hair with gold highlights. His eyes were purple and he wore half armor and half clothing that was also black with some dark gold.

      "Now, the four of us are looking for someone in particular," he announced. "We are looking for a certain person named Polemistis." I knew they were after me. In fact, I moved in the midst of the still crowd while the four were talking. "We think there are some among you who know where he is. Please step forward now and speak." People started looking at each other and became rather unsure. I stopped at that moment and waited until I should take action again at the right time. Meanwhile, people expressed their uncertainty.

      "We have no clue where he is," one person called out.

      "We wouldn't know where he is all the time because he is always hidden," another person said. The keyblade warrior shook his head in disappointment.

      "Tsk tsk tsk, pity," he said to them all. "It looks like I have to force an answer." One person called out to him challenging him. That's when I began to move again getting away from the action for the moment being.

      "Why would we tell you even if if we knew?" he asked. The dark warrior looked at him and grinned maniacally.

      "Because lives are at stake starting with yours," he replied and fired a dark orb toward the challenger. The orb hit just before the challenger and the crowd around him and created an explosion and sent people scrambling in fear.

      "Looks like I am going to have to force someone to answer," he said to himself. He then looked around and saw a boy with blond short hair with blue eyes. He looked like he could be no more than twelve or thirteen years old. He motioned his comrades to seize the boy. They surrounded him and grabbed him.

      "No! No! Stop! Let me go!" the kid shouted.

      "No! Let him go!" his mother screamed. The three comrades brought the boy to the middle of Main Street and let go of him. They had keyblades in hand and kept them in hand in case the kid tried to get away.

      "Now kid," the dark warrior said to him "I am going to ask you a couple times. If your answers are not satisfactory, then you'll be turned into a bloody mess and your family will watch you die. Now tell me, where is Polemistis?"

      "I don't know! I wouldn't know!" the boy replied. The warrior got irritated and walked up to the kid and struck him across the face.

      "Leave him alone!" the mother shouted.

      "I don't like the attitude sonny!" the warrior said angrily. "Now, again, where is he? Tell me or your life ends rather soon!" The boy was now in tears and really afraid. 

      "I don't know! I swear I don't know!" he begged now. The warrior sighed and pursed his lips.

      "Fine then, it looks like this will have to be incentive for someone else to talk," he said. The three comrades of his seized the boy and held him in place. The head keyblade warrrior summoned his keyblade and prepared to stab the kid. People were now screaming and shouting and pleading for the warrior to not do it, but of no avail.

      He was going to stab the kid when suddenly, I teleported through lightning into the midst of them with keyblade in hand in my ancestral form and created a shockwave that sent all of them flying backwards a ways. Thunder and some flashes of lightning erupted as well after I teleported. As I stared at the warrior, the crowd cheered and clapped for me. I still kept my eyes on the warrior.

      "You called?" I said sarcastically. The warrior smiled when he saw me.

      "Ah, at last," he said "I have been waiting to finally see you."

      "Why have you been looking for me anyway?" I asked.

      "You see, the Dark Elite have need of you," the warrior replied. "They would like to see you immediately and requested I bring you to them."

      "If I refuse?" I asked.

      "Then the orders were to force you to come," he replied. I merely scoffed at the suggestion. I had no clue who these Dark Elite were, but trouble. Besides, I don't take orders from any enemy.

      "Pity, and I thought we could do this the easy way," he responded. "Fine then, we'll make you comply." He and his comrades took stance with keyblades in hand. I did the same and then they all charged toward me. I was ready for all of them and I managed to fight all of them at once using not only magic from my keyblade and hands, but I also used the keyblade bearers as shields against the other and had one strike the other sometimes. I stabbed one dead and threw him into the other. He was sent back some, but managed to brush off the thrown dead warrior and charged at me. I threw my keyblade at him and it hit him and stabbed him in the middle of his chest killing him. Then the other comrade grabbed me from behind and tried to put me in a choke hold while the head warrior attempted to charge and stab me. I put my chin to my chest and flipped the comrade over causing his feet to strike the head warrior in the face forcing him to fall back. The comrade was now on the ground and with motion of my hand, I made the motion like an elbow strike and had my keyblade come down in a strike raid and stabbed the comrade killing him. I pulled my keyblade out of him and waited for the head warrior to attack. He came right at me and we fought for a little while. Then, I slashed across his abdomen and he screamed and grabbed his chest. He then went on his knees and breathed heavily. He then chuckled and looked up at me.

      "Why don't you finish me off?" he asked.

      "I don't win when one is at their weakest," I replied.

      "Hmph, typical of you Polemistis," he replied. He then fell over and breathed his last. The crowd around me cheered and applauded my good deed. They then began to leave while shouting complements, but some stayed, came up to me, and congratulated me. The kid that was threatened came up to me and looked up at me.

      "Hey, thanks there," he said.

      "No problem kid," I replied. "you can rely on me to be there."

      "Hey, uh, do you think that I can wield a keyblade?" he asked. I thought for a little bit.

      "The keyblade chooses the master," I replied. The boy looked down, but then I put my gloved hand on his shoulder and he looked up at me. "I sense a strong heart in you though and if you keep it strong and develop, you will one day." He smiled and nodded. His parents thanked me and they went away. The bodies and keyblades of the dark warriors vaporized in a dark vapor and disappeared. Then, a dark corridor opened up. Then, a mysterious figure came out of it. He wore a black coat and had his hood up. He smiled as he looked at me; I could only see the smile, but not the rest of his face.

      "My oh my, you certainly are strong," he said.

    "Who are you?" I asked.

      "Who me? I am merely another stranger to you," he replied. "Although, I guess you can consider me your dark enemy if you so wish."

      "Look, what do you want?" I demanded.

      "I merely want you to give up this endeavor to protect this world and its light," he replied.

      "Go scratch! There is no way of God's green Earth I will stop protecting this world!" I snapped back.

      "Hmph, fine, then I guess that I will eventually force you to and show why you must," he replied. He then opened up a dark corridor and began to walk toward it.

      "Wait! Who are you?" I asked again. He stopped and looked back at me.

      "I am merely darkness," he said. "Let's say you and I have a connection." He then walked into the corridor and disappeared in which the corridor also disappeared too. I stared at the place where he just was. Connection? How are we connected? Who is he? I had too many questions to ask. Then, I felt someone nearby. I saw my friends and they were here as well. They saw me and ran up to me. They were not in ancestral form.

      "Who was that Ben, I mean, Polemistis?" Adrian asked since we were in public. We had to go somewhere a little more private to talk. I didn't need people to notice my friends and thereby blow their identities.

      "I don't know. He said we had some connection," I explained. "He also wanted me to stop protecting Earth and will force me to stop along with showing me why." My friends stared into space in thought.

      "I think we might have to go to Yen Sid and report this," Jack replied.

      "Good thing you mentioned it because he needs to see you," a voice said. I look behind me and I see the Foreteller of my Union Leopardos there.

      "Sa bo nim," I say and I go on one knee and give him the keyblade wielder salute.

      "Rise. It should be the other way around too," he said. "Yen Sid contacted me only and told me to bring you four to him. He has sensed something rather unsettling. Plus, he had some interesting visitors." My friends change into their elite forms and then the Foreteller opens a light corridor and we all go through it.


      Axeron watched from a distance Polemistis defeat the four dark warriors and save the kid. He was not happy, but he now knew what to do.

      "What do you think?" Derron asked.

      "It's quite simple," Axeron replied "we save people from dark foes. When we do that, we tell people we are the Supreme Elite. We have to do so in great style."

      "What about the seven lights? They are stronger than the elite in some ways. They defeated the thirteen darknesses not that long ago," Braxon said.

      "We can defeat them too," Axeron replied.

      "The thing is though, what about the elites themselves? What if after all we have done, no one still believes us and still believes we aren't the real Elite and they are?" Soraxan asked.

      "We defeat the look alikes," Axeron said.

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Chapter 3: A Rivalry

      The four of us along with the Foreteller came out of the corridor in front of the Mysterious Tower. The Foreteller leads us up the tower to Yen Sid's office where the other Foretellers are waiting with him. Yen Sid was in thought and when he sees us, relief comes across his face.

      "Ah, I am pleased you are here," he told us and we give him the keyblade warrior salute. The Leopardus Foreteller walked next to the rest of the Foretellers and took position lined up.

      "So we have something important to tell you," I said.

      "Please tell me," he replied. I told him about my battle in the Magic Kingdom and what the main enemy told me as well as about the kid in the black coat. I told Yen Sid that the kid told me we had a connection and ordered me to stop what I am doing as a keyblade wielder. Yen Sid nodded once I finished.

      "I see, so that might be it what I sense," he said.

      "What do you mean?" Jack asked.

      "I have sensed a rising darkness," Yen Sid explained. "After the Keyblade War, I sensed a darkness that has arisen. I sensed it in Walt Disney World where you fought those enemies. What I found troubling was it had all four of your essences."

      "Essences? What do you mean?" Shane asked.

      "I am not certain," Yen Sid replied. "I know with certainty that this darkness is dangerous and actually stronger than your last two main foes." All four of us gasped. Stronger than our last foes? Ronnie and Nick were absolutely strong and they killed Jack and I and almost killed Adrian and Shane. They basically became pure darkness and had its mentality. Now, this new enemy is stronger?

      "In addition to Master Yen Sid sensing the darkness," the Ursus Foreteller said "we have actually came across some dark enemies who claim they serve the Dark Elite. They luckily were rather a small challenge, but none too bothersome. Now, hearing your testimony and what Yen Sid has told us, we assume these Dark Elite have been influenced by your hearts, but we are not certain how. Nor shall we assume until we see these four face to face."

      "It also concerns us greatly," the Anguis Foreteller said. "The reason why is because with how strong this new foe could be will go even farther than just harm other keyblade wielders, they could also harm people of your world and other worlds. They could even destroy a world just making sure they could get what they want. What their goal is, we are not sure, but it most likely includes destroying you four."

      "We also fear that your demise is not the only one concerning us," the Vulpes Foreteller suggested. "The seven lights have retired to their own worlds and they have remained there. If they were to go to different worlds, it would be to see friends or each other and nothing more. They believe their duties have ended and can now rest until the time comes again to fight the darkness. The Dark Elite, whomever they may be, will definitely be after the seven lights."

      "So I guess, our job is to beat back this darkness and defeat the Dark Elite, right?" Adrian asked. The Foretellers nodded. "Well then, I guess we should get going and get working." The four of us begin to leave, but Yen Sid speaks up again.

      "Your job will not be easy though," he said.

      "Of course it won't master," I reply.

      "I mean, you will have a major obstacle who will cross your paths," he elaborated. I raised my left eyebrow.

      "'Who'? You sure you did not mean 'it'?" I ask. He shakes his head.

      "No. I mean what I said," he responded. "You see, right after I sensed the darkness, four young male youths all came into my office. The told me they had been looking for me and wished to speak with me. I was suspicious of their presence and their request. They claimed they are the Supreme Elite."

      "WHAT?!" all four of us shouted. We couldn't believe it; four other people claim they are us? Yen Sid remained unflinched and merely nodded.

