My Kingdom Hearts Story: Rising Darkness

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But seriously though, I'm loving all the foreshadowing that's going into this!  Something very dire is happening behind the scenes, and its only a matter of time before the Dark Elite reveal their intentions!


But yeah, this chapter was great, and I love Maleficent in it!  I can't wait for more! :D

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Chapter 8: Revelation

      Sora and I walked through the light corridor to wherever it would take us. I was being supported by him most of the time. After that horrifying vision I saw in the boneyard, I did not feel like talking to Jack Skellington, I just wanted out of that world. Sora was very gracious to hold me up as I felt rather uneasy, unsteady, and light headed, but then I stood up on my own after a while and felt better.

      "Thanks Sora," I said "I think I'm good now." Sora nodded and we walked out of the corridor and came upon Radiant Garden. We were outside the town walls in the Outer Gardens. We paused for a second, used magic, and went to our normal clothing; Sora into his KH3 clothes and mine to my elite outfit. We then began walking to the Entryway. We were quiet for a while, but then Sora stopped walking. I did not noticed and kept going.

      "Hey, uh, Ben?" Sora said.

      "Uh huh?" I replied still walking.

      "I was thinking, I wanted to do this for a while, but could you and I fight?" Sora asked. I stopped cold in my tracks. Did he just ask to fight me? I turned my head around and looked at him with my left eyebrow raised.

      "I beg your pardon?" I asked. Sora appeared to be more confident in asking now.

      "Yeah, I have really wanted to spar you for some time now," Sora said. "You've shown me and my friends your skills. I have fought with you and have actually thought about how cool you are. In fact, the whole time between fighting Master Xehanort and now, I actually have practiced and tried to get better. Also, I haven't told anyone this, not even Kairi, Riku, or any of our friends, but I actually have a role model to look up to and I chose you as a role model. I meant what I said just before we fought in the Keyblade War: I look to you as a role model." I was blown away at what Sora said. So he has seen me as a role model? One of the seven lights who has defeated Master Xehanort and the thirteen darknesses has just declared me his role model? I turned around completely and faced Sora.

      "Sora...I..." I said "I don't know what to say. I'm flattered." He smiled and put his hands behind his head like he usually does. I went up to him and hugged him tightly and he did so too.

      "Thanks Sora, that means a lot," I said and then let go of him. "Well, I will fight with you, but first, we have to go through town and take out anyone hostile to us. I think after we do that, we can square off." Sora nodded and we continued onto the Entryway and head to town. In the Central Square, the heartless were everywhere. It was chaotic as they went back and forth while scaring off citizens of Radiant Garden. Sora and I summon our keyblades and charge forward into battle and start fighting off the large hordes of heartless. There must have been hundreds of them and before we know it, we were surrounded by invisibles and dark balls. They all charged at once, but then a light came crashing down from above and destroyed the heartless. When this light receded, Sora and I saw none other than Ephemera with keyblade in hand. Plus, he had a partner next to him. It was a female and I knew immediately who it was: Skuld from KHX/KHUX. She, in this case, is the descendant of the first Skuld who went by the same name. Ephemera and Skuld turned around and faced Sora and I.

      "We saw you guys surrounded and thought you could use some help," Ephemera said.

      "Nice to see you again Ephemera," I said and then turned my face to Skuld. "Skuld, it's a pleasure to meet you." She nodded, went on one knee, and gave the keyblade warrior salute.

      "Master Polemistis," she said "or Master Ben as is your other name. I am honored to meet one of the legendary Supreme Elite." I stood her up and nodded.

      "It's good to meet you," I said "but now, we have some heartless to clear out." Ephemera and Skuld nodded and they summoned their Starlights, Sora summoned his new keyblade from KH3, and I summoned Ultimate Apocalypse and the four of us charged. There were heartless of all types and they put up a fight altogether. The soldiers were moving around quickly and we realized that if we chased the soldiers around, we would allow the rhapsodies to fire their magic at us getting us on the ground and then that would allow the neoshadows to then maul us. Instead, we fired our magic at both the soldiers and the rhapsodies. There were many other heartless types, but I can't keep track of all of them. They were enemies and that's what mattered. Soon, the four of us struck down every last heartless that was creeping around and moved on. Walking through Radiant Garden was nice. We said hello to any citizens that we passed by. We even stopped by Merlin's place to check up on him in the Castle Town. He offered for us to see the book, but I refused since I didn't need to. I knew my power and can't possibly gain more of it. We then left and got a few things from the Moogle shop. After our shopping was done, we went to the Garden and then went off to Ansem's Castle. However, as we went up the stairs and reached the top, we saw a regiment of dark warriors surrounding the doorway to the castle. There appeared to be about eight of them. On the other side of them, Dilan, Aeleus, and Lea were standing guard with weapons on hand. Behind them, Even and Ienzo were standing in front of the door. The four of us had keyblades in hand and waited for the right time.

      "I'll say it again you ingrates," one dark soldier said "move aside and let us see the research Xehanort did from his time as apprentice."

      "Yeah right," Lea replied raising his Flamethrower "like I'm going to do something like that."

      "Xehanort's research has been sealed and stored away," Aeleus said. "There is no way we'll give it to you."

      "Radiant Garden shall not fall under the likes of you," Dilan said.

      "In that case, tell us where you stored them," another soldier said. "You see how nice we are trying to be? You don't want us to have your blood water the gardens, would you? We are giving you every opportunity to avoid that, so answer now."

      "That place is hidden somewhere secret in Radiant Garden," Even replied.

      "We even sealed it away so no one becomes curious and wanders there," Ienzo followed.

      "Tsk tsk tsk, pity," another soldier said "and here I thought this would go smoothly and quickly. Well, I guess it's time for the plants to be watered." All warriors summoned their keyblades and were about to charge at them.

      "You won't be watering anything with blood!" I shouted and all eight turned around and faced Sora, Ephemera, Skuld, and I.

      "Ah, the Supreme Elite," a fourth soldier said "we have hoped you'd be here. Plus, you brought along one of the lights and two members from the Foretellers unions. What a treat!"

      "Oh we'll give you a treat!" Sora shouted and we all took stance. "We'll show you just how you shouldn't mess with any of our friends!" Both sides ran toward each other and clashed. My friends and I were outnumbered two to one, so each of us had to fight two enemies at the same time. Thank you martial arts for two-on-one fighting; it has helped immensely. Suddenly, from behind our enemies, spells were being fired at the enemy. All of the former Organization 13 members had weapons in hand and were taking part in the fight. This distracted the enemies from fighting us.

      "You see," Lea said "the last time someone tried to hurt my friends, I had to come in and ruin the script. I couldn't figure out how to fully use a keyblade, but now, I'm on the same level as you." He was obviously referencing his time in the Realm of Sleep and saving Sora from Master Xehanort's clutches in KH3D and when he showed his keyblade after the Mark of Mastery test ended.

      "We may not have keyblades," Dilan said "but we will fight anyway."

      "Grrrrrrgggghhhh!!!! ATTAAAAAAAAAAACK!" one soldier screamed and then the fighting broke out once more with greater violence. It was now nine of us against eight of them and it was a fantastic advantage. I fought one soldier now that his partner was fighting one of the former Organization members. I soon slashed across my foe's throat killing him instantly and helped Ienzo and Even kill their opponents. Soon, all eight soldiers are dead and their keyblades sticking out of the pavement or lying on it. I used magic to disintegrate their keyblades into dark particles as their bodies did so.

      "Thank you for saving us," Even said.

      "It would have been a hopeless situation if you didn't come," Ienzo followed.

      "No problem," I replied. "You can help us by trying to follow the movements of these enemies as well as use any resources you may find useful to help overcome this new enemy." Even and Ienzo nodded and went back inside the castle.

      "Aeleus and Dilan, this new enemy will be brutal," I told them. "Stay on your feet and continue to guard this world." They too nodded and went back to their posts.

      "Nice to see ya again buddy," Lea said. "So this new enemy must be after you, eh?"

      "Nice to see you too," I replied. "Yes they are. They're called the Dark Elite and they are after us Supreme Elite. Go to Master Yen Sid and he should explain everything and tell you what you should do." Lea nodded, opened a dark corridor, and went on his way to Mysterious Tower. The four of us went down the stairs and used the gateway heading to the Central Square. When we get there, we hobnob for a little.

      "So Ben," Sora said "how about that fight?" He asked this with a smile. I looked at him with eyebrows raised.

      "Really? You really want to do this?" I asked again. He nodded.

      "Alright, but I will give everything I have," I said. The two of us then stood about the length Aqua and Terra stood in their Mark of Mastery Exam. Ephemera and Skuld would be the overseers and watch us fight. Sora and I had keyblades in hand and took stances. Both of us looked at each other in the eye with determination.

      "Begin!" Ephemera and Skuld said loudly and then Sora and I charged toward each other and clashed. He was tough and I mean tough! Clearly, fighting the thirteen darknesses made him into a fighting machine. After all, he became Master Sora officially after their defeat. It isn't surprising that he is this tough. Both of us went hand on hand going back and forth. I was jumping over strikes to my leg and sometimes, I had to backflip backwards to get out of harms way. Sora was unyielding though and he fired magic whenever he could. He fired a fire spell toward me and I in turn struck the fireball down and fired a shockwave from my free hand. It sent Sora rolling backwards, but he landed back on his feet like a ninja and we both charged again and locked in close combat. I got physical with Sora striking him across the face and sometimes kicking him. He performed some reactions and got physical with me too. Sora even used keyblade transformations. I had to use them as well even though I haven't that often. It only extended our stalemate as every spell fired from each other's keyblade transformation clashed. I decided that I had to end this before this is dragged out longer. When Sora got close, I performed Last Word on him.

      "Take this!" I shouted and performed the whole attack. It hit Sora and he took damage, but he still stood up. I was and was not surprised to see him still standing. In fact, he had light surround his body.

      "I won't give up..." he said. "I will keep going until the very end!" He then charged again and we clashed, but he was driving me backwards and about ready to put me in a corner against the walls. I teleported behind him a ways back to the center of the square. That's where I fired multiple light orbs at Sora. He kept on dodging him, but that was okay, for I wanted to delay him. I immediately pointed my keyblade up to the sky and lightning came down and entered it transferring the energy into my body. Light surrounded me and I was full of energy and power.

      "This is it," I said. "It ends here. No hard feelings Sora." He nodded in reply and light around his body grew too.

      "No hard feelings," Sora replied. We both had our keyblades spin around our hands and against each other, we performed Light Spiral, the stronger version of Dark Spiral; what Ventus used against Vanitas. We clashed in a huge shockwave and were pushing each other in a stalemate. Both of us were screaming as we pushed against each other trying to put all will power we both had into this final attack. A huge explosion erupted and smoke covered everything. Ephemera and Skuld had their arms to their faces and covering them as they tried to keep from being blown away. As the smoke cleared and everything became visible, I was standing gasping for breath with keyblade in hand and Sora was a distance away, lying on his back, gasping for breath, and keyblade lying on the ground a foot or two out of his hand's reach. He slowly got up while picking up his keyblade. He stood there for a second or two and said nothing. He then looked at me and smiled.

      "You're strong Ben," he said. "Extremely strong. I now realize my heart made the right choice in making you my role model." Sora raised his keyblade toward me and nodded. I stood straight up from my stance and smiled. We both then unsummoned our keyblades.

      "Wow!" Ephemera exclaimed "That was amazing!"

      "I knew a battle between one of the Supreme Elite and seven lights would be amazing," Skuld said "but this was even better than I imagined!" Sora and I nodded, smiled, and gave each other hugs.

      Suddenly, I saw three people walking from the Castle Town. They appeared to be conversing with each other in worry and concern. They grabbed all our undivided attention. I knew who they were. The three males were walking in our direction and when they saw us, they stopped.

      "You three are Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto, Noctis's friends," I said. It truly was them in the flesh and looking like they did in Final Fantasy XV.

      "That's right, and aren't you him?" Gladio replied.

      "Yes, it is him. It must be," Ignis replied. Just then, a light corridor opened and out came Jack and the one and only Prince Noctis. When the three and Noctis saw each other, they ran to each other. Noctis embraced all of them and was overjoyed at seeing his friends. Noctis began telling his friends what happened to him. I saw Jack and went to him, hugged him, and greeted him. I asked how his journey has been and he told me about his time in Olympus Coliseum with the games, meeting Noctis, fighting Hades and the giant version of himself Jackzilla, and set a warrior of light free from the darkness. Jack told me the details of Noctis's and Hades's little deal.

      "I see, so Noctis was under Hades's control and was a tool for Hades to use in his conquest of the Magic Kingdom," I said. "Interesting. Congrats on your victories and records though. I am not surprised you won." Adrian and Shane came out of their own light corridors at the same time nearby the light and union members. Jack and I went up to them immediately and we all embraced each other. Shane recounted his time in Dwarf Woodlands and coming across a kid who threatened Snow White and Snow White defending herself. Adrian then explained his time in the Enchanted Dominion and his encounter with Maleficent and his fight with her. It was interesting to hear what's happening on my friends' journeys. I know that they are safe and okay.

      We turn back to the four friends Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto. After they finish talking, they turn toward us. Noctis then gasps a little as he sees myself and the rest of the Elite.

      "Polemistis, Kyrios, Kidemonas, Aiton," he said addressing us and then he addressing his friends "these are the four Supreme Elite that dad has told me about back in Lucis, guys. Aiton is the one that freed me from Hades. These are the four legendary warriors we have heard the stories about."

      "I see, so you four are the legends standing here," Ignis said. "It's a pleasure to meet you four."

      "Oh cool! We know legends!" Prompto said excited "Maybe you guys can show me how you guys do your legendary fighting!"

      "Prompto, you can't learn what they know," Gladiolus replied. "What they know is from long ago." He then addressed us four. "It's an honor to meet you, great Supreme Elite." Noctis then motioned them and they all went on one knee and bowed. I went to Noctis and motioned them to rise.

      "I am glad to meet you guys," I said. A light corridor opened and the rest of the seven lights came out of it. Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, and Mickey all came out of the corridor and we began conversing with them. Donald and Goofy also came out too. They went up to Sora, Skuld, and Ephemera and then all eleven of them met the four friends from Lucis and got to know them. Another light corridor opens up and the Foretellers all come out of it. By now, including us Elite, there are twenty four people in the Central Square. The four Lucians were introduced to the Foretellers after the Foretellers greeted the lights and the Lucians conversed with them. It was fantastic to see all these people here. The Foretellers then saw us and we gave the keyblade warrior salute in greeting. They nodded, but they appeared concerned.

      "Supreme Elite, we have something important to tell you," the Leopardos Foreteller said gravely. We dropped our smiles as we heard this.

      "We have come across the Dark Elite," the Ursus Foreteller said and we gasped slightly.

      "They came in black coats and told us that they already knew where you were," the Vulpes Foreteller said. "They didn't tell their soldiers yet because they enjoyed watching the bloodshed of warriors of light." By now, the lights, union members, Lucians, magician, and captain were listening to us. That statement irritated us and we showed it.

      "If you think that will bother you, then this will infuriate you," the Anguis Foreteller said. "One of the Dark Elite said they had their soldiers go to the Disney Parks on earth and raid them. People fought back and some citizens of earth died in those parks when they fought the soldiers." We gasped and then we now became infuriated because these are people of my world; innocents we have sworn to protect.

      "There was one thing they told us that made us curious," the Unicornis Foreteller said. "They said that the truth will be revealed when you all have gathered together. We were not sure who else besides us he was talking about, but he said so and then left." Adrian, Jack, and Shane came forward and said that the Dark Elite told them that too. I was staring into space thinking about this.

      "Wait a minute," I said putting the dots together and looking at each group. "They want us to gather, you five to gather, the seven to gather..." I gasped and then chills went up my spine. Suddenly, I and my friends turn around and four dark corridors open up and four people in black coats come out of them smiling with hoods up. It was the Dark Elite. The lights, union members, Lucians, magician, and captain all gasped while the Foretellers and us Supreme Elite kept quiet. The Dark Elite only stood some few yards away from us all and smiled at us all from under their hoods.

      "Finally, you all have gathered together," one of them said.

      "I just love reunions. Especially with certain people," another said.

      "Alright, don't think about beating about the bush," I said bluntly. "Just get to the point. We all have gathered together just like you wanted. Now, tell us who you all are." The Dark Elite looked at each other and then nodded to themselves.

      "Okay then!" another one of them replied "It is time you are told the truth. Time for the revelation." The Dark Elite then took off their hoods and all twenty four of us gasped and somewhat scream. Us Supreme Elite felt our hearts go into our feet and chills go up and down our bodies. These Dark Elite are not just some people, THEY ARE US! WE ARE LOOKING AT DARK VERSIONS OF OURSELVES!!!!! They all had black hair and gold eyes, their hair styles for each were the same as our styles, their skin though was deathly pale as a ghost. It would give you chills just looking at it. They had maniacal grins and their eyes were slightly sunken in and had black eye liner around them. All twenty four of us were horrified and speechless at what we are looking at. My friends and I were most stunned since this is basically us as dark warriors.

      "I knew that darkness influenced them..." the Leopardos Foreteller tried to say "...but..."

      "We did not expect it to be like this," the Vulpes Foreteller said.

      "We knew you all would be stunned," the elite that looked like me said. "We might as well tell you all our names." He then pointed to himself, Shane's dark version, Jack's dark version, and then Adrian's dark version and speaking their respective names.

      "I am Polemos," he said. "This is Thanatos. That is Tromos, and this is Agrios." The Foretellers realized what these names meant.

      "Wait a minute," the Ursus Foreteller said "these names are not coincidental."

      "Yes," the Anguis Foreteller followed "These are Greek names. Polemos means war, thanatos means death, tromos means terror, and agrios means savage. They are all counter to your names. Polemos brings war while Polemistis means to fight against it, Kidemonas guards life while Thanatos brings death to it and destroys it, Aiton is the seeker of peace and courage while Tromos brings terror and fear, and Kyrios is the master of defending the precious while Agrios is the savage that destroys it."

      "Correct!" Polemos said joyfully "Now, why do you think that is so along with us looking exactly like the Supreme Elite here?" The Unicornis Foreteller gasped and then spoke up.

      "It's so obvious now!" he said "Supreme Elite! The reason of why they look like you four is because they are the darkness of your hearts! They came together and are the antithesis of what you are and what you are supposed to do! Ladies and gentlemen, the Dark Elite!" All twenty four of us gasped and slightly screamed again. So the Dark Elite are basically the darkness of our hearts manifested and formed together the antithesis of the Supreme Elite. Donald and Goofy got dizzy and fainted as all of this was being comprehended. The Dark Elite were now laughing hysterically, which gave me chills.

      "YOU GOT IT NOW!" Agrios screamed jubilantly.

      "How are you here then?" I asked them.

      "Well, it seems you must have them explain," Thanatos replied and he pointed in the direction next to us four Elite. I look and see the original Supreme Elite with eyes gazed down and shame and disappointment on their faces.

      "Polemistis, what is this?" I demanded.

      "Ben, we couldn't tell you this," Polemistis replied. "We were too ashamed to do so, but now, we have to tell you." The other original Elite clearly acknowledged and established that only one of them would tell the tale. Polemistis took a deep breath and began.

      "We left out certain details of our stories," he began. "While we tried to fight the darkness and collect the light, our own darkness grew and eventually, it became its own being and lived on its own. It is like Ventus's darkness taken out of his heart and becoming Vanitas. Our darkness took on our appearance and began clashing with us over and over on our journeys. One of the times we clashed with them, we were trying to protect Ventus's, Terra's, and Aqua's predecessors, Tachytito, Dynami, and Mageia from their ilk and defend the predecessors' lives, for our darkness wanted to kill the three. When the Keyblade War came, we fought them during the war, but we stopped fighting realizing that it would go nowhere."

      "We the original Supreme Elite fell to fate allowing our bodies to be destroyed, but our hearts escaped. Our darkness was also destroyed in body, but the dark substance joined our hearts and was imprisoned deep within our hearts. It was buried so far, that our successors did not see the stains. In our hearts' sleep, our light grew, but as the light grew, our darkness did too. Thousands of years of growth of both light and dark took place in our slumber. When you four came and awoke us, you took us four in, but at the same time, you set free our darkness again. The darkness of your hearts, your contact with the darkness from your fates, your contact with the darkness of your enemies in your great final battles of the Keyblade War; all of these have fueled our darkness even further. You took up the mantle unknowingly and now, you four face a darkness great and stronger than ever. More so than what you felt in Ronnie and Nick."

      All of us were stunned and speechless at the tale. This is our darkness now. We Supreme Elite now face this darkness and it's stronger than ever before. This is what Yen Sid sensed, this was the stronger darkness he described, this is the Dark Elite.

      "If you need further confirmation, then we'll change our clothing," Polemos said and all four of them stripped themselves of the black coat just like Mickey did in KH2. It only shocked us again because their clothes are the same as ours, just completely black.

      "So, we the Dark Elite have had one goal for thousands of year," Tromos said. "It was to take the light for us. Now that we know earth exists and the light there is strong and precious, we will take over earth so the Realm of Light will be easy as pie. So now that you know the tales, I think I should now tell you four this again: stop defending earth or you'll pay the price." The Dark Elite all grinned while I gritted my teeth and had keyblade in hand. Just then, a sword blade was put in front of me; it looked familiar. I look to my right and I see Noctis looking right at the Dark Elite and having his sword in front of me as a sign of him protecting me.

      "You will not harm Polemistis or any of the Supreme Elite," Noctis said firmly.

      "That's right!" Sora now stood next to me on my left with keyblade in hand and glared at the Dark Elite too. Everyone else came up and stood right behind as a way of showing support with weapons in hand. The Dark Elite did not smile, but their expressions showed they have a disadvantage. Then, they smirked and nodded.

      "Heh, alright, that's how it is then," Polemos said. "I will show you Polemistis why you should stop defending earth and the light. I will burn it into your memory. You already had a taste of it and now I will show it all to you." Then, the Dark Elite disappear into a dark corridor. I stare at the spot where they disappeared and take everything that has happened in. Now, I know who they are and it's a battle between the Supreme Elite and the Dark Elite; between the four of us and the darkness of our hearts.

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Whoa, what an exhilarating chapter!!!  The battle between Sora and Ben was amazing, the cameos from the former Organization members made me smile, and the explanation of how the Dark Elite came to be was badass!  Definitely interesting!  I can't wait to read more! :D


Also, the poster for your story, my good friend, for all here in this thread to see! :D


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Chapter 9: Moving Forward 

      Yen Sid in his magic saw the whole event transpire. After he dissipated the cloud that he looked through to see what happened in Radiant Garden, he sat looking down into space with distraught and some disbelief. He sensed a strong darkness rise up not long after the Keyblade War ended. Now, he sees what this darkness looks like and learns the tale of how it came to be. Thousands of years of slumber and growth and then contact with dark forces from the Keybade War have created this darkness so strong and powerful. However, all of this wasn't what bothered Yen Sid the most. What bothered him most was this was now the Supreme Elite's burden to carry. They did not ask for this nor did they know; those two facts only made this worse. Yen Sid wondered what now and how to defeat this enemy? It seems like this enemy will not go down easily at all. It will fight back with much vigor. Yen Sid began to look through books to see what he can find. A dark corridor then opened up in his office and out came Lea. 

      "Hey master," Lea said. "I was in Radiant Garden when a group of dark husks came and demanded Xehanort's research. Boy, thank goodness Ben, Sora, and their two friends came along or it would have been bad news. He told me to come to you and ask you about what's going on." Yen Sid nodded and felt rather relieved with more help coming.

      "I am glad you are here," Yen Sid said "for your help is needed most urgently." Yen Sid then explained to Lea the new enemy and what he just saw. Lea kept a straight face as he listened while nodding here and there. Basically, he just learned this new enemy will be very powerful and dangerous. 


      After the Dark Elite left and the original Supreme Elite returned back into us, we the Supreme Elite were stunned with what we just saw. It was one thing to fight forces of darkness, but this one is our darkness. On top of it all, it had been like a parasite as its darkness grew alongside the light of the original Supreme Elite. We had no clue it was happening all along let alone forget an important lesson: the stronger one's light, the stronger their darkness. All of us were silent for a bit of time. Goofy and Donald came out of their faint spell and stood up while shaking their heads. It felt like hours though because the impact of discovering who the Dark Elite were was that large. It took a while for someone to speak up, but it was Prompto who spoke up.

      "Uh... what do we do now?" he asked.

      "Even I must ask that question too," Ignis acknowledged. He then addressed the Foretellers. "What do we do now Foretellers?" They were still silent, but one spoke up.

      "Well, it's obvious what must be done," the Unicornis foreteller said. The rest of them nodded and looked at each other while nodding.

      "Yes, there is only one thing left to do now," the Vulpes foreteller said. "We fight back this enemy in anyway possible."

      "How could we do that?" Riku asked "I can sense a very strong darkness in them. In fact, it's pure and it's stronger than Vanitas. It even seems stronger than Master Xehanort and his twelve selves were."

