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Keyblade Set Bioshock


A Keyblade modeled after the Art Deco design of Rapture from BioShock made by 2K Boston! The Keyblade favors range and speed over damage. The hilt guard is designed after the various menus found within the game, with the Andrew Ryan "R" ever branded in the center of the hilt. The shaft and every top of the blade are designed after the Little Sister's vents, with the blade being made of the Little Sister's needles to extract Adam. The Keychain token is a jar of the very Adam that sends Rapture into Darkness.

The World logo is that of Rapture, being an underwater utopia under the lighthouse! The name, Man's Folly, refers to Ryan's, and other characters, who flee to Rapture thinking they are better than humanity as whole. Much to their folly.




A Keyblade modeled after the flooded and destroyed design of Rapture from BioShock 2 made by 2K Marin! The Keyblade favors range and damage, but is notably slow. The hilt guard is designed after the ruin architecture, with several barnacles covering it, and a there is a a not-so-subtle nod to Subject Delta. The shaft is covered with coral, that can often be seen outside of Rapture, with the key teeth being the drill of Subject Delta. The Keychain Token is the Big Daddy Doll made by Eleanor.

The World Logo is the Rapture logo from the Man's Folly Keyblade, but now ruined, and darkened, no longer with the lighthouse. The name, Patriarchal Bond, refers to the bond that Subject Delta and Eleanor share.



A Keyblade modeled after the utopia in the Sky from BioShock Infinite from Irrational Games! The Keyblade favors reach, and has an added effect of being able to slide along rails! The hilt of the blade is designed after the large Momunent from Monument Island, with several references to Columbia's "patriotically" views, the shaft of the blade is designed after the large heads of the Founding Fathers, and the buildings saw in Combstock's home with the teeth being the Sky Hooks design. The Keychain token is actually two, referencing Elizabeth's broaches, which often switch which order they appear in as your equip it.

The World Logo is designed after Columbia, with the Lady Combstock Monument built in the background. The name, Uncaged Freedom, partically coined by <a href="https://twitter.com/AxellesNobody">Axelle/a>, and further turned into referencing Elizabeth's need to be uncaged from Combstock and true freedom.

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