      "Indeed," he said. "They wore fascinating clothing and had brown, blond, black, and red hair. They were named Soraxan, Axeron, Derron, and Braxon and they claimed to be successors from your ancestors thousands of years ago with the original power passed down. I told them the tale of how you four became the original Elite reborn and Axeron expressed denial at the truth. I do not know why he denies, but he does. I fear this crazed ambition will lead to possibly harming innocents. It concerns me they will go so far as to fight the seven lights as well as you. Should you come across them, keep up your guard." We nodded and bowed to Yen Sid.

      "So, as of now," the Unicornis Foreteller said "go out and beat back this dark foe. We will do so as well. Plus, we will signal to the seven lights that they must help as well, for this affects them just as much as it affects you four. We will also send a message to Mr. Iger and catch him up to speed." We all gave the keyblade warrior salute and left the office. We walk out of the tower and open up a light corridor.

      "Wait a minute guys," I say. "If we are heading back to Walt Disney World, shouldn't we be in normal clothes so we don't attract everyone's attention?"

      "Ben, think about it," Adrian said "you already showed yourself in your Elite form. People already know. No reason to turn back now." I nod and we go through the corridor and come out in front of the fountain after the entrance in Epcot.

      "Alright, what's the plan?" Jack asked.

      "Simple right? We merely go around and take out any enemies we see," Shane replied.

      "Yeah, but we should also keep an eye out for any of the rivals," Adrian said. "They either will fight us or will try to convince others we are fakes."

      "Let's stay together," I jump in. "It would be better if we stayed close so we don't end up taking on too many foes."


      Heartless were causing havoc in Atlantis. They were causing people to run all over and create hell for everyone. Unfortunately, keyblade warriors of light were not readily available and so help would not come quick enough. The soldiers couldn't keep up with the creatures and were often forced to retreat or face losing their hearts. Shops, businesses, and other stores were being destroyed. Then suddenly, white light glows and out of it come Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon. They have keyblades in hand and take stance. People applaud them showing up and so the four warriors fight the constant numbers of heartless, who turned their attention on to them when they appeared. The four jumped right in and fought the large number of heartless and took out many at a time. Once they finished off all heartless, the citizens applauded. One of them called out to them and walked up to them some.

      "Oh thank you so much for saving us!" the elderly woman said in joy.

      "Absolutely! It's our duty," Axeron said in reply.

      "Please, tell us who you are," someone said from the crowd.

      "Why we are the Supreme Elite of course," Axeron replied proudly. Everyone became silent and then started murmuring to each other in confusion.

      "Supreme Elite? You aren't them," another shouted out.

      "Of course we are!" Derron called back to them. Other people started replying in response and in agreement.

      "No no! You guys look nothing like them!" a third shouted.

      "Plus, they would have taken less time than you to finish those things!" a fourth also called out. The crowd agreed with the point and the four youths were speechless. They did not know how to reply. After people thanked them and left without much heart or joy from learning who they are, Axeron felt rather... actually, nothing could really describe what he was feeling. He and his friends were just rejected as the Supreme Elite. Axeron didn't know what to think. He felt as though he were punched in the stomach.

      "What now?" Braxon asked him,

      "We go to Epcot or wherever they are and find them and make it clear to them," Axeron replied.


      The four of us walked through Epcot on a nice warm day. It was partly cloudy and not hot nor humid. It felt great. We kept a wary eye while saying hello and waving to people who do so to us. We came across heartless like in the Kingdom Hearts games and fight them off. It was not a big issue and luckily, people were not near getting attacked or anything. We continued to walk when I felt something tugging my right pant leg. I look behind and down and I see a little boy toddler there. He was adorable and he had light hair and blue eyes. My face immediately lit up and I stopped and bent down to his height. My friends noticed me with the little kid and so they stopped, turned and looked at me and the kid with smiles on their faces.

      "Hey little guy!" I said and I bent down to his height. He said nothing, but he had his hands touching and feeling my clothing and so I picked him up and held him.

      "Oh I'm sorry," his mother apologized. "He just saw you and just ran to you."

      "Oh that's okay," I said and looked at her son. "I guess he wants to be a keyblade wielder huh?" The little toddler kept on looking and playing with ends of my clothes and I just kept smiling.

      "Ha ha, I guess he does. Isn't that right Brandon?" she said. I looked at him and then my smile went away and I became sentimental as I thought about what I am doing as part of my duties and who I am protecting.

      "Don't worry Brandon," I said to him "I will protect you. I promise I will protect you and everyone else like you. I will protect your family, your mommy, and every family and mother like yours." I hugged him and began to shed a few tears. I am not just protecting my world, I am protecting little innocents, little infants, toddlers, and children just like Brandon here. I am protecting his mother and family and mothers and families like his. It brought tears to my eyes because darkness wishes to kill such light and such innocence like this. I refused to let it happen. I then pulled myself together and handed Brandon back to his mother.

      "I promise to protect all of you," I told her. She nodded.

      "Thank you and good luck," she said and I gave the keyblade warrior salute and we parted. I walked back to my friends who now were not smiling, but were in thought after watching the whole scene.

      "Now isn't this all put in perspective this time?" I asked them.

      "We are protecting more than a world," Shane said.

      "We are protecting the innocent people like them," Jack followed.

      "The precious light in the world," Adrian said.

      "We are protecting the least among us," I summed up. As Supreme Elite, we realized our duty is more than just the world we are saving, it's the innocent, the least among us, that are being protected. The infant, the elderly, the single mother, in general, the defenseless; we are protecting all of them. That is our duty as Supreme Elite.

      We walk on to The Land and find nothing there except a few heartless which were no big deal. We move onto the International Gateway and we turn to the left and begin our clockwise direction of walking World Showcase after exiting Future World. We begin to pass by one of the stores and walk by a group of eight teenagers that appear to be 14 to 19 years of age. They all wore dark hued clothing and were walking toward us. I kept to myself as did my friends and plainly thought they were just common guests and just friends here for the day. I did not pay attention to them and we walked through the midst of them like nothing happened.

      It was all fine, but them fifteen seconds later, about fifteen yards behind us, we hear a explosion and people begin running in our direction and away from the area screaming. We immediately turn around and see the eight teenagers causing trouble and creating hell. Multiple people were almost killed as spells were flying all over. A woman was trying to escape, but somehow was pinned against the wall of the store with her young son who looked like he was 5 years old. They were both petrified as three teenagers were harassing them and threatening to kill them. Rage grew inside me and my friends and I ran over to the eight teenagers and screamed at them to stop. They all turned their attention to us and smiled. The woman and her son sneaked away and made it to safety. Their clothes now became dark with black, purple, blue, and brown, and grey as it turns out they are dark keyblade wielders. I was blistering in anger for they harmed those whom I swore to protect: the defenseless.

      "NO ONE ATTACKS THE DEFENSELESS EVER!" I screamed to them.

      "Who cares? Their lives are just as worthless as anyone else's," one who appeared to be fifteen said.

      "Besides, we're just having fun," another one who appeared to be nineteen replied.

      "Plus, you four are the ones we are looking for," a third person sixteen years of age said "so we had to get your attention somehow." They all began to encircle us four and surround us. We had keyblades in hand and took stance. Suddenly, a flash of light erupts and we see four people who appeared to be on our side stand next to us. My friends and I were more focused on the eight teenagers and so we did not take a good look at them. Then, both sides charged and it all blew up in a large battle. My opponent, who looked seventeen, was rather tough, but with my martial arts skills, I managed to beat him back. He became more aggressive and angry and tried swinging at my head. I blocked and gave him an uppercut to the stomach. He turned around and took out my legs making me fall. He swung at my head, but I spun on the ground and got back on my feet. We kept fighting and eventually, I parried a swing of his and stabbed him in the stomach putting my blade into his abdomen. He was stunned and had his mouth and eyes wide open with shock. I pulled my blade out and he fell onto the ground dead. I look behind me and before I know it, one after another, my friends and the mysterious newcomers killed their opponents in almost the same time. Soon, eight bodies were on the ground and eight keyblades either stuck out of the pavement or laid on it. The people around us applauded and we waved to them while panting. Then, the crowds left and went back to their day. My friends and I looked at the newcomers and they looked at us. I recognized them immediately.

      "Hey! You four are the ones who visited Yen Sid!" I said.

      "Yes we are," Axeron said with some disdain. "We saw you four against the eight and decided to take part."

      "We know who you are Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon," Shane said looking at each person he said their name respective to.

      "So we see, and we are here because we have been looking for you guys," Braxon said.

      "You see, we just fought many heartless in Atlantis," Soraxan said.

      "We won, but when we told the people we are the Supreme Elite, they denied us," Derron said. I smirked slightly and chuckled a little.

      "That's because their hearts don't lie," I replied. "They know better and have seen us. Our images are etched into their hearts. You can't change it."

      "For now we can't," Axeron snapped back and became assertive and somewhat threatening. "We will make all believe which is why we are here. We are the successors of the Supreme Elite's power passed down for thousands of years. We hold the power originally bestowed upon them. So we tell you now quit the act, quit trying to be them. You aren't the Elite, we are. Just because you look exactly like them, doesn't mean you are them. You don't hold their power, we do." He looked at me dead in the eye, but I stared back at him with an equally powerful glare.

      "You have got to be kidding me," I reply and then I raise my keyblade right in front of him. His eyes widen slightly because he knows this is the keyblade the original Elite held. "I will not stop being who I am. My friends and I are the Supreme Elite. Shane, Jack, Adrian, and I; we are one with the Supreme Elite. I am Polemistis, Shane is Kidemonas, Jack is Aiton, and Adrian is Kyrios. We are them and they are us. Their hearts live in ours as part of ours. We will protect the least among us and you will not stop us from doing our duty as the Supreme Elite." I lower my keyblade and unsummon it. Axeron looks at me with a rather troubled look and one that expressed, or appeared to express, denial.

      "Fine then," he replied. "We will eventually force you to cease. We will do everything to prove to others we are the real Elite whether it's outdoing your fighting, defeating the seven lights, or even defeating you in front of others or alone." The four opened a light corridor, went through it, and disappeared into it. The corridor disappeared too. I stared at the spot where they disappeared. This is the rival that I must face. I now must prove myself against this rival and against every person that exists that I am the true Supreme Elite. My friends face this same challenge too. We now have a rivalry with other fellow keyblade wielders.

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Hmm, things are getting quite interesting!  It seems as though Ben and Axeron's groups are now rivals! It'll be most interesting to see how this all plays out! :D


Omg, the part with the little boy Brandon got me all sentimental!  Ben really has a heart of gold, and so do the other Supreme Elite!  I'm rooting for them all the way! :3


Great chapter!  I can't wait to read more! :D

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Chapter 4: The Nightmare

      After our new rivals departed and I was staring at the space where they exited, my friends came up to me.

      "Great, now we have rivals on top of this Dark Elite," Shane said.

      "What now?" Jack asked.

      "We go on," I replied. "We continue doing what we have been."

      "We will have to face them eventually," Jack pointed out. I looked at him with the same expression as when I stared at the empty space.