      "Not only that great light," Gladiolus followed "these four could be anywhere in this realm. They could be in Lucis, this kingdom, in another dominion, anywhere in general. It will be finding four needles in an endless haystack."

      "Would we really end up splitting up and finding each one?" Ephemera asked the Foretellers. The Leopardos foreteller nodded in reply.

      "In my judgment, that seems the only reasonable way," he replied. "However, I think in this case, us Foretellers are not the ones whom you should inquire for direction and instruction." Everyone had confused looks on their faces.

      "Huh? Not you?" Sora asked. "If not you, then who do we go to?" The Leopardos Foreteller motions to me without saying a word.

      "Of course! The Supreme Elite! Who else?!" Ventus exclaimed.

      "I think that's a great idea," Terra said. "Luckily, they are strong enough to fight back against their darkness. I wasn't strong enough to fight mine and did not get it right until the seven of us fought Master Xehanort. I can learn from the best as well. We all can learn from the best."

      "What do you think Supreme Elite?" Skuld asked. "Do you think this is smart?" Adrian, Jack, and Shane turned around and faced them.

      "Yeah actually," Adrian replied. "I mean, we need to find them and put an end to their chaos. They also could be anywhere."

      "It would make sense to just pair up," Shane interjected. "Thank goodness we have an even number here. We even have some extra help if needed."

      "What do you think Ben?" Jack asked "What's your opinion on all of this?" Jack then turned his face and looked at me. "Hm? Ben?" I did not answer for I was staring down into space in thought as well as feeling horrible.

      "Ben? You okay?" Aqua asked. "You can tell us. You told Terra, Ven and I plenty of things before on our last journey." Sora then came by my side and put a hand on my shoulder in a friendly way.

      "What's wrong bud?" he asked. I breathed in, turned my face up, and breathed out. Then I finally spoke up.

      "I feel horrible like I just got punched in the stomach," I said. "This is our darkness alive and stronger than it ever was. This had been living on our growth, power, and experiences and contacts with darkness like it was a parasite. Now, it has been set loose and now runs rampant trying to destroy us. I feel at fault in a slight way."

      "Oh Ben," Adrian replied "this isn't our fault. This is a burden passed on. Yes, they had been growing as our light did and fed off of our darkness, but now, we get passed that and get to work and destroy these guys." I immediately looked at him with distress and with slight anger.

      "It's easier said than done, isn't it?!" I snapped. He jumped a little. I then sigh, shake my head and continue. "Don't you remember what we said, acknowledged, and promised to do in Epcot? We realized our duty and promise is to protect the least among us. Our job is to protect people on Earth who can't defend themselves as well as around the Realm of Light. That was our job, that was our duty, that was our PROMISE! Then what happened? First, Jack hears of someone who lost friends in Disneyland Paris, then we hear the Foretellers tell us that the Dark Elite had been raiding the Disney Parks around Earth creating chaos AND kill innocent people! Do you not realize the heaviness of the situation?! This has our fingerprints all over it! Our darkness has caused chaos and ruin for others including the people we have sworn to protect. Now they can barely be found and while we search for them, we allow the defenseless to be attacked."

      Everyone was now somber and silent as I gave them much food for thought. Sora took his hand off of my shoulder, crossed his arms and thought about everything I said. I even left my friends and the Foretellers speechless. I turned away looking down with sorrow. How do we fight this? These four could be anywhere and they have a dark army that is everywhere in all worlds. They could strike one place while distracting us in another. That other place could be Earth and I can't bear to see and hear of more people of Earth dying. I felt a hand on my left shoulder and I look over it and see my master of Leopardos.

      "Gosh Ben," Mickey said speaking up "I never thought you have felt that way before. I knew you wanted to protect the Magic Kingdom along with Walt Disney World as well as the rest of the Disney lands, but I never realized it meant more to you than protecting the resorts."

      "Oh Ben, don't lose hope," Kairi said. "You can't lose hope or you'll give them what they want. You can do it."

      "Polemistis," the Leopardos Foreteller said with a smile and calling me that name with respect "you unknowingly inherited this darkness. You couldn't help nor avoid it. It had been attached to the original Elite since the beginning. Now, they may be all over the place, but there are plenty of us and we can spread out and search as well as protect." I nodded and chuckled a little.

      "It sounds nice," I replied. "I question myself some whether I can fight this darkness." There was some mumbling among everyone and my master took his hand off of my shoulder.

      "What is this?" I hear someone say sharply. I look up and I see it was Noctis and he appeared to be a little disgruntled. "What am I hearing? Am I really hearing the Supreme Elite doubt his ability?" I was rather stunned to see Noctis so passionate about this and about me. I quickly glanced over to Noct's friends and they look a little confused as well.

      "Gawrsh, Noctis over there seems a little bit active," Goofy whispered to Donald.

      "Yeah, I noticed too," Donald replied. He then asked Prompto. "Is Noctis ever like this?" Prompto shook his head.

      "He's never like this," he replied. "He hasn't been that passionate about something since we took back the throne from Niflheim."

      "Noctis, are you okay?" Ignis asked Noctis. Noctis still faced me ignoring the question.

      "You've never been this passionate about anything else besides saving Lucis," Gladio said. "What's going on? What are you doing?" Noctis still ignored them and still looked at me. I was rather stunned at the questioning and I couldn't respond.

      "I never would have pictured in my wildest dreams at least one of the greatest warriors would doubt himself and his abilities," Noctis kept going. "It seems that I have to restore some faith in you." He backed up and then waved his hand summoning six different swords. Everyone else quickly moved backwards and made room for Noctis and myself. I was stunned and gasped at seeing Noctis summon his weapons. The swords orbited around him at a moderate speed.

      "If you doubt your abilities now," he said "then I will restore your faith in what you can do. Summon your keyblade!" I summoned Ultimate Apocalypse and just stood there. He nodded seeing my keyblade in hand.

      "Prepare yourself and let us begin!" he shouted. I took stance and then he grabbed one of his swords making the others disappear. He then prepared and we both charged at each other and clash. We was very skilled. He was also fast too. I found it interesting how he has such skill yet the keyblade did not choose him. I shrugged it off and continued fighting. He used his signature warp strike many times. Plus, he kept on changing weapons ranging in size from small to large. Plus, he did no use the same one twice in a row and had no pattern so with all of this together, I was forced to use barrier and block because he came from different sides when he did his attacking. I got physical as I always did, but Noctis was becoming more aggressive. He kicked me backwards and then jumped all over me.

      I teleported behind him to avoid being mauled. It helped getting myself back on track. We clashed over and over with sparks flying, but then I put some dots together. I thought about Ventus's strike raid and Noct's warp strike. Then I realized there is an attack in KHX where both are combined together in an attack used in the ancient arts of keyblade fighting: Blitz Raid. Noctis and I clashed and in a brief lock, I countered with my free hand firing a shockwave that sent Noctis backwards a ways. He then jumped up and then did his signature Warp Strike. However, I was ready for it and moved out of the way of his throw just in time and when he teleported to his sword, I jumped out of the way backwards and through my keyblade at him. I then teleported to where my keyblade would be after it struck, caught it, threw it again and did this about five to six times. I performed Blitz Raid against Noctis and at the end, with an overhead strike, sent him backwards some twenty yards. He rolled back and landed on his feet. He looked at me and nodded.

      "I see, so you have created a new attack based off of mine and one of the keyblade," Noctis said.

      "Actually, it's one used from before the Keyblade War," I replied. "I realized how similar your warp strike is to it and decided to use Blitz Raid."

      "Ah, so that's it's name," Noctis said. "Very well. I still am not finished yet. You haven't fully restored your faith yet. I will force your hand then!" He then charged at me and was even more aggressive than before. We clashed over and over before we ended up in a stalemate. We held it not giving the other leeway. Then, an idea came to me. I looked over at the Leopardos Foreteller and he had his arms folded and was smiling. He nodded at me when I looked at him. Clearly, he must have known what I was thinking. I nodded in reply, pushed Noctis off of me and then performed an attack only the Foretellers really know how to do. I performed Zantetsuken over and over going in different directions against Noctis and the last one was the strongest and almost as fast as a lightning strike. Noctis was stunned and went on one knee trying to not collapse. He breathed heavily for a few moments. He then looked up at me, stood up, and nodded with a smile.

      "I now have erased any doubts of yours, have I not?" he asked. I came out of stance and nodded with a smile. I now realize I can destroy my darkness and I can defend the least among us. It will be hard, but now impossible.

      "Thank you Noctis," I said. He nodded in reply. I then turn to my friends and the Foretellers.

      "Very good," the Leopardos Foreteller said smiling. "No one besides us can really master such an attack. You are the first to do so. Congratulations." I smiled and nodded.

      "The plan is a good one," I said to all of my friends and Foretellers "I think we should go through with it and pair up." I then take charge and start assigning partners. "Adrian, you go with Terra. Jack, you go with Ephemera. Skuld, you go with Kairi." Prompto interrupted my assigning.

      "Oh, oh! I want to go with Aqua!" he said raising his hand and hopping up and down. I sigh as does Gladio.

      "You're getting put with whomever he finds necessary," Gladio said. "I know how you get jumpy around girls, but calm yourself. This is not a game."

      "Awwwww!" Prompto said while slouching in disappointment.

      "Ugh, Foreteller of Ursus, please go with him," I said. "He'll need someone to watch over him."

      "I am more than willing to do so," he replied.

      "I wish to partner with you Polemistis," Noctis said. "With your permission of course."

      "Thank you, but I think you'll be best with Aqua," I reply. "You'll like how she fights and you can tell her everything you want to; I have before." I glance at her and smile and she smiles back. Noctis though appeared a little dissatisfied, but he put his hand to his heart and bowed. "Mickey, you'll come with me. I have wanted to see how his majesty fights for a while now. Sora and Ventus, you two will be together. Do NOT mess around. Foreteller of Vulpes, go with Riku. Foreteller of Unicornis, go with Gladio. Foreteller of Anguis, go with Ignis. Finally, sa bo nim, Foreteller of Leopardos, go with Shane." Everyone nodded and all went to their own partners. Mickey and I smiled at each other and grabbed each other's gloved hand. Eleven separate light corridors opened up and we all went to different worlds and began our quest to beat back the Dark Elite. Now with my doubt gone, thanks to Noctis, I now look ahead to what's in store and I along with my friends move forward.


      Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon were at a distance out of sight from the Supreme and Dark Elites, seven lights, four Lucians, royals knights captain, magician, and the Foretellers. They were stunned at what they saw.

      "If we are the Supreme Elite," Derron asked Axeron "how do we handle this Dark Elite?"

      "Well, we can't take them on if we haven't defeated the Supreme Elite, can we?" Axeron responded.

      "So what are you thinking?" Soraxan asked.

      "It's quite simple," Axeron replied "we defeat the seven lights and then we defeat these fakes. Yeah these Dark Elite call themselves what we heard them call them, but really though, they are not much different than the fakes. Once we defeat the frauds we have been at a rivalry with, we can defeat the so-called Dark Elite. Then and only then, we can officially prove we are the true Supreme Elite."

      "You do remember that this Dark Elite is darkness more powerful than the thirteen darknesses, right?" Braxon asked. "If they are that strong, then what's the secret to defeating them?"

      "We look for it," Axeron replied. "I think we are in the right place to start getting answers and they are not far away." He smirked and then looked up at the Radiant Garden castle nodding. "We ask for answers politely."

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Grrrr, my stupid quota's keeping me from liking this chapter!!!!! D:


But omg, wow, this chapter was amazing!  I loved how Noctis was so passionate about restoring Ben's faith in himself, and I found that their duel was excellent!  Lol, and I found it funny how Prompto wanted to go with Aqua! (I mean, who doesn't? ;)) And well, now that our heroes are gathered and have teamed up, let's hope they can be able to find the Dark Elite and take them out before they cause more harm to innocents!


Also, I fear that the "real" Supreme Elite are going to get in the way of our heroes more than once in this story! Hmm, it's going to be interesting!  But yeah, great chapter! :D

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Chapter 10: Fighting Back

      We were all about to leave Radiant Garden when I realized that I forgot to ask the Foretellers something.

      "Oh wait, Foretellers!" I called and they turned to face me just before they entered their corridors. "I wanted to ask you, what are your names?"

      "Ah yes," my master said "we never told you. We wanted to keep our names unknown so we remain low profile and off the radar." Then they each presented themselves.

      "Master Gula of Leopardos," my master said.

      "Master Ava of Vulpes," Adrian's master said.

      "Master Ira of Unicornis," Shane's master said.

      "Master Invi of Anguis," Jack's master said.

      "Master Aced of Ursus," the last master said.

      "Ah, I see," I reply. "Thank you. Now I can properly address you all." They all nod and so we walk through our corridors with our partners.

      "Okay Mickey," I say "let's get going. I am curious to see how you fight and I am glad I can." Mickey nodded and we walk through the corridor. While we walked, I talked to him about everything from my duties to the purpose of them and while I feel that way. Mickey listened and was gracious enough to advise and guide where he could. I could have talked to him for hours. After a while, we come out in the Disney Town Main Plaza. Disney characters from the old Mickey cartoons, or rather his old documentaries of his adventures, walking to and fro all over the place. We see the triplets and Horace Horsecollar at the ice cream shop talking. Mickey motions me to follow and we go to the shop. Horace sees Mickey and is joyful seeing his king.

      "Why your majesty!" he said "Sure is great to see you back!"

      "Welcome back your majesty!" the triplets said in unison.

      "Great to be back fellas," Mickey replied. "This is Ben, one of the Supreme Elite I have talked about. He also goes by Polemistis." The crowd of characters around overheard, applauded, and greeted me. Some shook my hands when greeting me. I waved to all and shook hands. I then turn back to the gang and see Mickey with a nervous face and him rubbing the back of his head.

      "Gosh, maybe I should keep it down a little," Mickey said nervously.

      "It's okay Mickey. Just part of the job," I replied.

      "Wow, so you're one of the Elite?! Awesome!" Huey exclaimed.

      "It'd be great if you bought some ice cream from us," Dewey said. "We haven't sold anything all week. This stinks!"

      "Unca Scrooge sure would be disappointed if he learns we haven't sold a thing," Louie said. I waved my hand and a sack of 5000 munny appears in my hand.

      "Here boys," I said tossing them the sack "that is for the ice cream and whatever is left you keep." Their faces lit up when they saw the sack.

      "Oh boy! Thanks there!" Huey said.

      "We'll make sure this is the best ice cream ever!" Louie said and the triplets got to work. It took them some time, but after about five minutes, they were all done.

      "We made special flavor for you: Supreme Sundae," Dewey said.

      "Oh my, I wish I had my own flavor," Horace said. The ice cream looked absolutely delightful. It had two scoops of regular and dark chocolate ice cream with some chocolate syrup. There was also a scoop of vanilla in there too also with chocolate syrup. There were rainbow sprinkles all over it and the mouse ears were made of dark chocolate. There were four keyblades made of dark and white chocolate.

      "Why don't you try it?" Mickey suggested. I looked for a place to bite and I took a bite. It tasted like the ice cream from the Main Street Creamery in Walt Disney World and that ice cream is to die for so this is a complement.

      "What do you think?" Louie asked.

      "Mmm! Geez a loo!" I say with mouth slightly full and then I swallow. "This was amazing!" The triplets nodded and smiled.

      "Hey, why don't you come to the fruitball court and play some fruitball?" Horace offered. I finished my ice cream and then answered.

      "Thanks, but Mickey and I have a mission to do," I said. "Maybe when I visit again, I will." Mickey and I then bid them well and leave for the said court. When we get there, nothing at first, but once we get into the middle of the court, heartless appear and surround us. Mickey and I summon our keyblades, take stance and attack the horde. It was not easy, nor was it difficult beating these things, but it was possible. I managed to watch Mickey here and there fight. Every attack he did, he had it flow. All of his attacks and magic usage flowed together as he fought. There was no awkward transition and nothing that didn't belong was present. He kept his speed and power up while he did all of this. It made me realize that I need to learn how to make my fighting flow together. Soon, Mickey and I were back to back and surrounded. We had to think of option B in handling these.

      "What say you Mickey?" I asked.

      "Just follow my lead. I think I have a plan," he replied.

      "You mean to tell me...?" I asked and he nodded. I had a feeling of what he was planning to do. The heartless jumped and Mickey and I then struck.

      "Let's team up!" Mickey called.

      "Pathetic..." I say and we both perform Burst of Faith. It destroyed and knocked back some heartless while keeping the rest at bay. Any that tried to break through was hit back.

      "Now!" Mickey shouted.

      "Take this!" I shouted and we break off sending sparks and a few fireworks all around destroying a few more heartless. It was easier now and we took care of the rest. When we finished, we were about to walk to the Raceway, but I froze in place. I sensed something... unwelcome in the area. Mickey turned to me and to ask what the issue is, but he noticed my uneasy face and remained silent. I still had keyblade in hand so I counted to three one thousand and when I did, I turned around and threw my keyblade to a rooftop. I hear a shing sound and see a dark figure on a rooftop stand up abruptly with my keyblade in his chest near his throat. He then falls to the pavement in a sickening thud. Mickey and I walk up to the body and see it's a dark soldier from the Dark Elite. The body disintegrated into dark particles and I used my magic to have the keyblade do the same. I turn to look at Mickey and our faces fill up with concern. We now know that they can be anywhere including this world. We walk on to the Raceway and enter the registration. A few people were signing up for a race and a race was under way. Chip and Dale were at the registrar's desk. Their faces beamed when they saw Mickey.

      "Your majesty! Welcome back!" Chip exclaimed.

      "Your majesty! What Chipper said!" Dale followed.

      "Hiya fellas," Mickey said. "I want you to meet Ben. He's one of the Supreme Elite and goes by Polemistis too." The few people registering overheard and came up to me to greet me and shake my hand. Then they went back to signing up.

      "Wow! So you're one of the Elite! That's great!" Chip said.

      "Yeah! It'd be even better if you signed up for a race!" Dale followed.

      "Thanks, but Mickey and I have business to attend to," I reply. "Maybe when I visit, I'll sign up."

      "Cool! We'll be waiting for you!" Chip said. Mickey and I then left the registration.

      "Hey Mickey, we should check on the cornerstone," I suggested. "The Dark Elite will probably be after that and its power." Mickey nodded and we head to the castle gates. Once we enter, we see Minnie in the Courtyard looking at the gardens. When she sees Mickey, she runs to him in joy. Mickey does so too with her.

      "Mickey!" she cries.

      "Minnie!" he cries and they hug each other.

      "I'm so happy you're back," she said and then she let go and looks at me. "I see you brought a friend too."

      "This is Ben, one of the Supreme Elite who also goes by Polemistis," Mickey said.

      "It's a pleasure Minnie," I said.

      "It's nice to meet you Ben. Oh, oh dear, I mean Polemistis," she said.

      "It's okay. You can call me either one," I said.

      "Say uh, Minnie, have you seen anything weird happen around here?" Mickey asked. Minnie now looked worried.

      "I'm afraid I have," she said. "I saw dark keyblade wielders just outside the raceway and they looked like they were observing us. I fear they could be after the cornerstone."

      "Don't worry Minnie, we'll take care of it," I consoled. She looked up at me, smiled and nodded. I bent down and hugged her and she giggled. Mickey and I parted from her and went to the Audience Chamber. There we went into the stairway and into the Hall of the Cornerstone under the throne. We come upon the room and see the cornerstone there alive like a beating heart. We looked at the cornerstone for a while and then I spoke up.

      "You know," I began grabbing the mouse's attention "this is what keeps the light alive. Walt Disney knew you existed and knew this world existed. He recorded your adventures and showed you existed while also avoiding directly saying so out of fear of derision. The Disney Parks are all based off of this world and so because of this world, the light from the parks lives on. If the Dark Elite take the cornerstone's power for them, then this world will fall to darkness and the light from the Disney parks will die too."

      "I knew Uncle Walt well," Mickey said. "We were partners for life. The statue of him and I was a real event that happened. I was in Disneyland with him and Uncle Walt and I were looking around. Nobody noticed us there. Uncle Walt pointed out the park and showed me how far it went. A picture was taken of us together and that's what the statue is based off of. It's now hidden somewhere where no one could find it. Uncle Walt and I were pals and were partners for life." I held Mickey's hand and the two of us had a bonding moment.

      Suddenly, Minnie came running down the stairs with great worry.

      "Boys! Dark keyblade wielders are attacking!" she shouted to us exasperated. We both ran out of the hall to the Main Plaza and found a group of about fifteen dark soldiers. They were looking around while people were running away and taking cover.

      "So this is where it is," one soldier said. Another noticed Mickey and I and pointed us out to the captain.

      "Hey, there are Polemistis and the king. They know where it is," he said. The soldiers marched toward us and stopped a couple yards away. Mickey and I had determination in our faces and Minnie stayed behind me and looked out from behind me. I was going to protect her no matter what.

      "Polemistis and your majesty," the captain said "we are soldiers-" he didn't even finish before I cut him off.

      "We know who you are and why you're here," I said bluntly. "We are not going to hand the cornerstone to the Dark Elite."

      "Oh really?" one soldier who looked like he was fifteen said "Then I guess we will have to be more assertive then." He cracked his knuckles and summoned his keyblade and was advancing a little, but the captain put his hand in front of the kid stopping him.

      "Watch it pal," I said darkly.

      "We remain civil until civility breaks down," the captain said. "Or shall I have to Dark Elite hear you botched the job because of your hot headedness?"

      "Yes sir," the kid said. He then kept his gaze on me and looked rather unhappy. I did not flinch and kept my determined look.

      "Your highness, great Elite," the dark captain began "we need to obtain the cornerstone. For the Dark Elite to obtain true order, they must obtain as much power as possible to do so. They need to hearts of the worlds to achieve that goal. So, please lead us to the cornerstone and hand it to us and no one needs to get hurt."

      "Heh, you think I am falling for this 'true order' nonsense?" I asked "I have experienced enough deceit from darkness to know that I will hear anything that will drop my guard. I won't let them have it."

      "You don't want this to become bloodshed do you?" the captain asked and now all of them have summoned their keyblades and had them at the ready. I smirked at the sight. Then fifteen light keyblade warriors appeared from light corridors behind Mickey and I with keyblade in hand.

      "It depends on who's blood is shed," I said and Mickey and I summoned our keyblades too.

      "Fine then," the captain said. "Men, CHAAAAAAAARRRRRRGE!" Both sides then clashed and a battle broke out between the two sides. I fought some dark keyblade soldiers and Mickey fought the captain. I did not fight the kid though which was interesting. Everything was happening so fast and it was rough keeping track. Minnie did go back to the castle to brace herself. Spells were flying and hitting some structures, but nothing collapsed thanks goodness. For a while, both sides appeared to be in a stalemate with one soldier dead on each side. When I am in a lock with a dark soldier, I hear the triplets scream to me from behind.

      "Ben! Minnie's in trouble!" they screamed. I only nodded and then broke the lock and slashed across the soldiers abdomen and then his throat. I look around briefly; where is the kid? I run to the triplets and they point to the castle. I nod and head into the castle to the Audience Chamber and into the Hall of the Cornerstone. I see the kid there holding Minnie hostage. He noticed me and shows the grip he has on Minnie with his keyblade to her throat.

      "I'm glad you're here to see this!" he said with a maniacal grin "Now, unless you want to see her majesty die a painful death I suggest you hand over the cornerstone." I was about to do something, but he brought the blade closer to her throat.

      "Uh uh uh!" he said "I wouldn't do that or she tastes cold metal." I was frustrated. I couldn't attack or Minnie dies.

      "Ben! Don't you listen to him!" she shouted. He only pressed his blade harder against her throat.

      "I would keep quiet or your death will be painful my lady!" he warned. I sighed and unsummoned my keyblade. The kid looked pleased seeing my resignation.

      "Ah, now you get it," he said. "Now all that tough talk from earlier defying and insulting the Dark Elite was all for nothing. Now, if you please." I nodded.

      "Sure, but there is one thing I must tell you," I said.

      "Oh? What is that?" he asked.

      "You shouldn't underestimate me," I said. He appeared confused at the statement. "Never underestimate the Supreme Elite." With my magic I motion my open hand and make a pulling motion making a fist. My keyblade appeared behind the kid and struck him in the back making him scream and lose his grasp of Minnie. She gasped and saw her opening and used the spell she used against Pete in KH3D.

      "Light!" she shouted and she sent the kid back a bit making him scream again. Minnie freed from the bond, ran to my side and I hugged her thanking God she was alright. The kid slowly go up breathing through his teeth in fury.

      "Grrrrggghhh!" he growled "No one defies the Dark Elite! I'll make you pay for this!"

      "Minnie get out of here! Get to safety! I'll be fine here!" I shouted to her.

      "No! I'll stay here and fight too!" she said bravely. I didn't argue and we readied ourselves. The soldier ran to me and was about to jump and attack, but Minnie in her cleverness fired a light orb at him sending him backwards. I nodded and charged at him putting the pressure on him. He was slippery and he would get out of situations where I think I would have him. However, whenever he was open slightly, Minnie would fire a spell at him catching him. He growled and charged right at her, but I teleported in front of him and clashed with him again. Eventually, Minnie and I were on two sides of the kid perpendicular to each other and he was blocking my spells I was firing. Minnie was about to fire one, but the kid threw his keyblade at her! She did not see it coming and could only brace herself.

