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Our Story

[This is the first half of the Union cross reviews (I am calling this unchained because it was once called unchained). This will display each perspective in a way. This review focuses more on gameplay and some story with my character. The other being mostly story in general in the perspective of some characters. Luckily, there isn't many heavy spoilers. ]
In the same universe, we shift to another form of perspective. We follow the player (AKA You and me, the audience). We travel to different worlds to gather lux and uncover some truths of our role and the choice we make that effects our lives forever.

That's as far as I could go to avoid spoilers :/

We focus on gameplay for this review. This is probably the least favorite game in terms of gameplay. This is a personification of repetitive for many who are salty about this title. Like how I feel about the DS titles, I understand why people didn't want to play the game. However, the major draw was the events that occurred in this title (aka story). That will be explained in the next review.

You play as....however you want to look at it: yourself or your OC  [ROFL] They are simply called "the player". You may call it your OC or yourself, but it is it's own person. I think it would've been cool if they let player have their choices. But I understand why they went to where they did because there is a a major event that was important lore of the series. The only choice you decide that slightly effects the story is your choice in joining one of the five unions: Vulpes, Leopardus, Ursus, Unicornis, and Anguis. 

Continuing on gameplay, it is a gacha game. In other words, in details as such: you pay to win. People complain about the repetitive gameplay, but the fact you pay to win is the final straw for many. In combat, it is turned based in support of medals inserted in slots for your keyblades. You get creative with certain medals with abilities and attacks and placement with magic, speed, and/or power that align with light and darkness (upright and reverse). Making your medals stronger in the process the only way for you to progress missions and leveling up your character. So whenever they introduce a new medal, you either have to raise some jewels in game for awhile and/or pay for the amount of jewels you want.

So, the biggest issue this game suffers in terms of keeping people in is the gamble of getting the medals they advertise (that itself explains what I mean by pay to win). Then there is the story updates. This was a struggle simply because not only do we have to wait monthly, but we are behind from Japan

If you do not want to play the game itself and waiting for the updates, I highly recommend you seek out the updates on Japan's version. The community does a really good job keeping an eye out for updates from Japan's updates (translations and all). The fact they have it way ahead of us is a reasonable reason to not play the game. 

However, I enjoy waking up every morning to grab me some daily login jewels and do my daily missions. I feel like it will be sad to see it gone when the time comes for it's end, whenever that may be. I joined this game because I enjoy seeing myself being part of the lore (the self insert excuse, I know, go ahead and cringe LOL). I've been with it since the it's release in the U.S., about 2-3 years. Thsee myself progress since the beginning is almost wild. I even chose my Union from, dare I say, what my heart told me...seriously no joke. I am not someone who is not number one in the ranks. But I enjoy some missions and the story updates. 

In case you ask, I am in the Union Vulpes. I am proud to be in this Union for as long as I have. I look forward to where this leads.



So, yes, this is yours truly. I was gonna make the outfit somewhat similar to the universe....but I change outfits once in awhile so I do not have a full on particular outfit that works for me solely in the game. If they have an outfit similar to this, then this is as close as I'll get. LOL 

I actually almost considered doing two for the default designs of the player character. However, I felt that would be more work. So I just added myself...at least for this project. If I had a chance to sells books of my project, then doing the default designs sounded reasonable to do LOL

As you know, this is an exact background as my previous piece. However, in terms of the contrast, you can definitely notice that this is more saturated than the last one which I made it more soft and foggy. I simply made it like because they both have different contracts and whole shabang. 

Of course, since I am in this timeline, I added Chirithy and the Starlight Keyblade. 
Not much else to say honestly :/

I also wasn't originally going to add this to the collection. But if I made my own book of titles in the Kingdom Hearts series, I might as well lay my own bit to it. That and the player character happens to somewhat have SOME importance. 


You can check the other posters hrough this link in my deviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown

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