      "Yes we will," I reply. "We prove to them we are what we say." I didn't really care we would eventually face these rivals. That was the obvious. When that would happen was a different story altogether. We still did what we were meant to do: protect the least among us. In time, we will confront the rivals, but for now, we focus on our own duties.

      After we finished off looking around World Showcase, we decided to go on our separate ways and split up for the time being. I decided to head to Halloween Town and find anything ominous there. Shane, Jack, and Adrian would try to go to different worlds that could be out there and to ones they haven't touched yet. We all open our own Corridors of Light and head on our way. Once I come out, I find myself at the entrance where Sora, Donald, and Goofy always appear. I looked around and think this world is a little scarier in reality than in the film.

      "Boy, if I am to blend in, I probably should wear my black coat," I said to myself. Dark energy overcame me and I was wearing my black coat. I figured I might as well be something dark and mysterious since scary is not my thing, nor am I good at it. I begin walking and come to the town square. It was quiet and things were rather calm, which in these times is a good thing. So I begin to walk around and look around. Now, I had to remind myself that Jack Skellington was around here and I probably will need to see him. I also had to remind myself that Shock, Lock, and Barrel are around here and they will definitely try to scare me, so I have some dark magic ready to scare them when they come up behind me and shout "trick-or-treat!".

      I keep on walking through the square and pass by someone. I did not really see who it was, but barely saw them out of the corner of my eye. They stopped and turned around to face me while I kept on walking.

      "Oh hey Ben," he said. I recognized the voice, but I didn't think much of it. So I turn my head, while walking toward the graveyard briefly.

      "Hey Sora," I reply. I then freeze. I hope I did not see Sora the way I did. I knew that with this world, all the Halloween horrors were real and so I was praying I did not see Sora the way I feared. I quickly turn around and my heart immediately goes into my throat. Sora is in his vampire form.I was frozen in fear as I saw Sora in his vampire form. He looked a little confused.

      "Sora? No, you can't be this way," I said. I went up to him slowly and touched his little wing and tugged.

      "Ow!" Sora protested. I immediately felt my heart go into my feet and I backed away slowly.

      "Look Sora," I tried to say "I am sorry I didn't return soon enough. I would have come back sooner if I knew there was something going on." Sora was for a second still confused, but then he nodded.

      "Well, why couldn't you come and visit?" he asked.

      "I... I... needed to be home... and..." I tried explaining.

      "I was hoping you would come back when I was alive," Sora said. He was now slowly coming towards me. "Hey, I'm thirsty. You have anything to drink?" He started showing his fangs and advanced even closer. I still kept moving backwards.

      "N-N-no, I don't..." I replied and then I tripped on something and fell on my back. In a flash, Sora was on me and pinned me down pushing my elbows against the ground. He gave a crazed grin with his fangs bare. Now, my fear went through the roof.

      "It looks like I found something already," he said. I felt my heart beat hard enough it could beat out of my chest. Sora bared his fangs, hissed a little and slowly went down toward my neck ready to bite me. I was too scared to move and couldn't react. I felt deathly cold and light headed. Sora then stopped and started laughing.

      "Come on Ben! I was only messing with you!" Sora said with his classic joyful smile. He got off of me, stood up, and offered to help me up. I immediately felt normal again as my body went back to normal temperature. I grabbed his hand and was helped up.

      "You scared the crap out of me!" I said "I knew that the Halloween horrors my world makes up would be real here, but I was thinking that you turning into a vampire was one of them."

      "This costume is basically to blend in," Sora explained. "How come you don't have one on?"

      "I am not good with scary," I explained. "Besides, I have dark magic to use to scare anyone who tries to scare me. They won't like it, let me tell you." We started walking to the graveyard while talking.

      "So you and the Elite have been going around trying to put down this new enemy?" Sora asked.

     "Yeah, we have been," I replied. "I see you and the rest of the lights have been caught up to speed on the enemy. It seems our main target is the Dark Elite. They seem to be the reason behind this. We are trying to find them and destroy them, while taking out their minions." Sora nodded and we continued discussing what has happened lately as well as the rebuilding of my world from the Keyblade War. He did not once ask me about the rivals. He seemed to not know they existed and clearly was not told about them. I decided he does not need to know about them, but when he finds them, and he will, he'll know what to say. We reached the graveyard and were half way through when I heard voices from behind us.

      "Trick or treat!" they shouted. Sora and I stopped. He was about to turn, but I immediately grabbed him and stopped him. I smirked at hearing the voices; I knew who they were.

      "Which one do you three want?" I ask not turning to them. There was silence and some whispering. Clearly, they did not expect this.

      "Uh... treat?" one of them answered like a question; Barrel. A dark aura covered me and when I turned, I created a horrifying vision that no one can describe. I used the deepest dark magic I could use to create something deathly terrifying. It scared the begesus out of them and they screamed at the top of their lungs while throwing the exploding pumpkin they used upward and it came back down and exploded in their spot.

      "RUN FOR IT!" Shock screamed and the three of them ran out of the cemetery.

      "Wow! That scared them silly!" Sora said shocked. I smiled and nodded.

      "I knew what to do when they showed up," I replied and then I put my hood up and we kept walking. We make it to Curly Hill before we come across many heartless. We summon our keyblades and charge wasting no time in trying to get past these pests and find dark keyblade bearers. In no time, we take out all of the shadows and different heartless of Halloween Town and move on. We come to the other side of the hill near a ladder when my instincts kick in. I see a hole in one of the walls to our left. This was the same one Roxas once went through in 358/2 Days.

      "I think we should go through this hole here," I point out. "I think we will find what we are looking for here." Sora merely nodded and we went through the hole and came out in the Boneyard. We find there someone who already was there. His clothing was rather... fear inducing. It was a little scary and he looked a little scary. I took a small step back when I saw him. His face was covered by a hood so I only saw his mouth.

      "Well, it looks like you finally came Polemistis," he said. Clearly, it was a minion of the Dark Elite, but somehow, he was no ordinary dark soldier.

      "I see you have been waiting for me," I replied taking off my hood.

      "Oh yes, and now, I can finally force you to face the nightmare that the Dark Elite have created for you," he replied and summoned his keyblade. It was rather frightnening to look at because it had some face making scary expressions and it had a blade that was rather dark and vicious looking. It appeared to be of a soul screaming in terror as darkness overtakes it. I was rather taken aback and a little frightened, but I sucked it up and got ready as did Sora. We both charged toward him and fought. He was strong and seemed to not be the least disturbed. In fact, he was enjoying this. Sora kept fighting and I used light magic. However, the dark foe countered with dark magic and used it to send a shockwave toward Sora and knock him back a ways toward the hole. Then, a seal was created and Sora was left out of the fight. He tried to break through, but it was impossible. However, he looked at me determined and nodded. I returned the same to him and took stance again facing this dark enemy. We fight, but this time in close quarters.

      Finally, we end up in a stalemate with us pushing against each other. He was smiling and darkness came from him and invaded my mind. Immediately, everything changed from the Boneyard of Halloween Town to a barren place with a dark sky. I saw and heard screams and shouts of people dying and fighting. It first took place in a barren world with no life and then it shifted and came to planet earth and I saw the same thing happen in what I realized is the Magic Kingdom. The park was in ruins, the sky was dark, people were screaming and the blood and gore and horror was beyond comprehension. There was slaughter everywhere including outside of the park and affecting people of my world, innocent people. I literally felt my heart skip a beat and I froze in fear. I screamed for a second and when I did, I found myself in the Boneyard again feeling a cold sweat and breathing heavily gasping for breath.

      "You only saw a glimpse of it," the enemy said. "Now, it's time to make you surrender or simply kill you if you refuse the former. Don't worry, I still have more horrors to show you and only then can you literally scream your head off!" He then laughed maniacally while I kept gasping. Sora was rooting for me and so I straightened up and got ready again as did my foe. We fought once again and I instead used light to get these images out of my head and force it into his. He was then in great pain over it.

      "AHHH! THE LIGHT!" he screamed. Clearly, he hates good dreams and light is horrifying to him just like a vampire hates light. I used it and it kept pushing him back and put him in pain. Finally, I disarm him and stab him putting my keyblade through him. He was stunned and when I pulled my blade out, he fell onto the ground and gave up his breath. The barrier disappeared and Sora ran up to me.

      "You did it Ben!" he said in jubilant praise "Oh! What did he show you?!" I was now shaking slightly and needed to leave this world to a better one.

      "I... I saw something horrible..." I said. "We need to leave now." Sora nodded, opened a light corridor and supported me and kept me from falling onto the ground from passing out. I just saw my worst fear in a flash. In fact, it was more like my horrid memory shown to me once again.

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Ooh, what a great chapter!  Lol, the best part for me was when Ben was freaking out because he thought Sora had turned into a vampire!  At first, though, when Sora said: "You should have come visit me when I was alive." threw me in for a loop!  I was like: "Wait, Sora died!?"  But wow, it turns out Sora pulled a prank on Ben!  Go figure! X3


But yeah, the action of this chapter was great, and I loved the battle between Ben and the dark soldier!  Great work!  I can't wait for more! :D

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Chapter 5: Unwelcome Visitors

      A group of ten dark keyblade soldiers were scouring through Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland California looking for any traces of the Supreme Elite. If they don't find any traces, then they hope to at least find some keyblade warriors of light to kill. They raided every shop and restaurant on Main Street causing panic in the raids. They even searched the guests while not harming them, but nothing again.

      "Anything men?" the head soldier asked them.

      "No sir, nothing," one soldier replied. The rest followed suit and replied the same way.

      "Grrrr! This is incredibly annoying!" the head soldier shouted in anger. He then looked around for a second at the people who were either watching the dark contingent in fear or were moving away from them in fear.

      "Alright! Listen up!" the captain shouted to the guests. He raised his keyblade and created a sound of a large bang that rang throughout the street. Everyone froze still turned toward the ten and went deathly silent.

      "You may have noticed us executing a search and seizure," he said. "We are looking for any traces of the Supreme Elite or for any keyblade wielders of the light you may know of." Everyone looked around at each other and mumbled to each other. One person though spoke up angrily.

      "Hey! Don't you know United States law?!" he shouted "You can't search and seize without a warrant from a judge! Plus you also have been invading people's privacy too!" Other people started shouting too in agreement and in the same anger and soon people started forming a loop around the ten. The captain raised his hand up and thunder and lightning boomed loudly making everyone duck and silencing them. The captain then closed his eyes, smiled, and chuckled. He then opened his eyes and addressed all of the people.

      "I see I have apparently broken a law of your land," he said with a smirk. "My deepest apologies to all of you. How foolish of me to not understand how law and order are kept in this land of yours. Allow me to offer a gift as reconciliation for my actions." He then waved his hand in a signal to his troops and the troops started firing spells toward the people. Explosions erupted and the park guests began running away and screaming in fear men, women, and children alike. The captain merely looked around as the chaos he ordered erupted.