      "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" I scream and everything happened like slow motion. I ran and lunged myself between the keyblade and Minnie. I got hit and a large gash was made all over my abdomen. I fell in front of Minnie harmed and hurt. I was motionless and Minnie looked at me and now was exasperated. The kid was now jubilant at my apparent downfall.

      "HA! I DID IT!" he screamed "Polemos will be proud of me knowing I killed Polemistis! And now, I shall take what I need and take my leave. And so passeth the worthy opponent who died in vain protecting the world." Minnie was trying to keep me awake, but the blood loss was taking its toll and I lost consciousness and started feeling cold. However, I immediately felt warm and I awoke with light surrounding me, my clothes white with gold trim and pattern, and floating off from the ground. The pattern on my clothes was in the shape of a heart. I realized the power of Kingdom Hearts has saved me from death again and healed my wound. The kid had horror on his face as he saw me. I floated down to the ground and the light receded, but my clothes were still the same.

      "Wha- what is this?!" he screamed.

      "I told you did I not?" I said and light surrounded me again. "Do not mess with the Supreme Elite." My keyblade is also white with gold edges and patterns and so I raised it up, and the power of the cornerstone was drawn from the cornerstone itself into my keyblade. Then, in a flash, I show up in front of the soldier and attack with amazing speed and power. He could not do a thing, but take the punishment. I then stab him through the stomach making my keyblade visible out the other side of his body, but instead of blood, his body began dissipating into dark particles. He screamed in agony the whole time and it went away once he disappeared. The light receded and my clothes went back to their normal colors along with my keyblade, which I unsummoned. I turned to Minnie and approached her.

      "Are you alright?" I asked.

      "Yes I am," she replied. "Thank you for saving me. That was quite amazing."

      "Yeah... it was," I said. Minnie and I went quickly out of the hall and back to the Main Plaza. Fortunately, Mickey was okay and all dark keyblade warriors were dead and bodies disintegrating into particles. I did the same with the keyblades with my magic. Unfortunately, some light soldiers were killed and their bodies were also disintegrated, but the keyblades remained behind and were gather by the eight remaining soldiers. I thank them and they give the salute, then they depart. Mickey came up to us worried.

      "Are you okay?" he asked.

      "Yes I am. Ben saved me and the cornerstone," Minnie said smiling.

      "Gosh, thank you pal!" Mickey said relieved. I nodded and gave the salute. Mickey then motioned me to bring my ear to him.

      "Tell me, did you use the power of Kingdom Hearts recently?" he asked quietly into my ear. I nodded in reply.

      "I see because we all saw the moon over the castle glow and then it disappeared," he said. I nodded in thought. So it's not just keyblade warriors of light that are fighting back, the light is fighting back too and used me as a vessel to do so. Kingdom Hearts is fighting back.

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Good lord, this was an amazing chapter!  I loved it!  Excellent work!  That was quite the intense battle, and for a moment, I was panicking because I thought Ben had just died!  But thankfully, Kingdom Hearts saved him anew!  It seems as though Kingdom Hearts is taking an active role in this conflict!  Most interesting! :3


Also, loved the Mickey and Uncle Walt scene!  That was pretty nice! :3

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Chapter 11: For a Purpose
      Aqua and Noctis were walking through the Castle of Dreams on the way to the palace. They haven't spoken much, but Aqua would make conversation her and there and Noctis would answer. He would ask some questions about her and the keyblade and she would tell him what she knew and learned.
      "So Master Aqua," he asked "is it possible that I could one day hold a keyblade?"
      "Well, the keyblade chooses the master," she replied "but maybe if you have a certain piece in your heart and you do what is right, then maybe one day it will choose you." She smiled sweetly at him and he just nodded. Noctis is not one for smiling nor being all bright and cheery. He's always serious and usually determined. Aqua tried to lighten up the atmosphere here and there to break from the seriousness.
      "So tell me, we are here in the Castle of Dreams for what purpose?" he asked her.
      "We're here to check on Cinderella to see if she's okay," Aqua replied. "The Dark Elite will be after all sources of power and that means the princesses of heart are fair game to them. We have to protect them from any danger." Noctis nodded in understanding and they continued onward to the palace. On the way just before reaching the gates, they came across a group of heartless containing rhapsodies, shadows, and some darkballs and neoshadows. Aqua summoned her keyblade and Noctis summoned his swords and grabbed one making the rest disappear. The two of them were forced to stand back to back as the heartless encircled them.
      "I see were are surrounded," Noctis pointed out.
      "Not the first time I've been surrounded by the enemy," Aqua replied "nor will it be the last. Still, this is part of keeping Cinderella safe so we have to defeat these things." Noctis nodded and the two of them charged after the heartless. Aqua used plenty of magic since that's her specialty and even used a few keyblade transformations such as the bow and arrow she uses on her keyblade glider. Noctis on the other hand did what he usually did in his usual way. That is, he performed his warp strike here and there and fight one on one with the heartless. Aqua was a little impressed with Noctis and so she charged up energy and used Ghost Drive and began attack and warping.
      "Impressive Master Aqua," Noctis said while fighting "I guess I have a bunch to learn."
      "You don't need to," Aqua replied while also fighting. "They way you fight is perfect for you." Soon, the prince and master defeated all heartless and the two of them walk into the palace courtyard. At the stairs, Cinderella is found there speaking with the Grand Duke. Aqua and Noctis see them and head in the direction. Cinderella and the Duke notice the prince and light and turn their attention toward them. Cinderella's face lights up and the Duke seems pleased.
      "Hello Cinderella," Aqua said with a smile.
      "Aqua!" Cinderella said and she rushed to her and held her hand. "It's so good to see you here."
      "I am glad to see you're doing okay," Aqua said and then turned her face to the Duke. "Your grace." The Duke nodded.
      "Very good to see you young lady," the Duke replied.
      "Oh my, who is your new friend?" Cinderella asked Aqua noticing Noctis.
      "Your highness, I am Prince Noctis of Lucis," Noct replied and went on one knee and bowed. "It's an honor to meet you Princess Cinderella." Cinderella giggled a little and raised Noctis up.
      "Oh there's no need to be so formal," she said raising him up and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled a little and chuckled a little too. Aqua then became serious and got down to business.
      "Cinderella, your grace," Aqua said "Noct and I are here because of something very important." Cinderella and the Duke lost the smiles from their faces and became serious now. "There are a group of four people called the Dark Elite. You know of the Supreme Elite and their heroism. The Dark Elite are exactly the opposite. They want power and a new order for everyone. In order to get that power, you are fair game since you are pure light." Cinderella was taken aback and gasped some when hearing she was in danger.
      "Your highness," Noctis said "we will do everything in our power to make sure you are safe. I will put myself in danger to make sure your safe even if I die doing so." Aqua was looking at him with eyes slightly closed and she was suspicious now. Again, he is acting fiery and with impulse. He is not that way ever, not even personality wise is he like this. Cinderella's face became calmer and her usual smile appeared again.
      "Thank you," she said nodding. "Well I guess I better tell my husband that we have company here and they will be looking for me. Please be careful." Aqua and Noctis nodded.
      "I shall inform his majesty immediately," the Duke said. Both Cinderella and Noctis nodded and the Duke and princess went into the castle to notify the king and Prince Charming respectively of the Dark Elite's movements. Aqua and Noctis went into the castle as well and decided to walk through and see if there are any undesirables in the castle. However, Aqua had to know something from Noctis.
      "Noctis," she said "I want to ask you something. What are you doing? Why are you acting so impulsive and acting so boldly? First it was with Ben in Radiant Garden and now you are doing so with Cinderella here. Is there something you aren't telling us?" Noctis looked down and they both stopped walking. They were in the Corridor when she asked him. Noctis stared down in silence for a while and then finally looked back up at Aqua.
      "I was going through the worlds one time," he began "and then I somehow came upon Hades's quarters. He was there and was pleased that I showed up on time. He clearly set a trap and I fell into it into his headquarters. He told me that I can leave only if I did what he said. I complied and he told me that I had to defeat the Supreme Elite Aiton to earn my freedom. I had to accept the darkness though and make it a part of me. When I learned that he lied, I felt used and had no purpose. I am going to become king of Lucis when my dad, Regis, dies. I have felt I need to have a purpose again and need to prove myself as someone worthy to take up the throne and rule all Lucians. How could I do that if I am nothing more than a tool and really am not worthy? I assumed impressing the seven lights and Supreme Elite and becoming their ally and friend and gaining their approval will give me purpose again and show that I am worthy to become king." Aqua was moved with compassion for Noctis and turned his face toward her's.
      "Don't think you need to gain our trust and approval to gain a purpose and worth," Aqua said. "You had a purpose from before your time with Hades and after. Just because he tricked you doesn't mean you now have no purpose and need to prove something. If your father always thought you as worthy to become king, then it would be no different with us." Noctis smiled slightly and chuckled.
      "Thank you master," he said. "That means a lot to me." Aqua smiled and nodded.
      "Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian would all agree too," Aqua followed. "You have a special place in their hearts." Noctis nodded and the two of them walked on to the Foyer. There they found heartless all over the place and running here and there. Aqua and Noctis split up and used Time Splicer and Warp Strike respectively on the horde. It was effective on some heartless, but the rest still ran around out of control. The two of them eventually got the situation under control and defeated the heartless. Once that was done, they went on their way to the Ball Room to have a look. Nothing was there, but then they sensed a strong dark power.
      "Well, it's about time you showed up," the voice said. Aqua and Noctis looked around alarmed and finally they looked up to the balcony and saw a dark soldier wearing armor standing on the railing looking down at them with arms crossed.
      "Huh?! Who are you?" Aqua demanded.
      "Who else am I?" the soldier replied "I serve under the Dark Elite. I have been told to wait for you as you would show up here. I must say, Polemos had an eye on you for some reason. Besides his light counterpart, he felt he had to keep an eye on you. He thought there was something about you that could help topple the Dark Elite and he most certainly couldn't allow that. Plus, the true order the so desire would be tossed away with you as one of the root causes. So, that's where I come in. All obstacles have to be removed in order for the road to be easy."
      "I won't let you hurt one of the seven lights!" Noctis shouted at the soldier summoning one of his swords. The soldier merely scoffed at the statement.
      "Pfft, you're not a concern to them," he replied. "You aren't even my target. Besides, whether you think you can rule Lucis or not, you have no value to us and to Lucis and can easily be thrown away." Noctis growled and Aqua kept him back.
      "Now my dear, you have a few options," the soldier continued. "Either step aside and help the winning side or perish."
      "The darkness doesn't interest me!" Aqua stormed back summoning her keyblade.
      "What a shame. Polemos would have enjoyed seeing you join the ranks," he said. "Looks like you have to taste cold steel." He summoned his keyblade and the two of them charged toward each other and clashed. They held it for a bit and Aqua called back to Noctis.
      "Noctis! Find Cinderella and the royals!" she shouted back to him "Tell all of them to barricade themselves in their respective rooms!" Noctis nodded and then ran off. Aqua and the soldier broke off the hold.
      "Oh that is not a good idea my sweet," he said. "Do you think I would be alone completely?"
      "Aqua!" Noctis shouted from the Foyer and she ran to his side. Cinderella happened to be next to him along with Prince Charming. She saw about two decades of dark warriors storm the castle. It was overwhelming and they were all after Cinderella and the royals. Aqua was about to shed tears when behind and beside her, light corridors opened and two decades of light soldiers appeared. One came up to Aqua.
      "Master, you won't be alone," he said. "We have eyes everywhere and will help when we see trouble." She nodded and then the light soldiers charged at the dark soldiers and in the Foyer, the battle broke out.
      "Go, barricade yourselves in your rooms," Aqua told them.
      "Hold it! Not so fast!" the soldier from the ball room said and the four of them turned around to face him. "The princess comes with me. The Dark Elite would like to see you your highness. They have a special place for you." Cinderella hugged and held Prince Charming tightly and he did the same to her. Noctis stood in front of them and Aqua to his right.
      "Noctis, get them to safety," Aqua said and the two princes and princess fled and went to the depths high up in the castle away from the hell breaking loose.
      "You are making this very difficult for me dollface," the soldier said.
      "That's my job. You think it would be a cake walk?" Aqua retorted back.
      "Hmph. I guess you then asked for it," the soldier said and he attack her and the two fought again. With the Princess of Heart in safety and all dark soldier occupied, Aqua can focus fully on her enemy. He was a challenge, but nothing Aqua couldn't handle. With her nimbleness and magic, she put the heat on him, but he still remained steady and balanced. It was like a fight scene from a Captain America film. That is, it's a stalemate and going fast until someone slips up enough or one out matches the other and defeats them. It felt like hours, but Aqua eventually had an opening just long enough to stab the soldier in the abdomen just before he was able to block it. She pulled her keyblade out of him and watched him fall on his knees and blood come out of him mouth.
      "You... are... a real... master," he said breathing heavily in between. He then fell on his stomach and gave up his breath. Aqua then looked over the railing and saw the battle rage on. Soldiers from each side were lying on the floor dead, but more so from the dark side than light. As Aqua was looking at the hell below, everything then seemed to have slowed down for as she was looking around, her gaze turned to the doors to the Corridor. It was there she saw looking directly back at her with sharp golden eyes Polemos, one of the Dark Elite. Both Aqua and Polemos looked right at each other in the eyes with neither smiling at the other. Polemos glared at Aqua in some frustration and to be intimidating. Aqua glared at him with determination and defiance; the same way she has looked at Vanitas. They glare at each other for what felt like forever before Polemos turns around and disappears into a dark corridor. Before Aqua knew it, the battle was over with all dark soldiers dead and about a dozen light warriors still alive. They who survived dissipated the bodies and keyblades of the enemy and dissipated the bodies of the light soldiers, but kept the keyblades. They saluted Aqua and then disappeared. Aqua was looking out into space and thinking when Noctis came down to her side.
      "Aqua! I am glad you're alright," he said. "What happened?"
      "I saw him," Aqua said still staring into space.
      "Who?" Noctis asked. Then he seemed to got it. "Wait a minute, you saw one of the Dark Elite?"
      "It was Ben's counterpart I saw," she replied. "He looked right at me and I at him. He then just left without saying a word." Noctis nodded in understanding.
      "Excuse me, you must be Aqua?" a voice said from behind. Aqua and Noctis turn and see a kid there.
      "Yeah, who are you?" Aqua asked.
      "Why I am Axeron, one of the Supreme Elite," he said. Aqua knew immediately now; it all made sense.
      "Wait a minute! You're one of those rivals, right?" Aqua said. Axeron looked unhappy now. "Look, I know what you're doing. You aren't one of them. My heart knows that and so do other hearts. You won't replace them." Axeron showed denial now and was looking very angry now.
      "I did not want this to happen so fast," he said "but since you pushed it..." he then summoned his keyblade and took stance. Aqua did the same thing.
      "I'll prove it to you I am by defeating you and the seven lights!" Axeron shouted and then charged toward Aqua. The two clashed and fought each other. Aqua was rather impressed with the skill Axeron had, but yet, she felt as though this was like fighting someone at a Mark of Mastery exam. It was not that bad and she seemed to easily match what Axeron did. She must be that skilled and powerful then. Well of course she is or she wouldn't be one of the seven lights. Noctis watched the whole thing and remained calm the whole time. He now realized he didn't need to get involved like he did and be so impulsive to prove his worth. Eventually after constantly clashing with him, she swung across the middle and the broadside of her keyblade hit Axeron in the chest sent him back rolling a little. He was on his knees and breathing heavily while Aqua pointed her blade at him.
      "Check... mate..." she said. Axeron still was breathing and then looked up at her and stood up in frustration.
      "I will prove it," he said calmly and then disappeared into a light corridor. Aqua then unsummoned her keyblade and the two of them went to the royals and tell them they are safe. After the royals thank them, the master and prince leave the castle to head to another world. Aqua had much to think about. Noctis now knows he has a purpose and worth even though he was a pawn and it seems as though Axeron thinks his purpose is he is the real Supreme Elite. Well, at least, Aqua knew her purpose was very clear and apparently, so did Polemos.
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Oh wow, this was a great chapter!  I think that Aqua and Noctis really bonded here!  The battle in Cinderella's castle was definitely epic and intense! And I liked that moment when Noctis was talking about his purpose and how he felt he had to prove that he was worthy of being the king of Lucis!  I'm glad Aqua made him feel better! Hmm, it seems the Dark Elite are everywhere, huh?  Also, lol, Axeron was beaten so quickly!  I guess Aqua's just that good! :P


