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Concept art and renders have been found in the Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania


Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania, the official companion book for Kingdom Hearts III has released in Japan, and translations from the book's interviews are starting to appear online. In addition to interviews, concept art and renders from the game has also appeared. We have updated our galleries with these shots so feel free to check them out. (Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III will be in this gallery. Please be advised.)

Thanks to @lunesacree for providing the pictures.


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I hate when Square just has these lying around but only release a couple for promotional reasons, or release them all but in really low scale like those 1.5 renders of S/R/K. 

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So Anti-Aqua doesn't get a render at all but Terranort gets a render in a black coat despite not wearing it in the actual game.

Brb, I'm gonna lament my minor OCD by placing this:


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Thanks for sharing this with us,  Leamax!

Gahhh, this makes me want all the Ultimanias so badly! If only they were translated! :'( 

But yes, the renders and concept art look amazing, and I loved the concept art of the chess pieces!

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