      "We force people here to give us our answers," he told his troops. "Go and force people to answer in any way possible. If anyone doesn't answer you, kill them." The troops began spreading out around Main Street and firing spells at people making explosions. People started to become hurt. Chaos was raging throughout the street. Some guests decided to fight back in anyway possible, but the dark warriors killed them. Guests were dying at the hands of the dark warriors. About half a dozen people were killed, almost thirteen wounded. Sirens from police, FBI, and State Trooper vehicles were raging loudly and soon, all three of them entered the park and began to lock down the Magic Kingdom. They noticed the dark keyblade warriors especially the captain. The captain turned around, saw the law enforcement and grinned. The nine soldiers paused from their raiding and gathered around the captain. The law enforcement had their weapons pulled and pointing at the ten.

      "Drop the weapons and stand down!" one shouted at the ten.

      "My oh my, must there be further intrusion upon our quest?" the captain said "Very well, it seems more blood must be spilled including yours." He was about to fire a spell and the nine soldiers were about to charge at the law enforcement when a flash of white light erupted from in-between the ten soldiers and law enforcement. When it disappeared, Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon stood facing the dark warriors with keyblades in hand.

      "Who are you chumps?!" the captain shouted to them.

      "We're the Supreme Elite! Who else?!" Axeron shouted back. The captain began laughing like Pete did when Mickey told him he and his friends wanted to be musketeers in Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers. The nine soldiers started laughing too, some on their back, some bent over clutching their stomachs.

      "Oh please!" the captain finally said "You four are nowhere close! You look nothing like them plus you look no different than rookies that just discovered what a keyblade looks like." Axeron was really angered by this comment and humiliation. Some people started telling the four to fight even though they know they aren't the Elite, but they need to be saved.

      "GRRRRRGGGHHH! We'll prove it to you!" Axeron screamed in anger. He and his friends then charged at the ten and they all began fighting each other. The dark soldiers were getting killed one by one, but the four were taking a toll as well. Axeron, who took on the captain and another soldier, was wounded in his arm by the soldier when he was in a brief lock with the captain. He quickly countered and killed the soldier and threw his body at the captain. The captain used a shockwave to brush off the projectile and then went after Axeron. Axeron was in pain and did not want to drag this out at all, so he swept the captain's legs out from under him and stabbed him in the middle of his chest. He was breathing for breath and soon the rest of his friends killed off the last of the soldiers. People cheered and clapped for the four. They congratulated them, but not like how it was done for the Supreme Elite. Axeron's friends noticed the wound in his arm and so they came to him and tended to it cleaning up the blood and any debris. Axeron was sitting on a bench with his friends next to him when he saw an elderly woman approach him.

      "Young man, thank you for saving us," she said. Axeron nodded with a smile. He was expecting her to acknowledge them as the Elite, but then she grabbed his hand and held it with both of her hands while looking at him with a passion for truth.

      "However, I sense you are trying to be something you aren't," she said. Axeron's smile disappeared at the statement. "You are trying too hard to be something that can only be granted by a will greater than yours and  ancient. In our hearts, the images of the Supreme Elite are engraved. Nothing could change this image or alter it unless you can do something that will change it." She then let go of his hand, patted it, and walked away. Axeron looked down in thought. It was the same expression that he has had before, but he wasn't frustrated this time, he was determined.

      "I guess what she told us seals the deal then," Derron said.

      "No it doesn't," Axeron said in reply.

      "Axeron, I think we should stop the quest," Braxon said. "We haven't gotten anywhere and we know the tale of the original Elite. We need to stop the charade." Axeron nodded in understanding.

      "I guess you're right, it's time we stop and I know how," he replied. "We defeat the seven lights."


       Shane came out of his corridor and found himself in Dwarf Woodlands. He was near the mine where the Seven Dwarfs mined every day. He saw them enter the mine just catching Dopey enter before he disappeared into the mine. Shane went to the entrance and eventually came out in the mine where they were all digging not paying attention to him. Shane looked around and kept quiet watching them. He then finally spoke up to them.

      "Um, hi there!" he said. They turned and looked at him.

      "Another thief?!" Grumpy shouted. "Be ready you fools!" They all scrambled to certain spots and got their digging equipment they had been using ready for combat. Shane was taken aback some, but realized this is how they reacted when they first saw Ventus.

      "Wait! You don't have to be scared," Shane said.

      "Just who might you be then if you're no thief?" Doc asked.

      "I am Shane, one of the Supreme Elite," he said. "You also know me as Kidemonas from the legends."

      "Sounds like legend to me!" Grumpy snapped back.

      "Can you show us that you are who you say you are?" Happy asked. Shane held out his hand and summoned his keyblade. They were all awed, but Grumpy was barely moved from his position.

      "Alright then, I have a proposition for ya," he said. "If you can find the thieves who have been stealing our gems, then I'll believe ya." Shane was rather disgruntled at his disbelief, but the thing is, he seems to be a little convinced and if he finds the robbers, he'll believe. Shane nodded in understanding.

      "Okay then, I'll find the robbers," Shane responded. He then gave the keyblade warrior salute and left the mine. He went to their cottage and found no one around. Obviously, they weren't home. He walked around a little, but then he saw a kid that appeared to be a couple years younger than him. He had his back turned to Shane.

      "Hey kid!" Shane called out. The kid turned around and paused for a second. Shane's eyes went wide as he saw the kid hold a bucket of gems! The ones Grumpy said were stolen. The kid then darted away from Shane. Shane ran after him and tried to catch him. He was led into the dark forest, but nothing held him back from reaching his target. When he came out into the meadow, the kid was gone. Shane huffed and shook his head. He then continued on and walked through the meadow. Heartless jumped out at him, but he teleported out of the way and began fighting them. It took a couple minutes before they were gone and Shane continued. He eventually got to the castle where Snow White and the Prince were. Snow White was sitting by a well singing to birds with pleasure. Shane felt a warmness about her; she is a princess of heart.

      "Excuse me? Are you the princess, Snow White?" he asked even though he knew the answer. Snow turned around and saw him.

      "Oh! Why yes!" she replied "You must be Kidemonas, one of the Elite." Shane nodded and then went on one knee giving the keyblade warrior salute as a way of bowing before her since she is royalty.

      "Oh there is no need," she said chuckling. Shane got up from his bow and proceeded to ask her about the kid.

      "Snow White, have you seen a kid around here?" he asked "He was carrying gems the dwarfs dug up and stole and I am trying to find him."

      "No, I'm afraid I haven't," Snow replied. "Oh those poor men. They work so hard and they see it taken away. I will try to be on the lookout if I see him." Shane gave the key warrior's salute again and walked through the castle courtyard. He kept on looking, but to no avail. Then he remembered the chamber the Evil Queen resided in with the mirror. He went to the chamber and found it quiet. He then took a few steps into the room and found the mirror. He walked up to it and nothing happened. Then, flames erupted from within the mirror and the familiar face appeared. Shane had to ask it something, but had to think for a moment. Then he remembered what it was.

      "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the darkness behind it all?" he asked it.

      "A darkness has arisen from hearts pure with light," it replied "it's birth came from the darkest plight. The deepest crevices of the heart were it's prison, as darkness approached, it had risen. Beware great warrior, for they have devotion, the time of your death they hath chosen. Tis near and soon, no time to waste, for failure to haste, tis death you shall taste." The face then disappeared in flames in the mirror. Shane had goosebumps up and down his body. It's "they", not a single person. They really want to destroy him and his friends. Shane knew that, but seeing as how his time has become limited it the scary part.  There has to be a way to buy time and drag this out. No, he won't let death take him. It took two of his best friends, but they still lived because of his and Adrian's light. He won't allow death to take him too. Shane left the room with much to think about. When he left the castle and entered the courtyard, he heard a scream: Snow White! Shane ran to the meadow immediately and when he got there, he saw her with the kid from earlier holding a blade to her neck and holding her hostage like Xaldin did to Belle. The kid still had the gems from the dwarfs' mine. He saw Shane and smiled when he saw him.

      "Now my dear," he said "you shouldn't move so much and fight back unless you want to live."

      "Let her go!" Shane shouted.

      "Oh I will if you decide to give yourself up and come with me," he replied. "The Dark Elite need to see you and this is how I will assure them you will come along." Shane scoffed at the suggestion.

      "Then would you like to watch the light of this world die?" he asked putting the blade closer to Snow's neck. Shane was now getting frustrated. Suddenly, Snow White stepped on the kid's foot and gave him an elbow in the stomach. When he let go of her and was in pain, she took the basket of gems and started running toward the woods. She paused and turned to look at Shane.

      "I will bring these back to the Dwarfs," she said. Shane nodded in reply and Snow ran off. The kid was now angry that he just had the rug pulled from underneath him by a princess. Shane smirked as he saw the kid collect himself.

      "So, I guess a princess is stronger than a low-life like you," he said. "Plus, in a couple moments, she made you into a chump!"

      "Don't mock me!" the kid shouted and he charged right toward Shane. The two fought clashing keyblades back and forth. It was even for a while, but then Shane started getting physical backhanding across the face with his free hand as well as punch and kick. The kid was not exactly ready for it and it cost him as he was driven back. Pretty soon, Shane and the kid were in a lock and the kid fired a shockwave from his hand sending Shane sliding backwards. The kid charged at him and fired a couple black orbs at him too. Shane struck those down and in one massive strike and with great quickness, Shane disarmed the kid and slashed him across the stomach. The kid screamed and fell onto the ground. He laid on his stomach and tried to look back at Shane while blood starting streaming from his mouth like a horror movie.

      "Finish me off," he said.

      "The Supreme Elite do not strike down someone when their opponent is most vulnerable," Shane reply.

      "Then you will pay later on for such a mistake... Kidemonas..." the kid replied. Then, he became still and gave up his breath. Shane unsummoned his keyblade, but just after he did so, a dark corridor opened and out came someone in a black coat with hood up, but mouth visible. He was grinning at the sight before him.

      "Wow, so one was strong, then I guess it can be assumed the others are too," the figure said.

      "Who are you?" Shane demanded.

      "I am just a visitor here, nothing more," the figure replied.

      "You seem to be an unwelcome visitor then," Shane said.

      "Then my soldiers would not have been in your world trying to bring you to me and my friends," he said.

      "Wait a minute! You are part of the Dark Elite?" Shane asked.

      "Precisely! How you are smart connecting the dots!" the figure replied "We have been looking to have you and your friends come see us, the Dark Elite, and then, we will have a chat about your world."

      "Why would we want to do so?" Shane asked.

      "Oh you will need to because your world relies upon the subject we will discuss," the figure said. "I'll just tell you the subject now. This is also what I tell you now. It's simple: give up protecting your world and let us run it completely." Shane then had the look as if to say "you have got to be kidding me".

      "Yeah right!" Shane responded angrily "Take a hike boy scout! We will not stop protecting our Earth ever!"

      "Now here I thought it would be nice and civil with no raised voices," the figure said. "Pity. I guess one of us will show one of you why it must be done with some... visualization. The rest of us will describe in words why to the rest of you." He then opened a dark corridor and turned around getting ready to enter it.

      "By the way," the figure said facing the corridor "you standing in our way is a lethal error and crime punishable by death." He walked toward the corridor some.