Great chapter, as always! :D

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Chapter 12: On the Attack
      Aqua and Noctis left Castle of Dreams and both showed up in Neverland. Things were quiet at first, but they knew that would change. They end up in Peter Pan's Hideout. All of the Lost Boys are gone along with Peter Pan and so Aqua and Noctis leave immediately without any hesitation or distraction. They head toward the Gully, but then Aqua stops abruptly.
      "Master Aqua?" Noctis asked. "Is everything okay?" Aqua could only shake her head and then she looked toward the Indian Camp.
      "I feel like I am having deja vu," she said.
      "What do you mean?" Noctis asked.
      "I sense we aren't alone," Aqua replied. "I also sense this isn't good company." Noctis now understood as he recalls learning about her encounters with Vanitas and the two of them rush to the camp. It was empty and they both looked around seeing where the company is. When they get to the center of the camp, they hear a voice come from behind.
      "Finally I have you right where I want you," he said. Aqua turned around immediately as did Noctis and walking toward them is Polemos.
      "What do you want?" Aqua demanded.
      "You know, even though my stupid counterpart is someone who deserves my full attention," he said "I can't help but think that I need to keep an eye on you dearie. There are multiple people like you, but I sense you as one of many possible forces to undercut us Dark Elite and therefore need to be removed. Plus, it will only make this fight against Polemistis that much better as his heart gets broken seeing one of his idols dead with your blood on my keyblade as a trophy." Aqua growled and Polemos laughed menacingly. Noctis had one of his larger swords in front of Aqua as a way of protecting her.
      "If you are going to fight anyone, it will be me," Noctis said defiantly "but you will not hurt one of the seven lights." Polemos just rolled his eyes.
      "Pfft, you think I have any interest in you?" Polemos said "You aren't even the one I'm after. However, taking your swords from your cold, dead body would be nice souvenirs and obtaining the Lucian crown would be a great reward. Lucis could have a real king on the throne for a change." Polemos chuckled and Noctis growled. He was about to advance when Aqua had her keyblade in front of him.
      "Don't Noctis," she said "this is my fight. I can't let him hurt Ben or any of our friends including you. I am his number two target and so I have to fight him." Noctis submitted to her wishes and nodded to her.
      "Yes great light," he said and stepped backwards allowing Aqua to have her space. Polemos raised his right hand and in a dark cloud summoned his keyblade. It's the dark version of Ben's Ultimate Apocalypse and it's black with some purple pattern on it. It also has some gnarly and more threatening looking edges and designs on it.
      "As Ben's keyblade is Ultimate Apocalypse," Polemos said smiling "mine is called Dark Armageddon. You can probably imagine why."
      "Ben's keyblade is used to bring judment to the darkness," Aqua said. "Yours is to bring chaos and ruin to everyone, is that right?"
      "Hmph, how smart you are," Polemos replied. "Let's see what one of the seven lights is like." They both took stance and clashed. Aqua actually was struggling and barely kept up. The first strike from her, it was blocked and violently pushed away making her struggle. Polemos was grinning maniacally seeing her struggle. Aqua stepped it up using her magic and even came up with a few new tricks of her own. It did not seem to do much as Polemos countered with a powerful darkness or merely blocked the attacks. Eventually, the two kept on clashing hand on hand and Polemos sent Aqua backwards as he hit Aqua with powerful dark orbs. Aqua was sent backwards like when she was struck by Red Eyes in BbSFM, but farther and more violent. She was now breathing heavily and was struggling to get up. Noctis went up to her to help her. Aqua and Noct now looked at Polemos with frustration and he merely chuckled and laughed.
      "Heh, heh, heh," he laughed "it looks like I came across just a pretty face. I am surprised you did what you did, but that was nothing. Hmph, and so this was one of the seven lights. One of the seven lights to defeat Master Xehanort and the thirteen darknesses has become panting laying on the ground and defeated. Well then, I guess it's time to go our separate ways. Or at least, I will." He then had dark power cover his keyblade. Polemos pointed it at the prince and light and fired a large black orb with a purple core that had a black tail behind it like it was a comet. It traveled just as fast. Aqua and Noctis gasped and braced themselves for death, but then lightning came down along with cracks of thunder and white light erupted in front of them destroying the orb. When the light receded, Aqua and Noct gasped and smiled and saw myself and Mickey standing in front of them. Mickey and I had defiance in our faces and glared at the Dark Elite. Polemos grinned maniacally and laughed some.
      "Well, well, well," he said "I see you decided to drop in and crash the party."
      "The only party I am crashing is yours," I replied. "I will not let you hurt or even kill my friends. They all have a special place in my heart. Even though Noctis has no keyblade, he too has a special place and only he is worthy to be king of Lucis." Noctis gasped some and looked at Aqua. She looked back and nodded to say she wasn't lying. She then got up and gave her attention to the Dark Elite. Polemos was not smiling now.
      "Hmph, I see then," he said. "You seem to not see yet why there must be an order over everything. Very well, I will enlighten you then and I will show you when you seem ready." Polemos then disappeared into a dark corridor. I turn around and face Aqua and Noct as did Mickey.
      "Thank you Ben," Aqua said. "I'm sorry though. I tried to defeat him. He was just too strong. I used whatever I could. He just swatted it away when I did."
      "Hey, you don't need to apologize," I consoled. "You did your best. Truly though, only I can fight him properly. That doesn't mean no one can try to fight him and beat him in and I am glad you did." Aqua nodded and smiled.
      "I think we need to switch partners now," I said. "Mickey, how about you and Aqua take a stroll down memory lane?" Mickey smiled and nodded and joined with Aqua. Noctis then had his mouth open and his face in shock as he assumed what's next.
      "Wait a minute! Does that mean I...?" he asked unable to finish. I looked at him grinning and nodded holding out my hand to him.
      "You'll be coming with me," I said gladly. Noctis then smiled and bowed and grabbed my hand like a handshake. We all then went our ways in our pairings to different worlds still fighting on and trying to go on the offensive.
      Sora and Ventus came out of their corridors and into the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. They both breathed in and out with pleasure. The last time they were here, well, this place wasn't not exactly the happiest place on earth. It was rather the darkest and bloodiest place on earth. A Keyblade War was fought on these streets and the park along with the whole resort complex was a battleground and destruction was everywhere. Now months later, the place is bustling. Ventus and Sora were rather excited too being back.
      "Wow, I'm so glad we came back," Ventus pointed out.
      "Yup. What's even better is we aren't fighting a war here," Sora quipped and made Ventus laugh a little. They were in the Town Square and saw all of Main Street full of people and walking to and fro. Sora and Ventus then remembered something.
      "Hey... Ven, remember what Ben said about his duties?" Sora asked Ventus. Ventus merely nodded and they both were thinking the same thing. They look around and just take in everything around them. It's as if everything becomes muted and it's just the sound of their breathing. They see a young family with a young little girl and little male toddler in a stroller and observe them talk with each other. They appear to be happy and talking about what to do in the park next. Then they notice a young couple strolling slowly through holding hands with the wife laying her head on her husband's shoulder and him laying on her head. Then they notice the family with a teenage son and daughter looking at maps and appear to lay out the rest of the day. They see a group of high school kids all wearing the same t-shirt and on their trip together all smiles and excitement as they enter the park.
      Everything then seemed to go to normal sound and Sora and Ventus found themselves now starting to view things the way the Supreme Elite do. They looked at each other not smiling, but with rather understanding.
      "Sora, I think I now understand what Ben meant in Radiant Garden," Ventus said.
      "I do too," Sora replied. "We just saw people who need to be defended. All these people, adults and kids, parents and children, teens and toddlers, they can't do what we do and can't defend themselves. They tried, but they end up paying a price with their lives. All these hearts are light. They are not much different from the light from the old tale that rebuilt the Realm of Light. In fact, they are what builds this world and as strong and powerful as Earth is, we can't let this light die."
      "I'm right with you," Ventus said making a fist with determination. The two of them nodded and they went their way through the Magic Kingdom. It was amazing looking around and seeing the kingdom. They were on their way to the Central Plaza and saw heartless run around. Immediately, both of them summoned their keyblades and started hacking away at the heartless. Both of them were great partners together and fought almost the same. Well, of course they are great partners and fight similarly because Ventus resided in Sora for such a long time and influenced Sora's fighting and sometimes, what he has seen. It was Sora who also saved Ventus the very first time so they are closely connected. With their connection and working together, they beat back the heartless quickly and destroyed them quickly.
      Once their battle with the heartless was over, they now decided to move on and rather instead of walking through the park, land by land, they decided to be like a guest visiting Walt Disney World. In other words, they decided to enjoy their time in the Magic Kingdom. They went on as many attractions as possible. They went on the three mountain attractions, Thunder, Space, and Splash Mountains. They went on slower attractions such as Under the Sea-Voyage of the Little Mermaid and It's a Small World. Ventus and Sora went on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and of course were rather competitive against each other. Ventus actually ended up winning, but by a slim margin. They decide to go on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and use that time to not only look around the view, but talk about important content. What was nice about today was there were no Dark Elite soldiers anywhere so this made the experience enjoyable. Plus, no one even questioned or noticed who Ven and Sora were; they seemed to have fit in with the crowd.
      "You know Ven," Sora said "after our time having fun here, I really see why this place is so full of light and why it has suffered the worst of attacks from darkness. I now even understand why the Keyblade War even began there along with the Keyblade Graveyard."
      "I do too," Ventus replied. "It's because of the people here. Also, this was one man's last dream before he died and his brother put a ton of effort to making it special. With that came light growing here. I get it too and now I also get the job of Ben and the Supreme Elite. I guess now we can say it's our job too as keyblade wielders of light for all worlds; to protect anyone who can't defend." Sora nodded in thought and the two of them went quiet and just followed along with the attraction.
      Time goes on and the two lights watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade at 3:00 PM in the main walk of Main Street. Then they went to quick service restaurants and got something to eat. Eating on Earth, let alone Walt Disney World, was brand new to them and having the food made them go nuts. Then, after the sun went down, they watched the Electrical Light Parade and Celebrate the Magic from the main walk of Main Street. At 10:00 PM, they stand in the middle of the street and watch Wishes Nighttime Spectacular.
      Once the fireworks show ended, they seemed ready to leave and head to another world, but then behind them, they heard loud explosions and saw flashes behind them. People began running left and right creating chaos screaming and tried to run into the theme park to get away from it. Sora and Ventus sprung into action and tried their best to make it through the chaos and wherever the noise came from. The park employees and emergency crew opened up emergency exits by allowing guests to exit the park through the Utilidors under the park. It was these same Utilidors that kept the cast members safe during the Keyblade War even though there were stores that collapsed and spells creating explosions when they landed on the pavement in the park. Now guests are being escorted out through these Utilidors as well as through other exits used by cast members. Meanwhile, Sora and Ventus were going the opposite direction and trying to find the villains behind the chaos.
      Soon, the crowd cleared and it was just the two of them and in the middle of Main Street, they come across about two and a half dozen dark soldiers some in armor and others wearing regular clothing. The apparent captain of this regiment was a male about seventeen years old and he has brown, short hair and red eyes and he is wearing dark clothing, but also some lighter, yet ominous colored with it. He was grinning in the way of a smirk even when Sora and Ven confronted the group.
      "Ah so you decided to come and enjoy the entertainment for the day," the kid said. "Hate to rain on your parade, but see here, this park belongs to the Dark Elite. Yes, for the first time, the Dark Elite have taken over an important place on Earth and now, the power that resides here in this place belongs to them. Excuse me for a minute before we fight you." He then walked past Sora and Ventus taking about five steps away from them. He is facing a lit up Cinderella Castle that is colored blue.
      "Hello dear," this soldier said to the castle "I'm glad to be here. Aren't you looking fine tonight. Still the same beauty since day one." Sora and Ventus were suspicious of what the meaning of all of this is, but then the kid addressed them still facing the castle.
      "See her?" he asked "Isn't she just beautiful? Anyone could just stare at her for hours and fall in love with that." He then turned around to Sora and Ventus and faced them. "You see how she stands all powerful? She does have great power residing within her. In fact, this kingdom along with all of Walt Disney World has a great power. Every day, the power and light of this place is added to and grows more and more. It is perfect on the quest for the new order that the Dark Elite have so desired. Now, you can help us with this or face certain death." He held out his hand like Riku did in the KH opening scene.
      "That means you'll send this place into darkness," Ventus said. "No, I won't do it. We won't do it. You won't send this place into darkness. You won't hurt anyone here!" Then Ventus summoned his keyblade and took stance.
      "You're not the only one that feels it too," Sora said and then he walked up just past the dark soldier, who then dropped his hand, and looked at the castle. "I also felt the power this kingdom had. It was so strong and it seemed to have felt stronger as the day went on. If this is the power of just this park, then the all of Walt Disney World is much stronger because all parks are part of one world and have one heart together. This light is so strong that it shelters the least of this world and keeps them safe and let's them be who they imagine to be. I felt... freedom here. Where anyone could be who they want and not have anyone oppress them and tell them they can't do it. That is a real order and that is what I stand for. The Supreme Elite know this very well and now I understand it. I will fight for their sake, for this world's, and for the people who hold this light in their hearts." He then raised his hand, summoned his keyblade and took stance. Then, light corridors opened up one after another with thirty keyblade wielders of light with weapon in hand. The captain of the dark contingent summoned his keyblade and sighed.
      "Decide to get in my way?" he said "You had the chance to not do so and lived."
      "He's not alone," said Ventus walking next to Sora and getting in stance. All thirty Supreme Elite soldiers, since that's who they swore to serve, took stance too.
      "Okay then, don't say I didn't warn you," the kid said "but prepare to taste death!" Both sides charged and locked in combat. Main Street USA Magic Kingdom: the one place the Supreme Elite have so wished and promised to not see blood be spilled and not become a battlefield like it was in the Keyblade War. Now, many months later, this place now becomes a war zone and blood once again spilled. However, Sora and Ventus are taking charge and leading the fight against the Dark Elite's forces and going offensive. Sora is fighting the kid while Ventus fights his assistant, who was cloaked in armor with a mask. The rest of both sides are locked in combat with each other. The damage this time around is nowhere close as bad as the Keyblade War, but there was some slight damage to the shops and buildings. Some windows were getting blown out and trees were uprooted and knocked over. Nothing really was disastrous in terms of damage. Sora and the captain were just about even in fighting, but Sora was able to get the kid off balance and take advantage. The kid was quick though and that made up for the disadvantage in strategy. Ventus in his speed kept up and then some more with his opponent causing him to increase in rage.
     This back and forth stuff went on for ten minutes and by now, both sides had equal numbers of dead laying on the pavement, about nine each. It wasn't good and it needed to end now. Sora and Ventus both gave themselves space from their opponents and felt a powerful force. It was the power of the light the Magic Kingdom possessed entering them and light glowed around the two of them. Then they attack their enemies with great power and speed and in one strike, slash across the stomachs of their enemies. The co captain fell dead immediately, but the kid was still holding on. He panted for breath while holding his heavily bleeding abdomen.
      "Why won't you do it? Finish me!" he shouted.
      "You already are finished," Ventus said. "If the Elite don't strike anyone down when they are weak, we'll follow their example and not do it too. We won't bend to your level." The soldier then looked distressed at the statement. Then, he fell onto his stomach and gave up his breath. Looking around, nine dark soldiers escaped leaving behind twenty one dead comrades. As for the light side, ten died leaving twenty to disintegrate the dead's bodies and collect their keyblades. The dark keyblades were disintegrated by Sora and Ventus. Once the light soldiers saluted the lights and left, the park was dead silent. Then, someone from behind them addressed them.
      "Amazing how two of the seven lights did that," a voice said from behind. The two lights turn around and find a tall male keyblade wielder there.
      "Hey! You're Soraxan, right?" Sora asked. The boy nodded in reply.
      "You're one of the rivals," Ventus followed. "Why are you guys trying to replace the Supreme Elite?"
      "Replace? We are them," Soraxan replied. "We have had the original power passed down to us from the original Elite. These so called 'elites' aren't going to take the cake just because they look like the originals."
      "Why are you trying? What's the goal? Can you even defeat the Dark Elite?" Sora asked.
      "Hmmm, those are good questions. I guess defeating you two will answer them," Soraxan replied and he summoned his keyblade and took stance. Sora and Ventus followed too and both sides clashed. Soraxan held well as he fought two on one. It impressed Sora and Ventus and so they stepped up their game. They used some advanced magic now, but Soraxan fired back to halt the spells from the lights. He then attacked after the explosions and they clash anew. Soon, the two lights manage to open up Soraxan and strike him across his chest making him fall to the ground in pain. He is just breathing heavily and holding his chest. No blood was drawn in the strike. Ventus and Sora pointed the tips of their keys at Soraxan.
      "I guess that's it then," Sora said. "We win."
      "You did so justly," Soraxan said and he stood up slowly. He wasn't upset at all. "I will see to it Axeron knows about this. Maybe he'll come around." He then disappeared into a light corridor. Come around? What does he mean? That seems to imply that Axeron is chasing something for a reason and he has yet to understand he won't get it. Sora and Ventus brushed it aside, but kept it in the back of their heads for good measure and then they left the Magic Kingdom for another world. Not only did they go offensive, the Magic Kingdom, with some of the power from Walt Disney World, went on the offensive too and helped them. Plus, it is now clear to them what the Supreme Elite mean in regards to their duties. Now, Sora, Ventus, and all of the lights and Foretellers need to go on the offense and do the same.
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Oh wow, what an amazing chapter!  I especially loved how Sora and Ventus fully understood the Supreme Elite's feelings!  They too, felt the strong light that emanated from all the people in the park!  Sora's speech was very inspiring, and ya know, it seems as though now we've got a little more insight into what the Dark Elite want! They seem to be after the powerful sources of light in the Disney parks, since the lights of so many people gather there!  Hmm, most interesting!  Also, I knew Aqua and Polemis would clash! :O


Great chapter, I can't wait to read more! :D

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Chapter 13: Finding a Way
      Yen Sid has been in his office looking at book after book trying to find something. For hours, he hasn't been able to find something that expresses how to possibly defeat this Dark Elite. He has tried as many resources as possible, but nothing says anything. In fact, he could barely find anything about the Supreme Elite. How could there be close to nothing on them confounds the master, but that isn't the point. He has to find something to help all of them and soon before any more harm is wrought to innocent people. He sent Lea to Radiant Garden to the castle and requested Ienzo and Even to look for information. Lea also would help find any clues. 
      Yen Sid came across another book and what he found was rather interesting. It was written in the same language the writing in the chapel was written in and in the same language of the Book of Prophecies. It was rather fascinating because nothing he has found has even come this close. The book apparently is about the history of the keyblade on Earth in ancient times. There were some pictures and enlarged symbols written on the pages with more writing above and/or below them. Yen Sid could not read the language well, but knew just enough to translate into English. It reminded him to have the Foretellers continue to tutor and teach him how to read the ancient language. Looking through the pages, he came across the symbol of X (chi) on one page. However, something was rather interesting about the description.
      "Hm? What is this?" he wondered allowed. He found a line that had the name of it. Even though he could tell that nowhere did it describe how to defeat the Dark Elite and where this is, he could tell that it would be necessary for this fight. One thing is for sure, this X (chi) shown in the book was not the same one as what Master Xehanort has described. Yes, the letter meant death and endings, but it hasn't been said to whom or what death can be wrought upon and Yen Sid sees this as an asset to the light and not as a bringer of darkness.
      Mr. Iger has been in his office doing some work for the Walt Disney Company. As of late, there are many projects happening within the company with the newest park, Disneyland Shanghai, officially opening soon. Right now, it is undergoing a soft opening and he is trying to keep track of progress and feedback. This was one of the many parks the Keyblade War first started and then spread. He also had films coming out and there were plenty of meetings with investors and bondholders. However, in the midst of this, he was nowhere close to oblivious with what has been happening lately. With letters from Yen Sid and sometimes messages through a portal, he knows fully that the Dark Elite are at large and have attacked the Disney Parks around the world with their soldiers. He knows fully well that in the U.S, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been raided and blood shed within each Magic Kingdom. Also, he knows the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland Paris has also been host to this same fighting. Mr. Iger has also been looking for a way to eliminate this threat as well, though he has been using some other means.
      Bob Iger decides to leave his office and go into the room with all of the artifacts in the Disney Archives. When he gets there, he begins looking around for possible explanations and helpful tips on defeating the Dark Elite. Looking through the ancient tablets, he comes across one with writing from the Book of Prophecies. The tablet was unusually large and had much writing on it. When reading it, he could tell it was about the history of the keyblade on Earth. Unfortunately, he can't read the language at all so he is looking for anything that seems to be unusual. Eventually, he came across and portion that had the symbol X on it with description next to it and below it. 
      Suddenly, a portal appears and he sees Yen Sid on the other side.
      "Ah, Yen Sid," Mr. Iger said "I am pleased to see you." Yen Sid nods and then explains what he found and shows the book. Mr. Iger shows the tablet back to him in silence.
      "So what is this?" Mr. Iger asks.
      "It appears it is called the 'mark of kye'," Yen Sid replies.
      Shane and Master Gula came out in Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It was a nice day and the Magic Kingdom was full with guests just like its sister in Orlando, FL. The difference is the style of Main Street USA and the height of the buildings there. Plus, it's all facade above the first floors whereas in the Florida counterpart, there is a second floor and it's all building. In other words, everything in Disneyland looked smaller and was smaller; even Sleeping Beauty castle was smaller.
      "So this is one of the multiple kingdoms on Earth," Master Gula pointed.
      "Yeah, and this was the first dream that came true for Walt Disney," Shane replied. Master Gula was very much pleased as he looked around while they both stood in the Town Square.
      "It's all amazing to me," he said. "Just like in the other kingdom, I feel powerful light here. What I find interesting is it seems to be connected and leads to the other kingdom that is part of a world."
      "Walt Disney's last dream was Disney World," Shane said. "Walt saw how there was endless space that was left unused and started purchasing so many acres of land in secret before people figured it out and price of the land rose. He had so many plans in store and already dreamed of four theme parks. In a way, it was then the light grew for that place. Unfortunately, he died without seeing the ground breaking and so his brother Roy picked up where Walt left off and renamed the park as 'Walt Disney World' to remind people of who had that light borne. It has become the crown jewel for the Walt Disney Company and throughout the years has received the most attention. That light grew immensely and connected Disneyland, Walt's first dream, and all the other Disney Parks around the world together as one." Shane then pointed to the fire station window and pointed out the lamp lit in the window.
      "You see that lamp?" Shane asked "That represents Walt's never dying light. It symbolizes that 'the boss is here' and he is in his apartment. That light is a cornerstone to all of the Disney Parks' light. It is rightfully here because darkness had attacked Walt Disney World the most and if they succeeded and snuffed out light there and that lamp was there, the light of all parks would die and the light of this world would die slowly and surely too. Also, this park is his first dream come true, so it should call this place home." Master Gula was amazed and was smiling the whole time Shane explained. They began walking up the street and looking around for any enemies, but also continued to talk about this.
      "Absolutely amazing," Gula said in awe. "Now, I see all of this, and I am sure Ben understands what you have pointed out to me, but he was rather upset, and rightfully so, at hearing us report to you all that innocents of this world died at the hands of the Dark Elite soldiers. It was here in this place they were slain. Can you please fully show me what I fail to see?" Shane opened his mouth and was going to explain, but then he bumped a young mother with an infant in her arms.
      "Oh I'm sorry ma'am," Shane said. The mother knew who he was and used one arm to shake his hand.
      "Oh it's not problem. Great to meet you Kidemonas," she said with a smile. Shane smiled back and nodded. The infant began reaching for Shane and apparently wanted him to hold it. It was a baby girl and she appeared to be no more than seven months of age. She looked absolutely adorable with her brown hair and big brown eyes. Shane's face lit up when he saw her reach out to him.
      "Hey there!" Shane said softly and the mother handed her over to Shane him.
      "She really likes you!" the mother said.
      "Yeah she does," Shane replied. The infant was smiling at Shane as she looked at him while chewing on a chewy toy for teething infants and he looked at her smiling back.
      "Maybe one day she holds a keyblade," Shane said.
      "Yeah, Marabel would love that," the mother replied. Shane then understood fully what Ben went through in Epcot when it came to the toddler. Shane just held the infant close to him, hugged her, and gave her a small kiss. He kept his tears in check and did not choke up a lot, but he did a little. This little light in his arms is dependent on him and the Supreme Elite. He is responsible for her safety and will answer for her safety when the time comes. The little infant laid her head on his shoulder feeling at peace and safe. She ended up falling asleep in his arms. Shane hen gave her back to her mother.
      "I swear I will defend you and your daughter," Shane said a little emotional.
      "Thank you," the mother replied and walked toward the park's exit. Shane then turned back to Master Gula. He was rather transfixed by what he saw and never turned his gaze.
      "Wow..." he said. What else could he say? He wanted a deeper explanation and instead of words, he saw it in action.
      "Do you understand now?" Shane asked.
      "Yes, I do," Gula replied nodding. "I felt a light within her and her mother. In fact, this light I sense all around us. I felt it in the other kingdom. It is like the light that lived on after the first Keyblade War. I see now why Ben has taken this to a personal level now. Those are the ones who need to be protected."
      "I understand fully too," Shane replied. "That is why I think with them, we will find a way to beat back the Dark Elite and stop them from raiding the worlds and Disney Parks." The foreteller nodded and they went off into the park. Now the difference with this park and Walt Disney World's version is this park does not have the lands branch out from the central plaza like in Walt Disney World. The lands of Disneyland are placed with some less organization than in Walt Disney World. There are also lands here that aren't in Walt Disney World. Mickey's Toontown was once in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but the Toontown in the World was taken down and became a part of the New Fantasyland leaving the one in the Land as the only one. Disneyland has New Orleans Square based off of 19th century New Orleans, LA whereas Liberty Square in Walt Disney World is based off of Revolutionary America when the nation was fighting for and just obtained independence from England. Disneyland has Critter Country which is a land not in existence in Walt Disney World. With these differences, the Walt Disney Company kept secret for so long the existence of worlds outside of the known solar system. With the cat out of the bag now, destiny taken course and four youths are where they are today.
      Shane and Gula went to the central plaza and came up in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
      "It's much smaller than the other one," Gula pointed out "but I sense a light just as powerful as the other one. Come, let's look around and search out any foes." They walk through the castle and come out in Fantasyland. They noticed some people just walking around. They appeared to be ordinary guests, but as Shane and Gula walked through Fantasyland, those "guests" caught the Elite's and Foreteller's gazes and summoned their keyblades. They were warriors of light going undercover as ordinary citizens just like the millions that have lived before them and live now.
      Suddenly, screams of warriors rang out and all of them began clashing with dark soldiers. Spells began flying and guests began running and heading for cover. The park was thrown into panic and cast members opened special exits used by cast members only for guests to leave without harm. Shane and Gula noticed the chaos immediately and watched the chaos ring out. Everything then seemed to start slowing down as Shane took it in with a heavy heart.
      What happened the last time? A Keyblade War broke out first in Walt Disney World, then Disneyland and then the other Disney resorts around the world before spilling into society and affecting all of Earth. In between the Keyblade War's end and the inquiry deliverance to Shane, the four of them swore on their lives to never allow war to break out again in the Disney Parks. Now what is happening? Precisely what they swore not to allow ever again. The previous war was too great and too costly with tens of thousands of dead in the Magic Kingdom in Florida alone which includes among them a good friend of theirs and six students who never had their Mark of Mastery exam and as part of their Last Rites were made masters. It could only be imagined what the final total number of keyblade bearing dead that perished during the war around the globe. Now, blood is spilling upon the pavement like it did in the last war.
      Shane was trying his best to hold it back, but he did indeed shed a few tears and sniffled a little. Gula put his arm around Shane's shoulders in comfort.
      "It's okay," he said "we can end this and minimize the blood as much as possible." Shane nodded and wiped away the tears while summoning Light's Redemption.
      "Well, how do we do that?" Shane asked. They turn their faces just in time to duck as a fire spell was flying their way like a comet and hit a lamp post behind them. They slowly stand up and see a group of dark soldiers approaching them.
      "I think that coming our way is our answer," Gula replied and summoned his keyblade.
      "Come on! There they are! Kill them!" the captain shouted and so the soldiers started running after the Foreteller and Elite. Shane and Gula, along with a large number of light soldiers began running away through the castle and into Main Street. Shane then realized something.
      "Oh no," he said to himself. The dark soldiers must be after the lamp in the fire station.
      "Retreat to the fire station!" Shane called out to all the light soldiers following them. Master Gula understood immediately what Shane was thinking because he already knew. Once they all make it to the fire station, they surround it and turn to face the dark soldiers. They are immediately surrounded as there are more dark soldiers than light. Everyone is quiet facing each other waiting for the other side to do something. Shane and Gula have weapons in hand and look around to see the captain and then see a soldier in grand armor walk up to them laughing.
      "Well, it seems we have caught the great Elite and Foreteller in a trap," he mocked. "Heh, just like catching a mouse. Quite a pity you all decided to be slaughtered right in front of the cornerstone of light of the kingdoms. This should be simple since you are outnumbered. We might as well kill you all saving you-" he then pointed the blade of his keyblade at Shane's throat "-for last begging for mercy." Shane was feeling defeated now because they are outnumbered and by a bit of a large margin. All these keyblade bearers on his side are those of this world. There aren't enough now and with the park probably on lockdown already, there won't be anymore. Shane looked down in despair about ready to resign.
      Suddenly, from the train station and behind the dark soldiers, Shane hears shouts of cheering. Looking around, he sees not keyblade bearers, but park guests! Regular every day park guests are rooting for him and they actually appear ready to fight the dark soldiers! Then, light soldiers from the Realm of Light appeared from light corridors by Shane's side, among the many key bearers of light from Earth, and among the many park guests. By now, the dark soldiers are outnumbered and have to now fight all around them because it's now them who are surrounded. They look around frightened except the captain whose face can't be seen, but is not afraid.
      Then, the light of the lamp glows white from yellow and light from the park itself glows and enters into the Elite. It is now clear to Shane that not just light soldiers, but all park guests believe in him. Also, the light from Disneyland and Walt Disney's lamp also gave him power to fight and lead. Shane glared at the captain in defiance and slowly and deliberately took stance. The captain remains where he is and just nods.
      "Very well," he said "then I make the first move." He raises his keyblade and swings at Shane who blocks it and the battle between the two sides breaks out. The soldiers of light from Earth and the Realm of Light are fighting alongside park guests. Those light soldiers are using their keyblades to fight whereas the park guests actually fought with anything and in any way they could think of. Park guests used anything as weapons from umbrellas to car keys put in between their fingers when punching to their own guns, knives, and any weapons from home that they legally carry to just about anything including the Mickey and Star Wars light sabers. There were guests that even fought bared handed by punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, and/or tackling to the ground. The guests in doing these things helped the soldiers of light disarm and kill the dark soldiers. The dark soldiers could not fully adapt because they never have seen this before nor expected it and so it was difficult.
      Shane could not believe this and he fought hard against his foe. He couldn't let this sacrifice go to waste and had to do his duty for he is Kidemonas, the great Supreme Elite. No rival will take that away nor claim it from him. His foe was fighting just as hard back against Shane and Shane had to resort to getting physical by punching and kicking here and there. The captain got a little physical to and struck Shane across the face a couple time, but Shane countered by turning around and hit the captain with the hilt of his keyblade.
      The captain had Shane open for a brief moment and was about to swing at Shane's head and behead him, but then unexpectedly, a park guest tackled the captain's legs from behind making him fall onto his back. That guest then got out of there to apparently fight bare handed alongside Master Gula. Shane then swung down at the captain who started fighting while laying on his back. However, it did not last long as Shane disarms his and then swings his keyblade down like an ax chopping wood logs to the captain's abdomen and slashes him there leaving the blade in his abdomen. The captain screamed and blood squirted a little around, but did not get on Shane's clothes. He then pulled his keyblade out with all teeth covered in blood and watches the captain die. The captain's breathing is hollow and he is looking paler. He then slowly turns his head and looks at Shane.
      "Finish me now," he said. "You've won this battle so claim victory by finishing me." Shane smirked a little.
      "Hmph, you already are finished," Shane replied. "I don't need to kick someone when they are already down and out." The captain then closed his eyes and gave up his breath. His body then disintegrated leaving the keyblade behind, which Shane had disintegrated as well. Looking up, the battle is over as only a couple hundred dark soldiers that remain surrender and flee in dark corridors. The light soldiers took a beating losing many as well, but were still numerous. The number of park guests dead was not as large as one would think. However, many were hurt and were bleeding. This didn't stop any of them from cheering Shane and applauding for him. Master Gula put his hand on Shane's shoulder.
      "Wonderful job Kidemonas," Gula said. Shane smiled and felt proud as he looked at all of the keyblade wielders and park guests. Not only did Disneyland and Walt Disney's lamp lend him some of their powers, park guests and keyblade wielders of Earth also lent their powers as well. With these, Shane can now feel confident and tell his friends that as long as the light of the Disney Parks, Walt Disney, keyblade wielders of Earth, and park guests on their side, they will always find a way to defeat the darkness wherever it may be.
      Emergency responders entered the park and escorted guests to ambulances to be taken to the hospital for treatment. They also took away the dead guests and notify the families of their deaths. Shane told the responders to tell the families that they fought to protect them and he, Kidemonas the Supreme Elite, can say their deaths were not in vain. Then he and Gula left Disneyland in a light corridor now confident they are finding a way to beat back and defeat the Dark Elite.
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Gahhhh, this was awesome!!!!  What a thrilling battle!  Also, I really loved how Shane was explaining the layout of the Disney Parks to Gula, and I also loved how they were discussing what it truly means to protect others, ya know?  Excellent work! :D


