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Riku - KH3 Hair and KH2 Clothes


This deviation is a collection of sketches for Riku’s looks if he had his Kingdom Hearts III hairstyle but kept his Kingdom Hearts II clothing on. It follows up on the artwork on “Kingdom Hearts DD Riku and Kairi” where I first decided to try the combination concept. The full body piece has Riku in his whole outfit while holding out his Way to Dawn Keyblade in his right hand. I had to do some reference hunting for the hairstyle (concept art from the Ultimania thanks to KH13.com), the clothes (The Art of Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX) and the Keyblade (a merchandise article from KH13.com). The Keyblade unfortunately had an issue with its size (I didn’t have a screenshot references to help with this part), so what is shown looks more like a great-sword from the SoulsBorne franchise than a Keyblade.

The second design, on the top right corner, is of Riku with a smile and glee. I don’t think I used many references with this drawing. Just had a help from the full size picture and the old drawing from the “Kingdom Hearts DD Riku and Kairi” piece. I may have also used a screenshot or two from Kingdom Hearts III on my PS4 capture to help with details.

The middle right has Riku at a side view looking befuddled over something. The drawing mainly used reference from a screenshot of Riku when he was first in Radiant Garden (which I did a practice sketch of beforehand). There might be some parts that were messed up with the hair around the ear area, so sorry about that.

The final drawing is of Riku is his battle stance and is angry at his foe. The main references I used for his facial features were from the side view drawing, the “Kingdom Hearts DD Riku and Kairi” art, and a screenshot of Riku thinking in the Mysterious Tower. For the parts that I did draw of Riku’s stance, I used a reference of the Union Cross medal, “KHII Riku” and promotional imagery of a Play Art figurine of KHII Riku in his battle stance that I found on Google images. I also had to look at two cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts III (The first being when he faced Anti-Aqua alone in the Dark Margin, and the other was when the guardians first encounter Dark Riku in the Keyblade Graveyard) to draw out Riku’s anger in his eyes and eyebrows.

Sorry that this isn’t quite clean, especially in the bottom left corner. Aside from that, thanks for coming onto this artwork page and viewing the contents.



Also on my DeviantArt page.

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