      "Wait! Just who exactly are you?!" Shane demanded one last time. The figure looked back a little and smiled.

      "I am someone whom you are connected to," he replied and then disappeared into the corridor, which also disappeared. Shane was left in thought and with anxiety over what he has learned and heard. This was truly an unwelcome visitor, one of the many unwelcome visitors he has seen in the worlds and in Walt Disney World along with the rest of the Disney theme parks around the Earth.

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Ooh, great chapter, man!  Haha, I think that my most favorite part of this chapter was when Kidemonas talked to the Mirror!  You actually nailed the Mirror's personality excellently, writing his lines in rhyme!  I definitely visualized him and heard his voice while reading the lines you wrote!  Hmm, but it seems as though the Dark Elite are hell bent on removing the Supreme Elite from the picture!  And I feel bad for Axeron's group!  They want to do good, and they're not really bad guys...but they're trying too hard to be people they aren't, ya know? But yeah, great chapter!  I can't wait to read more! :D

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Chapter 6: An Expanding Conflict

      Jack came out of the light corridor and found himself in Olympus Coliseum. To be precise, he was in the Town Near Thebes. All seemed quiet, but then heartless started popping out one by one. Pretty soon, it became a situation like the 1000 heartless battle in KH2. The difference was, it was 100 heartless, not 1000 so this was not as bad. However, there were neoshadows, large bodies, shadows, rhapsodies, and even invisibles. This was not going to be easy so Jack immediately got ready with keyblade in hand. Then, he heard someone run up to his side and see it's Hercules.

      "Hey! You're Hercules!" Jack says to him.

      "That's right. You must be Aiton, one of the Supreme Elite," he replied. "Phil is always using you guys as an example of heroes whenever he harps on me about something."

      "Don't worry, I've seen you're journey to herohood," Jack replied. "I think you have proved  you are one. Right now, we'll need to put that into defeating these things."

      "Right behind you," Hercules said. Then both of them charged toward the horde of heartless and started fighting them. Jack (or Aiton as Hercules knows him for he basically goes by two names as do the other three elites) began hacking away at the neoshadows and rhapsodies. The invisibles stayed back and fired their own dark magic to get Jack and Hercules distracted so everyone else can swarm them. Instead, Jack and Hercules either hit the spells toward other enemies, back at them, or use other enemies as shields and have the magic hit them. Rhapsodies were treated the same way, but Jack and Hercules countered the spells those heartless fired and went after them. After a while, it seems as though little progress has been made and so Jack ran out of patience.

      "Alright, I've ran out of patience," he said and he began to charge up an immense amount of power. He then was floating in mid air and began rushing and sweeping through the heartless destroying one after another. The invisibles put up a fight some, but it did not last long for them. Jack rose high above the horde and Hercules was stunned at seeing the power Jack was showing. Jack then had a mass of light energy come down from above him and explode in a big storm sending light energy everywhere. Once it all clears, all heartless are gone. Hercules looks around in shock and then turns his shocked face toward Jack who floats down after release a light storm.

      "Wow! You're really strong!" Hercules said "I'd bet you'd make a great hero Aiton!"

      "You can call me Jack too," Jack replied. "I was a hero a long time ago." Hercules then had confusion on his face. Jack then had disappointment in his expression as he told the tale of his ancestor Aiton, whom he now also goes by that name along with his own.

      "Long before you existed," Jack began "I was a hero fighting dark keyblade warriors and protecting my friends. More like, my ancestor was that hero. My friends and I were beloved by people from our own unions. We protected everyone including Ven's, Terra's, and Aqua's predecessors even though they never asked for it. Then, a great war broke out and their bodies were destroyed. Their hearts made their way to my world and were put to sleep hidden away for thousands of years. When my friends and I came by and unlocked the chamber those hearts resided in, they entered us and became a part of us. Aiton is me and I am him. As for being a hero, heh, I doubt sometimes whether I can match up to Aiton at all."

      "Don't say that. You already are like him," Hercules said. "I know the legends because my father Zeus told me them before. I watched you show amazing strength and after watching you show that power, I believe you can become a hero. You can go even farther than your ancestor ever did." Jack smirked a little and nodded.

      "He's right you know," a voice said. Jack looked up and found Aiton walking toward him smiling. "He called you Aiton because he recognized you and who you are. You proved you can be a hero by defeating your dark brother. Your friends have proven too that they can surpass my friends. You have gone farther than I ever have. You all have gone farther than any of us; don't ever doubt that." Jack smiled and nodded at Aiton and he then in turn returned back to Jack. Jack then noticed someone walking toward them from Mt. Olympus and it was Phil, Hercules's trainer.

      "Oi! If you didn't show up, we would have been minced meat," he said. "Jack right? You also go by Aiton too? Well, I'll call you Jack since that's what you asked Herc to call you. Great to see you come along and clean up the mess with Herc otherwise, this place will be turned into heap of garbage."

      "This is Phil, my trainer," Hercules said. "He's helped me become a hero and actually has been getting people to sign up for the games coming up."

      "That's right, there's one more space left for you," Phil said. "I'll sign you up if you want."

      "Wait a minute Phil!" Hercules responded shocked "You said that spot was mine! What happened to signing me up?!"

      "Two words: OUT...OF...YOUR...LEAGUE!" Phil said. "This kid here is so strong, he's out of your league. Plus, it would be a waste to not give it to a legend, am I right? Jack here can blow the competition out of the water. Besides, we already have someone in the games who just turned the latest schlemiel face into a raving yahoo, so Jack here can make gyros out of 'em when they go at it."

      "Yeah, I guess," Hercules said disappointed and resigned.

      "So whaddya think? You in?" Phil asked Jack.

      "Alright, sign me up," Jack said.

      "You're in? Ho oh that's great!" Phil replied gleefully "I'll be in the vestibule. Just holler when you ready to go." Phil walked back to the coliseum to sign Jack up for the games. 

      "Hey, good luck in the games," Hercules said.

      "Thanks. I'll need it," Jack replied.

      "There's a guy in there who's really strong so be aware of him," Hercules warned. "You'll most likely face him, but I think you can win."

      "Got it," Jack said and he and Hercules grabbed hands like Sora and Mickey did in Re:coded when Mickey was leaving the journal of Jiminy's. Jack and Herc head toward the coliseum. Unlike in the games, there were no heartless or any enemies just outside the doors to the coliseum, which was nice because that was not what Jack needed.

      When Jack entered the vestibule, he checked in with Phil and so his participation in the games was underway. The games were divided into rounds. The first round was defeating the heartless present in a little time as possible. Once the whistle blew, Jack charged toward the heartless pact containing shadow balls and rhapsodies. Jack first destroyed the rhapsodies and then moved onto the shadow balls. All were defeated in about 20 seconds, setting a new record from it previously being 32 seconds. The next round was destroy as many urns as possible in two minutes and get more points than the opponent that went just before him. Jack had to beat 123 points that his opponent put up. When the whistle blew, he began hacking away and firing powerful spells that would destroy multiple urns at once. After all was said and done in this round, Jack tallied up an Olympic games record 316 points. The third round was defeat as many heartless as possible in one minute. What made this challenging was these heartless were bigger and it did not take one hit to defeat them and so it was going to be challenging. The average number was about 21 heartless destroyed, but Jack's opponent defeated a surprising 32 heartless. Jack charged at the whistle and hacked away at the heartless. It took two to three hits most of the time to defeat one heartless. Once the round was over, Jack set another Olympic games record defeating 46 heartless.

      Jack walked into the vestibule and found Hercules there waiting for him. Herc was smiling and amazed at Jack's record-setting performance.

      "Wow! You have been amazing!" Herc complemented "You have been setting records left and right! I'm sure glad it's you not me in there. I could never set those records."

      "Hey, never doubt your ability," Jack said. "You are Hercules, the strongest person that ever lived. You're half god and half human, you can break these records of mine one day. You have defeated four titans in one battle. I know you can do it." Herc nodded and smiled.

      "Well, now it seems you are going to fight that opponent I warned you about," Herc said. "Good luck and stay on your toes." Jack nodded and checked in with Phil again. He then walked into the coliseum and stood in his place waiting for his opponent to show up. When he does, his mouth opens in shock and his face fills with shock.

      "Prince Noctis," Jack said. It was none other than Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy 15 in the flesh walking toward Jack. Jack has seen footage of Noctis fight and now he faces the very same prince from within the games. Seeing him is almost like he was taken straight from the game and put right in front of Jack as all features of him were exactly the same as shown in Final Fantasy 15. Noctis had a determined expression that was not changing when he saw Jack.

      "Yes, you must be Aiton, one of the four legendary Supreme Elite," he said. "One of the greatest keyblade warriors to ever live." Noctis smiled a little, but not much. Jack went down on one knee and gave the keyblade warrior salute while bowing since Noctis was royalty, but Noctis quickly spoke up.

      "No! Please stand! It shall be the other way around," he said. Jack stood up and it was now Noctis who went on one knee and bowed his head. He then stood back up and had his sword at the ready.

      "I have heard your power is legendary," Noctis said. "I have longed to see what you can do."

      "Same with you," Jack replied. "You can also call me Jack. I go by both of those names."

      "Very well," Noct replied. He then took stance with his sword. "Let us begin!" Jack took stance with his keyblade and the two clashed. Now Jack has never fought any non keyblade wielder as strong as Noct before. Noct was as strong as he has been depicted teleported around and striking. He has done his signature warp strike. It was difficult to keep track of where he was going and planned to go because there was no pattern to his direction so Jack could only dodge out of the way. However, Noct used it and Jack dodged, but then he used Strike Raid Splicer, a move seen in KHX where he performs strike raid, teleports to where the keyblade will be, throws again, and repeats the process a couple times before giving a final blow. It actually worked on Noctis and it damaged him some. Noct was on his feet panting a little with Jack in stance still also catching his breath.

      "Very good," Noct said "but I still have much left. Show me your strength!" Noct then charged right after Jack and quickly like Ventus speed, but Jack was ready and the two fought hand on hand. Noctis was changing his weapons up with his magic just like he did in Final Fantasy 15. It caught Jack off guard a little and so went defensive a little. Jack eventually got physical while fighting and so when Noct went to swing at his head, Jack parried the swing turned around and hit Noct with the hilt of his keyblade. Noct was not knocked off balance, but came back all the more. Jack had to fight now more physically, but as he did so, Noct started doing so a bit as well and struck Jack a few times across the face. Jack took it like a man and kept going.

      Eventually, Jack struck Noct across his chest and spun around to take out Noctis's leg. He did so causing Noctis to slip up and begin to fall on his back, but he froze in midair for a second. Noctis teleported behind Jack and hit him in the back causing Jack to tumble forwards. He somersaulted into a kneeling position like the Black Widow did in Iron Man 2. Jack got up, took stance again and charged up light energy. Instead of charging at Noctis, he performed the attack Ben did when he escaped his dark fate during the Keyblade War in the Magic Kingdom. Jack became part of the light and it blasted upwards high into the sky. Jack then came out of the energy taking form, looked down for a second, and then charged down like a meteor toward Noctis. Noctis was going to counter by charging toward the attack, but Jack made an X with his keyblade, sent it toward Noct, and canceled all abilities Noct had. He became a sitting duck allowing Jack to strike in the middle of that X and create a large explosion sending Noct crashing toward the ground. He got up slowly and was panting heavily from the fighting while Jack floated down moderately.