Also, I always love it when Mr. Iger makes an appearance, and I certainly loved him in this chapter!  Awesome work!  I can't wait for more! :3

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Chapter 14: Multiple Fronts Part 1
      Polemos was walking through the Keyblade Graveyard. The World That Never Was is no more. It didn't survive the Keyblade War and now it has returned to darkness like all the thirteen darknesses have. The Dark Elite have called the Keyblade Graveyard home even though there is nothing, but waste in this world. Polemos is the only one here as his colleagues have been trying to test the Foretellers, lights, Lucians, and their counterparts. Polemos decided to take a break and rest for some time before he continues his quest. Looking around, he sees the cemetery as it was after the three original masters fought Master Xehanort and Vanitas.
      "No, this will not do for us," he said. He summoned his keyblade and waved his free, darkness covered hand over it. Then he pointed his keyblade to the sky and fired a dark stream. The sky became black and then it stormed with thunder, lightning, and wind. Darkness then surrounded everything making all go black and then it cleared up immediately making everything quiet. Polemos looks around and sees the Keyblade Graveyard back in its original state.
      "Ah, much better," he said. "Now this is how it should be."
      The Keyblade Graveyard is his comfort zone. The reason why is because great darkness covered everything. The first Keyblade War sent everything into darkness. The Realm of Light was destroyed, the X-blade was shattered, and the true Kingdom Hearts became property of the darkness never to be seen again. Polemos was there originally fighting in that war against keyblade wielders of light. His comrades saw their light counterparts fall to fate. It was the covering darkness that destroyed their bodies and so with their hearts set free, they, the Dark Elite, had their bodies destroyed too and become a part of the Supreme Elite's hearts again since they are the darknesses of the Supreme Elite's hearts. With the fact that he is darkness, he enjoys the comforts of home. Namely, he enjoys residing in the Keyblade Graveyard.
      A captain in all armor came out of a dark corridor behind Polemos and walked up to him from behind. He took his helmet off and revealed spikey brown hair with black highlights at the tips. His eyes were gold like all dark warriors and he appeared to be the age of Polemistis. Polemos knew he was there and remained silent still looking at the cemetery around him.
      "Do you see this Nox?" the Dark Elite asked. "See how expansive this is? You know, I love it here. I feel the darkness left from the first war. The second war only emphasized this darkness again. It's where I feel at home. When I was awakened, do you know where I found myself? Right here in this world with a black coat on and hood up. I looked around and just walked to the center of the cemetery. That is where we the Dark Elite met again. We spoke to each other again and it felt wonderful. We went from world to world staying in the shadows and familiarizing ourselves with the new age and worlds. It was fascinating seeing so much new and seeing this new Realm of Light and replacement Kingdom Hearts. We watched the thirteen darknesses from afar curious to see what they will do. I acquainted myself with Master Xehanort one day, but avoided telling him who I was. He was pleased with me as he sensed my darkness and he expressed his hope that he will see me again. I realized then that it was best to remain out of sight for I sensed chaos brewing slowly for the darkness. Surely, we Dark Elite see the Keyblade War erupt again and from the chapel of the Supreme Elite, we watch the bloodshed and chaos and disorder. That is when we decided to create a new order that will snuff out any chaos. We will need as much power as possible to do that."
      A dark corridor opened and a soldier with no armor came out of it with two others that have full armor. He looked a little bit nervous, but kept it hidden behind a stone faced expression.
      "Ah, I am glad you are here," Polemos said addressing the soldier. "Now then, tell me, what is the status of our raids on the Disney Parks?"
      "Great Elite," he began "I am afraid that our raids have failed." Polemos slowly turned around with no smile and appearing a little cross.
      "They have what?" Polemos asked with some anger now and he walked slowly to the soldier.
      "Our raids have not been working," the soldier said. "We have been defeated at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In Walt Disney World, we fought until the end, but knowing we would lose, we retreated. In Disneyland, we were on the attack and besieged Gula's and Kidemonas's forces near the lamp, but then reinforcements arrived along with park guests ready to fight too. Also, the park and lamp loaned Kidemonas their power. We fought just about until the last man." Polemos now had a slight black aura surrounding him as he walked up to the soldier and now he stood just about toe to toe with the soldier. The soldier was now starting to sweat bullets and was scared stiff now, but still held his stone faced expression.
      "How do you lose to A BUNCH OF WORTHLESS RUFFIANS?!" Polemos screamed.
      "We did not have any reinforcements," the soldier explained "but we fought for you and the Dark Elite."
      "If you did, you would have won, wouldn't you?" Polemos said in a low voice, but still clear with anger. The soldier could not respond and now the black aura was larger around Polemos.
      The Dark Elite then immediately summoned his keyblade and stabbed the soldier right through his abdomen to where the point and some of the blade was visible out the back. The soldier was shocked at being stabbed and looked at Polemos in shock while blood started streaming from the sides of his mouth.
      "Here is the reinforcement that you wanted," Polemos said sarcastically, angrily, in a low voice. He then pulled out his keyblade and the soldier fell onto the ground dead. He then looked at Nox and the other two soldiers in armor. Now, rage was clear and the black aura was raging around him.
      "Anyone else want to be the next one to face my blade?!" he shouted. He held up his keyblade and made clear the blood covering it is a warning. Nox and the armored soldiers said nothing. Polemos put his keyblade down to his side and turned back to facing the cemetery.
      "You two! Go with Nox!" he ordered. "Now, go and get as many soldiers as possible and look everywhere on Earth for it. We can't stop until we find the Mark of Kye. I in the meantime am very soon going to tell Polemistis why the new order must be established." Nox and the soldiers bowed going on one knee.
      "Oh and one more thing Nox," Polemos said "I want you to search out a man named Bob Iger. He is going to be helpful in our cause and will surely help us find the Mark of Kye."
      "Yes Great Elite," Nox replied and the soldiers disappeared into a dark corridor. As Polemos was looking out at the graveyard, a separate dark corridor opened up and two people came out of it. The Dark Elite turned his head to look behind and he sees Maleficent and Pete come out.
      "Your suggestion is as worthless as you have been," Maleficent said sharply. "Take one world as a foundation and then go out and conquest? How foolish do you think I am?! Those fools kept the journal from me and hid it away and now it has become more difficult to take worlds as my own and rule. Your suggestion did nothing for me as well!"
      "You oughta pay for this see!' Pete said "You think we're nothin' but a couple of chumps. We'll show you!" Polemos now turned around completely looking at both of them with one eyebrow raised.
      "I made it quite clear only I would address him!" Maleficent rebuked him, but then she relented "However, I will let this one go because you seem to be right." She now looked at Polemos. "You truly think we are just simpletons who knew nothing to begin with, did you not? I had more success with my own plan and listening to Master Xehanort's wisdom. Then you came along and made fools out of us. No one makes a fool out of the mistress of all evil!" Polemos only scoffed and shook his head.
      "Heh, you then have no worth to me," Polemos said. Maleficent and Pete were now confused. "You were supposed to take over King Stefan's castle so we the Dark Elite had a true world to build upon. You idiots think this graveyard is enough for us? We call this place home, but it does not suit our needs. Since you have failed to do a simple task, you can now get lost and let us, the Dark Elite, do our jobs. Don't worry, we'll do the ruling for you." He then laughed some. Maleficent and Pete now felt humiliated realizing they were just a couple among the many dark soldiers under the Dark Elite. There was nothing special about them to the Elite and now they will rule instead of Maleficent.
      "Ooooh, why I oughta-!" Pete shouted angrily "You ready to kick some butt Maleficent? Seems this bozo doesn't know who he is messing with. What d'you say m'lady?" Maleficent growled at Polemos, but then she calmed and a smile came across her face.
      "Why dear Pete, we don't need to do anything," she said with a smile. Pete was shocked, but Maleficent explained further.
      "It won't be us who destroys this fool," she said to Pete while still looking at Polemos, who was now frowning. "You see, it isn't us who are the ones he is afraid of. It's his counterpart roaming around the worlds and beating back his forces wherever he and his friends go." Polemos appeared troubled now, but held his same expression. "Don't worry dear Pete, if we just ally ourselves with these Supreme Elite, then our victory is assured and these fools will face their doom!" She then laughed hysterically and Pete laughed along with her and they both disappeared into a dark corridor. Polemos was irked by this, but he didn't need to worry for they can't be that big of a fight. He turns back to the many keys before him in the cemetery and walks to the center of the graveyard while looking and feeling the many keyblades.
      Skuld and Kairi were walking through the Destiny Islands. It was calm and all and the inhabitants were minding their own business. The main village was indeed quiet and peaceful. Kairi was glad to be home in her own world. Skuld was rather fascinated by this since she didn't exactly have a home world.
      "So this is your home world?" Skuld asked.
      "Yes, this is where Sora, Riku, and I live," Kairi replied. "This world was also one of many destroyed by the darkness in the beginning of our adventures. Sora saved it from the darkness. Where is your home world?" Skuld looked down into space with some sorrow.
      "I really... don't have one," she said. Kairi and her stopped walking and Kairi looked at her.
      "What? You don't have a home world?" Kairi asked.
      "No I don't," Skuld replied. "My predecessor originally lived in a town called Daybreak Town. After the Keyblade War, it was laid waste with nothing noticeable left. She had to go into hiding and just wander from world to world. Luckily, she found the Land of Departure and made that home. Now, I don't have a home."
      "Hey, maybe you could make this world your home," Kairi suggested. Skuld shook her head confusing Kairi.
      "No not home," Skuld replied "because as a keyblade wielder and as one that serves under the Supreme Elite now, not the Foretellers, I cannot rest in one place too long. I have a duty to defeat the darkness wherever it may show up. However, I will visit when I have the chance." She looked at Kairi and smiled warmly. Kairi smiled and nodded. Then they went off onto the boat by the dock and head to the smaller island. When they approach, no one is around. Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka must have been here earlier or they are still on the main island. Kairi and Skuld look around and just enjoy the peace.
       The Keyblade War was hell let loose on all worlds. Blood was shed even here on this peaceful island. The thirteen darknesses obviously did not make anything easier and caused further chaos and ruin. Now, Kairi feels at ease just walking along the shore with Skuld whom she has developed a relationship with as have the rest of the lights have with Skuld.
       Skuld and Kairi were sitting on the sand looking out to sea. They just stared thinking how there is a more expansive sea containing worlds and people out there. In fact, it gave Kairi an opportunity to think about what has happened and what could possibly happen. As she was staring, she turned her head about to say something to Skuld, but then noticed someone up by the paopu tree on the smaller island next to the seashore. Kairi bumped Skuld and motioned pointing to the mysterious figure. Skuld and Kairi get up and head to the island where the figure is. When they get there, they see his back is turned to him. However, they notice all of the dark clothing on him and they know this is no friend.
      "This world... is just... too small," he said. He then turned around and faced Kairi and Skuld with a maniacal grin. Kairi and Skuld gasped when they see his face.
      "Tromos!" Kairi and Skuld call out. Jack's dark counterpart is in Destiny Islands now.
      "What are you doing here?!" Kairi demanded.
      "I was so curious as to see why Destiny Islands has been so unique," Tromos replied. "Such a small world with nothing much to do. Hmph, and yet darkness destroyed this world once. Well, seeing as how you all have been stretched out on multiple fronts and this world is a bore, I might as well start thinning you all out." Tromos summoned his keyblade and took stance. "I am curious to see what you my dear can do. Something about you is quite fascinating." Kairi summoned her keyblade as did Skuld.
      "No no, not you Skuld," Tromos said. "I want only Kairi see. I will challenge you later after I kill Kairi. By then, you will be too heartbroken to fight and then I will end your misery. Worry not, I will make it pain free." He then laughed some. Kairi and Skuld growled, but Kairi did reaffirm what Tromos said.
      "Skuld, I appreciate your support," Kairi said "but I must do this alone. Plus, if I live and put up a good enough fight, I will save you from having to fight and losing your life. Let me handle this."
      "Alright Kairi. Be careful though," Skuld replied. Kairi nodded and Skuld backed up to give Kairi and Tromos room. Kairi took a couple steps forward and took stance. Tromos was grinning maniacally the whole time.
      "Show me what you got!" he shouted and both sides charged and clashed. Now fighting a reverse grip keyblade wielder was not easy and fighting one of the dark elite did not make it any easier, but harder. Kairi knew that and decided to be a little on the aggressive side while keeping true to her own ways. they clashed and Tromos violently pushed Kairi's keyblade away to the ground, but she in a fast swing brought her keyblade up and over and swung to his head. He blocked and the two fought some before Kairi was turned around back toward him because of a strong parry. However, she used the momentum and kept on turning around swinging her keyblade to his head making him lean back and hop back a distance. One could hear the "shing" sound as Kairi sung her keyblade to Tromos's head.
      Tromos was in stance, but he did nothing and just looked Kairi up and down. He then grins, stands up straight, and nods.
      "Well now," he said "it seems that you have much in you. I see why you are one of the seven lights. I'd like to see you again sometime. For now though, I will let you two play with a few friends of mine." Kairi and Skuld felt their heart go into their feet and their faces go white as they were praying he was not referring to the other three Dark Elite. Behind Tromos, three dark corridors opened up and dark soldiers all in armor came out of them. At least it was dark soldiers so that was a sigh of relief.
      "The rest of the Dark Elite and I will play with you ladies another time," Tromos said. "Right now, I can only have you be with these three. Now remember to play nice... and have a wonderful time." A dark corridor opened up behind him and he turned around and went in it laughing hysterically the whole time. The dark soldiers summoned their keyblades and charged toward the young women. They braced themselves and clashed with the soldiers. The young women were forced to use Blade of Seven to get these three off of them and then attack. In fact, after they fired the fourteen blades total at the three dark soldiers, the number of blades left them wounded and barely able to stand. They did however, still fought even though they barely stood up. Kairi and Skuld, using Zantetsuken, killed all three of them in one lightning fast strike making the soldiers' deaths painless and velvet.
      After they dissolved the keyblades and bodies with their magic, they were about to leave the islands when behind them, a light corridor opened and out came Braxon. He already had keyblade in hand and he was already having his sights set on Kairi.
      "Kairi right?" he said. Kairi and Skuld turned and looked at him.
      "Yeah. You're Braxon, one of the rivals and fakes," she replied.
      "Yeah whatever," he replied. "You might think we're fakes, but after I defeat you, you'll be thinking again." He took stance for a brief moment and charged at Kairi and they clashed. Skuld knew to step aside because she heard that these rivals are trying to replace the Supreme Elite and think themselves as the true Supreme Elite with a power passed down throughout the ages from the original Elite. She figured out that by now, these rivals want to defeat the seven lights before taking on the Elite themselves in order to start turning hearts toward them. Skuld kept out of it and allowed Kairi to fight this battle because it was hers to fight.
      Kairi was not really troubled with fighting Braxon, though he was pretty skilled. However, some magic Kairi used made him struggle and he tried firing back at her, but she was able to block it all with barrier. Kairi realized in that moment that fighting the thirteen darknesses has made her stronger and it has helped as of late with the new enemy. She countered with Fire Raid and it hit Braxon hard and sent him backwards and onto his knees. He breathed some and Kairi stood straight up now seeing she won this match.
      "Had enough?" she asked.
      "No wonder why you're one of the seven," he said. He then stood up. "Well, it seems that we only have one option left. We'll see you again for sure." He then disappeared into a light corridor. Kairi and Skuld left immediately afterwards for they knew that there was much to do and with all of them stretched out, they had to go where there are vacuums to keep the Dark Elite from filling them.
      Master Ava and Riku were walking through the Symphony of Sorcery in the Cloudwalk. This world, now free from the Realm of Sleep, was fair game to the Dark Elite. Yen Sid had already opened the books to help them gain entrance as a shortcut to this world and since Riku saw one of them in his Mark of Mastery exam, he figured he might as well see the other one. Walking around, it was rather peaceful, but then heartless popped up. Riku and Ava summoned their keyblades and started destroying them. It wasn't that bad, but it was lengthy for there were dozens of them. Eventually, they were all cleared out and Riku and Ava kept going.
      "I must say, I have never been in this world before," Ava said. "I never knew it existed until you requested Yen Sid to allow us to go to this world."
      "Yeah. I was in one of the other books during my Mark of Mastery exam," Riku replied. "Let's just say it wasn't the most fun nor the cheeriest and so I figured I might as well see what the other one had. Heh, Sora had it good when we came here." They walked on and came upon the Glen. It was quiet here and then once again, heartless popped up again. The Foreteller and light sighed, rolled their eyes, summoned their keyblades again and began fighting again. There were fewer this time and ti took less time to clear them out. The two of them were glad that this didn't take long.
      Suddenly, a light corridor opens and out comes Derron. He had keyblade in hand already and eyes on Riku.
      "Derron!" Riku exclaimed.
      "So you came to challenge Riku to prove your status, yes?" Ava asked.
      "Yes, that, but also to skip the formalities and questions and get this over with," Derron said and then he ran at Riku and the two clashed. Riku did not have much trouble, but Derron was sly and attack from different angles. It forced Riku to use Dark Splicer a few times, but it helped. Derron was skilled, but not tough. Riku thought that clearly, fighting the darknesses has paid off and now making fighting the Dark Elite and these rivals better though for the former, not significant, but advantageous for the latter.
      Riku opened Derron for a second long enough to use Dark End, Ars Arcanum's dark counterpart. It had bark and bite and effectively shut Derron down and sent him back a ways. He went on his knees abruptly after sliding back while standing and breathed heavily. Riku remained in stance for a second and then stood straight up.
      "Done already? I thought you were stronger than that," he said like he did to Sora. Derron laughed a little.
      "Heh heh heh, yeah right," he replied and stood up. "Well, I guess this proves one thing and we will have to do it soon." He then disappeared into a light corridor. Ava and Riku decided to check what's left then high-tail it out of this world so they can be with their comrades. When they get to the Fields, they find nothing around, but see someone looking out over the crest where the first Sound Idea was and where Sora came across Young Xehanort for the last time before entering The World That Never Was. Riku and Ava walk up the hill a little and then the person turns around and it turns out to be none other than Thanatos, Shane's counterpart. Riku summons his keyblade while Ava stands in her place firm.
      "Well, Master Riku and Master Ava," Thanatos said "what a wonderful surprise. I was getting bored here and was hoping someone would keep me company and it turns out to be the light and Foreteller here at the same time."
      "Alright, now that you've beaten around the bush," Riku said bluntly "what's the reason you're here?"
      "Well, we have been searching for something while trying to take over the worlds," Thanatos said. "It would help us defeat the Supreme Elite, our stupid counterparts. Plus, it would be of great assistance for us in building the new order. However, you people have gotten in the way and have made this incredibly annoying to accomplish."
      "Did you expect the Foretellers, seven lights, Supreme Elite, and Lucians to stand by and watch their freedom pass away?" Ava asked.
      "There is freedom in this new order," Thanatos said. "You're free from chaos and disorder and violence. In order to do that, you have to follow exactly as we say."
      "And if I don't-?" Riku asked. Thanatos summoned his keyblade and looked it over and feeling it.
      "Then cold metal will be the last thing anyone tastes," he replied. "I have thought about decorating this with possibly something darker. Blood is a natural way of making my keyblade look better, don't you?" He then chuckled and Riku gritted his teeth.
      "I, Master Ava, have been tasked to save the keyblade wielding race," she proclaimed. "Now, we the Foretellers will stand with the Supreme Elite and protect the freedom of all and defend them from the lies you spread and the darkness of your tyranny and destruction."
      "Is that so?" Thanatos said. "If that's your proposition, let me offer one too. I right now don't care about Riku here at the moment. Why? I blame the Foretellers for inspiring the seven and Elite to go out and fight us. So, here's your punishment for your defiance!" Thanatos took fighting stance which prompted Ava to summon her keyblade and take stance as well. The two clashed and sparks flew here and there when they did sometimes. Riku was a little awed because he knows that really, only the Supreme Elite can defeat the Dark Elite. However, in this case, Master Ava has held up strong against Thanatos and matched him strike for strike, spell for spell. The Zantetsuken strikes Ben used against Noctis once were effective. However, Thanatos countered with Dark Flare. The two went back and forth eventually they clashed and broke off. Ava was panting slightly, but she made Thanatos pant slightly too. They both breathed in deep, stood straight up and glared at each other.
      "Hmph, impressive," Thanatos said. "It's obvious why you are one of the Foretellers besides holding the Book of Prophecies. Very well, once we have obtained what we are looking for and after killing our counterparts, the seven lights and Foretellers will be nothing more than a legend." He then looks at Riku. "I look forward to seeing you again." Thanatos disappears into a dark corridor leaving the world. Riku and Ava leave immediately too to speed up progress and fill in vacuums left behind. It also leaves them thinking: what are they looking for and how could it defeat the Supreme Elite? They would have to ask Yen Sid what that means and what it is.
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Ooh, what a riveting chapter!  Finally, we got to see things from the Dark Elite's point of view!  Out of all of them, I'd have to say that Polemos is my favorite, although I like Thanatos too!  Hmm, they seem really convinced that they'll bring about a new world order, huh?  I wonder how they'll accomplish such a thing?