      "I concede defeat," Noct acknowledged. "You have truly shown your strength Aiton. I am honored to have the privilege to fight and learn from one of the greatest keyblade warriors ever."

      "I am glad I have fought you too and learned from you as well," Jack replied. He then went up to Noctis and held his hand out to be shaken. Noctis smiled, chuckled a little, and shook Jack's hand.

      "I wish you luck for the final round," Noct said. Suddenly, a popping sound was heard next to them and Jack saw none other than Hades standing nearby.

      "Really? You want him to be lucky?" Hades asked "Kid here already has enough luck on his side as it seems. Now, I thought it would have been a big, burly guy and holy hydras it's just a little goofball!" Jack remained unflinched at Hades's presence.

      "So Hades, decide to crash the party?" Jack asked.

      "Heh, I wish..." Hades replied. "Not much of a party with you, a goofball here and his royal highness making everything boring and so proper and upright. It would have been a better party if you princey would have followed through on our deal." Noctis looked down in shame; Jack was confused at the statement.

      "What deal Noct? What's going on?" Jack asked him. Noct did not answer at first, but then he finally spoke up.

      "I had a deal with Hades here," he said. "It was I would be granted my freedom if I defeated you. I had to accept the darkness as well and make it a part of my heart should I defeat you."

      "Noctis, why didn't you tell me?" Jack asked.

      "I was too ashamed," Noctis replied. "How could I tell the greatest keyblade warrior that I am a pawn in a sick game? I couldn't do it. I gave everything I had in order to force you to give everything you had. Should you do that, I would have been freed."

      "Oh boy..." Hades said and coughed some "you both are making me sick to my stomach with this sentimentality. I might have even upchucked a musaka that's still in my throat. Your deal wouldn't contain your true freedom your highness." Noctis looked at Hades with surprise.

      "You would have been free," Hades said "but that darkness in your heart would have allowed me to say... keep you on course. It would have helped take over that Magic Kingdom that seems to constantly FIGHT BACK!" Hades said the last statement with anger and his flaming hair turned yellow and larger, his face red.

      "Wait a minute, Magic Kingdom?" Jack asked putting the dots together "You mean to tell me that the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom was really you behind it all?"

      "Of course it was!" Hades replied "My good friend Maleficent wanted me to help spread darkness around so we can take over a few worlds. That kingdom would have been perfect for us, but then that old coot Merlin got involved and started recruiting pesky humans, and taught them how to fight!" Hades got angry once again at the statement. "If you were out of the way, it would have made this effort of mine a walk in the park, so instead, how about you come over to us and start making the right choices?" He walked up to Jack holding out his hand in offering like he did with Aqua in BbS. Jack was appalled at the offer.

      "Get lost! I've already had enough with darkness!" Jack shouted in anger. Hades stepped back and dropped his hand.

      "Well that wasn't nice," he said. "A 'no thank you your godliness' would have sufficed, but I can still, let's see, destroy you. For the last round, I'm your opponent, and I have more darkness for you than what you get at Christmas." He then disappeared leaving Noctis and Jack to themselves.

      "That Hades used me as a tool for his own purposes," Noctis said in frustration. He then looked at Jack. "Aiton, please give Hades his due payment. I am no puppet nor to be used as one. I was going to obtain my freedom even if it meant darkness had to reside there, but it was not to be a doorway for Hades to enter and control me like Pinocchio. He has lied to me and now he must pay, so I wish for you to do just that." Jack nodded understanding what must be done. Noctis was an honorable young man. He had to do what he did not want to in order to be freed from his chains only to be lied to. Now, Jack must finish it all in the final round of the games.

      Jack checked in one last time with Phil after resting up and then proceeded to enter into the coliseum. Hades appeared again, but was all alone. Jack had his keyblade summoned already when he entered.

      "So, it's just you," Jack asked Hades.

      "Just a minute, I have a guest coming to the party," Hades said and he looked into space as if he knew something was imminent. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and Jack was able to hear big booms like footsteps. Hades nodded and looked at his wrist pretending there was a watch on it and nodded some more.

      "Right on schedule!" Hades said. The booms became louder and more thunderous and soon behind Hades, Jack saw a giant appear and it climbed and stepped over the wall. Jack was shocked to see this titan because it wasn't one of Hades's titans Sora or Hercules has fought, it was him! Jack pretended to be Jackzilla when he hung out with Ben one day before all these events transpired. Now, Jack is looking at himself in that form: light navy blue sweatpants, barefoot, and shirtless.

      "What?!" Jack said stunned. Hades was smirking the whole time at Jack.

      "You know, I noticed what happened to you in that kingdom I talked about," Hades said. "I saw what happened to you during that war. It was beautiful because I saw what a real titan looks like. You almost did what my titans should have done, but fell short. You inspired me to do something devilish. I even ironed out the mistakes you made when you were a titan. Now, this one is even stronger and the perfect titan that neither the snow cone, dirt pile, or any of those could ever be." Jackzilla roared and pounded its chest after Hades finished speaking. Jack growled a little at the sight of all of this. Hades basically used darkness to create a brand new titan for himself. This time, it was Jackzilla that Hades used as a model. Jack is looking at himself in giant titan form.

      "Oh, did I mention the second rule says 'combatants can call for back up'?" Hades asked "Better find yours pally." Noctis stepped forward from behind Jack.

      "I will be his back up," Noctis said. Jack raised his hand to stop Noctis.

      "No Noctis," Jack said.

      "You wish to do this alone?" Noctis asked.

      "Yes, I must do it alone," Jack responded. "You asked me to set you free and now I will. Also, the Supreme Elite have been in situations like this before." When Jack said this, Noctis stood up straight and bowed to Jack.

      "Very well Aiton," he said. "I shall leave it to you." Jack nodded and turned back to the god and giant.

      "All yours tubby," Hades said to Jackzilla. Jack realized that this is just like in BbS when Hades let Aqua fight the Ice Titan. Jack thought alright, I guess I get to see what it was like for when Shane and Ben had to fight me when I was like this. The giant took a few steps toward Jack, roared and began to attack Jack. It made a fist and swung down to crush Jack, but Jack moved out of the way and started hitting its hand with his keyblade. He had to also go for the ankles and feet along with the other hand. Sometimes, if it was possible, Jack went for the head. The stomach he avoided since it was too thick and the giant was too big and so it wouldn't do any damage. The giant titan kept on swinging at Jack, but Jack kept moving out of the way. However, there were some close calls. When Jack was attacking the feet and ankles once, Jackzilla rose his foot up high over Jack's head and then went to stomp on Jack. Luckily, Jack got out of the way just in time or he would have been crushed. In return for the stomp, Jack used mine spells. Jack got out from underneath the titan and started firing fire and ice spells at the titan.

      He then threw his keyblade at the beast's head. That turned out to be a mistake as Jackzilla swiped away the keyblade thrown and in a fast moment, reached down and grabbed Jack in a tight grip. Jack couldn't do much as the titan brought Jack up to its face while growling. Jack resummoned his keyblade, but did not strike the fist that held him or it would grasp him tighter. The giant looked Jack over still growling and then roared loudly. It then began to open its mouth and bring Jack to it. Basically, it was going to eat Jack! Jack had to think of something fast and then it hit him. He created a large fireball at the end of his keyblade and pointed it toward the giant's face, particularly the mouth.

      "If I'm your meal," Jack said "then you'll need some spice to go along with it." He then fired the fireball and it hit the titan's open mouth and exploded. The beast roared and let go of Jack immediately who floated down modestly to the ground. The giant covered its face in pain and Jack noticed darkness seeping out from within its hands. Immediately, Jack realized something about this.

      "So this is how they managed to beat the darkness of mine," Jack said to himself. Hades once again lied. He directly copied what Jack did as a giant in the Magic Kingdom against Ben and Shane. He did not iron out the so-called mistakes, they are ingrained in the replica he sees before him. Light surrounded Jack and he immediately started slashing Jackzilla with great power. He did so four times and then charged all of that light power into his keyblade, fired it at the giant, and watched as it hit the titan in a large explosion. The explosion created a huge flash and once it disappeared, the giant turned into a mass of black darkness and disappeared into the air.

      "Alright, that's it. Coming through!" Hades said. Now, Jack is onto part 2 of this final round of the games. It was just like when Aqua fought Hades. It was challenging since Hades was a god, but Jack kept his momentum going. In a matter of time, Jack fired a large beam of light and it enveloped Hades. He was sent backwards and hit the wall of the coliseum hard. He was bent over and panting as he slowly walked to Jack in the middle of the coliseum. He then stops, catches his breath, and then stood up.

      "Figures that faux pas was a mistake," Hades said "I should have done my own thing than listen to him. Stay tuned for the bonus round!!" Hades then disappeared. Jack was confused for a moment when a dark corridor opens up and a dark keyblade warrior comes out of it. This one was wearing brown and some light blue and black clothes. He was Jack's height and size. He didn't have the same body composition as Jack though. He did look to be younger than Jack by a year or two.

      "Man, even you fighting your own devil wasn't enough," he said.

      "So you're the one who used darkness to great the titan version of me," Jack claimed.

      "That's right," the warrior replied. "I figured that I could make a better version of what darkness did to you and that would destroy you. Instead, it turned out I couldn't iron out the mistakes. So, if that doesn't kill you then I will in the bonus round!" The warrior summoned his keyblade and took stance. Jack had his already so he just took stance. Then, they both clashed and fought each other. Jack wasn't really intimidated because this enemy was not that tough actually. He wasn't a pushover, but he seemed to be like any other dark keyblade warrior. Jack parried a strike and back kicked the kid and sent him backwards. He was sent flying backwards and the kid was on the ground. Something was rather interesting about this kid, for this darkness wasn't exactly out of pure evil. It is more like the true person this kid possibly could be is imprisoned in a dark cage. Jack actually walked toward the kid a little as he laid on the ground. Is this kid...weeping?

      "Hey kid," Jack called "are you an enemy or friend?" The kid got up and it looked like some light was seeping out of him and his face showed sadness and pain.

      "Return everything I had," the kid said in sorrow. Then, darkness took a hold of him and he once again was the dark enemy Jack first saw. Jack fought him again and stabbed the kid's chest where his heart is. The darkness came out of him and disappeared into the air. The kid's clothes turned from black, light blue, and brown to a red and white color.

      "Oh my! What happened?" the kid asked. Jack understood now; this kid was under darkness's grasp. All freedom and free will was taken away from him and apparently more was also taken.

      "Who are you?" Jack asked.

      "I'm Verum," he replied.

      "What happened to you that darkness overtook you?" Jack asked.

      "Dark warriors came to my world and caused chaos and ruin," he said "it was a bloody battle that I along with other keyblade bearers of light fought. It was a massacre to watch. My friends were all killed by those demons. I felt my world shatter and revenge became my only desire. Anger also filled the void in my heart and what I hated the most enveloped my heart and I became part of the darkness. I was tasked by the Dark Elite to seek you out and destroy you."

      "When and where did this happen?" Jack asked.

      "It happened in Disneyland in Paris just a month ago," Verum said. Jack had chills up and down his back at the statement. This conflict has now expanded to more than just Walt Disney World. It has gone on to the other Disney resorts like Disneyland, Disney Paris, basically just about all resorts. Thank goodness it has only been restricted to just those areas, or at least he hoped it did. A dark corridor opened up and a person in a black coat came out of it smiling. Only his mouth was visible while the rest was covered in shadow.

      "I did indeed," he said. "I wanted to see if you could recreate the darkness that transformed Jack into the monster he was in the Magic Kingdom and should he be defeated, you bring him to me or if you killed him, even better."

      "So you must also be the one responsible for the chaos that killed his friends," Jack accused him.

      "Ah! Correct again!" the mysterious figure said jubilantly. Verum took a step forward to attack, but Jack put his arm in front of him stopping him. "Boy, you are a smart one. Then I guess you know why I'm here. Your world cannot go on the way it is where free will runs rampant. Know what happens when it does? Chaos so order needs to be established. The more you protect your world, the more you allow the chaos to run free. I am here to tell you to stop such craziness. You wouldn't want your people to destroy your world would you?" Jack was not buying the explanation. It sounded like a good one, but this was manipulation.

      "You really think I will buy that?" Jack asked "I know darkness and I know you are trying to manipulate me. I'm not that stupid."

      "My oh my you are sharp!" the figure said. "Well, then I will tell you this straight up then. We, the Dark Elite will explain to you why you should stop. That will happen when the time is right." A dark corridor opened up and the figure was about to walk through, but Jack called to him one last time.

      "Hold it! Aren't you going to reveal yourselves to us?" Jack asked. The figure stopped and looked back at Jack.

      "When you have gathered together, then you'll see the truth," he replied and then he walked through the corridor and disappeared along with the corridor. Jack now realized that he had to find a way to get together with his friends in order to find out who these Dark Elite are. Maybe then it will help defeat them. Right now, as time ticks on, the conflict is expanding more and more.

Edited by KingdomHearts3

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Oh wow, this was a badass chapter!  AND OOH, NOCTIS WAS HERE AS WELL!!!!  Haha, I loved how he showed up, and I think you managed to fit his personality very well to your writing!  Also, you definitely nailed Hades!  He was my favorite thing about this chapter!  Lol, you definitely have his personality down! :D


Wow, so much foreshadowing and mystery!  Just what are these new villains after?  What is this true order they are seeking?  Hmm, all shall be revealed in time...and I can't wait to read more! :D

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Chapter 7: Larger Battles

      Jack turned around and Noctis was walking toward him. Noct gave a small smile and shook Jack's hand.

      "Thank you Aiton for freeing me," Noctis said.

      "No problem," Jack replied. "It's just part of our duty. I am glad I freed you." Jack then turned back toward Verum who was now in tears because he was so happy. He went on one knee and gave the keyblade warrior salute while bowing his head.

      "Aiton..." he said and couldn't say more. Jack raised him up and gave him a warm smile.

      "Any fellow warrior is worth saving," Jack said. Verum nodded. "Just remember, your sacrifice is not small and even though you will pay a price here, you will be rewarded after."

      "Thank you Aiton for your words," Verum replied. "I will now go and fight the darkness wherever it may be. If I die doing so, I am glad to die for the light and to die for the Supreme Elite." He gave the salute again and then disappeared into a light corridor. Jack and Noctis then left the coliseum and entered the vestibule. Hercules was there and he was excited and happy for Jack.

      "Congratulations! You won the games!" Hercules said. Jack was presented his trophy by Phil and it was placed net to trophies of past winners. Jack then said goodbye to Herc and Phil and left the vestibule. He and Noct walked a little bit away from the  vestibule entrance before Jack stopped and turned to Noct.

      "So Noctis, what will you be doing next?" Jack asked.

      "I will be returning to my friends," Noctis replied. "I would like for you to meet them. I am also sure they would like to meet you and the rest of the Elite and seven lights."

      "I would like to," Jack said "but I have to move on to another world and protect it."

      "That's also another thing I'd like to do," Noctis said. Jack gave a confused expression to Noct. "I wish to help the Supreme Elite and defeat the darkness that's threatening the light." He then got on one knee and bowed his head. "With you permission and blessing, I ask to join you and assist defeating the darkness." Jack raised him up.

      "I'd be overjoyed," Jack replied. "I'm on my way to Radiant Garden you know."

      "That's perfect," Noctis replied "because that's where my friends are." Jack opened a light corridor and the both disappeared into it heading for Radiant Garden.


      The Foretellers were in Twilight Town looking around for any dark adversaries. They knew they had to be somewhere. It was not going to be easy looking for them. Instead, they heard someone shout to them from behind.

      "Hey! You five!" a voice shouted. The Foretellers looked behind them and found five dark warriors coming towards them. All five summoned their keyblades and prepared themselves.

      "Who are you?" the Vulpes Foreteller asked.

      "We're soldiers under the Dark Elite," one dark soldier said. "Our job is to find fools like you and either tell us where the Supreme Elite are or taste cold steel." He then held his keyblade out in front pointing it at the Vulpes Foreteller.

      "Why do you think we the Foretellers will bend head over heels to tell you where the Supreme Elite are?" the Unicornis Foreteller asked.

      "We may know where they are," the Leopardos Foreteller followed. "However, their location is not our concern since they can take care of themselves. We don't have to tell you anything."

      "Then it looks like we have to force you all to answer," another dark soldier threatened and then they all had their keyblades summoned. Both sides charged toward each other and began fighting in the streets of town. The tram that would usually come through was stopped because of the fighting. The shop closed and people ran away and fled to safety. The Foretellers fought with their powerful skill they used when making Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian masters in their Mark of Mastery exams just before the Keyblade War broke out. The Foretellers did not battle long and they already had the dark foes struck down and killed. Only one was lying on the ground hanging on to life. He was just stabbed by one of the Foretellers and now, he is lying on the ground dying with blood coming from his mouth and dripping from both sides of his mouth.

      "If not us, then it will be the Dark Elite that find out," he said. "Then, you all will answer to them." He then closed his eyes and gave up his breath. The bodies of all the dead warriors began to disintegrate and disappear into dark particles. The keyblades remained, but the Foretellers with their magic turned them into dark particles and those disappeared too. Suddenly, four dark corridors opened up and four people in black coats came out of them.

      "We already know where they are," one of them said. "We haven't told our soldiers that we already know where they are. It has been rather entertaining to see them strike down keyblade warriors of light."

      "You four! You're the Dark Elite!" the Ursus Foreteller claimed.

      "Exactly!" one of them said "We have been just letting things go and watching from a distance. Now, it's not just the Realm of Light we have been searching. It's also that planet the four Elites come from."

      "You've sent soldiers to Earth?!" the Anguis Foreteller demanded.

      "Of course we did," another of the Dark Elite said. "We figured that place is just as game as every other world that exists. Unfortunately, they ran into some citizens of earth in Disneyland that refused to answer and so had to force answers out from them. That turned rather bloody as some of the citizens of Disneyland fought back. Quite a pity they were so foolish enough to dare defy us as they paid for with their life." The frown he had turned into a grin and he began laughing in amusement. The Foretellers growled out of anger because they knew Earth was a precious world that was supposed to be protected and kept away from the bloodshed and chaos. Now, it has been brought to the world and people of Earth are dying.

      "That wasn't the only time though," a third Dark Elite said. "This has happened in Disney Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Oh yes, we have searched all of the resorts, but the time in Disneyland actually upset us a little because four idiots claiming they are the Supreme Elite got in the way and killed our soldiers!" The Foretellers immediately knew they were talking about the rivals of the Supreme Elite. In a way, they were rather glad the rivals got involved and actually saved some lives.

      "The bright side is, they are not fooling anyone and no one is believing them," a fourth Elite said. "These fakes will eventually learn the hard way."

      "Now that we have beaten around the bush," the Vulpes Foreteller said "just who are you four anyway?"

      "My you are rather impatient," the tallest Elite said. "Well, I am afraid you won't get your answer now, but once you all have gathered together in one place, then you'll get your answer." He then addressed the other shorter Elites. "I have someone to pay a visit to. He's in Enchanted Dominion right now. I'll make sure to draw him to where he and his friends gather." The shorter elites nodded and then they all disappeared into dark corridors. The Foretellers had a feeling where the Elites would gather and most likely, the seven light will be there too: Radiant Garden.


      Adrian came out of his light corridor into the Enchanted Dominion. He was on the bridge heading in front of King Stefan's castle. Things were quiet which was a good thing in this day and age. Adrian walked to the castle to see the king and queen and well as the prince and princess. Once he entered through the castle doors, he saw King Stefan, the queen, and King Hubert talking with Aurora and Philip. Hubert was standing next to Stefan as they were speaking to the prince and princess. Apparently, they must be speaking about where the newly weds would stay until the were to become king and queen. Adrian quietly walked up to the royals trying to not interrupt them or make himself noticeable. When he was about ten feet from Aurora and Philip, who were standing in front of the kings and queen, he spoke up.

      "Excuse me, your highnesses?" Adrian said. The royals turned to face Adrian with King Stefan moving his head to where he can see Adrian. Aurora and Philip moved to different sides of the thrones so the king and queen seated could see. Adrian gave the keyblade warriors salute, went on one knee, and bowed his head.

      "I say, is that Kyrios? The knight we have heard of for so long?" Stefan asked Hubert in excitement.

      "By Jove it is!" Hubert exclaimed happily "The great knight has come to visit, Stefan!" He then walked briskly up to Adrian, stood him up, and shook Adrian's hand.

      "Ha ha ha, it's an honor to see you!" Hubert said. "Oh please, come and say hello to Philip and Aurora!" He motioned Adrian to go forward and greet the princess and prince. They both walked up to Adrian and nodded.

      "It's an honor to meet the great knight," Philip said. "I am Prince Philip."

      "Hello, I am glad you came. I am Aurora," the princess said. Adrian bowed the same way as before, but stood up immediately after he took a knee. He then addressed all the royals.

      "Your highnesses, I am here for a very important reason," Adrian began. "I came here because darkness threatens this kingdom along with many other kingdoms that exist. There are dark soldiers that want to spread darkness everywhere they go."

      "What is the meaning of this?! Is this Maleficent's doing?!" Stefan demanded.

      "She may have a role in this," Adrian replied. "However, this effort is being lead by four people called the Dark Elite. They would have Maleficent involved most likely."

      "Dark nobility? Leading a rebellion?" Hubert asked shocked "This is an outrage! This means war!" He then grabbed Stefan and shook him. "This means war Stefan!" He then let go of Stefan, who brushed himself. "This means war! Arm the soldiers! Ready the archers! We must be ready!"

      "I will immediately set the guard at once!" Stefan told Adrian. "Thank you Kyrios for this important information."