Great chapter as always, man!  Keep up the excellent work! :D

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Chapter 15: Multiple Fronts Part 2
      Master Aced and Prompto were in Beast's Castle. They arrived in the village, but then walked through the woods and came upon the Bridge. Meanwhile on their trek, Prompto hadn't been really... well... quiet ever since they entered the world as he was asking Aced all sorts of questions and just talked constantly about any subject you could name in regards to the seven lights, Supreme Elite, and Lucis.
      "So ya think I could one day hold one of those keyblades?" Prompto asked.
      "Only if your heart is worthy," Aced responded not turning his gaze.
      "Man, I think my heart is worthy," Prompto said. "I could fight and beat Noct for change. I could fire fireballs and ice and even create thunder and lightning! I could go back to Lucis and show off my new keyblade and get all the attention from the ladies and say 'this is my keyblade' and then show off a few tricks..." Well, Prompto did not really stop talking about his fantasy of being a keyblade wielder. Aced just kept on walking and did not really listen and just allowed Prompto to keep going. Prompto then finally stopped talking about it and changed subject as they reached the Bridge.
      "So what are we here looking for exactly?" Prompto asked.
      Thank God he stopped, Aced thought.
      "We are here looking for any of the Dark Elite's troops," Aced replied. "As they are possibly in any world, this place is no exception and they could be here. We have to see Prince Adam and Belle and warn them to be on the lookout."
      "I see. I gotta say, it's awesome doing this with you guys," Prompto said. "You guys are the legends and we are just regular people with nothing special."
      "Don't ever doubt your ability and your value," Aced said. "You Lucians are a great contribution in fighting the darkness. You'll be remembered for saving your world from it. Don't forget that."
      "Yeah I guess you're right," Prompto replied. "After all, I'm just your average plebe more trouble than I am worth."
      "You don't say?" Aced replied sarcastically.
      "Hey! That hurts!" Prompto replied.
      "Never mind that. Let's go," Aced said and the two of them walked through the Bridge, through the Courtyard and up to the door." There, they looked inside and saw it all lit up inside. They step inside and close the door. Looking around, there was no one around the Entrance Hall. Then, a door from the east opens and from the Parlor, Belle and Prince Adam walk out and are speaking to each other. Prince Adam, who was the Beast, but isn't anymore, had his arm around Belle gently and Belle had her arms around herself. They both noticed Aced and they approach him with joy.
      "Why Aced!" Belle said. "How wonderful to see you!" She went up to him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her in return and then bowed onto one knee while giving the keyblade warrior salute.
      "Your highnesses," he said for Belle was now Princess Belle and royalty.
      "How great to see you my good friend," Prince Adam said. "Who is your friend here?"
      "I'm Prompto of Lucis," he replied with a smile. "Nice to meet ya!"
      "Your highnesses," Aced said "there are four people called the Dark Elite that have been sending soldiers around to many worlds and raiding them. We are here to warn you about this and to be on alert. We will search the castle and take out any hostiles."
      "Thank you for telling us," Prince Adam said. "We will be wary of anyone threatening us."
      "Be safe," Belle said and she gave Aced a kiss on the cheek and Prompto a kiss on his forehead. Prompto got all red faced and giggly.
      "Oh gosh..." he said bashfully. Aced nodded and smiled at Belle and the two royals went off. Aced turned to see Prompto still all giggly and bubbly.
      "Prompto! Get it together!" Aced ordered and Prompto snapped to attention. "Let's go around the castle and find any treats." Prompto nodded and they began looking around by heading to the East Wing of the castle. There they come across heartless and so Aced summons his keyblade and Prompto his gun and they begin fighting them. It was not long before the heartless were all gone. The two of them moved on to check on Belle's room. However, when they got there, Aced knocked and Mrs. Potts opened the door. It was nice to see all of the friends human again.
      "Ah Mrs. Potts," Aced said "pleasure to see you again and human this time."
      "Why nice to see you dear," she replied. "I was just fixing up some tea for Belle before she goes to bed. The master and her are in the library right now." Aced and Prompto were sweating bullets. Seeing as how large this castle is, the library is a perfect place for any undesirables to strike. They went to the library and found the prince and princess there enjoying themselves and reading together while smiling.
      "Hey! What happens if-" Prompto said not keeping it quiet. Aced immediately put his hand over his mouth and shushed him.
      "Shhhhhh! We can't make any noise!" Aced interrupted. "I can already sense someone there hiding in the shadows waiting for one of the two to be alone and then attack. Belle is a princess of heart and if she dies, the light is threatened and this world dies too. What we do is this: go in there and just look around and if they notice you, talk to them. They should ask you about Lucis and you in general. Talk to them about that and I will be somewhere hidden looking around in the shadows for any enemies. I will have something light fall to the ground and make a slight noise loud enough for you to hear along with everyone else. That's when you fire a shot into the air and that will cause the hostile to fall and show himself. Understand?" Prompto nodded and Aced took his hand off of Prompto's mouth and walked inside quietly. He was looking around at books and the shelves while Aced sneaked inside. Since it was already dark outside, the library was lit by only candlelight. However, the royals made the atmosphere serene and calm by lighting candles only on the first floor and near themselves. The rest of the library was dark and barely lit making hiding in the room very easy. Aced had no choice, but to hide out of the candlelight's reach by going up into the second floor and look over the balcony. There, he kept hidden by making sure no light shines upon him. He looked around for any movement, but so far saw nothing. He figured he would see nothing as the dark soldiers wear only black and can't be seen in the shadows. Aced looked around on the floor for any item that he could drop that could make a sound.
      Meanwhile, Prompto was speaking to Belle and Prince Adam.
      "So what is the kingdom Lucis like?" Adam asked.
      "Oh man, it's pretty cool," Prompto responded. "We have a big city and lots of people there. I'm friends with the prince who's in line to become king. It's cool seeing things the public can't. Lucis was under attack one day from a neighboring kingdom, Niflheim and we were on the run from their troops."
      "Oh my! Tell us what happened!" Belle said. Prompto went on to explain his time with his friends in saving Lucis from Niflheim. Suddenly, they hear a little tink sound like a needle hitting the floor. Prompto and the royals went silent; the royals looked around wondering what that was.
      "Excuse me for a second," Prompto said and so he summoned his gun and fired a shot into the air. Aced and him looked up and saw a figure having a rough time staying on a ladder near the royals and appeared to be falling off. Prompto shot at him and although he missed, it was enough to have the figure fall from the ladder. He landed on his feet though and was wearing a black coat. The prince and Belle stood up with Belle hiding in Adam's arms. Aced jumped over the rail of the second floor and landed next to Prompto.
      "What are you doing here?" Aced demanded from the figure.
      "The princess of course," the figure replied. "I'm not here for my good health only you know. Now, I don't feel like dragging this out for I have people waiting." The black coat figure summoned his keyblade along with Aced and they clashed.
      "Prompto! Take the royals to Belle's room!" Aced shouted. Prompto led the royals out leaving the Foreteller and soldier alone. The two of them fought for a while going back and forth. Aced though quickly got the upper hand and started striking his enemy over and over. Soon, Aced slashed across the soldiers stomach creating a huge, deep gash. The soldier dropped his keyblade, held the wound and fell onto the ground.
      "You still have someone here waiting for you," the black coat soldier said. He then lost consciousness and quickly gave up his breath. Aced disintegrated the body and keyblade leaving nothing behind. Prompto returned back to to library from taking the royals to Belle's room.
      "Oh man!" he complained "I was hoping you'd leave some for me!"
      "This is not something you take lightly!" Aced responded sharply "We have another hostile here and I sense the darkness of whoever this is." The head to the staircase and look around in the Entrance Hall. Nothing is there, but Aced looked at the door to the ballroom and knew it was in there. He motioned Prompto to the ballroom and they went inside. Aced rushed to the interior of the ballroom and looked around. No one was there, but then from behind and above him, someone speaks to him.
      "You know? I was expecting to a princess to come in," it said "but lo and behold, I get a Foreteller instead. That's a nice surprise."
      "Huh?!" Aced wondered while turning immediately around and looked up to the balcony. There standing on the rail is none other than Agrios, Adrian's counterpart.
      "Agrios!" Aced shouted. Prompto was rather taken aback and a tiny bit frightened at seeing the Dark Elite. Agrios then floated down from the rail onto the floor.
      "I gotta say," he began "I am getting really frustrated and have been lately. Why? You people are getting in the way and no matter where we seem to strike, you are there. In Enchanted Dominion, you're there; in Castle of Dreams, you're there; in Dwarf Woodlands, there; in Disney Town, there. It never stops with any of you."
      "Isn't that a pity?" Aced replied sarcastically. "Of course we are everywhere. It's our duty to be everywhere in the Realm of Light. Now, what's your point?"
      "My point is quite simple," Agrios replied. "I have had it and will kill you and the Realm of Light is ours with a new order in place." He then summoned his keyblade. Aced summoned his keyblade as well and they both took stance. Prompto summoned his gun, but then Agrios struck it out of his hands and used a shockwave to blow him back. Prompto was sent rolling toward the windows f the ballroom. Then, a barrier was put up to keep him there. Prompto stood back up and called back to Aced assuring him.
      "I'm okay! Focus on him!" Prompto shouted. Secretly, he was rather happy Agrios wanted him to stay out of it for he was struck with fear at the sight of the Dark Elite and had a feeling of how dark, strong, and horrifying they can be. Aced nodded and turned back to Agrios.
      "So, just the exact opposite of the Supreme Elite, right?" Aced asked.
      "Exactly. Our keyblades are the opposites too," Agrios replied. "Polemos has Dark Armageddon, Thanatos has Dark Destruction, Tromos has Boundless Chaos, and I hold Dark Master. Now you get the honor to be the first person to ever taste the cold metal of Dark Master just before you die." They then clashed and fought. Prompto was cheering for Aced the whole time. As expected, Agrios was very tough, but he isn't intimidated and holds up against Agrios well. The two go back and forth for some time before they push off of a clash and just glare at each other.
      "Hmph, well done," Agrios complimented. "Now I have a true understanding of why you seem to beat us back. Don't think you can do it forever." He then disappears into a dark corridor. The barrier holding back Prompto disappeared and he ran to Aced.
      "Wow! That was some cool stuff!" Prompto exclaimed.
      "There is still much to do though," Aced replied. "Come, we must first say goodbye to the royals and then we have to leave. I sense we may need to go to Earth."
      "What do you think we tell everyone?" Prompto asked.
      "We shouldn't say anything really since this was expected," Aced replied. "However, we may need to go to Earth though and for good reason. We shall asked Yen Sid and see what his judgment is." They bid the royals farewell and then depart from the world.
      Master Invi and Ignis were walking through The Land of Dragons, or considered on Earth Ancient China. They were right outside the Palace Gates in the Imperial Square.
      "So tell me," Ignis said as he walked with  "we are here in this world looking for any of the Dark Elite's minions and the Dark Elite themselves. Yet, we are going to see the emperor. Why is that? Can we not just do our mission subtly and quietly?"
      "The emperor is a good friend," Master Invi replied. "He has gone through so much and thanks to Mulan and Li Shang, the land had been saved from the Huns, a barbaric tribe from the north. It is also not right to invade upon the sovereignty of this world and upon the emperor so with that said, it is only proper that we warn the royals that a dark nobility is threatening their power. He understands because truly, he has vast wisdom. Also, I think we came at an important time."
      "Ah I understand now," Ignis said. Since he has been a strategist for the Caelem family of Lucis and is aware of the politics, he understands a nation must have its sovereignty respected and protected, which is something Niflheim invaded. Invi and Ignis walked up to the Palace Gates where two guards on either side stand at attention. They notice Invi and bow to her. She nods and they let her in. They walk some more entering the Antechamber and see Li Shang and Mulan talking silently to each other and appeared to be worried. They hear the Foreteller and Lucian behind them and so they turn around and their faces fill with relief and thanksgiving when they see the Foreteller.
      "Oh Invi," Mulan said "thank goodness you're here." Mulan ran to her and embraced her and then let go.
      "Hello Mulan, Li Shang," Invi greeted. "This is Ignis of Lucis." Ignis put his hand to his heart and bowed to them.
      "Pleasure," he said. Li Shang and Mulan nodded.
      "You couldn't come at a better time," Mulan said.
      "What's wrong?" Invi asked.
      "The emperor is ill and... I'm afraid he is close to death now," Li Shang said with a saddened expression. Invi and Ignis gasped a little at the statement. Invi was hurt hearing this for the emperor was a good friend.
      "Where is he now?" Ignis asked.
      "He is in his chamber," Li Shang responded. "Come, I will take you both to him." The four of them went on their way past the Throne Room and into a hall that led to the chamber of the emperor. When they enter, they see his majesty laying in bed breathing hollowly and looking pale. His eyes were closed and mouth slightly open with hands folded over his chest as he laid in bed resting. The four of them went up to his bedside slowly.
      "Your majesty," Li Shang said and the emperor slowly opened his and turned his face to Li Shang.
      "We brought you a good friend," Mulan said and they allowed Invi to the emperor's bedside. The emperor smiled and reached out to grab her hand. She grabbed his and held it with both hands.
      "My daughter," he said to her. Invi clearly has been considered by him as a daughter and were that close to each other. "I am glad you are here."
      "Your highness," Invi said slightly choked up.
      "You see me now about to leave this life," his majesty said "but I want you to always know that you will never be alone; I am with you for I am a part of your heart. You will face civil war among your own. Be true to what your heart says and let not division be a river that cannot be crossed. The emperor then looked at Mulan and Li Shang.
      "Li Shang, I now make you heir to the crown," he said. "Protect the people and guide them. Mulan, you are fitting to be his wife. Take him as your own and lead the people with him." Mulan and Li Shang nodded. The emperor then closed his eyes and gave up his breath passing away in peace.
      Later that day, the funeral took place and the emperor was taken off to be buried in his tomb with many subject following. Invi and Ignis were given the honor of being with the new emperor and empress in the procession. After the emperor was buried, Invi went off by herself to the palace to the Throne Room to be alone. However, Ignis followed her and he saw her standing in front of the throne, arms around herself and looking down into space. Ignis came up behind her quietly.
      "Why didn't you introduce yourself?" she asked him.
      "I had a feeling it wasn't right since I am just an ordinary person of no extraordinary status," he replied. She turned to him completely now.
      "He would have given you great wisdom," she said and then hugged Ignis crying softly. Ignis is not one to be emotional and was caught off guard, but he hugged her in return. They then let go and Ignis reminded her of why they were there.
      "Master Invi, I know you are in mourning and have every right to mourn," he said "but we have a large threat to deal with. We must warn the new emperor and empress of this threat, look for it, and eliminate it. I apologize for sounding insensitive and forcing you to stop mourning, but we have many more lives to save. You know, take this as solace; the emperor would want you to not weep over his death, but rather be joyous he was glad to see you and now he resides in the high heavens. Remember him not as he was in death, but as he was in life." Invi wiped away her tears and pulled it together.
      "You are right," she said. "We have more lives to save. Hmph, even Foretellers still learn basic wisdom from the lowliest of sources. However, that is what makes them great. Thank you Ignis, I feel at peace now." He nodded and they went to leave the throne room. When they reach the gates, they see Mulan and Li Shang walking together just enjoying each other.
      "You're highnesses," Ignis said "we give you our condolences, but Master Invi and I must tell you something urgent and unfortunately ask you to end your mourning."
      "There is a group called the Dark Elite," Invi continued "and they wish to take over everything and establish an order of oppression. You can consider them dark nobility threatening the empire and threatening to overthrow you both like Shan-Yu once did. The Dark Elite have soldiers sent out to here and places beyond hidden and trying to undermine the current balance. I implore you both set a guard and watch for anything suspicious." They both gasped and Mulan looked at Li Shang for guidance and his reaction. He looked down into space rather stone faced to hide his emotions.
      "I will warn the general," he said "and I will set a guard to look out everywhere. I will even have the army ready to fight and have them ready." He now looked at Invi and Ignis. "Thank you Invi and Ignis for telling us this. As now emperor, it's my duty to protect the empire now. Mulan will help as well."
      "That's right," she replied. "Just like I helped Sora, I will help you as well." The emperor then went to the Encampment and the empress went into the palace to make preparations. Invi and Ignis set off looking for any hostiles. However, they decide to go to the Encampment too where the army is residing along with Mulan's friends. There they see soldiers walking to and fro and Li Shang already there talking about plans. When he sees the Foreteller and Lucian, he gathers the soldiers together around him and Invi and Ignis.
      "Master Invi and Ignis here tell me we have a threat coming," Li Shang called out. "They are powerful and threaten the empire and our very lives. They are called the Dark Elite. They want to enslave us, oppress us, take us over and make us their footstool. We won't let that happen, not with brave men like you here. Under Invi's guidance and leadership, we will protect our freedom and destroy this threat." The soldiers started talking among themselves. The Land of Dragons, or Ancient China, has a patriarchal society and so women were not viewed as leaders and guiders, but rather submissive and obedient. Yao, one of Mulan's friends came forward along with Chien-Po and Ling.
      "How do we know this lady can be tough enough and lead?" he asked in his raspy voice in a demeaning way. Ignis was about to defend her, but as he opened his mouth, Invi raised her hand to have him remain silent and not defend her; he relented.
      "But Yao, Mulan led us to save the empire," Chien-Po kindly reminded.
      "He is right Yao," Ling followed. "Mulan was tough and a leader for us all. The emperor even made her empress."
      "Yeah, but she disguised herself as a man to begin with," Yao replied. "Plus, she was more man than an average woman. This one here is no different than an average woman."
      "Would you like me to prove it to you?" Invi asked.
      "Oh, a challenge eh?" Yao said with an arrogant smile causing murmuring among the soldiers. "I'll accept your challenge doll face, but I will go easy on you so you don't get hurt." He pulled out his sword and Invi summoned her keyblade and everyone backed up to make some room. Chien-Po, however, tried to persuade Yao to not do this.
      "Yao, why don't we just believe her?" he asked. "We have to protect our land and it took a woman to do so. We can believe Invi here. Let's all just accept her words and believe in her actions."
      "It's okay Chien-Po," Invi said. "I am perfectly fine showing my abilities to the doubtful. I actually am glad that I can show Yao up actually." Chien-Po stepped aside.
      "Don't get so sure of yourself sweetheart," Yao quipped. "I have been known to put up a fight." Soldiers talked among themselves at hearing this. Yao doesn't really put up fights apparently, but he heard the grumbling and just charged toward Invi. The two fought and instead of this being competitive, it became put it lightly, a blowout. Invi fought Yao a little bit keyblade against sword, but then it became quite simple and she just punched and kicked him and it became a blowout putting it lightly. She gave Yao a good kick that sent him flying straight backwards into a tent and crashed into equipment. it all looked like a scene from a funny cartoon. Yao was groaning as he laid in the equipment in bruises and had stars floating around him.
      "I guess she's hired," he said in a dizzy trance. The soldiers cheered for her and gathered around her. She then addressed them all.
      "Men, let us go and fight for freedom," she called and they all cheered again. After they went to their tents and started to make ready, Ignis walked up to her side.
      "That was a beatdown like none I have seen before," he said slightly awed. Invi chuckled a little.
      "He hasn't been known to 'put up fights'," she replied. Ignis nodded in understanding and then someone came rushing into the camp. It was Mulan dressed in her clothes she wore in KH2.
      "Invi! Ignis! We have soldiers attacking the palace!" she shouted to them. Li Shang was about to follow, but Invi motioned to remain there with the soldiers. Ignis, Invi, and Mulan rushed out of the camp, through the checkpoint, and made it to the Imperial Square
      The dark soldiers were there fighting the rest of the imperial army. Unfortunately, this was starting to look one sided as the dark soldiers were starting to gain the upper hand. Invi raised her hand high and one light corridor after another opened up with keyblade wielders in armor, regular clothing, and hybrid of the two appeared. Invi led them in a charge against the dark soldiers and the tide turned the other way. Light soldiers took the load off of the imperial army, but it was bloody. In fact, a battle hadn't been this bloody since the Keyblade War. The whole dark army was absolutely wiped out. No soldier was left standing, but the soldiers of light were left with only a quarter to a third of their own left as well. Bodies, blood, and keyblades were everywhere. Invi was saddened at the sight, but it had to be done. To the remaining soldiers left, she gave them sincere thanks and they all disintegrated the bodies and keyblades of the dark army. The imperial guard collected the bodies of the imperial soldiers to have them set for burial in the military tombs. The light soldiers, with their magic, sent the keyblades of the fallen light soldiers to their comrades in another world and remained in the Land of Dragons. They were going to fight on with Invi at command. Invi nodded at them all and they returned to the camp.
      At their return, Li Shang was waiting and saw the light soldiers with her.
      "They will fight with us," she said and Shang nodded. Everyone was ready and they set out with Invi at command. They went to the Mountain Trail which actually was very strange to Shang.
      "Why here?" he asked Invi.
      "I sense the main enemy is close and he is looking for me," she replied. The contingent followed the direction of Foreteller and Lucian with the emperor behind them up the trail. As they were just approaching the village, they saw heartless there all over the place. They apparently must have been waiting for the group so the started attacking the army, emperor, Foreteller, and Lucian. They raided the village and attacked the heartless. Ignis used his two knives to help clear ways for Invi. In a short amount of time, the heartless were gone. Li Shang came up to Invi afterwards.
      "I guess this was the enemy waiting for you after all," he said. Invi shook her head and looked toward the ridge.
      "The enemy waiting for me is a person," she said. "I sense he is right up this ridge at the summit." Li Shang called the army together and once again, they marched on. Walking up the ridge, Invi halted them all half way and looking up toward the summit and found one of the Dark Elite, Tromos, there with many dark keyblade wielders. Invi was shocked as was Ignis and the whole imperial army. It clearly was an ambush for Invi knew a dark enemy was here, but she did not know that curiosity has put them all at risk of death. Tromos looked down at all of them and smiled slightly.
      "Well isn't this a sight," he said. "These few nobodies who don't even hold a keyblade against these four dozen soldiers of mine. How fitting that the great Foreteller and Lucian shall face cold death. If anyone will enjoy this, it will be me. I have been waiting for thousands of years to get vengeance upon Master Invi."
      "Master Invi, explain quickly what he means," Ignis requested.
      "Tromos here was confronted with my predecessor of my name," she said. "He was caught off guard and when my predecessor confronted and fought him, she beat him back and humiliated him quickly. Tromos was ashamed and had to hide away from my predecessor. After that day, he swore revenge for that incident and even tried to look for her in the midst of the Keyblade War. However, when the first Supreme Elite fell to fate and their bodies destroyed, the Dark Elite became weak and they too were destroyed in body, but the darkness returning back to the Supreme Elite's hearts. Now, Tromos has a chance to get me all alone and finish me off."
      "Now that Master Xehanort is gone, I can finish my job," Tromos said and he motioned his soldiers to prepare themselves. Invi was getting anxious for now they are about to be surrounded and killed one by one with her being saved for last. Then, light corridors opened one after another and three dozen light keyblade wielders came out of them and stood with the imperial army. Tromos wasted no time and motioned his troops to charge. Li Shang did so with his troops at the same time Invi did with the keyblade bearers of light. Both sides clashed in battle and the mountain became a battleground. Tromos did not fight, but watched Invi and Ignis fight his dark soldiers of his. His kept his sight upon Invi and did not flinch let alone blink. He was determined for revenge after waiting for thousands of years. Now, it is his chance. He summoned his keyblade and just walked to Invi. She was not aware of his actions and just continued fighting her opponent. Tromos then got close enough and he raised his keyblade to stab her and then went for it. Invi noticed too late and all she did was cover her face.
      Suddenly, someone comes out of nowhere and blocks the stab out of the way.
      "Kyaaaaah!" the female voice shouted. Invi uncovered her face and saw none other than Mulan knocking Tromos's keyblade away in a block and also knocking him back off balance a ways.
      "Mulan!" Invi shouted to her. Ignis came up to Invi's side and was surprised at Mulan's presence.
      "I won't let you hurt my friend!" Mulan shouted to Tromos. He regained himself and started walking toward her.
      "Oh aren't you a brave one my dear," Tromos said. "I guess you really are asking for it. Alright then, one order of hell coming right up!" Mulan swung at his head and he swung to hers and they clashed. Tromos violently pushed it out of the way and quickly sung again. Mulan had close-call blocks and struggled against the Dark Elite. He eventually parried a strike from Mulan and front kicked her backwards. She fell back and landed into Ignis's arms.
      "Are you alright your highness?" Ignis asked. Mulan got up from his grasp.
      "I'm okay," she replied while still glaring at Tromos.
      "Okay, I am through monkeying around," he said. "Time to finish the job." He then swung toward Invi and they clashed. Invi held up against Tromos well, but it was not enough to defeat him. However, she did use spells like Wind Barrage and Shooting Star to loosen him up just enough to strike, but he was briefly loosened up and immediately went back to his previous, hardcore ways. Invi and Tromos push off each other both gasping for breath.
      "You haven't seen the end of my tricks," he threatened. "I still have ways to make your death terrifying. Remember, the keyblade you hold will become like the millions decaying in the Keyblade Graveyard once I am through with you." He then disappeared into a dark corridor leaving his soldiers to fend for themselves. A dozen of them fled leaving three dozen dead. Half of the light soldiers died as well so that was costly for the light soldiers too. The remaining ones disintegrated all dead bodies and the dark keyblades, but collected the light keyblades. There were also a few wounded imperial soldiers and unfortunately, five dead. The keyblade bearers of light assisted them in burying the dead after saluting Master Invi. Mulan and Li Shang approached Ignis and Invi.
      "Thank you for saving us," Li Shang said.
      "Thank you," Invi emphasized and hugged Mulan. Ignis and Invi then left the world in a light corridor.
      Master Ira and Gladio were walking through The Grid in Tron City. This was the world Ansem the Wise copied data from to establish Space Paranoids for his own maintenance and research. Now, this world has been awake from slumber and fair game for the Dark Elite. Gladio was rather fascinated with the sights.
      "Man, I never thought I would see a place like this," he said.
      "Indeed. Ansem the Wise, former leader of Radiant Garden, created his own database called Space Paranoids," Ira replied and explained. "He copied the data of this world in order to establish that database. It was a sleeping world even though data doesn't dream. Sora and Riku set it free from the Realm of Sleep in their Mark of Mastery exam and here it is."
      "So why would we be here if this is just data?" Gladio asked.
      "Well this data and Space Paranoids have a connection," Ira replied. "Ansem based his database off of this world. If the Dark Elite take this over, they can decode the crypt of this world and learn how Ansem established his own server. Once they figure that out, they can hack into Space Paranoids, take that database over and obtain a way to take over Radiant Garden. We have to slay anyone undesirable and protect the data. That also means Tron must remain safe. He was taken over once and became Rinzler, a dark version of himself. The Dark Elite will surely do the same thing again and with their troops as reassurance." Gladio nodded in understanding and they kept going. It wasn't long before six dark warriors were spotted. They noticed the Foreteller and Lucian and started running after them. Ira and Gladio were outnumbered and had to flee for now. They went to the Bridge and then to Throughput where they quickly took a vehicle to get to the City. Soon, the Foreteller and Lucian lost the dark soldiers and getting out of the vehicle, Gladio was irritated.
      "Darn it!" he shouted. "They are here and we were outnumbered."
      "Don't worry," Ira said. "I will have two soldiers summoned and we will find the dark soldiers again and be sure to defeat all of them." He raised his hand and light glowed slightly for a moment and receded. Then, two light corridors opened up and two light soldiers came out of them with neither of them wearing armor. Ira nodded and then all of them went back from where they came. However, the dark soldiers were not there and so they kept going heading to the Docks. There they take a solar sailor to the rectifiers where they then go to the Portal stairs and the Portal. No one was around and the four of them walked to the center of the Portal. Ira then realized something.
      "Oh geez, I should not have done this," he said.
      "Whoa, what happened?" Gladio asked. Ira turns around and sees the six dark soldiers run toward them and raid the portal. Ira summoned his keyblade as did the light soldiers. Gladiolus summoned his greatsword and the four of them clashed with the dark soldiers. This battle was not long and all dark soldiers were killed leaving only the foreteller, Lucian, and two light soldiers there. Ira then sees someone walk toward them and it is Tron. However, he had a dark aura around him and Ira could tell he is in Rinzler mode. That could mean one thing.
      "So they did take you and turn you against the light," Ira pointed out.
      "Oh yes we did," a reply came. It was Thanatos and he was controlling Tron and made him Rinzler. "now there is only one way for you to get him back. If you want to know, come to the Stadium and there you will be shown." The elite and Tron (Rinzler) disappeared in a dark corridor leaving the Foreteller, Lucian, and two soldiers behind. Ira motioned the soldiers to leave and they disintegrated the bodies and keyblades from the battle and then left. Ira and Gladio went through a light corridor to quickly get to the Stadium. There they stand in it and across from them stands Rinzler and Thanatos. Thanatos has keyblade in hand and Rinzler is in fighting stance.
      "You can probably assume what must be done," Thanatos said. "In order to free Tron, you have to defeat him and then you must defeat me. But I'd rather not wait for our battle Ira. Besides, I can't wait to watch you fall at your death and to see your blood as a trophy on my keyblade." He then laughed some and the two sides got ready with weapons in hand and clashed with Ira against Thanatos and Rinzler against Gladio. Gladiolus now had his protective instincts kick in for he is a member of the shield of the royal family. Gladio now fought harder and started getting the upper hand against Rinzler for now he knew he needed to protect as per instinct. Gladio parried Rinzler's discs out of the way and swung across his abdomen. Then, he went on his knees and the darkness came out of him freeing him. Tron, now free, got up slowly and nodded to Gladio. Ira and Thanatos watched the whole time with Thanatos getting mad.
      "A non keyblade wielder defies my dark power?" he said aggravated. "That tears it, you did it now Ira." He then swung hard at Ira and the two fought again. Ira held up still and did not back down. The two swung at the same time toward each other and the force of the shock pushed them both back. Thanatos and Ira panted a little as they stared at each other and then stood up after their breather.
      "Okay, I think it's time we Dark Elite tighten our grasp," Thanatos said and disappeared into a dark corridor. Ira and Gladio nodded at each other and bade farewell to Tron. Then the two leave The Grid to go fill a void and remain aggressive against the Dark Elite.

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Ooh, what an enthralling chapter!  I love all of these team ups!  I especially loved Aced and Prompto!  Lol, you couldn't have paired two people more perfectly! Prompto's bubbly personality is a perfect complement to Aced's serious nature, so that was a nice touch!  And now that I know how Aced sounds like, I read his lines while imagining his voice!  As with Invi and Ira as well!  Overall, I'm loving what your'e doing here!  The war is indeed on multiple fronts, and it's getting quite chaotic! Awesome chapter! :D

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Chapter 16: A Single Wish
      Jack and Ephemera came out in Port Royal and are on the Rampart. No one is around, but they have a feeling that no one whom they are looking for will not be here, but for the meantime, they walked through the fortress before heading into the town. Ephemera asked a few questions about Jack with subjects ranging from himself as a person to his journeys.
      "So Master Aiton-," he said before Jack cut him off chuckling.
      "Please, call me Jack," he said. "I am no different than you and just like every other keyblade wielder. All I have is power and a title, nothing else." Ephemera smiled, nodded, and continued.
      "So Jack," Ephemera said "you had a twin that had a major hatred of you four, right? I know you guys fought in the second Keyblade War, but what exactly happened with you and your fights with your twin?"
      "Yeah, Nick was my dark twin," Jack replied. "My mother first had an embryo containing light and darkness side by side. Then, it split and she had myself and Nick. The light became me and the dark became him. We were polar opposites and never had a relationship. He always claimed that mom preferred me over him, but that was the blindness of his darkness overtaking him. Mom knew and wanted him to turn against his dark nature even though he was basically like Vanitas. She used me as an example as to what joy it can bring. Nick did not take to that and just continued rebelling against the family. In his behavior, he just became more and more like the darkness and thought like it. Eventually, she gave up from trying to save him and he sadly just vanished from us eventually, but I still saw him in the school I went to before I started my first journey. One day, mom and I were relaxing together and holding each other close when he just came home unexpectedly, saw us together, accused her of favoritism, declared me his enemy, and left never to come back. He even took an oath in front of us that we will be killed. We had to become a three person family while realizing that this was someone who was becoming darkness and a true villain and no longer was part of the family. It hurt and I had a chance to plead with him one more time. He answered 'I am darkness' and that was when I knew that he would have to be defeated."
      "Oh my, I never knew," Ephemera replied stunned. "I am sorry for the pain he caused."
      "He was never my brother to begin with," Jack replied. "That's why Ben, Shane, and Adrian have filled in what was left empty and why I call them brothers. Now I have my darkness from long ago running rampant threatening my brothers."
      "I guess you both fought during the Keyblade War," Ephemera asked.
      "Yeah we did and he was hell-bent on killing me," Jack replied. "In fact, he actually did for a moment." Ephemera's eyes went wide and so Jack explained his battles with Nick and how Nick actually killed him, but because of the light from his friends and family that draw his soul back to his body reviving him. Ephemera is amazed at hearing all of this.
      "No wonder why you four are so legendary," he said. The two of them arrive in the Harbor with no ships there. However, it wasn't long before a ship pulls up to dock, but this was not a British navy ship, it was a pirate ship. It was the Queen Anne's Revenge. Jack looked on deck and saw all the pirates there walking to and fro. Jack saw Captain Barbossa looking down towards him. Jack remembered that Barbossa is the captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge, not Blackbeard. Barbossa killed Blackbeard at the Fountain of Youth as revenge for Blackbeard attacked Barbossa and the Black Pearl capturing that ship and killing almost all the crew. Barbossa forced himself to survive even though he would become maim, but he seems to be doing just fine.
      The ship pulled up to dock and Barbossa still was standing where he was when they pulled in. Barbossa grinned at Jack as he apparently was very pleased to see him. Jack and Ephemera boarded the ship and saw all the pirates walking to and fro. They walk up to Barbossa and see him still grinning.
      "Gentlemen," he said "it be an honor to meet ye,"
      "Captain Barbossa," Jack said.
      "Aye, in the flesh," the captain replied and he bowed in his own style. "I see that one of the lad's friends came here. That Sora has spoken highly of ye."
      "Captain Barbossa, we're here on a mission," Ephemera stated.
      "I be on a mission meself," Barbossa replied and he motioned them to follow him to the wheel while the crew begins to take them all out to sea. "Jack once had an old rival, Captain Salazar. Yea he is, but a captain of pirates of the dead as their souls be the crew. He escaped the Devil's Triangle and now he be out for revenge against Jack and all pirates of the world."
      "Captain, I think that he will be having help in his quest too," Jack replied. Barbossa looked at him in confusion. "There are four people called the Dark Elite. They are four dark keyblade wielders that want to take over everything and create an oppressive order. Helping Captain Salazar would definitely be one of the ways they accomplish that goal. The thing about them is they are the darkness of my heart and my friends' hearts."
      "So tell me," Barbossa replied "why have they been running free then if they be dangerous?"
      "They were inherited actually," Jack explained. "My ancestor actually had this darkness grow in his heart long ago and eventually it grew enough to where it left his heart and took on flesh and soul. It tried to kill his other half and my ancestor's friends. A great war came and my ancestor fought in it. He did not make it through and lost his body, but his heart he set free. When that happened, the dark part became weak in body and was destroyed during that war and the darkness returned back to my ancestor's heart. When I came upon my ancestor's heart, I took him in, but also set free his darkness. Throughout my close encounters with darkness, I have only strengthened the Dark Elite." Jack looked down in shame at admitting that his dark counterpart has his fingerprints. Barbossa laughed some making Jack look up at him.
      "Thank you Jack," Barbossa said just like he did in the films "I be wondering what exactly be the beginnings of this Dark Elite. Well then, they be having a ship and crew serving their interests. Argh, the crew be misled by them for a pirate is free to make his own way in the world. We be heading for Tortuga then." Barbossa then called out to his crew.
      "All hands!" he shouted grabbing their attention "Make way for Tortuga! We be preparing to fight for freedom!" He laughed his iconic laugh and the crew cheered and laughed too.
      "Tortuga?" Ephemera asked.
      "Yeah, a pirate island," Jack replied. "You'll see what it's really like when we get there." Jack knows full well what Tortuga is like thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Also, Tortuga is an actual pirate island that was in constant conflict between the Spanish, French, and British. It was eventually divided into three separate colonies for the three nations, but at the same time, it became a haven for piracy and the island became too lawless even for the governor to control. The Queen Anne's Revenge was able to arrive at the port of Tortuga by nightfall. Jack and Ephemera, looking at the lights from the port from the ship could vaguely hear the gunshots, screaming, and fighting raging at the port. Jack did not show any shock, but he did have some knots in his stomach. Ephemera had his mouth open in shock as he heard the noises of the chaos.
      "This is it? This is Tortuga?" Ephemera asked not looking away from the port.
      "Your reaction is why I didn't tell you to begin with," Jack replied. "It's a pirate port so that means it is home to chaos." Ephemera gulped after Jack's answer. "Don't get all nervous. Hold your ground and, I guess, be pirate like in your approach." Captain Barbossa approached the two also looking at the port.
      "Aye, that be Tortuga," Barbossa said. "That be where we shall resupply. We'll need to discuss matters over a drink of rum while the crew bring the wares to the ship. It'd be also fine to show ye all around Tortuga." Barbossa walked away back to the crew. Jack and Ephemera looked at each other and then they just raised an eyebrow and tilted their head briefly as if to say "okay then, better brace yourself" because they don't exactly drink rum nor have ever tasted it. Still, they would have to go to the tavern where Barbossa will discuss with them and then they will supposedly be shown around some, which didn't exactly sit well with them.
      Reaching the dock, most of the crew walked off the ship by the gangway and went off. There were some crew members that remained on and near the ship, but for those that left, they went off to get food, ammunition, water, and of course rum. Barbossa, Jack, and Ephemera went to the tavern where Jack Sparrow and Will Turner have gone to before along with Joshamee Gibbs. On the way there, Barbossa pointed out everything, literally. Jack and Ephemera just looked silently at all of the chaos around them; people getting drunk, fights all over the place, prostitutes with the drunkards giving them more rum, the list keeps going. The elite and union member remained quiet as they looked around.
      "So tell me," Barbossa said "what do yer deadlights make of it all?" Jack and Ephemera looked around and really couldn't answer the question. There wasn't an answer they could give.
      "Speechless eh?" Barbossa asked and then he laughed a little. "That be what I expected from ye." He then motioned them into the tavern. Jack and Ephemera followed behind him. Upon entering, the scene in the tavern is the same with fights and disorder all around along with wenches and drunkards together socializing. Captain Barbossa then appeared to notice something and motioned the elite and union member to move faster along. They did, but then Jack bumped into someone.
      "Oops, sorry there," Jack said kindly.
      "Watch where you're going lad!" the person replied. It was a male drunkard with a wench behind him.
      "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you," Jack replied trying to be as nice as possible.
      "Hey, you're that Elite guy," the drunkard pointed out half slurring his words. "Think you wise boy? Can just do whatever you want?" He started shoving Jack around a little. Ephemera noticed Jack and was trying to get involved to avoid things getting out of hand. Other men were noticing and starting watching with a number of them ganging upon Jack.
      "Come on master," Ephemera said "let's just go so we can talk to the captain." Another drunkard grabbed Ephemera's arm and started pulling him out of the group.
      "Get out of here boy!" a man shouted.
      "Ow! Let go of me!" Ephemera protested. That made Jack's temper flare for he as a Supreme Elite has no tolerance toward anyone hurting his friends. He immediately raised his hand and with his magic, put his hand in a grab position like grabbing a neck. The man immediately stopped breathing and was struggling as Jack then motioned his hand upward raising the man from the ground. He was still struggling and holding on to his throat. Jack then looked at him with anger.
      "No one... hurts any... of my friends," Jack said and then in a throwing motion, he throws the man over everyone around him and out of the doors into the streets. Immediately, the drunkard bothering him took a swing at him to punch him. Jack blocked the punch and started beating the snot out of him. One after another, a drunkard got involved and swung at Jack, but he just started beating them and throwing them into each other. Ephemera was forced out of the group and had no choice, but to watch. Jack eventually was heavily surrounded by about a dozen drunkards, but then exploded in powerful light energy sending men flying all around some into other tables where new fights began, some into the streets, and some into the walls. A light aura was still glowing for a second around him and disappeared. However, that one drunkard that initially bothered him was still doing so.
      "I am not finished with you boy," he threatened. Jack immediately summoned his Unbound Power and put the teeth to the drunkards neck who immediately stopped in fear.
      "This blade will go through your neck and then it's the locker for you," Jack threatened. "If you want to see dawn, I recommend leaving now. Another thing as well-" he quickly unsummoned his keyblade and did the same thing with his magic again motioning a grab with his hand and putting the drunkard in a choke hold "-don't mess with the Supreme Elite." Jack then threw the drunkard out the window of the tavern. Ephemera immediately ran up to Jack.
      "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Ephemera asked worried.
      "I'm fine. The real thing is, are you okay?" Jack asked.
      "Yeah, he just grabbed me to move me," Ephemera replied. "Strong grab, but just a minor bruise." Barbossa walked up to Jack slowly and surely with a smile of pleasure.
      "It appear that ye have already have yer sea legs mate," Barbossa said and then motioned them to follow. Clearly, he saw the whole ordeal and what Jack did. The three of them walked up to a table where there sitting drinking rum is Jack- I mean- Captain Jack Sparrow. Barbossa approached the other captain with a smirk.
      "Jack... Sparrow," he said just like when he saw Jack in the Locker. Jack Sparrow looked up at Hector.
      "Ah! Hector!" Jack replied "I see ye be looking well as captain of the Revenge."
      "Aye and I bring here some new crew members," Barbossa replied. Jack and Ephemera stepped forward catching Sparrow's attention.
      "Jack Sparrow," Jack said. Sparrow made his usual face when someone forgets the captain part of his name.
      "There should be a captain in there lad," the captain replied.
      "Right. I'm Jack, one of Sora's friends. I am one of the Supreme Elite and also called Aiton," Jack said.
      "Ah, you are one of Sora's mates," Sparrow replied. "Good lad that Sora. Hope me hands hold one of them keyblades one day. So you are me and yet not me, eh?" Jack, the keyblade wielder (you have to differentiate between the two), was confused, but then realized that Sparrow has the same first name as him, but Jack Sparrow is a pirate, not a keyblade wielder.
      "Y-yeah, I am," Jack (Aiton) replied. "This is Ephemera, another one of our friends."
      "Pleasure to meet you Captain Sparrow," Ephemera replied with a nod.
      "Aye, pleasure is mine lad," Sparrow replied. Barbossa came back with jugs of rum and sat down in the seat opposite of Sparrow. Jack and Ephemera found two more chairs and took seats too.
      "Jack, ye know that the time to face Salazar is nigh," Barbossa said. "He be having us dead when his deadlights spot us."
      "Aye, but shouldn't we be moving from here, savvy?" Jack questioned. "If Salazar be finding me, we should leave Tortuga then."
      "Captain, the thing is Salazar has help," Ephemera pointed out.
      "There are four people called the Dark Elite," Jack followed "and they want to establish an oppressive order. They have sent soldiers everywhere and are probably here. With Salazar as a tool, they will take over the seas and rule them. To do that, every pirate and keyblade wielder that is in their way will be killed and that includes Ephemera, myself, and unfortunately, Captain Barbossa and yourself."
      "Aye, they be hunting us down til we be trapped like bilge rats on a ship and then slaughter us all," Barbossa said. "Nothing can slake their blood thirst."
      "Ah, that is why I say we keep moving. They can't hit a moving target, eh?" Sparrow replied. Jack could tell the captain was trying to make an excuse for running away. This was exactly how it was come the East India Trading Company and Cutler Beckett having control over Davy Jones. Jack wouldn't let this pirate get out of this.
      "You know, first you fight Barbossa here and regain your ship," Jack said. "Then, you take on the kraken itself in delaying your fate because of your debt. After that, you're sent to the locker and come back. You then take on Jones himself alone and then you come across Blackbeard and the Fountain of Youth. Yet, after all of this, you are trying to run away like a coward. if I kept doing that, I would have been dead a long time ago. Stop running away Jack Sparrow and take on this task. The Dark Elite will certainly want your head along with mine so don't think they won't want anything to do with you. They know you defended pirates' freedom against an oppressive power once and you'll do it again against them a second time. So captain, are you going to fight with me?" Jack Sparrow listened the whole time silently and at the end of Jack's address to him, he picked up his jug of rum and raised it in a toast.
      "To freedom then," he said. Jack and Ephemera nodded at the motion.
      "To freedom," Jack (Aiton) replied.
      "To freedom," Barbossa toasted and the two captains tapped their jugs and took a drink of rum. Jack and Ephemera were offered some rum, but they refused since they neither drink alcohol, especially strong, nor are exactly pirates themselves. Keyblade wielders don't, won't, and wouldn't drink rum unless they decide to take up the pirate's life for them.
      The keyblade wielders and captains left the tavern for the Revenge. There, the crew have finished stocking up provisions and ammunition for the journey. They have an abundant amount of ammunition and provisions just in case. It makes the trips in between going to port last longer. Extra water was brought as part of the provisions and, of course, extra rum too. The keyblade bearers and captains went on the ship and the ship set sail. It was already dark out, but luckily, there was no foul weather and the seas were calm so setting sail was convenient. After getting far enough away from the port, Barbossa took out the sword that controls the ship and slowly and deliberately pointed it forward making the ship jolt forward faster. Jack and Ephemera had to hold on to the rail to keep from falling over. The crew however did since they didn't expect it. Jack and Ephemera went up to the bow and just looked out. Some of the crew noticed Jack and were getting curious as to know if he really is the Supreme Elite they have heard stories about, but Barbossa told them yes, but to not bother him and get to work. Barbossa walked up next to the two keyblade wielders and looked out to sea with them.
      "Ye know, it be a disservice if ye continue to dwell on them," Barbossa suggested. Jack was thinking about the Dark Elite and everything that has happened so far and the people who have paid the price.
      "The thing is, this has my and my friends' imprints," Jack replied. "The Dark Elite are us in dark form. They have sent troops everywhere and have harmed so many innocent people. They have even killed some people; ordinary, good people. We seem to be trying to be everywhere and yet we are under siege constantly with their grip tightening around us."
      "Have they won against ye?" Barbossa asked. Jack just shook his head. "Then ye have naught to worry about. If ye have won many a time against them, then ye be doing your duty properly. Ye be the winning side and the side a pirate like meself wants to be on." Barbossa bade them good night and then went back to his quarters. Jack Sparrow walked up to the two keyblade wielders after Barbossa left.
      "You know, I have a thought," Sparrow said "you told me to stop running away from the fight. But see here, we don't run away from the fight, we fight to run away, savvy?" Jack was thinking about this thinking and looked at the captain.
       "'Fight to run away'?" Jack asked.
       "Aye," Sparrow replied. "You fight so that you may be able to run away free. A ship represents freedom and her use is to fight so she may be able to run away free." Sparrow then bade them good night and left leaving Jack to contemplate on what the pirate just said. Ephemera got thinking too about all of this.
       "You know Jack," Ephemera said "I've been thinking. I have been wishing for this to just be over and the Dark Elite gone so the light could be safe. It's a single wish of mine. What about you?" Jack looked up to the cloudless night sky.
       "My wish is that we can fight so we can run away free," Jack said. Ephemera was confused. "My single wish is that we can fight this and defeat it so my brothers and I could run away free and all the worlds safe. That way, we never have to fight a threat like this ever again." Ephemera slowly put his arm around Jack's shoulders and Jack just grabbed his hand and they looked at the stars before hitting the hay in the captain's quarters.
      The next morning, they got up and had a meeting with the two captains over what the plans are.
      "They will be having a ship and crew," Jack said. "We will come across them and we will have to do it the old fashion way of fighting. That means cannons will have to be ready and loaded and everyone armed."
      "What ship be the one we're after?" Barbossa asked.
      "It will be black like the Black Pearl, but it will be larger and more frightening in appearance," Jack replied. "There will be keyblade wielders leading the crew members and so I will have some keyblade wielders assist us." Jack raised his hand and three keyblade warriors of light appeared from light corridors. Everything was agreed upon and set. Now was the waiting part of the whole endeavor. It was no short wait and it left Jack and Ephemera in anxiety. Soon, they caught sight of the black ship Jack described and Barbossa ordered full cover, which means, both sides armed and ready. All the crew were armed with rapiers; some with guns and knives. The Queen Anne's Revenge sailed up next to the black ship and on that ship, hideous crew members were there screaming at the Revenge crew trying to intimidate. Barbossa's crew did the same thing.
      "Fire!" Barbossa shouted and the gunners fired the cannons and the battle began. The Revenge, known for its fierceness in battle and mercilessness in taking victims, was peppering the other side in cannon fire. The other ship though held on though and fired back almost as strong. However, the crew from the other side started swinging on rope to raid the Revenge on deck. Gunfire and swords clashing was heard everywhere. Jack, Ephemera, and the three keyblade bearers found the dark keyblade bearers and fought them all. There were five of them making this one on one, which Jack was happy with. However, after they killed all of the dark keyblade bearers, from the quarters of the other ship, the captain came out. He looked Jack's age and was wearing a black feathered pirate hat, coat, pants, and boots. His eyes were gold and his hair black, short, and slick. Jack could tell this was a keyblade bearers under the Dark Elite. The captain disappeared in a dark corridor and reappeared on the Revenge a few steps from Jack.
      "You're the captain," Jack stated.
      "Correct boy," the captain replied. "I see that you have decided to fight us. Hmph, how brave of ye to take on the Dark Death and her crew. I have wanted to face the Revenge and the Pearl, but the Revenge will do."
      "Alright, your time is up," Jack said. "You won't win and you won't take over the seas. Your time in cahoots with Captain Salazar is done." Jack summoned his keyblade and took stance.
      "I never was going to help that man," the captain said. "my job was to cooperate and coordinate with Salazar so that I can take over this world for the Dark Elite. After that, Salazar is of no use to us. So if anyone's time is up, it's yours boy as I send ye to Davy Jones' Locker!" The pirate then summoned his keyblade, the Dark Depths and took stance. The elite and captain clashed and fought one on one. He was tough, but Jack held his own. The captain did as well and he fought with skill like a pirate. He even transformed his keyblade into a gun and started firing at Jack. Jack had to counter with firing Blizzaga while moving and used Flowmotion to glide on the path the ice made. Jumping up high, he turned his keyblade into a bow and arrow and rained down light bullets on the captain. That did not enough as the captain fired at Jack wounding him in the arm. Jack grabbed it and saw a bit of blood come from it. Using Curaga, the wound healed and Jack fought on. Eventually, Jack parried the captain's keyblade from his hands making him lose it into the sea and making it disappear when it landed in the water. Jack then stabbed the captain in the stomach and pulled out his blood-covered keyblade. The captain fell backwards onto the deck and was breathing shallowly.
      "Ye be hanged when the Dark Elite find ye," the captain warned and then closed his eyes and breathed his last. Jack unsummoned his keyblade and looked around. The enemy crew were captured or killed with bodies on the deck. Some have even decided to join Barbossa's crew, but the numbers were few. Most that were captured were sent to the brig and left there waiting to be tried and hanged by the Brethren Court. The bodies of the enemy crew were sent to watery graves and five dark keyblade wielders had their bodies disintegrated by Jack. The elite and union member met up with Barbossa and Jack Sparrow.
      "Thank you for your help," Jack said to them.
      "If not for you lad, we be lost," Barbossa replied. "Fine job well done... captain." Barbossa nodded as did Jack and the captain went to his quarters. Jack knew beign called captain was a compliment and meant he is a pirate captain now. Jack Sparrow was smiling at the two keyblade bearers.
      "Pirate..." he said signifying that the keyblade bearers are now pirates as well. "Fair winds lads and tell Sora I give me greetings." Jack and Ephemera nodded.
      "Of course Captain Jack Sparrow," Ephemera and Jack replied. Sparrow then went into the quarters as well. Jack and Ephemera then left the world of Port Royal off to another world and to fulfill Jack's single wish: to fight so they all may be able to run away free.
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Ooh, awesome chapter, and in Port Royal, no less!  That's one of my favorite KH worlds! :D  This was an awesome chapter, and I loved Jack and Ephemera's interactions with Captain Sparrow and Barbossa!  And you even put in elements of Dead Men Tell No Tales!  That was a nice touch!  I can't wait for more! :D