      "No problem. Just call me Adrian," Adrian replied. Stefan summoned over a general and began conversing with him and gave orders on the guard that is to be established. Hubert also began speaking with a general and harped on him the importance of the situation and what must be done.

      "I must get ready to fight so I can protect my princess," Philip said referencing Aurora.

      "Not with the weaponry you have now dear," a voice said. Adrian looked to his left and behind and saw Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather landing. Flora was the one who spoke.

      "We will give you a new sword and shield in place of the poor equipment you have now," Fauna said.

      "Then you'll be able to fight as many as possible," Merryweather followed. Then, they used their magic and gave Philip the sword and shield he used against Maleficent before.

      "Good fairies, I will need you to come with me and help," Adrian said. They nodded in reply.

      "What do you suggest we do?" the queen asked.

      "I suggest you and Aurora go up to the tallest tower and barricade yourselves there," Adrian replied. "Aurora is a princess of heart and the light that keeps this world alive. This could get ugly and we cannot lose her."

      "Good luck and be safe," Aurora said and she went up to Adrian, put his head down a little and kissed his forehead. Adrian smiled and bowed like before a third time to Aurora. Everyone went on their way to do what they planned to. Adrian and the fairies left the castle through the front doors to look for any dark adversaries. Adrian and the fairies walked on the bridge for only five minutes when they saw none other than Maleficent standing in front of them observing the castle.

      "Maleficent!" Flora said.

      "In order to take over worlds, I need a foundation I can always come back to," Maleficent said. "This castle is perfect for my endeavors. What do you think Kyrios?" She then looked at Adrian as she asked him.

      "So Maleficent, still trying to take over worlds? Up to your same tricks?" Adrian asked.

      "Same tricks? Hardly," she replied. "I now have some assistance from the Dark Elite. Yes, they were very gracious to provide me with resources. They suggested that I did not need to go from one world to the next and try to take one when I fail to take one previously."

      "We got ourselves some strong powerhouses," Pete said walking up next to Maleficent. "You bozos won't be able to do anything because this world is all ours."

      "Silence fool!" Maleficent rebuked him "There is no boasting in front of them." Pete then put his hands to his mouth. "This world isn't ours yet, but it will be in due time. I shall be going back to see if my minions are ready." Maleficent then opened up a dark corridor and walked through it. Adrian ran toward the corridor, but Pete got in the way. Adrian jumped back and summoned his keyblade.

      "You bozos are not going anywhere!" Pete said "You'll have to get through Pete first!" Adrian got ready to fight and he fought Pete. It was like with Sora fighting him in KH2. The difference this time is Adrian had the fairies alongside him. It was that bad of a fight, but Pete put up one and made it a bit annoying, but Adrian was in control. Soon, he and the fairies charged up energy and Adrian fired a red, green, and blue orb toward Pete that exploded on impact. Pete was sent rolling on is back a ways. He then got up panting and frustrated. Adrian kept his stance and waited for whatever came next.

      "Oooooohhhh! You'll pay for this!" Pete said and then disappeared into a dark corridor. Adrian unsummoned his keyblade.

      "We have to go after them," Adrian said.

      "We'll be heading to the Forbidden Mountain then," Flora suggested grimly. Fauna gasped at the suggestion.

      "We can't go there!" Fauna said.

      "Fauna, I have been to places more forbidden than Maleficent's castle," Adrian said. "It's called the Keyblade Graveyard."

      "What if Maleficent has a trap waiting for us?" Merryweather asked.

      "We the Supreme Elite have been in many similar situations like that," Adrian responded. "We can handle them." They then went off to the Forbidden Mountain. Along the way, the came across heartless in the Forest Clearing. They were no problem, but they encountered more and stronger ones at the Waterside. They were tougher and took a while, but nothing got out of hand and turned against Adrian. Once those were gone, the fairies and elite made it to the entrance to the Forbidden Mountain. They trekked on and went up the pathway to the bridge. What's fascinating is everything seems to be quiet. It was rather disturbing everything has been so quiet and so the four of them had magic and keyblade on hand and kept on their toes further. Eventually, they made it to Maleficent's throne. What was shocking is how no one, not even the witch, was there. They kept going and came to the hall. Nothing again, but as they walked to where Ventus found Aurora's heart in BbS, Maleficent appeared smiling.

      "Ah, so you have decided to come chasing after me?" Maleficent asked. "Have you not heard the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'? Maybe you fools should have followed such advice." Adrian heard behind him some noise and when he and the fairies looked behind, they saw dark corridors open up one after another after another and out came dark keyblade warriors from them. The fairies gasped in shock and Adrian growled. Before they knew it, hundreds to about three thousand dark warriors were in the hall with armor on and keyblade in hand. Maleficent laughed at the four's shock.

      "HA HA HA! Your speechlessness amuses me!" Maleficent quipped "Now, prepare for your doom!" Dark warriors charged toward Adrian and the fairies. The fairies grabbed onto Adrian in fear. Adrian raised his hand up high and a large column of light enveloped the four of them transporting them out of the castle. Maleficent was now at the end of her patience.

      "Hggggrrrgghh!" she growled "Prepare for battle! We are going to pay King Stefan a visit." The soldiers saluted to her and got in formation.

      Adrian and the fairies transported to the bridge and immediately bolted for the Audience Chamber. There they found Kings Stefan and Hubert with many soldiers, but there appeared to be hundreds and not as many as Maleficent's minions.

      "Your majesties!" Adrian called out. Stefan and Hubert stood up from sitting on the thrones and saw the fairies and elite come running through the many knights.

      "What is it Kyrios?!" Stefan asked. "What did you find?"

      "Come, speak quickly now boy!" Hubert insisted.

      "Your majesties, Maleficent has an army at her disposal," Adrian said causing a chatter among the knights in the room.

      "Yes, those little creatures of her's," Stefan replied.

      "No your majesty!" Flora chimed in "These aren't Maleficent's little minions!" Stefan and Hubert raised their eyebrows now.

      "These are soldiers like the ones you have!" Fauna said "They're human!"

      "And that's not all!" Merryweather inputted "She has many more than the number in this room! Probably thousands of them! Also, they hold weapons called keyblades!" Stefan now appeared hopeless and sat back down. Hubert looked defeated and leaned against Stefan's throne.

      "I never though we would ever taste defeat at that creature's hands," Stefan said hopelessly.

      "Your majesty, I am one of the Supreme Elite for a good reason," Adrian said. "I have been known to do the improbable. I have even led warriors into battle before. Do not lose hope." Stefan was now confused.

      "What are you talking about boy?" Hubert asked.

      "There aren't enough of my soldiers I can have battle," Stefan said.

      "They don't need to be your soldiers," Adrian replied. He then motioned for the two kings to follow him. They walked outside in front of the doorway and Adrian summoned his keyblade, pointed it out front and charged up light energy. He then shot it high into the sky so high, that it disappeared. Then, a small flash appeared for a moment and then disappeared. A few moment came and went and nothing happened.

      Suddenly, light corridors appeared and one after another, keyblade warriors of light in armor with keyblade in hand came out of them. It kept going and going and there appeared to be five thousand in number. Stefan and Hubert were stunned to see so many.

      "Great... scot..." Hubert said in shock.

      "Ha ha! This is amazing!" Stefan said jubilantly "So none of my soldiers need to fight."

      "Not really," Adrian replied. "It wouldn't be right if we took up all the victory, so would you like to have them give the final blow?"

      "I would love to!" Stefan replied happily. Adrian turns to the warriors, nods, and raises his keyblade. The warriors do the same. Prince Philip comes next to the kings with sword and shield in hand.

      "I will fight too," he said.

      "My boy, you will need to save your strength for the witch," Hubert said. "Kyrios has it all figured out now. Let's allow him to perform his duty."

      A time later, Maleficent and her army of dark warriors appear on the other side of the bridge. She is in front of them all. Adrian and the light warriors are in the same formation with Adrian in front staring right at Maleficent. Soon, the two sides are no more than thirty feet away from each other on two sides of the bridge. Maleficent and Adrian glared at each other for a few seconds.

      "I see you too have come prepared," she remarked.

      "Naturally. Especially since you have decided to be in cahoots with the Dark Elite," Adrian fired back.

      "Do you think I would be so foolish as to not seek such brilliant minds?" Maleficent asked "As long as they assist fueling the darkness, you will face your doom!" She motioned for her minions to charge. Adrian did the same thing and the two sides clashed in a war. It was bloody and brutal. Adrian looked around and immediately had a flashback. For a moment, he saw Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in ruin as keyblade warriors of light and darkness fought each other. Adrian shook it off and decided to discard such thinking. There is no way there is a link between the two. This is Maleficent mostly and she obtained help. Last time was the thirteen darknesses so this is different. Eventually, the dark side began retreating while suffering major casualties. Bodies from both sides, more from the dark side, were laying on the ground with keyblades too. Stefan ordered his troops to charge and they helped the light soldiers give the final blow to the remaining contingent. The few dark soldiers left escaped in dark corridors. Maleficent was not happy at all as she watched. Adrian did not fight because he wanted to keep an eye on Maleficent. He was enjoying her anger.

      "You fools haven't won yet!" she shouted "You shall face me and all the powers of hell!" Then, she turned into a dragon just like the many times before. Prince Philip ran up beside Adrian and both had weapons ready. Both of them fought the dragon and it was not much different than when it was Aqua instead of Adrian. Adrian countered brutally any physical attacks dragon Maleficent made and countered her dragon breath by taking a fireball, putting it in his hands and firing the flames toward her. Basically, he performed Flamethrower, an attack that would be seen in Pokemon, but can be done also by keyblade wielders. Eventually, Philip started taking command and he soon defeated her the same way as the first time. After that came and went, the light warriors shouted "huzzah" a few times as victory has been won. Then, they disappeared into light corridors after Adrian thanked them all. Adrian was thanked by the kings and prince and they went back into the castle. Adrian turned to head away from the castle when suddenly, a dark corridor appeared and out came a person in a black coat.

      "Just as I thought," he said "I had a feeling you would be here. My, that battle was quite horrifying, don't you think? Kind of reminds you of the Keyblade War in Walt Disney World doesn't it?"

      "Look, Dark Elite, why are you here?" Adrian demanded.

      "I am here to tell you to stop trying to defend your world," the Dark Elite said. "You are promoting free will that will go haywire if not kept in check. You just saw it happen recently, do you want that for your world?"

      "SHUT UP!" Adrian screamed making the Dark Elite jump a little "You're lying! That is not why you want me to stop! You won't make me a sucker and fall for you manipulation."

      "Well that wasn't civil," the elite said. "Very well, then we the Dark Elite shall force you to stop along with showing you why." He opened a dark corridor and was about to go through it, but paused.

      "Oh one more thing," he said "I know you will ask this and are wondering, so I will say this before I go. If you want to know who we are, head to Radiant Garden. There, you will see the truth." He then went into the corridor and departed. Adrian opened a light corridor and went through on his way to Radiant Garden. He has a bad feeling that something bad is coming and needs to see if his friends are there. Plus, he also wants the truth and he will find it even if it meant facing larger battles. Actually, he just faced a large battle, so larger ones are coming.

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