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Chapter 17: "I thought you were stronger than that."
      Mickey and Aqua were in Disney's Hollywood Studios after leaving Ben and Noctis last in Neverland. Aqua had never been on earth before and this was her first time. The two of them were walking from the entrance deeper into the park. Aqua was looking around amazed with it all as the two of them walked up Hollywood Boulevard.
      "Wow, I have never been here before," she said. "This all looks amazing."
      "Yeah, I've had visited here before," Mickey replied "but it had to be done after the park closed. Now, I have to be here with guests walking around."
      "Thank goodness no one is noticing us," Aqua pointed out. The two of them walked only a few paces before a light corridor opens in front of them and out comes Axeron and Soraxan.
      "Huh? You guys!" Mickey shouted.
      "Missed us? We were not going to vanish that easily," Axeron said. "Besides, we haven't taken on all of you yet." Axeron and Soraxan summoned their keyblades and took stance. Mickey and Aqua did the same.
      "No no Aqua," Axeron said "you already proved to be too difficult. I realized I needed to take down someone easier and he is standing in front of me right now."
      "You shouldn't underestimate my power because of my size," Mickey replied. "I may be small, but with my friends, I become ten feet tall." He raised his hand motioning Aqua to stand down.She nodded reluctantly and unsummoned her keyblade. The king and two rivals then clashed in a large spark and fought it out. Aqua was impressed to see Mickey fight two on one with such skill, nimbleness, and ease. Mickey had no issue whatsoever taking on the two rivals of the Supreme Elite. It wasn't long before Mickey defeated Soraxan leaving Axeron alone. Mickey then let Axeron have it and blitzed him with magic and striking at him. He eventually missed a block to his right side and Mickey struck him there and sent him back to Soraxan defeating him. They both were panting for breath while Mickey stood in his place staring at the rivals. He wasn't even huffing and puffing; Mickey was not winded at all from the battle. The rivals got up from being on their knees and looked at Mickey.
      "Axeron, I think we're now at the end of the line," Soraxan said.
      "No, not yet," Axeron replied and then he addressed Mickey. "We may not be able to defeat you seven lights and prove what we are, but we will defeat these guys who you call friends and call themselves the Supreme Elite and then you'll see. I will go to the ends of the Earth if necessary." The two rivals then disappear into light corridors. Aqua and Mickey nodded at each other and they continued on walking deeper into Disney's Hollywood Studios looking for threats.
      Adrian and Terra were walking through Prankster's Paradise, specifically the Amusement Park. There was no one around and it was quiet. Adrian and Terra spoke about what has happened from the Keyblade War to now. Terra asked Adrian about his world Earth and wanted to know what it was like. Adrian explained to Terra Earth and what it holds and of course had to explain the Disney Parks roles in all of this. It fascinated Terra because he has never been on Earth nor come across such power for obvious reasons. He then went back on subject in regards to their purpose in Prankster's Paradise.
      "So we are here taking out any threats the Dark Elite have here, right?" Terra asked.
      "Yeah. Pinocchio and Geppetto aren't here so they will be safe from any harm," Adrian replied. The two of them walked through the park looking around. Adrian was thinking about his darkness running free and causing havoc. At first, Adrian thought that it was just another task to handle. Now, after Ben's rebuke and reminding of his purpose, he was in deep thought.
      "Hey Terra," Adrian said "how did you overcome your darkness? Riku turned his darkness into light during his Mark of Mastery exam, but you fell to Xehanort. What is it that brought you back from his grasp?"
      "Sora actually helped save me," Terra explained. "He saved all of us. It was Master Eraqus who I had set foot in my heart and it was Sora who helped give the extra help and showed the old man the door out of my heart. I have thought in the past that Master Eraqus would think I was stronger than I was in our first journey in fighting the darkness. Now, I guess I am stronger now than I was before."
      "So then, how can I defeat my darkness?" Adrian asked. Terra was a little taken aback hearing Adrian ask him such a question since he assumed as one of the Supreme Elite, Adrian would never go to such a level as asking him for help. Still, he answered anyway.
      "Well, knowing the personalities of these Dark Elite," Terra replied "and the similar personalities of their troops, you will be doubting yourself like Ben did with himself in Radiant Garden. However, someone will say something to you to remind you of your purpose and create that spark again to fight on. You have to fight on and show your darkness the door."
      "What door are you referring to?" Adrian asked.
      "The door to defeat," Terra replied with a small smile. Adrian was now really thinking and repeated those words in his head. He smiled at Terra and nodded. The two of them came across heartless on the way to the Windup Way. They had numbers, but they last momentarily against Adrian's and Terra's powers. The horde was defeated within two minutes. They defeat them and move onward. In the Windup Way, the elite and light were ambushed from behind by dark soldiers. There were four of them making it a two to one ratio. Adrian was thrown off because of the numbers. Thanks to martial arts, he had fought two on one before as well as three on one. That experience makes this much easier. Adrian used one soldier by throwing him into another sending them toppling over each other onto the ground. That gave Adrian enough time to help Terra in his two on one fight. The two of them strike down Terra's challengers by slitting their throats. By now, the other two dark soldiers have gotten up and now are charging at Adrian and Terra. The Elite and light fought them both and killed them as well in a short time. Their bodies and keyblades were disintegrated and the keyblade masters moved forward.
       The Elite and light reach the Circus where about two dozen heartless are running around all over the place. Adrian and Terra decide to split off and gather them all together to make it easier to defeat them. They do so and chase the heartless forcing them to be in one large group. Then, the masters strike the heartless down one after another without the use of advanced magic or attacks. Once the mess was cleaned up, they begin to leave the Circus, but see an armored dark soldier there at the entrance. The soldier immediately high-tails it out of there at the notice of the keyblade masters. Adrian and Terra also run after him. At the entrance to the Windup Way, they don't see him, but assume he went to the Promontory. Just as they entered the Promontory, the soldier is spotted again and he runs away again recommencing the chase again. Soon, the soldier is caught at the entrance to the Ocean Floor and so turns around to face the Elite and light with keyblade in hand.
      "Caught in a corner like a rat," Terra said.
      "That sounds like you when you fell to darkness," the soldier quipped back irking Terra. He was right though; Terra was caught in a corner as he has tampered with his darkness and finally let it all loose just so he could open up a gateway for Xehanort to enter through. He did however fight back and showed Xehanort that same gateway out.
      "I think your time is up," Adrian said summoning Elemental Master.
      "Prove it to me you're as strong as you claim to be," the soldier replied. "Use actions to back up those words sonny." The Elite and soldier then clashed and fought. Adrian was a little surprised; this soldier has some unusual skill and talent. That is something he hasn't seen in many of the dark soldiers. Adrian resorted to getting physical, but the soldier held up well. Eventually, the soldier in a strike across the body broke the lock violently making Adrian slide back while bent over. Adrian was panting some while the soldier was perfectly fine.
      "Heh, I thought you were stronger than that," the soldier mocked. Adrian then realized how familiar that sentence was. Riku always used it on Sora both in good and bad ways. However, he brought out the best in Sora that way. Adrian realized that he, Kyrios, must also bring out the best in himself. He stood up, took stance again and charged at the soldier even harder and stronger than before. This was enough to drive his foe back some. Adrian struck his foe's body shattering some armor. That allowed the rest of the armor to be destroyed which Adrian did do around the abdomen. In one final strike, Adrian slashed across the soldiers abdomen creating a large gash. The soldier dropped keyblade, which disappeared, and fell over backwards into the water on his back. He laid on the water still and gave up his breath. His body then disintegrated. Adrian watched the whole time while panting. He then unsummoned his keyblade and turned toward Terra who was smiling.
      "I knew you were strong," Terra said.
      "Thanks Terra," Adrian replied. Adrian proved he was stronger than what others expected him to be. Now he will remember to bring out the best in himself and his brothers. Adrian and Terra then opened a light corridor and left the world.

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Sweet, what an awesome chapter!  I loved how Mickey took out Soraxan and Axeron wish such ease!  Such is the power of the mighty king, after all!  And I thought that Terra and Adrian's conversation was pretty good!  Those nods you made to Terra's past were awesome, and brought back memories of Birth By Sleep! :D


Overall, the chapter was awesome, and the battles were exciting!  Give me more!!! :D

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Chapter 18: Attack at Home

      Noctis and I were walking in the streets of Notre Dame or La Cite des Cloches. On the way to the cathedral, we were in conversation over the events up to now. Noctis asked me about Earth and I talked about my home world and what it's like there. Noctis was fascinated as I spoke about my world and the Disney Parks. I asked him about his world, Eos, and about his trials with his friends. He explained to me his run-ins with the Niflheim empire and having to free Lucis from Niflheim. I had to play dumb even though I knew it all thanks to Final Fantasy XV. I mentioned it sounded like my world expect there is no magic, strange creatures, and so on. His tone then shifted a little.

      "So, Master Polemistis-" he began, but I cut him off.

      "You can call me Ben," I said. "I may have two identities, have an immense power from long ago, and have another heart in my own, but I am still Ben, a regular human being. I was born Ben first and then also became Polemistis. The latter is too formal if you ask me. It is okay to call me Ben you know." Noctis smiled and nodded.

      "Okay, uh... Ben," he said. "It's strange though. I have been told of the legends so many times. Now that I have met and know the legends themselves, I've felt like I have to be formal. It feels strange talking to you informally. My father, Regis, he always told me the stories when I was younger around thirteen years of age. I was training then under Gladio, the family shield. Dad wanted me to learn and there were times that I was frustrated because I was struggling. Dad told me the stories in private about four great warriors who lived long ago in a place far away. He showed me ancient paintings of the four warriors, you guys to be specific. He told me they once were struggling as warriors and yet grew to become great and everyone whom they knew followed them. Dad also said if I do what they did, I can become a great warrior and a great king and I have to remember that always whenever I get frustrated. I remember looking at your picture the most and deciding to use your ancestor as a role model." I was amazed at Noctis's story. I didn't even know he knew the stories of the first Supreme Elite. I didn't even know that he used my ancestor as a role model. Then, I see Polemistis walking beside us on my left (Noctis is on my right).

      "It's true what he says," he told me. "Growing up, I struggled greatly learning how to use the keyblade and fighting properly. Master Gula did teach me though and he put me with a special tutor to practice with in private whenever Union sessions were dismissed. Daybreak Town was my home and so in the fountain square, I practiced there. I learned and before I knew it, I didn't need the tutor. I learned to fight on my own and unlock my own power. It was during that time I met my other friends from the different unions. However, it was then we broke through the borders between unions. I appreciate the flattery of using me as a role model, Noct." Noctis nodded in reply and Polemistis returned to my heart.

      "Now as I think about it," Noctis said "I guess I don't need to look in the past at my role model. He is standing next to me now. All that I hoped for up until recently was to gain his approval, which I hope has been given."

      "Noctis, you have learned much," I reply. "You saved your people from tyranny. That is no small matter. You fight powerfully; it surprises me a little that you are not a keyblade wielder. That isn't up to me, but the point is this: you are my friend now. In fact, one of my best friends. You don't need to see me as a role model. You can spread your wings and fly completely. I just am glad you are fighting with us." Noctis raised his forearm toward me like he did with his other friends and smiled. I knew what he meant; it was like the fist bump in my world and what I see him do in the Brotherhood anime. I bump my forearm with his and smile back at him.

      We make it to the church and it's quiet in there. There is no one in the pews and the priest is not on this floor. I didn't feel like talking to Quasimodo, Esmerelda, or any of those guys. Noctis and I were at the back of the aisle in relevance to the altar, which is the front.

      "Noctis," I said "I would like some time alone. I need to pray and be alone, if you don't mind." Since I am Roman Catholic, I needed to be with God for a while and being in the Catholic Church of Notre Dame is a convenience. Noctis nods in understanding and bows his head.

      "Not at all," he replied. "I will be here looking out on watch." I thank him and walk up to the first pew, genuflect, go into the pew, have a stool appear with my magic, and kneel. I then clasp my hands together, close my eyes, and begin praying to God. I needed to do this; I had much to think about and needed the Holy Spirit to enlighten me on what to do. I still couldn't explain nor discover why all that I have seen exists and have decided to stop wondering about that and accept it. I also had all of the horrors the Dark Elite have wrought upon my world and the lives lost because of them on my mind too. I shed a few tears because that violence has my imprint on it and it is the darkness of my heart running free. I then heard some footsteps of someone come closer, but didn't look; I remained in prayer. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I open my eyes, look up to my right and see the archdeacon standing next to me and smiling gently.

      "My son, it's good to see you again," he said. I stood up smiling and shook his hand.

      "Hello Father, I am glad to be back here," I replied. "Father, I would like to have Confession and express many things on my mind."

      "Of course," he replied. The stool that appeared with my magic vanished and the priest and I sat down. He gave the Sign of the Cross to start the Confession, otherwise it's just regular conversation. Anything spoken under the seal of Confession cannot in anyway be told to anyone since Penance and Reconciliation is a holy sacrament. I first told the priest my sins and then moved on to what has been happening with the Dark Elite. I just let it all out and the priest listened intently. I expressed my guilt at being the source of the evil they have wrought on other people and causing loss of life, even in my home world. When I finished, the archdeacon consoled me.

      "Did this darkness originate from you?" he asked. I just shook my head.

      "I inherited it from my predecessors," I explained. "They were the first ones to hold this darkness and when I took them in, this darkness became my problem. The Dark Elite in my ancestors' time were the same then as they are today and did the same things."

      "Then you should not feel guilty at all my son," he replied. "If this did not come from you and they have already done their evil deeds in the ancient past, then you are not responsible for their deeds of today. However, unlike Pilate when he washed his hands of Jesus's matter, you decided to not wash your hands of the matter. You have decided to stand in their ways and have beaten them back. You have saved much innocent blood from being spilled because of your choice to step in and protect." He gave me my penance and told me to make a good Act of Contrition. After I did so, he raised his hand in blessing giving the traditional Catholic absolution in Latin.

      "Dominus noster Jesus Christus te absolvat;" the archdeacon said "et ego auctoritate ipsius te absolvo ab omni vinculo excommunicationis et interdicti in quantum possum et tu indiges. Deinde, ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen." In absolving of my sins, he blessed me with the Sign of the Cross and I followed too. He then shook my hand, bade me God's blessing and went on his way. I went on my knees without the stool and did my penance.

      Noctis was watching the whole time while keeping an eye on things around him in the cathedral. He smiled slightly at watching me talking to the archdeacon. Just then, a light soldier came running into the cathedral grabbing the prince's attention.

      "Prince Noctis! Where is Master Polemistis?" he asked. Noctis nodded to where I was in the pews with hands folded and eyes closed in prayer.

      "Oh good, I need to speak to him immediately," the soldier replied. Noctis was a little stunned at the request seeing the circumstances and remembering my request for privacy.

      "What are you doing?" Noctis demanded. "Can't you see he is in prayer right now? He just met with the priest and spoke with him. Now he returns to prayer. He is not to be disturbed at all!"

      "Your highness, it's an emergency!" the soldier replied.

      "Then I am sure you can wait a few moments before the master finishes his prayers, right?" Noctis responded. After my penance, I made the Sign of the Cross, stood up, genuflected leaving the pew, and turned around and went toward Noctis and the soldier that arrived.

      "Thank you Noct," I said to the prince. He nodded and then I look at the soldier. He puts his fist to his heart and bows his head. "I am finished with my prayers and Confession. What is it soldier?"

      "Master Polemistis, first, I hope you did not tell anyone, including the archdeacon here what has happened as of late since his duties do not require such knowledge," the soldier said.

      "What I tell the priest under the seal of Confession is not to be told to anyone," I replied firmly. "It isn't your business to know what I said to him in Confession at all."

      "Yes, my apologies master," the soldier replied saluting and going on one knee. He got up and then went to what he was here for.

      "Now I am here because it's bad on Earth," the soldier said. My heart went into my feet at the mention of "bad" and "Earth" in the same sentence. "The Dark Elite's forces have raided the archives in the Walt Disney Studios. Possibly hundreds have raided and have taken over the place."

      "Where are the seven lights and Foretellers?" I demanded.

      "They have gathered together in Disneyland," the soldier replied. "The prince's friends are there too."

      "Noctis, follow me," I said. "You wanted to see Earth? This is your chance." I opened a light corridor and the three of us went through it." Coming out, we were in Disneyland, Main Street in the Magic Kingdom to be precise. We were in the Town Square and there only a few paces from us are the Foretellers, seven lights, union members, captain of the royal knights, royal magician, and Lucians. They all are talking to each other discussing the situation. Some other light soldiers are there as well rounding sixty in number. As the three of us walk toward the group, my friends came out of their light corridors with their partners. We all gathered together and discussed the situation.

      "So what is happening?" I asked.

      "Mr. Iger was in the archives in the studios when it was stormed," Master Ava explained. "The place contains possibly hundreds of the troops. Many out in the vicinity guarding the place. No one has been allowed to leave and enter. Mr. Iger is now a hostage. They are most likely demanding his cooperation and threatening death by the Dark Elite if he doesn't follow."

      "So what's the plan then to free the studios and save Mr. Iger?" Shane asked.

      "We will need more troops first," Master Ira said. He raised his hand and more light corridors open up and light soldiers come out of them. There must have been about two hundred fifty soldiers that are present.

      "Now that we have our numbers, we can discuss what to do," Master Aced said. "We will have to surround the area from hidden places. We will have to sneak in while taking down dark soldiers. It's simple: we establish a siege, then we close in and tighten our grasp."

      "So who does what?" Jack asked. Master Gula established the hidden weapons as Prompto, Ignis, and Donald since all of them can attack from a distance. The rest of us will be surrounding the area on all sides. We all charge in and attack while Donald, Prompto, and Ignis cover us and they soon go in themselves. We all settle the plan and leave Disneyland for the Walt Disney Studios.

      There are many buildings for the studios. The Team Disney-Michael Eisner building is the main headquarters of the company where Bob Iger's office is. The Frank G. Wells building is where the archives, mail center, and music center are. That is where the soldiers have raided and might have surrounded the Team Disney building as well and have soldiers patrolling the walkways of the whole lot. All of us surrounded the entire lot and kept back. Then, Prompto shot a dark soldier dead, Ignis threw his knives at a soldier killing him, and Donald sent lightning down on a group killing them. That lightning strike signaled to us to charge. All the hundreds of light soldiers an the twenty two of us charged running into the lot and streets of the lot. We elite had to make it to the Wells building where the CEO is held hostage in the basement. I ran in along with about fifteen other light soldiers including my master, Gula. However, we had thirty dark soldiers coming our way. Just then, flames erupted across the ground making a barrier and burning and killing some dark soldiers. I see Lea off to the side coming out of a dark corridor.

      "Glad I came in time," he said.

      "Lea! I am happy to see you!" I said.

      "Master Yen Sid caught me up to speed," he replied. "He told me what has happened as of late and asked me to work undercover. Boy, it sure was an icky job, but hey, it's better when no one pays attention. Come on, we have a friend to save." I nodded and motioned the soldiers and Gula to follow. I sent Gula off with most of the light soldiers to clear the lot streets and free the Team Disney building with the rest of the Foretellers. Meanwhile, the Lucians, seven lights, union members, Donald, Goofy, Lea, and us Supreme Elite raided the Wells building along with about forty light soldiers. I ended up with Noctis and we had a few light soldiers by our side. The Supreme Elite were to make it to the archives and the basement where Mr. Iger was held hostage. Inside, it was like being in an action, spy movie. We had to hide quietly behind corners and stay out of sight and attack and kill quietly. Noctis had to use his warp strike to kill dark keyblade warriors so we could move downstairs. I motioned for the light soldiers to go throughout the floor and secure it. I then spoke to Noctis.

      "I am going to meet my friends downstairs in the basement where the old artifacts are," I said. "Guard the stairwell and if things start getting bad here, yell 'darkness rising' to us."

      "Don't worry, I won't need to do that," Noctis said. "I will make sure that nothing goes wrong." I nodded and went down the stairwell into the basement floor. I found my four friends there and we silently head to the room where the artifacts are kept. Getting closer, we hear speech of Mr. Iger and dark warriors. We stay against the wall and listen.

      "Now, the Dark Elite have need of you Mr. Iger," the soldier said. "We will need you to cooperate with us. Tell us where it is or come with us and tell Master Polemos."

      "I will not," Mr. Iger replied sternly. "I won't say where the Mark of Kye could be. Nor will I give any clues or tell you where in these artifacts to look." The four of us look at each other wondering what this Mark of Kye is. Another voice speaks up; it's deeper this time.

      "Really? Well then, wouldn't you want to see tomorrow then?" he said. We hear a summoning of a dark keyblade and here a shing meaning the blade has been put to Mr. Iger throat. The voice of a teenager of about seventeen years of age speaks.

      "You don't have all the time in the world you know," he said. "We will give you a count before your life ends to talk." A couple more voices agreed. I whisper to my friends that as the count goes on, we sneak in slowly with keyblades in hand and when the count ends and they are about to strike, we strike instead. They nod and we silently summon our keyblades and tip toe in the room. We see Mr. Iger on a seat surrounded by dark soldiers all backs turned to us. I smiled because it couldn't be much easier. However, my smile went away because it looked too easy. I sensed my friends felt the same thing. We just continued with the plan and waited.

      "Alright, you have ten seconds," the soldier closest to me said. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one..." he raised his keyblade to stab here "!" That is when I stabbed him through his back killing him. The other soldiers noticed immediately and my friends attacked. Soon, we killed all of the soldiers, but then it turned out to be a trap. Blasts of magic were coming in the doorway. The four of us in protecting Mr. Iger had to fire magic spells back at the dark soldiers in the halls from two different sides of the door since the enemy came in from both sides. It was like an action movie. It went nowhere firing magic back and we had to figure something out before we were raided and slaughtered or captured.

      Suddenly, we hear shrieks and in a moment, we see a keyblade flying across the door from one side to another: Wayward Wind. The seven lights came in and helped out raiding the dark soldiers trapping us. The four of us got Mr. Iger out of the room and all of us elite and lights brought Mr. Iger outside. There we see the battle in front of the Eisner building with the Foretellers, light soldiers, Donald, Goofy, Lea, and Lucians.

      "I'll protect my pal Bob! You guys finish it!" Mickey shouted. All eleven of us nod at the king and charge toward the battle and immediately start attacking. It sure helped the situation and slowly, but noticeably, the dark soldiers were being beaten back. It was great to see us take control and beat back the enemy. In about ten minutes, the few hundred dark soldiers were reduced to six dozen and those that survived retreated into dark corridors. There were about one hundred light soldiers left though so we took a loss. All the dark dead bodies and keyblade were disintegrated as well as the light dead bodies. However, their keyblades were gathered and all the remaining light soldiers saluted us and left Earth. Mickey and Mr. Iger came up to us smiling at the victory.

      "Well done, all of you," Bob Iger said jubilantly. "I am very proud of all of you."

      "Of course. You're our friend and we protect our friends," I replied. "Mr. Iger, I overheard you say 'mark of kye', what is that?"

      "I'm not sure," he replied. "I think Yen Sid can help in explaining."

      "The Mark of Kye? We have heard of that," Gula said. The other Foretellers followed in agreement. "We don't know what it is exactly, but that is why we must go to Yen Sid when we can." All of us spoke together for a little bit before I turn to face the Wells building and suddenly, four dark corridors open up and out come the one and only Dark Elite. Most of us gasp at the sight because we didn't expect them to show up here. My darkness, Polemos, was standing out front of the rest of them.

      "Well, it appears we have reached a tipping point," he said nodding slightly.

      "What are you doing here?" I demanded.

      "What else? We saw the whole thing," Polemos replied. "I think the time now has come."

      "We believe that now it's time we show you our goal and why we have it," Agrios said.

      "Seeing as how you have resisted for so long, we have determined that now is the best time," Tromos followed.

      "We brought the fight here and yet, you still defend what you have valiantly," Thanatos said. "That was what helped us determine that it's time to tell you the reasons for our goals." Polemos looked straight at me and held up his hand like Young Xehanort did in KH3D.

      "Come with me," Polemos said. It shocked us all and were all taken aback. Some were protesting at the idea.

      "No Ben! It could be a trap!" Sora shouted. Noctis walked up to my side.

      "You won't have him walk into a trap!" he shouted at Polemos. The Foretellers, Mickey, and Mr. Iger remained silent and just glared at the Dark Elite. Ephemera and Skuld protested telling me to not fall for it.

      "I am not going to kill him you idiots!" Polemos screamed. "I said I am going to show him the truth. I will take him alone. The rest of the Supreme Elite will go with the rest of us Dark Elite. I will show him the truth and not harm him before that." I stared at Polemos and just stared. I began to take a few steps before Noctis grabbed my shoulder and Sora rushed up to my side.

      "Ben, are you sure about this?" Sora asked.

      "I don't want to hear you have been hurt by this guy," Noctis followed.

      "I will do it," I replied. "He has something to tell me and wants me to know it. It wouldn't make sense for him to constantly say he will show me the reason and then kill me. Besides, I don't go down easily either."      "Be careful then," Sora said and then he and Noct backed off. I nodded at everyone. My friends begin walking up to their counterparts slowly as do I. I reach and grab my counterparts hand and hold it. He grins at seeing me accept the offer. Then a dark corridor opens behind him and we walk toward it.

      "Where are we going?" I ask.

      "Some place you are very familiar with," he replied. "A place where we can truly be alone." We enter the corridor and walk to his destination. All the while, I had chills up and down my body as I realized he is indeed taking me to the world considered forbidden to anyone who enters. To be specific, where graves of those before me lie there in a barren land.

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Wow, what an amazing chapter!  I definitely loved it when Ben made his confession to the Archdeacon!  I thought it was a nice testament to his faith in God, which is awesome!  The rescue of Mr. Iger was also riveting, and I'm just dying to know what it is the Dark Elite are going to show our heroes!  Gahhh, this is so exciting! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

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